The Puzzle Date

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If your hubby enjoys solving riddles and puzzles, we have the perfect date for you!

The Puzzle Date


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Marriage is a complicated, wonderful journey and this date will help you celebrate all the pieces of your love.

The Invitation

Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes designed this adorable invitation to set the mood for an unforgettable night of fun and a bit of mystery!  This is no ordinary invite, friends… it includes a space for you to write a secret message!!

Inspired by a cute Valentine featured on Teach Mama, you will invite your sweetheart to decode his PERSONAL SECRET NOTE using watercolors!  For this project, you will need our downloadable printable note, liquid watercolors, a white crayon, a paintbrush, and a glue dot or piece of tape adhesive.


You can find a set of liquid watercolors at your local Michaels/Hobby Lobby craft store or online through Amazon.  Place a small dab of this paint medium on a paper plate or wax paper.  Load up a paintbrush with paint and create a small heart at the top of the page underneath the text.  I ended up adding 2 more pink hearts to complete my design (just add a bit of white to your red watercolor palette to get a brilliant shade of pink!).


While that is drying, think of what you want your sweetheart to read.  Ideas on what to write: a joke that only he would understand, details for when and where your date will take place, or simply words of love!  Write your message using a white crayon in the empty space.  Note: I didn’t have a white crayon but I did have a colorless blender pencil, which worked like a charm!

To finish up this invitation, rinse out your paintbrush from the first step and attach it to the side of the invitation using a glue dot or a piece of double sided tape.


When your sweetheart wets the brush with water and picks up paint from your hearts, he will be able to read your message!


Easy DIY Gift Ideas

You are going to surprise your love with not just 1, BUT 2 creative DIY gifts!  On the second page of Erin’s printable invitation, she designed a special puzzle themed love note.  All you need to do is fill out which qualities you adore in your mate!


Can you image the smile on his face as he reads a personalized “best qualities” list?  You could leave this note out for him to find on the day of your date or even wrap it up in a simple frame as a instant gift!

Our second DIY gift suggestion is an actual mini puzzle!  Head over to this post by All for the Memories for the full scoop on creating a simple photo puzzle made out of popsicle sticks!


After making one myself, here are a couple of tips:

  • Line your popsicle sticks up closely– but not too close!  You want an X-Acto knife to easily fit between each piece so you can cut them apart.
  • Write your message on the back first before you start applying Mod Podge.
  • I found it somewhat difficult to write my message on the back without it looking messy– talk about an uneven surface!!  Use a light hand to help glide across the bumpy surface!
  • Place an old magazine underneath your puzzle as you are cutting apart the Popsicle sticks.  It will save your table from unintentional damage!
  • Start this project at LEAST the night before so your Mod Podge has a chance to dry overnight.
  • Consider spraying your finished project with an acrylic sealer (this will remove the stickiness of the Mod Podge glossy coat).  If you complete this extra step, make sure you start at least 2 days in advance to take into account each drying step!


This was such a fun and EASY project.  Go find your favorite pic and start crafting!  🙂

Bonus Idea: create a photo mosaic for your sweetheart by following the instructions in this post!

Date Activities

This date is all about keeping your hubby guessing.  Here are a couple of suggestions on fun things to do on your date:

  • Have your hubby guess the flavor… your lip balm flavor that is!  (See Wendy’s fun post for the full scoop.)  Warning: this puzzle might involve lots of kisses!
  • Dinner is served with a twist: blindfold your hubby and see if he can correctly guess the different meal courses!
  • Watch a fun mystery movie like The Da Vinci Code where the characters have to decode a series of riddles or puzzles!
  • Complete a puzzle together in front of a cozy fire while talking about your favorite relationship memories.
  • Race each other to see who can complete a Sudoku puzzle the fastest!  (See Stephanie’s Sudoku Date post for more ideas.)
  • Have your hubby put his detective skills to good use in the bedroom!  See Paige’s round-up of 75 Bedroom Games for more inspiration on how to spice up your evening! (wink!)

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