101 of the BEST Wedding Gifts

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Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Love!

Oh, weddings. They are a constant in life! It’s important to have a couple great gifts up your sleeve. {Let’s be real, your goal is to be just like Mom and have a closet full of gifts ready for any event you forgot!} To help you out The Dating Divas have put together 101 of the BEST wedding gifts for the coming year, using affiliate links!

101 of the BEST wedding gifts to give to those you love!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.

We have pooled the internet’s best ideas into 4 categories

  • 20 DIY Gifts
  • 25 Gifts For the Kitchen
  • 20 Gifts For the Master Suite
  • 16 Basket Gifts
  • 20 Family Room Fun Gifts

20 DIY Gifts

101 of the BEST DIY wedding gifts to make for those you love!

Make a DIY gift for the next wedding you attend!
1. Two Little Lovers – This Dating Diva original is an adorable personalized gift with the lovers’ favorite song lyrics.

2. The Ultimate Intimacy Pack – The Divas believe in intimacy! Give the newlyweds a push in the right direction 😉

3. Year of Dates Binder – An amazing gift to help the happy couple set the habit of dating their spouse all year long! 

4. 12 Sports Themed Dates – Cater to the sport fans in your life and give them this amazing printable pack. Toss in a couple balls and you are set!

5. Personalized Love Print – Another great printable way to make a gift personal. 

6. Can ‘O Dates – No one can ever have too many date ideas! And how cute are these printables?!

DIY gifts for all your weddings this year!
7. Couple’s Travel Map – This is perfect for the traveling couple you are going to celebrate! Help them record all their journeys with this beautiful map.

8. Anniversary Time Capsule – A sweet idea to give a new couple so they have something each year to celebrate their marriage. 

9. The Hint Box – Help the new husband and wife keep each other in the loop of what they desire! 

10. Photo Pillow – Did you even know this was possible at home?! 

11. 10 Dates for $20 – 10 different date ideas that you can wrap with $2 each!

12. Not Your Mother’s Spice Rack – Another “spicy” idea to keep your loved ones, loving each other!

Fabulous DIY gift ideas for weddings!
13. Communication Station – We love this idea for leaving love notes and other important communication.

14. Printable Gift Card Holder – You really can’t go wrong when giving gift cards, but at least make it cute with this printable!

15. Kitchen Towel Wreath – Useful and adorable!

16. Quick and Easy Ways to Rock Your Romance – The Divas have some amazing ideas on how to make marriages strong, share the goods with this e-book!

17. Heart Map – How adorable is this?! Track where the sweethearts met with “heart maps” from their home towns and where they met!

18. Give Cash – There is nothing wrong with giving cash for a gift! Do it in an inventive way to make the couple smile even wider. 

19. Wood Block Ring Holder – This would be super simple if you have a couple 2x4s and some wood burning skills {or vinyl!}. 

20. Etched Casserole Dish – We had no idea you could “etch” glass at home! Easy and a great way to help them keep track of a new dish! All it takes is a glass casserole dish set like this one, some etching cream, and access to a vinyl cutter!

25 Gifts for the Kitchen

25 of the BEST wedding gifts for the kitchen!

Great wedding gifts for the kitchen!
21. Electric Can Opener – We know that a can opener seems like a strange gift, but didn’t we all run to the store the first time we had to open a can and buy one?! Save them the trip. 

22. Cookware Sets – Beautiful pots and pans can make dinner time a treat instead of a chore. 

23. His and Her Aprons – The husband will love to cook as Superman, and we already know that wives are really Wonder Women 😉

24. Crockpot – An absolute essential for any kitchen!

25. Our Best Bites Recipe Book – We love these easy and delicious recipes.

26. Personalized Snack Dishes – We cannot say “no” to personalizing, and when it’s marketed with ice cream… we’re obviously ordering some for us and the lucky couple 😉

Kitchen supplies are essential to a new marriage - great gift ideas!
27. His and Her Mugs – Practical and the cutest. Win – Win.

28. Squish Colander – Storage is always at a premium, so give the newlyweds a hand with a colander that takes up less space.

29. Grate and Slice Set – This is a brilliant set that can grate cheese and slice veggies! Multi-purpose for the win!

30. Dating Divas Recipes Revealed – The Divas’ favorite recipes! A perfect addition to any kitchen. 

31. Breakfast in Bed Tray – This tray might just encourage some sweet breakfasts together in bed. 

32. iPad and Recipe Book Stand – We’ve all struggled with the book, the iPad, the pots, the pans etc. Take one worry off of the cook’s mind as they prep their first meal together. 

Kitchen tools to give as wedding gifts.
33. Knives – Not your best choice for a destination wedding… but an adorable, affordable gift idea that every new couple needs!

34. Ice Cream Scoop – Another essential that nobody has when they need it! 

35. Bone China – We received a set of bone china and we love it! It’s not as expensive as china-china and super durable! 

36. Container Set – Beautiful canisters with chalk-board labels. 

37. Griddler – It’s a griddle. It’s a panini press. It’s a grill. {And with the addition of waffle plates – it’s a waffle iron!} 3 – 4 gifts in one!

38. Rice Cooker – Never cook rice the same way again. It’s a “set it and forget it” type of machine.

A new home's kitchen will be set! Wedding gifts for the kitchen.
39. Cake Stand – Would this not be the cutest little stand for the couple to use for their 1 year anniversary! YES it would be!

40. Cutlery Tray – New silverware deserves somewhere nice to stay. This tray is great because it’s adjustable! No need to guess what size drawers are in the new home.

41. Silverware – This may seem like a wedding gift usually left to Grandma, but some everyday use silverware is gratefully received. 

42. Stand Mixer Beater Blade – The whole Kitchen Aid might be out of your price range (or is it?!?), but this beater blade will be the perfect addition to the chef’s growing collection of kitchen tools.

43. Muffin Pan – This was another one of those things that we didn’t get and we needed one morning after the batter was already made… {We LOVE this stoneware version!} Throw in a few muffin mixes to round it out! 

44. Spice Rack – Spices can be costly, help a couple out and give them the essentials on a beautiful rack. 

45. Pan Organizing Stacker – Keeping organized from the start will make living together easier! 

20 Gifts For the Master Bed and Bath

20 of the BEST wedding gifts for the bedroom and bath!

Gift ideas for newly weds' bed and bath!
46. Sheets – Nice sheets are such a welcome gift! Before we were married we didn’t realize how expensive a good sheet set could be! 

47. Towels – No one wants to finish their shower and realize the new place didn’t come with towels…

48. His and Her Pillowcases – These are just cute. Help the new couple shout their love through pillowcases!

49. Picture Frame Set – Buying decor for a new couple can be scary, this perfect picture frame set is classic and modern enough to please anyone. 

50. Twister Sheet Set – They certainly won’t be expecting this on their sheet set 😉

51. Marquee Letters – Marquee letters are so hot right now! The new couples new monogram NEEDS to be marquee-ed.

Perfect wedding gifts for the master bedroom.
52. Big Spoon/Little Spoon Pillowcase – Being married is getting to spoon every single night 😉 

53. Cuddly Blanket – A nice fuzzy blanket is perfect for all those date nights in!

54. The Game of Love – Another sassy gift to the new couple and they need more sheets… We adore this game on so, so many levels. You can grab it here, just remember to check out our post on it for an additional free printable mini-game!

55. Shower Curtain Liner – This may seem silly, but we were not prepared for our first day in the new apartment together! No one wants to start the day with a shower and mopping!

56. Shower Caddy – Sometimes what the new couple needs isn’t super fun, but it’s super useful. Fill it up with different soaps!

57. His and Her Robes – It’s like taking those fancy hotel robes home without the whole stealing issue… 

58. Love is… Wall Decor – Give them a reminder of their vows with this adorable wall sign.

Bedroom gift ideas for weddings.
59. Clothing Drying Rack – This one is so cool! There is so much space and it will save the newlyweds some money by limiting their dryer use. 

60. Fan – Fabulous for hot climates or just for some white noise.

61. Slim Hangers – Yes, please. Learning how to share a closet can be rough – they’ll need all the space they can get!

62. Pillows – Whether they use the pillows for themselves or for bed shams it’s one less thing they have to worry about.

63. Table Lamps – Lamps can be so pricey but are so nice to have next to the bed. Make a special gift with some neutral lamps they can use for years to come. 

64. Comforter Set – If you are worried about getting them something they won’t like, try for a neutral set and include a gift receipt so they can exchange it if they’d like. 

65. Under-bed Storage – Blending His and Hers stuff can be messy, aid organization with these under-bed storage solutions. 

16 “Basket” Gifts

18 of the BEST wedding gift baskets to give to those you love!

Gift baskets for newly weds!
66. Garden Hose Basket – We’ve been admiring these baskets for a while, such an inventive and cute way to give a hose and any other gardening supplies.

67. Baking Gift Basket – Include your favorite baking tools, some hot pads, and even some mixes.

68. Marriage Survival Tool Kit – This gift “basket” is just too cute to pass up. Give that special couple some necessary items along with some priceless advice.

69. The Honeymoon Kit – This is a Diva idea that needs to be in the getaway car! 😉

70. Game Night Basket – Games with the sweetie are a great way to connect, but they are also a great way to make friends with new neighbors! Who doesn’t love Jenga?

71. Cleaning and Organizing Basket – Seriously. Why is this not on every registry? The first time the bathroom needs to be cleaned it’s like a panicked run to the closest dollar store – save them the stress. Throw in a few of your favorite items like this and this to a supplies tote to help the new couple!

Wedding gift baskets for every new couple.
72. Homeowner’s Gift Basket – This works for apartments, too! Give them all the necessities, like nails, wood glue, and batteries

73. Personalized Picnic Basket – Weddings are a great excuse for monograms and personalization – on a picnic basket like this one or this one with picnic supplies all included, pure perfection.

74. Car Care Basket – YES! Of course they need car supplies! Putting it all in a wash bucket is a brilliant idea. 

75. Popcorn Gift Basket – Yum. Different spices and shakes to add to popcorn to make movie night memorable. 

76. Italy Themed Basket – This idea is specifically for an Italy themed dinner, but it’s inspired us to think about what other global themes we could cook up.

77. I FALL For You Basket – This was originally meant to be for your sweetheart but we think it would be adorable for a new couple! You can tell them how fun it was to watch them fall in love!

Wedding gift baskets that are sure to please anyone!
78. Dinner is on Us – Put all the dinner necessities (like paper products!) in a basket to give them a start to their first of many homemade meals. 

79. Camping Basket – Camping supplies in a cooler?! Brilliant. We went on our first big camping trip a couple years after we were married and definitely could have used this {I mean maybe not the marshmallows… but everything else!}

80. Gift Card Basket – Gift cards are basically what newlyweds live off of for the first couple months. This basket gives them even more options! Go in on a bunch of different cards with your mutual friends to make a huge impact.

81. Marriage Survival Kit – This is a clever little gift with a reason behind every item. 

20 Family Room Fun Gifts

20 of the BEST wedding gifts for the family room.

Great ideas for wedding gifts.
82. The 5 Love Languages – The Divas can’t rave enough about this fabulous book. What a great way to start a marriage! 

83. Coasters – Help keep all that new furniture nice and pristine.

84. The Marriage Challenge This book is another one of the Divas’ favorites! 

85. Chalk Markers – These are so cute and bright! Add them to a communication station for a real treat!

86. Wedding Time Capsule – A great idea that needs to start at the beginning of a marriage, so this is the perfect time!

87. HDMI Cable – Must have for the couple who has, or wants, a TV.

Wedding gifts can be hard to think of, these ideas make it easy!
88. Scrabble – Games are a staple for a growing family and Scrabble is a classic. 

89. Blink – This is a great easy game that can be played by 2! After some practice, try racing against the clock together! See how fast you can go through the entire deck!

90. Skip-Bo – Another fabulous 2 player+ game.

91. Phase 10 – Classic! Card games are perfect for a new couple because they travel easily.

92. Scattergories – Relive old family memories in a NEW family of 2!

93. Cribbage – One of the Divas’ favorite 2 player games! 

94. Throw Pillows – These LOVE throw pillows are so cute! 

Treat the newlyweds right with great gifts for the family room.
95. Surge Protectors – There are never enough outlets in our digital world, this should help.

96. Extension Cords – This was a favorite gift from the Hub’s perspective! 

97. Entry Rug – A nice welcome mat is always needed in a new home. 

98. Floor Lamp – So many homes and apartments don’t have lights in the front room, help the new couple solve that problem with these cute floor lamps. 

99. LOVE Coffee Table Book – What a cute way to memorialize their love and give them a cute book for their coffee table. 

100. Charging Station – This helps with organization and it looks good!

101. Card Table – For all those games they’ll be playing! And you never know, they may not have a dining room table yet and this can fit the bill. 

Aren’t those great ideas?! Sometimes we feel fresh out of gift ideas, so it’s great to have a list to reference. If you are in the market for Bridal Shower Gifts check out Becca’s brilliant list of 60+ Best, Creative Bridal Shower Gift Ideas or Gabby’s new Adventure Book Marriage Journal for a perfect anniversary gift. 


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