101 Free Printables For Kids

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Over 100 FREE Printables for Kids

Summer break is right around the corner! Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for new, fun crafts, games, and activities to keep our kiddos busy and entertained over break. {Especially ones that are quick, easy, and FREE!} That’s why we decided to round up OVER 100 free printables for kids! That way, when you want to pull your little ones away from the T.V. or you hear the dreaded “I’m booooored,” you can just pull up this handy, dandy list and create some spur-of-the-moment fun. Just wait until you see all of the crafty cuteness included in this collection of free printables for kids. There’s everything from coloring pages to puppets, printable activities for kids to paper dolls, and even printable games for kids! Let’s take a peek!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.
And yep, all of these printables for kids are FREE!  {Courtesy of some of the coolest bloggers on the web. Seriously, how did our moms survive motherhood without Google and Pinterest?!}  
So, go ahead and pin these free printables right now. You’ll be SO glad you did. {And your kids will be too!} Be sure to grab some quality cardstock!

To make browsing these printable activities for kids even easier, we’ve divided them into the 4 following categories: 

  1. 31 Free PRETEND PLAY Printables for Kids
  2. 31 Free DRAWING & COLORING Printables for Kids
  3. 20 Free CRAFT Printables for Kids
  4. 19 Free GAMES & Printable Activities for Kids

What did I tell you? A little bit of something for everyone. 


Pretend Play Free Printables for Kids

Help your little ones explore the world around them with these fun and free printable activities for kids!

31 Free Printables for Pretend Play

 Pretend Play Printables for Kids

1. Pretend Play Post Office Set – These post office inspired free printables includes printable letterboxes, stamps,  and a Post Office sign. The perfect way to turn writing into a fun game for the kiddos.

2. Pretend Play Mailboxes Set – This pretend mailbox set is the perfect addition to the post office set! Along with darling printable mailboxes, it also includes note cards, envelopes, and stamps. 

3. Pretend Play Library Set – Let your littles play library at home using these free printable activities for kids! Play set includes a printable book scanner, library card, overdue book card, and a check-out receipt.

4. Pretend Play Doctor Set – Help you kiddos open up their own doctor’s office with this cute play set including symptoms chart, eye chart, prescriptions, and doctor, pharmacist, and ambulance driver ID cards.  (If you really want to get into character, this play doctor set is super cute too!)

5. Pretend Play X-Rays – These free printables with included X-rays are the perfect addition to the play doctor set. You can even print them on vellum paper and let your kiddo play with them on a light table for tracing.

6. Pretend Play Vet Set  All your child needs to play vet is a willing pet or, stuffed animal, and these cute pet clinic printables for kids. (Although, this play vet kit would be great to add to the fun, too.)

Free Pretend Play Printables

7. Pretend Play Animal Adoption Set – How cute is this pet adoption form?  I love the idea of laminating it (love this laminator!) so that your child can use it over and over again with dry erase markers.

8. Pretend Play Zoo Set – Help your children create their own stuffed animal zoo! These zoo-themed printables for kids includes zoo admission tickets, a zookeeper feeding chart, and fun tags for animal food bags.

9. Pretend Play Zoo PassportThis darling, printable zoo passport is a great addition to the play zoo set. While it’s perfect for a trip to the real zoo, it would also be fun to use with their stuffed animal zoo. 

10. Pretend Play Airport Set – Who says you have to leave home to travel around the world? These fun play airport free printables include an airline ticket, check-in/security checklist, baggage claim tag, pilot name tag, flight attendant name tag, and in-flight menu.

11. Pretend Play Passport – Darn this fun link is no longer available. A pretend play passport goes perfectly with the play airport set! We found a similar one you could purchase, here. Let your children add stamps to their passport to document their different travels around the world.

12. Pretend Play Classroom Set – This darling classroom set includes a whiteboard/chalkboard (to laminate and use with dry erase markers), student roll call, daily schedule, clock, hall pass, and report card. What child wouldn’t like to play teacher with all of that?

Free Pretend Play Printables for Kids

13. Pretend Play Dress Shop – Let your little fashion designer decorate and “design” their own dresses with these two adorable play dress shop printable activities for kids. The first printable is a fun, colorful order form for the “shopper” to fill out. The second printable is a page for the “designer” to create their fashion masterpieces.

14. Pretend Play Construction – This printable work order form is no longer available 🙁 However how fun is this construction worker costume?!

15. Pretend Play Camping Set Don’t wait for a family camping trip to get the kiddos playing outdoors. This creative camping set includes hiking and camping signs, scavenger hunt card, campsite tags, junior ranger card, and a fire danger sign. (If you love this, you might also be interested in this beyond cute Kids Camping Adventure Kit.)

16. Pretend Play Movie Theater Set – Create a movie theater in your own living room with these cute and free printables, including box office and concession stand signs, concession candy labels, and movie tickets.

17. Pretend Play Secret Agent/ Spy ID Cards  What kid wouldn’t love to pretend to be a secret agent or spy with these legit-looking ID cards? They even included a printable, play driver’s licenses too.

18. Printable Spy Armband Oh and, while you’re at it, make sure to print off a fun spy armband to go with that secret agent ID. There are four different free printables to choose from and your child can color their own to personalize it.

Play Restaurant Printables for Kids

19. Pretend Play Restaurant Set – Playing pretend restaurant is always a favorite among kids. This fun set includes open and closed signs, 5 different menus, and order tickets. (If you love this, you should also check out this darling Kids Cooking Adventure Kit.)

20. Pretend Play Smoothie Cafe Set – If your child has a play kitchen and/or play food that they love playing with, you’ve got to check out this darling, play, smoothie cafe set! Besides a cute “Smoothie Stop” sign, it also includes kid-friendly picture smoothie recipes.

21. Pretend Play Bakery Set – The free printables in this play bakery set is a great way to practice counting money with your child.  It includes printable: cookies, milk jugs, and a bakery banner. (This play chef costume would be a fun addition to your pretend play dress-ups too!)

22. Pretend Play Sandwich Shop Set – This printable play set comes with everything your child needs to set up their own pretend sandwich shop. It includes a sandwich shop sign, cutting board, knife, bread, vegetables, cheese, meats, chips, and a chip bag.

23. Pretend Play Ice Cream Shoppe Set – What child wouldn’t want to open up their own ice cream shoppe? This yummy play set includes free printables for an ice cream shoppe sign, ice cream menu, ice cream tubs, scoops, cones, scoop, spoons, bowls, banana split, shake, and fro-yo!

24. Free Printable Ice Cream – These 3D printables for kids include ice cream and treat toys that would be the perfect addition to the ice cream shoppe set!

Food Activites and Free Printables for Kids

25. Pretend Play Chinese Take-Out – These free printables for kids, comprised of Chinese take-out boxes and bag labels, are a fun variation on the regular restaurant play. All you need are plain brown paper bags, take-out boxes, and chopsticks to complete the set.

26. Pretend Play Grocery Store Set – This free grocery store play set includes: “Open for Business” sign, “Sorry We’re Closed” sign, name badges, and store hours sign. (This play grocery basket would go perfectly with this set too!)

27. Free Printable Play Groceries – To go along with the grocery store set, download and assemble these free grocery printable activities for kids!

28. Free Printable Fruit – These fruit printables for kids would also be a good addition to your pretend grocery store.

29. Free Printable Food Can Labels – For play food cans, just print these darling can labels and attach them to old, clean, empty cans.

30. Free Printable Play Money – Make sure you download and print some play money so your children can “pay” for their groceries, and practice counting money at the same time.

31. Free Printable Wallet and Play Money – If you want, you can even print them their own wallet to keep their play money in. How fun would that be?!

Drawing & Coloring Free Printables for Kids

Unleash their inner Picassos with these free printables. Just add a few art supplies and you’re set!

Drawing and Coloring Free Printables for Kids

Coloring and Drawing Free Printables for Kids
32. Binder Cover Coloring Pages – Let your child color and decorate their own binder cover with these free printables! Just color it in, add a title, and slip it into a cover on a plastic binder like this one.

33. Blank Faces Drawing Page – This drawing page of blank faces is perfect for younger children still learning how to draw. (My daughter likes to draw all of our different family members.)

34. Robot Coloring Page This robot coloring page is another favorite. Kids love that they can design different robots by changing up their faces and using different colors.

35. Color Your Own Robot Blocks – Darn this fun link isn’t available anymore 🙁

36. Monster Coloring Page – This monster color page is very similar to the robot coloring page. My kids’ favorite part is drawing in different silly eyes and noses. {You might also want to check out this fun Build a Monster printable.}

37. Printable Comic Book Templates – Let your child create their own comic book with this free printable template! (Comic books are a great way to introduce reading and writing to reluctant learners.)

Free Craft Printables for Kids

38.  Design Your Own Paper Dolls – Paper dolls are always fun, but it’s even better when you can color and design your own! {You might also want to check out this printable Paper Doll House.}

39. Color Your Own Superhero If your boys think paper dolls are too girly, check out these fun superhero printable activities for kids that they can color and assemble.

40. Color Your Own Ice Cream Fan – This printable, ice cream cone fan is the perfect summer craft. After coloring it, they can cut and assemble it with a brad.

41. Color Your Own Gift Boxes – You’re not just limited to coloring pages either, check out these fun gift boxes that you child can personalize with their own coloring. (A perfect idea to teach the kids about giving.)

42. Color Your Own Wrapping Paper – Or instead of a gift box, let them color their own wrapping paper! {You might also want to check out this color your own birthday wrapping paper!} Both are perfect for any summer birthdays they might get invited to. (The original idea we had here no longer exists, so we found another option for you!)

43. Color Your Own Friendship Bracelets – Get in some coloring and crafting and encourage friendships with these cute, friendship bracelets. My girls were so excited to use these free printables, they formed their own “sisters BFF club.”

Free Art Printables for Kids

44. Color Your Own Crazy Glasses – How fun are these printable crazy glasses? There are four different styles to choose from, too.

45. Color Your Own Crown – The crown template is perfect because the outline is done for you, but your child can still decorate it however they want, to personalize it. {You might also want to check out this tiara template if you have little girls.}

46. Color Your Own Mask  Let your child create and color their own mask. There are even different hat and ear options that they can add to the top of their mask if they want.

47. Color Your Own Bookmarks – These coloring bookmarks are perfect for little bookworms or to encourage reluctant readers and summer reading.  There are six different bookmarks to choose from.

48. Color Your Own Postcards – These cute, coloring postcards are the perfect printable activities for kids to send in the mail to friend or family, especially if you go on vacation.

49. Color Your Own Calendar – Let your kids color and assemble their own calendar and get more familiar with the days of the week and months of the year.

Coloring Printables for Kids

50. Color Your Own Play Money – Printable money is fun, but it’s even cooler when you can design it yourself!

51. Color Your Own Paper City – For cute, printable coloring pages and toys, you NEED to check out these paper city sets. There are so many different ones to choose from!

52. Road Trip Drawing Prompts – These free printables include road trip drawing prompts that are perfect for bringing on long car rides to keep the kids entertained!

53. Disney Coloring Pages –  Check out this link for TONS of different Disney character coloring pages. (If that’s not enough, check out this collection of over 1000 Free Disney coloring pages.)

54. Frozen Coloring Pages – Yes, we realize that Frozen is a Disney movie, but it’s so popular with the kids, we figured it deserves it’s own category.

55. Cartoon Coloring Pages – Here’s another great resource for cartoon coloring pages and printable activities for kids. {You might also want to check out our free Babysitter in a Bag coloring pages.}

Free Printables for Kids and Coloring Pages

56. Flower & Garden Coloring Pages – These flower and garden coloring pages are a little more complex – perfect for older children who still enjoy coloring.

57. Animal Coloring Pages – Check out this link for a great collection of coloring pages for little animal lovers.

58. Bugs Coloring Pages – The bug coloring pages are perfect for the little ones just starting to color.

59. Fairy Coloring Pages If your kids are into fairies as much as my girls, you should go explore the free printables on this coloring page site.

60. Color by Letter Coloring Pages – Coloring by letter, coloring pages are great for making letter-learning fun for pre-school and kindergarten-age kids.

61. Color by Number Coloring Pages – You might also want to check out this collection of free printables for kids which includes color by number coloring pages.

62. Paint Palette Activity Pages – For a fun, art activity, check out this printable paint palette and help your kids discover the fun of color mixing.

Free Craft Printables for Kids

Grab the glue and get your crafting on with these free printables for kids!

Free Craft Printables for Kids

Puppet Printable Activites for Kids

63. Free Printable Paper Bag Puppets – Follow these easy DIY instructions  to create and personalize your own ADORABLE paper bag puppet! This blog has 56 easy and oh-so-cute options to choose from.

64. Pooh & Friends Paper Bag Puppets – If you have any little Winnie the Pooh fans in your house, make sure you check out these cute puppet printables, too.

65. Muppet Hand Puppets – You don’t even need a paper bag to make these fun hand puppets, featuring Kermit and his friends.

66. Farm Animal Finger Puppets – These farm animal finger puppets are sure to be a hit with almost any age kid. {You might also want to check out this printable Teddy Bear Cootie Catcher.}

67. Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets – Let your child tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood with these sweet and simple free printables.

68. Shadow Puppets – Grab a flashlight, some popsicle sticks, and these printables activities for kids to make your own shadow puppet stories. {You might also want to check out these fairy tale shadow puppets.}

Printable Activites for Kids

69. Printable Puppet Sets – If your little ones love puppets, you should really check out this fun site. She has quite a few sets of darling puppets that you can use with children’s songs.

70. Disney’s Frozen Puppets – Your Anna and Elsa-loving girls are sure to love these Frozen puppet free printables. 

71. Disney Paper Dolls – Check out this site for several different Disney paper doll sets! (You could even laminate them and attach with velcro for long-term use.)

72. Disney 3D Paper Crafts – There are SO many different fun Disney paper crafts that you really should check out. No matter what characters your child loves, you’re sure to find something among these printables for kids. {You might also want to check out this 3D dinosaur paper craft.}

73. Cone Girl Paper Dolls – These cone paper dolls are perfect for younger children since you don’t have to fuss with all the little tabs or the clothes falling off. (They’re pretty darn cute too!)

74. Paper Cone Animals – And if you like those, make sure you grab the paper cone animals to go with your set too. {You might also want to check out these free printable animal toys.}

Free Printables for Kids and Craft Ideas

75. Free Printable Masks for Kids – Check out this post for a whole collection of fun printable masks for kids. What little boy wouldn’t want to be Ironman?! {You might also want to check out these free printable farm animal masks.}

76. Free Printable Apple Purse – Use the free printables and help your child make their own printable purse. It’s so simple to put together!

77. DIY Alphabet Blocks – Dang, this link is no longer available 🙁 But you could still help your child create their own alphabet blocks with a little mod podge.

78. Printable Sewing Cards – Introduce your child to sewing with these super cute, and super simple, sewing cards. {You might also want to check out these free printable lacing cards.} If you’d rather have some wooden ones, my kids love this set.

79. Printable Neighborhood – Make your own toy neighborhood with these fun neighborhood printable activities for kids. There are so many different sets to choose from!

80. Free Printable Disney Playsets – Disney has several different playsets available on their site. Check and see if there’s one for your child’s favorite Disney show or character.

81. Printable Play Mat – This printable play mat is great for using lego sets or car sets. (Or really, any toys you already have lying around the house.)

82. Printable Roads – You don’t need to buy road tracks, just print and design your own roads! {You might also want to check out this printable mini road map.}

Free Games and Printable Activities for Kids

Get ready for game night with these free printable games for kids that are out of this world!

Free Activites and Printable Games for Kids

Free Printable Games for Kids
83. Printable Inside Out Board Game – If your kids were fans of the movie Inside Out, they’ll love this free printable board game. Plus, it’s a great way to teach about emotions.

84. Printable Colourful Contest Board Game – Here’s another fun and colorful board game that you can print for free. We love that it’s both fun and educational.

85. Printable Rain & Rainbows Board Game – This darling Rain & Rainbows board game is a variation of Chutes and Ladders. The kids will love getting to help assemble the game board.

86. Printable Walk the Dog Board Game – If you’re a puppy-loving family and looking for some great printable games for kids, make sure to check out this cute Walk the Dog board game. It’s perfect for younger children who are still learning how to play board games.

87. Alphabet Slides & Ladders Board Game– Here’s another variation on the Chutes and Ladders game, but this one focuses on the letters of the alphabet.  {You have to subscribe to access it, but it’s free}

88. Printable Galaxy Game – For space-loving kids, this printable Galaxy Game is out of this world. It’s specially made for pre-school age children.

Fun Printable Games for Kids

89. Printable Go for Gold Board Game – Darn this game is not available anymore 🙁

90. Printable Castle Board Game – This cute Castle board game is a great for spur-of-the-moment fun. All you need is the free printables which include a board game and dice.

91.  Printable Catch a Bug Game – This darling Catch a Bug game is perfect for preschool age children learning their colors.

92. Printable I Spy Games – Click on this link for 7 different, themed, I Spy printable games for kids. Perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained when they’re bored on a summer day (or really, any time.)

93. Printable Don’t Eat Pete Game – Don’t Eat Pete has always been a favorite kid game in our family. All you need is the free printable board game and some M&Ms.

94. Printable Would You Rather Kids Game – These Would You Rather free printables are great for getting the kids laughing and talking. {You might also want to check out these printable LEGO challenge cards.}

Free Printable Activities for Kids

95. Printable Charades for Kids – Charades is always fun, but these charade-themed printable activities for kids are especially silly and crazy, which makes them even better. {You might always want to check out this fun “Get Moving” game or these printable Activity Dice.}

96. Printable USA Jigsaw Puzzle – Make your own jigsaw puzzle of the USA, and teach your kiddos some geography at the same time.

97. Printable Tessellation Puzzle Let your kids try their hand at this printable tessellation puzzle. You’ll be surprised at how challenging it can be.

98. Printable Flextangles – These flextangles free printables are fun for kids of all ages. They can even color and customize it themselves. {You might also want to check out these printable hat matching cards for younger kids.}

99. Printable Hexi Cards – You’d be surprised how long kids can be entertained with these colorful, hexi printable games for kids. They’ll love creating different shapes and patterns.

100. Printable Secret Decoder Wheel – Write coded messages back and forth with your child using this printable decoder wheel. (It’s also a great way to encourage sibling fun instead of rivalry. They love having secret messages that only they can read.)

101. Free Printable Play Dough Mats – These free printable playdough mats are great for getting their creativity going. {You might also want to check out our Babysitter in a Bag free play dough mats AND these fun Wild West play dough printables.}

Didn’t I tell you we found some seriously FUN ones?!  That should be enough ideas to help you entertain the kiddos all summer long! For MORE fun free printables for kids, check out our Creativity in a Box Boredom Buster and our Summer Boredom Buster Printable Pack! Oh, and if you aren’t following our “Fun Ideas for Kids” Pinterest Board, you should get on that. Trust me on this one. It’s loaded with fun and creative ideas!


Besides my amazing husband, I love a good book, sappy love songs, chick flicks, musicals, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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