The ULTIMATE Christmas Guide for Him

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide FOR HIM


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Let’s be honest here… some men are just NOT the easiest to shop for. It seems like every Christmas the only thing my husband wants is waaay out of our budget. Which leaves me at a loss for what to buy for him. I am always on the lookout for something unique, cool, but that is practical… as in he will actually USE it. Clothes are a given (and boring to be honest), so I’ve put together a round-up of gifts that are unique finds, but something your man will be able to put to use. Happy Shopping!

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  1. LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier – Whether camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, or embarking on all manner of outdoor sports, having access to clean water is a constant concern. The LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier is the ideal personal water filtration solution. Don’t let your man leave the house or lodge without it! This is a great gift idea for the outdoors man or even the man who just wants to be prepared for anything.
  2. GoPro HERO3: Black Edition – Capture and share your life’s most meaningful experiences with the GoPro! This is the world’s most versatile camera making it easy for your hubby to capture stunning photos and videos of his favorite passion. He can capture footage during his favorite activities and most epic adventures. (For the record, I just purchased one of these for my husband a few months ago, and he is in LOVE with it! He uses it when he goes dirt bike riding and it’s been a lot of fun for him to capture those moments).
  3. Ductigami: The Art of the Tape – It’s true what they say: you can fix anything with duct tape. The fun and instructive Ductigami book contains 18 projects to make using some ever-versatile duct tape creations. If your man is a duct-tape fan or just wants to spend some quality time with his kids, this a great gift that will keep on giving the gift of quality together time.
  4. Roku 2 XD Streaming Player – You probably aren’t in the search for yet another gaming system this Christmas… or maybe you just want something that can stream Movies and TV shows to a separate TV. Apple TV would be an obvious alternative, but maybe you just don’t want to spend that much cash. With the Roku, your hubby can instantly stream 750+ entertainment channels to virtually any TV. It’s simple to use, amazingly affordable, and full of convenient features like one-stop search.
  5. Rinser Brush – Make his life simpler and way cooler with the Rinser Brush. It eliminates the need for disposable cups or glasses by the sink. Instead, the toothbrush doubles as a fountain for rinsing after brushing. And, let’s just be honest, it’s just a really cool way to brush your teeth!Kari-ChristmasGiftsForMen-7-11 copy
  6. Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet – The Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet is perfect for campers, hikers, and all types of outdoor enthusiasts. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, and it handles better and faster than a traditional axe.
  7. 3M Pocket Projector – Does your guy consider himself the Scorsese of YouTube? Give him this video camera that allows him to project his latest masterpieces on the wall. No more squinting at the screen on his phone. He’ll be able to share his digital media virtually anywhere! All he’d need is a flat surface to project videos, photo slideshows, Web sites, and more from his smartphone, laptop, camera, iPod, DVD player, or other digital device.
  8. Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine – For hands-free illumination whenever he needs it, the Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine delivers. Create a freestanding 360-degree lightsource that he can be used for projects at home and for repairs on the go, or as an addition to any emergency kit.
  9. Ticket Stub Organizer – A ticket stub organizer lets him hold onto a little piece of some of his favorite trips and visits throughout his past. He can hold onto ticket stubs, programs, and flyers from ball games, concerts, museum exhibits, movies, and much more. A great way for him to stroll down memory lane!
  10. Smartphone Dashboard/Windshield Mount – Is your GPS and radio your smartphone? Use this convenient mount for a more hands-free, easy to use GPS in your vehicle.
  11. Removable Pull-up Bar – I purchased one of these for my husband a few years ago and he loves it! It’s been a great addition to our home gym and has several different workout uses. It’s easy to store and easy to use! Great gift for the guy who wants to get in shape, stay in shape, or just have a quick workout option at home.Kari-ChristmasGiftsForMen-12-14 copy
  12. The Places We’ll Go – This is a special personalized and very thoughtful gift idea you can put together in a snap! If you and your spouse LOVE to travel then this will be the best gift to remember all the places you’ve gone. Simply find a photo book deal going on and wrote up a little blurp about all the fun places you’ve traveled. You can also include pictures of from your travels and then create a world map and U.S. map marking the places and dates you traveled there.
  13. Personalized Golf Balls – One of the key tools of the golf trade, you simply can’t have too many golf balls, and you want to distinguish your husband from the rest of the golfers out there.
  14. Monogrammed Watch – Classic yet contemporary, this personalized classic-style Pocket Watch is a wonderful gift AND heirloom item that would be perfect for the man the man who is hard to shop for. Not only is this gift something that he can use, but also something that can be passed down for generations to come.Kari-ChristmasGiftsForMen-15-23 copy
  15. “50 Reasons Why I Love You” Jar This involves treats and sweets, how can your hubby resist it!  Simply place these stickers on any type of candy you have on hand, cookies, or in his favorite cereal box!
  16. BBQ Rub – This idea is the perfect idea for any man! I mean, what man doesn’t love his barbeque? {I’m sure there are an occasional few out there, wink!} This gift would be really inexpensive to make and sure fire hit for the man in your life. It would even make a great neighbor gift or gift for your Dad!
  17. Golf Club Head Covers – Now, my husband is not a golfer, but I have friends whose husbands are HUGE golf lovers (i.e. diva TARA)! This would be the perfect present for husbands like that. You could customize them however you want. I would love to add my own touches/use my husband’s favorite colors for this. The possibilities are endless!
  18. Comic Book Coasters – Have a comic book fan in your life? These comic book coasters are sure to be a hit with that crowd. They’re not only awesome in the super-hero category, but an awesome vintage-looking item as well!
  19. Pegboard Organizer – If your man is HANDY, then this is the gift for him! I have a pretty handy man myself, but our garage is a horror story! This would help keep things more organized and within easy reach for him. He is as organized as I am, but sometimes, there is only so much you can do in a garage without spending a fortune to have everything organized. Plus, this is an inexpensive and easy gift to create and put together.
  20. Car Kit – I totally love this idea! First of all, the idea if having an emergency kit is great and practical. Everyone should have one. Second, if you’re going to make one, why not make it ADORABLE? You can put this together even if you have the most basic of sewing knowledge. Plus, it’s something he can actually USE and something that you have put time into to make it personalized just for him. Win-Win!
  21. Sports Blanket – Want to MAKE something special for your hubby this year? This would be a perfect gift for any husband! Simply pick out the fabric that would suite your husband best… then all it takes is a little bit of time to cut and tie the edges. Then, viola! A warm, cozy, thoughtful gift that was made by you!
  22. All About You Basket – The best gifts are always the ones where you really focus in on the things your spouse truly loves. Whether it’s tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert, tools for the car fanatic, gear for the motorcycle enthusiast, golf club covers for the man who loves to golf, and so on. This is the gift that will encompass all of your man’s very favorite things! It comes with some free printables and a ‘how-to’ on putting this thoughtful gift together for the man of your dreams!
  23. Reindeer Games – Why not be your man’s reinDEAR this Christmas!? This dahling post includes a FREE download of all the printables you will need pull this fun and sexy evening off! Oh yeah, double score! …with this now and with HIM latah! Seriously, this is perfect gift for any evening this holiday season to have some sweet Christmas memory makin’ after kids and in bed. Check it out!Kari-ChristmasGiftsForMen-24-29 copy
  24. Tickets – Universally coveted by all guys: tickets. Whether he’s the kind of guy who never misses his hockey team’s games, or he’s been waiting years to see his favorite band live, springing for tickets equals the personalized-present pinnacle perfect for a stocking stuffer surprise!
  25. Last Minute Gift – With Christmas coming up fast, I know some of you are on the scramble for a fun and thoughtful gift idea for your spouse. If you are still on the look out, LOOK NO FURTHER! We have a fun printable for you that can be paired with a few different things to make your significant other’s Christmas a sure hit.
  26. USB Bracelet – For the man who loves his electronic devices and wants to keep his favorite things stored close by at all times. This is masculine bracelet that is easily accessible to all of his top tech favorite!
  27. 12 Daytz of Christmas – The perfect stocking stuffer for your honey! If you are still looking for the PERFECT gift for your husband this Christmas season… Well, look no further.This is a great and EASY ideas for you! Just print it out and put it in your spouse’s stocking for a year full of fabulous date night ideas! A gift that will truly give all year long.
  28. Batman Money Clip – Let’s face it. Every man has a superhero complex deep down… and that’s not a bad thing! Haha! Why not make him feel like your stealth super hero by keeping his cash safe in this Batman Money Clip! It’s creative, unexpected, and deep down, every man wants to be the hero of his wife’s heart.
  29.  U DA MAN Chocolate Bar Wrapper – Here is a quick and easy way to show your spouse some love this Christmas! This darling printable is great for any guy and you can use it to wrap up his favorite candy bar! It’s a unique stocking stuffer; perfect for any guy!Kari-ChristmasGiftsForMen-30-32 copy
  30. Sexy Stocking –  There is just something so romantic about Christmas time… and we don’t want that mistletoe to go to waste! So  Why not slow down for a moment and plan a romantic tradition for two? “The Sexy Stocking” is a secret Christmas tradition that you can do with your spouse every year!  The idea is that you’ll have a special “couple’s stocking” that you keep in your bedroom throughout the month of December.  You both have until Christmas to fill it up with secret, sexy stocking stuffers.  This is the gift that will definitely keep on giving to your relationship even through the holiday madness!
  31. Naughty or Nice –  Oh, the delightful “hustle & bustle” of Christmas!  The culmination of parties, shopping, family gatherings, shopping, baking… did I mention shopping?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I admit that the calendar fills up fast and there’s not as much focus on alone time…  So, Merry Christmas!  Here’s an idea to guarantee you get your special couple time! Includes a free printable!
  32. Emergency K.A.R. Kit – Create this Kissing And Romance kit for your spouse to use for those last minute date nights when there is just no time to freshen up! It’s easy to put together and makes for a fun and sexy stocking stuffer!

 Want some more ideas for gifts for your man? Here are a few more posts that can help you find something special, unique, homemade, or just plain creative!

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What are the Divas getting their Husband’s this Christmas? I thought it would be fun to interview a few of the Divas to get the inside scoop on their holiday shopping for their husbands…

  • My husband has dropped about 85 hints about how he wants a custom Babe Ruth bat from Louisville Sluggers (they kept his exact bat measurements on file so they make it just the way he had them made) — In fact, today he reminded me AGAIN:) and thought I could get it for his birthday or Christmas, and wondered how long it would take them to make/send it to us….hint hint. One of his favorites that I did for him was Tara’s Spouse Christmas Countdown post- we had a lot of fun with it! {Julie}
  • I think that You Are Appreciated post is amazing!! Nate said it was the BEST gift he ever got. I am getting Nate cologne because he needs it and I’ll let the kids get him new shirts for work. Nothing fabulous, he doesn’t ever want anything. He never wants anything, unless it is electronic and expensive (i.e. the iphone5) and his brother just gave him one those. {Wendy}
  • Umm, I don’t remember this, but apparently one year I made a booklet of pictures from the early days of our relationship (dating/engaged/newlywed). He said that was his favorite. And this year’s wish… He is totally into guns and target shooting, so I’ll probably get him stuff he needs to go shooting with buddies in the desert (soda cans, ear plugs, target papers, ammo), or a “coupon” for a day at the range. {Stacy}
  • We do love letters in unique ways! One year I made a chain of a ton of things I loved about him and another year I used Becca’s Punch Poster but, I changed it into a year of hot punches. One year Weston made me a note that had a picture of my head taped onto a dollar origami dress and his head on a shirt and tie origami dollar, that was super cute!  So maybe we are cheap but these letters are the best thing ever!!!! {Michelle}
  •  This year, James is trying to get his small pilot’s license so he would LOVE more flight hours! {Candice}
  • I asked my hubby and he said “The 12 Lays of Christmas– hands down.” lol!! The first year of our marriage I gave him a notebook with a running list of ALL the reasons why I loved him, including specific memories. It has a picture of us on the cover. He still gets it out to read it every now and then, so I still add to it. One year I wrote down our love story and turned it into a short chapter book, then used pictures from our dating days as the illustrations. This year I’m doing the “Gift of the Month Club” that I’m posting about in December. He LOVES movies so I’m doing a new movie for every month of the year. He would really LOVE an ipad – if I can’t pull that off before Christmas, it’ll be his birthday present. {Becca}
  • Motorcycle gear. My husband is way into motorcross and needs some new boots, pants, and jerseys. I usually do a theme each year, so he’ll get some clothing, DVDs, and anything else motocross related that I can find. I just got him a GoPro Hero3 (above) that he LOVES. I might get him more attachments for that as well. {Kari}
  • Our schedules are absolutely crazy right now balancing school, work, church functions, and everything else that comes along in this wonderful world we call LIFE! 🙂 Occasionally we have let a week slip by withOUT going on a weekly date! GASP!! I know, I know!!! I wanted to make sure we did better in 2014, so I made my very own “Year of Dates” Binder – the GORGEOUS files were designed by one of our favorite designers and this entire project was headed up by our very own Becca, so you KNOW it’s pretty amazing! I cannot WAIT to give this to him this year!!!! It’s hiding in a closet in the garage… he better not be reading this! lol {Tara}

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  1. Gave him a roll of 24 – $10 bills for 24th birthday and had him guess what serial number from them I picked for an extra prize. Any other games like that?? He’s leaving for Germany soon. Would like ideas for Christmas and birthday or just because. He enjoyed the game part.

    1. That is a fabulous idea! How fun! You could do a madlibs for him to fill out and send back to earn another gift. Or send him a questionnaire that he has to fill out and send back to you. Easy ways for him to have fun and communicate will make things fun for both of you!