101 DIY Halloween Costumes

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Tricks, treats, and whole lotta haunts are creepin’ around the corner… All that scaring calls for some pretty Franken-tastic threads and that’s where we come in! With our list of over one hundred DIY Halloween costumes, we’ll help all the monsters in your family look their absolute freakiest; everyone from that hunk of a hubby to the family pet! The best part? You can create all of them yourself! Let’s unleash those outfits and help you have one spooktacular night you’ll never forget! Oh, and if you happen to have a little leftover chocolate at the end, feel free to send it our way. BOO!

101 DIY Halloween Costumes #halloweencostumes #diyhalloween

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21 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples
20 DIY Halloween Costumes for Families
16 DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals
28 DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children
16 DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

Bring on the costumes! If you dare…

DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

You and your sweetie will be pleased as punch with these couple-themed costumes that take ‘dynamic duo’ to a whole new level!

101 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples #halloweencostumes #diyhalloween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

1. Pot of Gold (Brit + Co) –  Infuse a little luck into the spookiest of nights with this cheerful and charming couples costume!

2. Cotton Candy Man (Costume Works) – Sweeter than sweet, this cutie costume has us all sorts of “Awww…”

3. Bert + Mary Poppins (Keiko Lynn) – Slip on those dancing shoes and grab a little costume inspo from this classic Disney flick!

4. Bandits (Say Yes) – You’ll ‘steal’ the show (and each other’s hearts!) in no time flat with this quick and easy idea.

5. Bob Ross + Tree (C.R.A.F.T.) – We all need a little Bob in our lives and this costume will do the trick!

6. Forrest + Jenny (Mary Costa Photography) – You don’t need to be Southern to pull off this fantastic look! Although an accent surely couldn’t hurt… 

7. Lightning Strike (Julie Ann Art) – Lights, camera, LIGHTNING! This incredibly easy and uber-unique costume is definitely worth checking out!

More DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

8. Pizza Delivery (Studio DIY) – Make everyone’s favorite treat the star of this Halloween with a few simple materials and a whole lotta sass!

9. Mimes (New Darlings) – Our lips are sealed (and yours will be too!) with this clever couples idea!

10. Couple Cactus (Snapguide) – A little bit spiky a lotta bit sweet, this easy-breezy couples costume is a snap to create!

11. Elliot + Gertie (To Adventure) – Grab your honey and celebrate everyone’s favorite alien with this tribute to ET.

12. Rabbit + Alice (Keiko Lynn) – We’re going all sorts of goo-goo over this amazing Alice in Wonderland costume idea that’s sure to impress!

13. Kissing Sailor (Camille Styles) – Time for a little throwback to an iconic American image that lets you smooch as much as ya want!

14. Harley Quinn + Joker (Brit + Co) – Suicide Squad fans will LOVE this couples costume that’s as fun as it is freaky.

Even More DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

15. Baseball Players (Pretty Plain Janes) – A League of Their Own lovers will adore these digs – no doubt about it!

16. Double Stuffed (Brit + Co) – Double the stuffing, double the trouble… sounds good to us!

17. Safari Couple (Camille Styles) – Grab those binoculars and get searching for some candy!

18. Lucy + Ricky (Your Homebased Mom) – Grab your sweetie pie and infuse this Halloween with a little I Love Lucy glam!

19. Cookies & Milk (Studio DIY) – The two of you go together better than cookies and milk, right? We thought so.

20. Fantastic Mr. Fox (A Beautiful Mess) – Time to get a little flirty and foxy with this clever couples disguise!

21. Ron Swanson + Breakfast (Simply Sara Grace) – Parks and Rec lovers, listen up! This one is SO for you.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

A major perk of having little ones? All those ADORABLE family-themed getups and boy, oh boy do we have a list for you!

101 DIY Halloween Costumes for Families #halloweencostumes #diyhalloween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

22. The Little Mermaid (Family Holiday) – Let the whole family in on a little Disney action with this incredible getup featuring all of the movie’s favorite characters!

23. Wonderland Family (Say Yes) – Any excuse to see the hubby in bunny ears is a good one for us (haha!).

24. Krispy Kreme (Pink Pistachio) – Bring on the donuts and crank up the charm with this adorable family-friendly idea.

25. Super Family (Costume Works) – It’s Super Family to the rescue with these colorful costumes that are sure to please all!

26. Family Circus (The House of Nash) – Time to bring out the big guns with this unbelievably creative idea that’s simply adorable!

27. Shark Attack (The Fickle Pickle) – When Dad’s away, little sharks will play and when he’s around… they attack!

More DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

Party Animals (Our Fifth House) – Celebrate with the fam in true party fashion with this fun and fabulous idea.

29. Peanuts Gang (Costume Works) – Let the whole family in on some Charlie Brown fun with this set of costumes that are too cute for words!

30. Neverland Family (A Broad at Home) – We’re absolutely dying over these Peter Pan themed costumes that are not only stunning but oh-so-magical. 

31. Easy Emojis (Hello Wonderful) – Inexpensive and so on-trend, these scene-stealing emojis are just what you need! 

Even More DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

32. Monster Family (Tell Love and Party) – Grab the littles and have a monster mash to be remembered with these spooky threads.   

33. Where’s Waldo? (Say Yes) – Where, oh where is the perfect family costume?! You’re looking at it!

34. Classic Halloween (Pink Pistachio) – Simple, chic, and full of Halloween freakiness, these classic costumes are an absolute must-try.

35. Finding Dory Family (Brit + Co) – Little swimmers especially will love these cutie-patootie costumes based on Disney’s latest fish flick.

36. Where the Wild Things Are (Mrs. Wigglebottom) – Every family deserves to get a little wild and these crazy costumes will seal the deal!

Family DIY Halloween Costumes

37. Star Wars (Say Yes) – Any excuse to wield a lightsaber is a good one. Plus, strong with you, the force will be. 

38. Troll Family (Brit + Co) – Halloween crazy-hair is an absolute yes and you’ll get it in spades with these kooky costumes. 

39. Clown Troupe (Kickcan and Conkers) – Take clowning around to a whole new level with this French-inspired family fun! 

40. Beekeepers (Pink Pistachio) – The buzz on the streets is that these costumes are just too cute! 

41. Space Explorers (Tell Love and Party) – What could be better than a group of intergalactic explorers on a Halloween night?! 

DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals

When you’re feeling the need to stand out in the crowd, we’ve got you covered!   

101 DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals #halloweencostumes #diyhalloween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals

42. Gumball Machine (The Joy of Fashion) – Cute, colorful, and containing the perfect touch of whimsy, we think this bubblegum getup is a definite YES! 

43. Dorothy of Oz (Brit + Co) – Follow the Yellow Brick Road all night long with this Oz-inspired costume!

44. Pterodactyl (Ceci Bean) – Check out the tail on this easy-to-make bad boy and you’ll be green with envy in no time. 

45. Deer (Flattery) – Unleash those makeup skills and a little bit of Mod Podge and you’ll have yourself some a-deer-able attire in no time flat! 

46. Sugar Skull (Evite) – Chic, unique, and a little bit haunting, this is one costume idea that’s sure to turn heads.  

47. Marty McFly (Brit + Co) – Channeling your inner time traveler has never been easier with this quick DIY idea!

48. Starry Night (Balloon Time) – And the easiest outfit award goes to this little number—requiring nothing but a balloon, stars, and a LBD! 

49. Piñata (The Joy of Fashion) – Get ready to slay all night long with this cute and clever piñata costume that will remind everyone just how sweet you are!

More DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals

50. Danny Zuko (Brit + Co) – Calling all greasers! Fans of the film (and of the Fonz!) will be all over this leather studded outfit. 

51. Burglar (Stories) – We think stripes are the new pink this Halloween season and you will too after seeing this one-of-a-kind outfit!

52. Cotton Candy Costume (Aww Sam) – Mouthwateringly sweet and perfectly pink, this DIY Halloween costume is just too cute for words! 

53. Belle (SheKnows) – Beauty and the Beast lovers will ADORE this sweet, simple, and stylin’ outfit! 

54. DIY Popcorn (Studio DIY) – Add a little munchin’ and crunchin’ to your Halloween To-do list! 

55. Gift to the World (Evite) – Think you’re a bit of something extra special? Time to show off with this quirky costume!

56. Mime (The Joy of Fashion) – This DIY costume truly needs no words! Except for maybe fun, fabulous, and easy-peasy!

57. Wednesday Addams (Paper & Stitch) – “They’re creepy and they’re kooky,” and you can be too! Just add braids and a little black dress for instant Addams Family awesome.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children

These pint-sized costumes are just too cute for words and will have your kidlets looking oh-so-spooky!

101 DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children #halloweencostumes #diyhalloween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children

58. Pineapple (Lines Across) – Oh-so-sweet is the name of the game with this fresh and fruity costume! 

59. Gumball Baby (Peek-a-Boo Pages) – We’re dying over this baby gumball machine costume that will have your little one all sorts of smiley! 

60. Short Stack (Two Twenty One) – Who’s hungry? Be sure to check out this costume so cute, you could eat it up! 

61. Max (A Night Owl Blog) – Little Max from Where the Wild Things Are is making a wild and crazy comeback with this quick and easy DIY outfit.

62. Black Sheep (Say Yes) – Fuzzy, fluffy, and incredibly cuddly, this is one black sheep you’ll wanna keep around.  

63. Black Cat (Do It Yourself Divas) – Add a few ‘meows’ to the Halloween agenda with this fierce do-it-yourself feline outfit! 

More DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children

64. Spider (Pretty Plain Jains) – Why settle for two legs when you can have eight?! For even more fun, be sure and check out this site’s coordinating web costume for kids! 

65. Cotton Candy (Style Me Pretty) – Scary is out and sweet is in with this one-of-a-kind cuteness!

66. Scarecrow (Costume Works) – Keeping those crows away (and your little one looking uh-freakin-mazing) has never been so easy.   

67. Garden Gnome (Food, Folks, and Fun) – Is it just us, or are bearded babies too cute for words?

68. Aerobics Baby (Homemade by Jill) – Get those endorphins a goin’ and those babies a grinnin’ with this incredibly unique workout wear!

69. Strawberry (Minted) – Rosy red and perfectly plump is the name of the game with this strawberry ‘stume.

Even More DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Children

70. Dragon (Hello Wonderful) – What kid wouldn’t love a fire-breathing dragon outfit of their very own?! 

71. Pineapple Girl (Delia Creates) – Fresh and fruity part two is here to offer bigger kids an opportunity to be a pineapple and we couldn’t be more pleased!

72. Flynn Rider (Make It & Love It) – Everyone’s favorite Tangled hero is at it again with this easy-to-make Flynn Rider outfit!  

73. Donut (Studio DIY) –  Raise your hand if you like sprinkles! We’re all about this sweet colorful treat and are totally digging this donut idea. 

74. Madeline (Say Yes) – She’s everyone’s favorite little french girl and she’s making a fantastic comeback with this darling DIY! 

75. Lion (A Night Owl Blog) – Get ready for roars! This is one Halloween costume that little tykes will LOVE! 

76. Unicorn (Craftaholics Anonymous) – Let their true colors show with this crazy easy colorful costume from Craftaholics Anonymous.

77. Woodland Fairy (Make It & Love It) – Sugar, spice, and everything nice is what this darling getup is made of.  

Babies & Children DIY Halloween Costumes

78. Maleficent (A Night Owl Blog) – She’s fierce, flashy, and maybe slightly frightening, but Maleficent is back in full force with this kid-friendly version that’s just too cute for words!

79. Cupcake (Style Me Pretty) – Extra frosting makes for extra fun with this cake-a-licious costume. 

80. Pocahontas (Dear Lillie) – The secret’s out! Feathers make EVERYTHING better. 

81. Lumberjack (Make It & Love It) – Help your little guy harness his inner Paul Bunyan with this fabulous getup that’s all about the plaid! 

82. White Swan (A Pumpkin & A Princess) – Ballerinas young and old will wanna whip up this clever costume that’s as easy as it is elegant!  

83. Morton Salt Girl (Simple Simon & Company) – Umbrella? Check. Yellow dress? Check. One cutie costume? Check, check!

84. Candy (Hello Wonderful) – We can’t get enough of this super sweet idea! Just add a hair bow to seal the deal! 

85. Coffee + Donut (A Thoughtful Place) – Coffee and cocoa addicts alike will ADORE this one-of-a-kind outfit on their little one! 

DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

Don’t forget the family pet! Those felines and pooches are about to experience a major Halloween makeover!

101 DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets #halloweencostumes #diyhallioween

DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

86. Lion Dog (Instructables) – Help your hound unleash his inner Simba power with this furry and fabulous idea! 

87. Frida Kahlo (Jaderbomb) – We are DYING over this clever dog getup and you will be too! 

88. Business Man (HGTV) – Your pooch will be ready for anything the workday throws at him with this quick and clever outfit. 

89. Beanie Baby (Brit + Co) – Could anything be easier (or cuter) than a real-life beanie baby?! We don’t think so. 

90. Ewok (Costume Works) – Star Wars fans will adore having a real-life Ewok of their own! 

91. Catbus (Sweet Ipomoea) – Totoro lovers will be all over this clever spin on a classic Studio Ghibli character. 

92. French Chef (HGTV) – We’ll take one Creme Brulee, one omelet, and an extra side of AWESOME! 

93. Grumpy Sheriff (Costume Works) – There’s a new sheriff in town and he isn’t having any tricks tonight! Treats on the other hand… 

More DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

94. Batman (Sage + Sparkle) – Everyone’s favorite masked hero is back with this no-sew idea! But really, could anything be more adorable?

95. Unicorn (Live Colorful) – Slap on the sparkles and get ready to roll! 

96. Cupcake (Lovely Indeed) – As sweet as can be, this cupcake-y costume is perfect for smaller pooches. 

97. Black Bat (HGTV) – Turn your favorite cat into the perfect Halloween bat with this incredibly easy DIY!

98. Carl from Up (Brit + Co) – We’re dying over how fantastic this Up-inspired outfit is!  

99. Doggie Dino (Martha Stewart) – Martha’s done it again with this quick and easy outfit that uses a tank as the base. So simple!

100. Disco King (Costume Works) – Say it with us now, “Thank you, thank you very much.” Those words will come in handy for all the compliments you’re about to get! 

101. Harry + Ron (Brit + Co) – A classic British duo is about to get a clever makeover (or should we say ‘bark’over) with this fabulous idea. 


There you have it! For even MORE frightfully amazing Halloween costume ideas, be sure and check out The Ultimate Costume Roundup and 101 More Halloween Costume Ideas! Happy Howl-O-Ween!




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