This or That Sexy Date

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Let Luck Decide Your Date Night Destiny

This sexy date idea is for the couples who like to take risks and gamble. The husband or wife will choose one box between two or more surprise boxes to decide the sexy date for the night. Whatever is in the selected box happens that night. Don’t let the other box go to waste, simply save it for another night. Not only is this sexy date full of surprises, it’s also quick, easy, and inexpensive! In our home, that’s a recipe for a great date.

Let us introduce you to…

This or That Date Night Surprise


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Diva Disclaimer

These printables look adorable, don’t they?! A huge thank you to Leslie with Nina Bean Designs for rocking these designs. Seriously, take a second to check her out and tell her thank you!

Let’s get this idea started. This idea is easy and will come together in a jiffy.

This or That Surprise Boxes

Step 1

Grab the printables and print them on white cardstock. Decide which boxes you want to use – either the striped boxes or the graffiti box. Be sure to print as many boxes as needed. You can also grab two of your own boxes.

This or That Bag Tags

If you choose to use your own boxes, attach the “this” or “that” tags to your boxes. {To make cutting everything out even easier, I would totally grab one of these!}

This or That Bedroom Game

Step 2

Pick 2 sexy dates. Check out our sexy date and intimacy ideas section for a ton of ideas that you can use or to help spur some of your own creations. Fill out the This or That Cards with the sexy date ideas that you’ve picked.

This or That Banner

Step 3

Prepare the sexy date night. Grab all of the items needed to prepare for your sexy date night. Place them into the box with the card and seal the box. If you have too many items and they just won’t fit into your boxes, set the items aside, out of sight, and just place the cards into the box.

Now that we’ve got the easy part out of the way, let’s jump to the sexy part!

This or That Intimate Date

The spouse that prepared the date will set out the “This” and “That” boxes and present the invite to initiate the sexy date night. Be sure to use the banner to help set the scene.

The spouse that gets to choose will only pick one option. No picking up the boxes or shaking them!  The first box they touch is the box that is picked for the sexy date.

This or That Tickler Tease

Whatever is inside the box will be on the agenda for the night. If you hid items, grab them, and let the sexy begin!

As promised, this is quick and easy to set up. Why spend all this time preparing for date night? Especially when you can spend all that time enjoying your spouse instead.

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This or That Sexy Date

Printables Designed by Leslie @ Nina Bean Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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