The Road Trip Date

A Date for Your Road Trip

Do any of you have a ROAD TRIP coming up in the near future? I have the perfect date idea for you! My husband & I recently traveled a tooooonnnnnn. Each summer, we travel to a new location for an internship for him. This past summer, we relocated to gorgeous Northern Cali for three blissful months – from HOT Vegas. Lots of time on the road! With SO much quality time together, I thought this would be the perfect time to throw together an “on the fly” date!

The Road Trip Date takes the pain away from hours on the road.

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My FIRST “turn to” when I am searching for something is GOOGLE!!  *sigh*  I can pretty much find just about anything I need on there! (Pinterest is a CLOSE second. WINK!) I was on a mission to find some FUN ideas that Jamie & I could do while sitting in a car. I almost started jumping up and down when I came across this AMAZING list of 30 of the Best Road Trip Games

While browsing through it, I also thought that MAD LIBS would be the perfect road trip game as well. Even this Mad Libs on the Road edition looked SUPER cute!

I then set to work & created all of these FUN “Road Trip Survival Kit” printables to go along with my theme.

A FREE printable pack for your upcoming road trip.

I made treat toppers to fit the top of a gallon-sized baggie AND a sandwich-sized baggie. One gallon bag I filled with Jamie’s FAVORITE treat: homemade cheesy popcorn! Another gallon baggie included all of the fun games & printables we would be doing, and the last baggie included other yummy assorted treats, including chocolate {which is MY favorite}. I then created a fun little countdown, grabbed a long ribbon & some clothespins, & mapped out our trip. I wrote down stopping points on the cards – which we would take off the ribbon as we hit/passed through each location.

This awesome printable pack includes: 

  • Small “Road Trip” Treat Topper
  • Large “Road Trip” Treat Topper
  • “Road Trip” Countdown
  • License Plate Game
  • “Road Trip” Questionnaire

Create a countdown to track your road trip progress.

This countdown was rather fun!  I was definitely glad to see our progress when we went through areas like this….

Road Trip Scenery

 Um, yeah. And this was SUMMER! We actually slid off the road at one point! It was so scary. Luckily neither one of us were hurt, but I think I had a mini-heart attack!  🙂

Overall, our trip was enjoyable. (Minus sliding off the road…) We had a lot of fun talking, laughing, playing games, eating yummy treats, and holding hands… er… I mean, of COURSE we didn’t do that! The driver always had hands on the wheel at the ten & two positions. 🙂

Printable license plate game.

 Originally we printed two copies of the “License Plate” Game for our trip, however it’s not really realistic (or safe) to have the DRIVER cross things off, so we combined efforts and just filled out one sheet. I couldn’t believe how many different states we saw! We scored with the big semi trucks. They were from everywhere!

Spouse Questionnaire

 The questionnaire was a lot of fun for us. (This would go perfectly with Lisa’s “Post-It” notes date)! I came up with 50 questions, but we only made it through half! 🙂 We laughed when we BOTH said our least favorite household chore was to clean out the litter box. Ugh!

Road Trip Date Ideas

Get ready for the best road trip ever!

 I would definitely recommend this “Road Trip” date for ANYONE traveling in a car for a long period of time. You could do most of these activities as a couple, or as a family, especially if you purchase the awesome road trip games book I found! 🙂  It totally eliminates the question, “Are we there yet?”

Soooooo… do you have any fun road trips coming up?

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I love it! We are planning a family trip during the Christmas break this year and I have always thought how fun it would be to have road trip things to do and now I have them. :0)

  2. oh my heavens! i am DEFINITELY bookmarking this post for our next trip from Oklahoma to Utah. LOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS!! thank you so so much!

  3. This is awesome! We are preparing to move from Charleston, South Carolina to a small town above Albany, New York in October and this should make our trip a bit smoother. It will be my husband, myself, and our three year old son! We had a very long road trip last year when we moved from California to South Carolina.. this would have made the trip so much better! Thanks again!

  4. Great job putting this together Tara! I’m so excited to print some of these things off…It seems we are in the car all the time and could put this to good use!

  5. Tara where were you? That looks like the Sonoma/Mendocino coast in that last shot. Great idea for a date and glad to see the shout out to my neck of the woods 🙂

    1. Hey Barbara! I believe that was around the Reno, NV area….?? Crazy, huh! It was SUMMER! Who knew it had weather like that when just a hop-skip-jump away, Vegas is BURNING hot! 🙂

  6. Wow, what perfect timing this is. My husband and I are leaving this Saturday taking our family on a cruise. The drive from home to the port is about 8 hours so I’m excited to receive this just in time!

    Thank you so much and I’ll be passing this, along with many of your other fabulous date ideas to my readers as well.

  7. Oh man, I wish I had this date years ago! Would have made some of those longer trips no so dull! lol! But we’ve got another trip in a month that I am super excited about. I’ve already printed everything out and I’m ready to get rollin’! Thanks for this awesome idea! For surely I will never have a dull trip again!