“Top of the Morning to You” Placemats

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Placemats

Are you looking for some fast St. Patrick’s Day Ideas that are fun for the whole family?  We’ve got you covered!!  Surprise your hubby and kiddos with a festive St. Patty’s Day breakfast with these FREE PRINTABLES!


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Our talented designer, Sameeha from The Inked Leaf, created 2 fun printable placemats that will definitely keep your loved ones entertained with fill-in-the-blank, matching, writing, and puzzle solving tasks!

The hubby version even contains a section that will test his memory!


Be sure to fill in the left column with your relationship specific dates in a random order before the day of the breakfast.  Sameeha left a few blank lines for our readers to write-in additional lucky dates and their matching description!


The “Feeling Lucky” section of his placemat is designed to be a scratch-off task.  To prep this cute area, color the three shamrocks with a white crayon.  Then, paint them with a layer of acrylic paint that has been mixed with just a little dish soap.  I would suggest you complete this step the night before so the paint has plenty of time to dry properly.

Tips: Don’t forget to place a LUCKY penny next to your spouse’s setting and think about securing your placemats to the table using some colorful green washi tape!


What’s for breakfast? Lucky Charms, of course!!  To complete your breakfast surprise, gather several individual servingsSameeha designed a cute circular tag that fits perfectly on top of each Lucky Charms cup container.  Add some green milk to your table and presto- instant charm!


Now that your breakfast festivities are planned, check out Julie’s Magical Date Night for tips on making your evening truly memorable!

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