The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Date

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The Valentine Date

We are sharing the secret to a successful Valentine Date for your spouse today! We’ve got 6 ideas for the Valentine Date of your dreams along with tips to help you pull it off. Sometimes its just nice to be able to spoil your spouse! Ready to plan the most MEMORABLE at-home Valentine’s Day of your lifeDon’t you worry, we are here to walk you through every step of the way. There are only 6 steps…. you can do ALL six OR just the ones you think your sweetie & you will like the most.

The Valentine Date

Here are ALL the Valentine Date ideas along with the inside scoop to make for easy planning! Get your Valentine planner out and get ready for some sweet ideas!

IDEA #1 – Candy Gram

Candy Gram - Snippet

We are BIG fans of starting off your creative dates with a “bang!”  There are a TON of cute Candy Gram Bouquets out there now, but I like mine to read kinda like a letter…thus I stuck with good ole poster board. When your sweetie walks through the door, this is the first thing he will see! A candy gram/love note/invitation of what is to come that night!


  • Candy Bars (I found a BUNCH of my candy at the dollar store.)
  • Poster Board (at Michael’s or ANY Craft Store)
  • Heavy-Duty tape or glue (to attach the candy to the poster)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Download (Yep – you pretty much LOVE us, huh!)

More Info {AKA Tips}: SO – running around trying to find all the right candy bars probably took the LONGEST out of everything I planned! I would definitely try the Dollar Stores FIRST. I purchased a lot of my candy bars 2 for $1. Also – we typed up two different versions of the candy gram poems, one is catered more towards my own husband and I (included in the download to give you inspiration) and the other one is JUST as cute but more generic, so it could fit any couple. Click on the “download” above to print off those poems.

Next – you gotta get yer man OUTTA THE WAY while you make the FAB dinner, so on the bottom of my candy gram, it directs him to change into the robe {which just so happens to be laying there… conveniently}, and he will be blindfolded and led to this…

IDEA #2 – Valentine’s Day Bubble Bath

bubble bath

A relaxing Bubble Bath! Make sure you SET THE MOOD first! Relaxing music, candles, magazines, and DON’T forget to sprinkle rose petals on top of the bubbles!

Chrissy/Tara - Ultimate V-Day Date - 04


  • Blindfold (To lead him to the surprise bath!)
  • Bubble Bath Stuff (A while back I bought a BUNCH of stuff at the Dollar Store and it’s STILL going strong!)
  • Candles (Michael’s has some GREAT deals on packs of tea candles OR click on the link to grab some!)
  • Soft Relaxing Music (Gotta set the MOOD!) – This Soft Sexy Songs playlist is real winner. You can also search “relaxing spa music” on YouTube and it will bring up a bunch of videos that have soothing music… for free!!
  • “Guy”Magazines (He’s a guy, ya know… might get bored…)
  • Warm Towels (To dry off with… MUCH better if it’s WARM!)
  • A Soft Robe or Comfy Clothes
  • Rose Petals (Contact local Flower Shop if you want REAL ones – you can purchase BAGS of petals!)

More Info {AKA Tips}: One thing I recently read regarding bubble baths was… DRUMROLL please… that if you put Coconut Milk in it, your skin will be silky smooth when you get out! You can buy it at your local grocery store and I am DEFINITELY trying it!

About the Rose Petals, I think it’s SUPER dreamy to have them EVERYWHERE and when I called the flower shop inside Albertson’s, I found out that you can order an entire bag of rose petals for $4.99 (petals off of a dozen roses). The florist informed me that the closer it gets to V-Day, the higher the price gets. The bags will go up to $6-$7. SO – place your orders asap! I ordered two bags and when I see how large they are, I will decide if I really need both. If you want to go for the fake petals, we have a link above for you.

Now, while your significant other is relaxing upstairs, you can focus on DINNER! Whenever I think about a SUPER romantic dinner, I think of Lady and The Tramp! {LOL} I know, I know, call me CRAZY but I think their spaghetti  & meatball dinner is just about the sweetest thing ever!!

**Note: You can also NIX the home-made dinner, order take-out, and climb on in that relaxing bath WITH him!

IDEA #3 – Romantic Valentine Dinner

Chrissy/Tara - Ultimate V-Day Date - 02

My friends ALL know that I am not a cook {as in… at all}, so I will let all of YOU come up with the main dish. I am planning on making a supposedly fantastic pasta dish that a friend told me about, hopefully it’s as amazing as she says, so here is a suggested list:


  • Cute Menu Download {You can use the printed generic one or make up your own.}
  • Ingredients for Pasta Dish (If it’s a HIT, I will definitely share it in the future…)
  • Some “Bubbly” & Wine Glasses (We don’t drink, so we will be toasting with Sparkling Cider.)
  • Tall Candles (Michael’s has SUPER cheap ones!)
  • Romantic Music (Gotta set the MOOD – You can use our super romantic Love Songs playlist on our YouTube channel!)
  • Garlic Bread (Ya know, to go with the pasta dish!)
  • A FAB Pear & Blue Cheese Salad (This is DEFINITELY tastes as good as it sounds!)
  • Rose Petals (Um…yeah…seriously SO romantic!)
  • Classy/Romantic Tablecloth & Setting (I’ll take a pic of ours and post it afterwards!!)

More Info {AKA Tips}: That salad is the BOMB! Fellow diva, Chrissy can now attest to it as well! We are both addicted! I think it was the best part of our meal. Let me know what you think.

Chrissy/Tara - Ultimate V-Day Date - 01

 We also have a bunch of yummy dinner recipes in this post if pasta isn’t your thing. Not lots to say here because I am NOT a cook, just make sure you make the SETTING romantic!! Dim the lights, tall candles – with other candles around as well, petals sprinkled on the table, have soft music playing in the background, stare into each other’s eyes as you eat….

IDEA #4 – Love Scavenger Hunt

Chrissy/Tara - Ultimate V-Day Date - 05

AFTER dinner, comes THE LOVE HUNT!! I am SO, so, SO, so excited about this! Having done this with my husband – I can tell ya, it’s a winner! It’s basically a treasure hunt but in order to get each clue, there is a TASK your husband will have to complete, such as:

  • Dance with you for an ENTIRE romantic song.
  • Kiss you like you’ve NEVER been kissed before.
  • Feed each other chocolate-dipped strawberries.

One of our talented designer BFFs, Tasha with Whimsicle Designs, made ALL the clues & the tasks {AND the menu AND the cute candy gram examples}, and YES, you can download those as well! {Tasha – you ROCK, my dear!}

The first clue is given to your sweetie – no strings attached… and then when he finds the second clue, things start to get FUN! The rest of the clues come with a price! They are inside envelopes… and on the OUTSIDE of the envelopes are tasks that have to be completed before reading the clue inside. These clues should work for the majority of households and we even have blank clues/task cards in case you want to make up your own. The last clue will lead to the bedroom… however, we also came up with an optional last clue that leads to the laundry room where you can leave a fun Valentine Surprise or Present.


  • Clue – BLANK (In case you want to make up your OWN clues!)
  • Clues – FILLED OUT (They may be a little cheesy… you’ve been warned!)
  • Task Download – BLANK (In case you come up with even MORE creative tasks.)
  • Task Download – FILLED OUT(Yes – KISSING is involved!)
  • Sparkling Cider & 2 Wine Glasses (Ya know, to go with your pasta dish!)
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries (Um…yeah…seriously SO romantic!)
  • Love Mix CD or ipod playlist (Ideally you would want Love Songs on there that MEAN something to you two.)

More Info {AKA Tips}: You may want to hide the clues before beginning the entire evening, one less thing to worry about once you’ve started the evening. Make sure you have the CD already in the cd player OR your ipod plugged into the speaker beforehand… and ready to go. I’d also suggest preparing the strawberries ahead of time, maybe even the night before. They should keep OK in the fridge overnight. One tip for melting the chocolate, make sure you use a double-boiler so you don’t burn the chocolate and if you don’t have one, then you can make one by filling a medium saucepan ¾ full with water. Then rest a saucepan or a heat-proof bowl inside of it and fill it with your chocolate chips. Turn the stove on low heat and stir occasionally. Yep – coming from the non-cook but HEY – great advice!! Worked for me!

IDEA #5 – Spicing Things Up

Chrissy/Tara - Ultimate V-Day Date - 07

As I mentioned earlier, your LAST clue can lead to the bedroom and again, just LOOK at the rose petals! Aaauggghh… LOVE THEM!! Make sure the mood is set! Candles, music, dimmed lights, rose petals, etc.


Oh yeah, and a GREAT Kama Sutra Game! {LOL} Yep, we got it as a JOKE from one of Jamie’s friends for a Christmas present and we LOVED it! I know there are ALL sorts of FAB games you can get out there… but this is one I would recommend. 🙂 Another one of the divas let me know that she just purchased one on for as low as $4.99. I think this game regularly goes for around $24-$30. If this isn’t up your alley but you want to add a little excitement to your evening, you can also check out this awesome post that has 75 sassy ideas to change things up in the intimacy department. 🙂

IDEA #6 – Romantic Valentine Dessert

AND… last… but not least, the dessert! I LOVED the look of this dessert and then when I read how EASY it is to make, it made my little “non-cooking” heart go pitter-patter!!

It’s SO yummy and it’s the perfect light, refreshing dessert to top off a FABULOUS night! You can get the recipe by clicking HERE.

Hopefully, you found enough ideas in here to make this Valentine’s Day date a super special one. We have even MORE ideas in our “Romantic At-Home Date Night” post. Oh – and at any moment while you were reading this, you thought to yourself… I think we should BOTH plan this night, we have just the thing for you!

Happy, HAPPY Valentine’s Day!!


I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! After a long infertility journey, we brought two miracle babies into this world via IVF and then a SURPRISE bundle of joy recently decided to join us. I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends. Life just keeps getting better and better!

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  1. I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s until this year. We’re long distance so whenever we do get time together we kind of go all out to make up for lost time. I’m planning on using the mall scavenger hunt and the Date night scavenger hunt for this coming weekend!! Thank you for such lovely printables and doing all of the creative work for me! It definitely helps me time wise, and is going to be so much more fun than just netflix and takeout! Love your website!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Jenni!! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment! We love hearing from you readers… we hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and be sure to check out some of our other long distance ideas! Just search “long distance” in the yellow search bar! XOXO

      1. Thanks so much for the great ideas!!

        I was wondering what you & others did for the Love Hunt? Our anniversary is coming up RIGHT after Valentines so the pressure is ON!

        Basically like do you watch your partner while they find clues, do you “help them” solve the clues, or do you hide and make it like more of a “find me” type of hunt? I probably dont want to hide but if that makes it more fun for the guys, I dunno!!

        1. You go along with your sweetie because there are things you do together after each clue {dance to a slow song, kiss, etc}. Have fun!! XOXO

          1. Oh I missed over that part! Thanks that’s even better!
            Thank you for replying so quick too! Great help!

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