101 {MORE} Genius Camping Ideas

Hacks, tips and all kinds of camping ideas for your next outdoor adventure!

Remember Diva Becca’s post filled with 101 Camping Tips & Ideas? It turned out to be a super popular post, because it was filled with some of the most brilliant camping ideas for the perfect outdoor vacay! Well, we decided that since everyone loved that list so much, we’d dig even deeper and find even MORE camping ideas to make your next outdoor adventure absolutely flawless. So we’ve searched high and low in order to bring you the Ultimate List of Camping Ideas {Round 2}!

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So many absolutely genius camping ideas all in one place! Things like fun things to bring camping and camping organization ideas galore! Saving this for SURE! #TheDatingDivas #CampingIdeas #Camping

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Scroll on down to find the most useful tips and tricks for camping, including:

  • Clever Camping Ideas for Packing and Planning
  • Useful Camping Tools and Supplies
  • Cool Camping Ideas for Families
  • Tips for Inexpensive Camping
  • Delicious Camping Recipes


Getting ready for your next outdoor adventure is about to get SO much easier thanks to these brilliant camping ideas!

20 Camping Ideas for Packing and Planning

Camping storage ideas

1. Roll Your Clothes: Save space by packing your outfits rolled together. Also, a brilliant idea for kiddos!
2. Family Packing List: Darn, this link isn’t available anymore 🙁 But large tubs are a great way to stay organized as you’re packing your whole family up for a trip!
3. Personal Packing Lists: These individual lists are perfect for letting the kids get packed themselves – saving YOU time and giving them some responsibility they can handle.
4. Mini Medicine Cabinet: This link is no longer available 🙁 But we know that taking tons of bottles takes up tons of space – what a great way to be efficient with this pill organizer!
5. Shower Cap Covers: Use this packing idea especially on the way home, to keep all of the camping dirt in its place. Grab your shower caps here!
6. Packing T.P.: An essential that no one really wants to discuss – keep your toilet paper dry with this trick!
7. Eggs in a Bottle: One of our most genius camping ideas! Instead of worrying about breaking eggs along the way, crack all the eggs you’ll need into a bottle!
8. Straws: Pack medicine (or spices) in these straws and seal the ends with heat!

Camping Hacks for Easy Packing

9. Cooling Racks: Keep your food dry by keeping it away from melting ice with cooling racks!
10. Pack Spices: These containers are perfect for pills, condiments or spices!
11. Packing Condiments: This camping ideas link is no longer available 🙁 Instead of tons of bottles, keep the small packets from restaurants and put them in this little container.
12. Pack Dryer Sheets: Stick them in your bag to prevent weird smells and stick them underneath the tablecloth to keep bees away!
13. Camping Notebook: One of the best camping ideas yet! Create a notebook with EVERYTHING you need stored in one place.
14. Menu Planning: Printables perfect for helping you organize each meal at the campsite.

Packing and Planning Ideas for Camping

15. More Packing Ideas: Check out all these additional ideas for packing – everything from packing the car to back up rain gear!
16. Snacks to Pack: Tips on what to bring and what to leave at home.
17. Sleep Warm: Another one of our favorite camping ideas! Everything you’ll need to bring and need to know in order to sleep at night. Plus, try out this Warm Water Bottle Hack. And check out this awesome queen sized sleeping bag!
18. Wildlife Knowledge: Link is no longer available 🙁 But it’s important to plan ahead and stay informed about what to do if you encounter wildlife.
19. Duct Taped Water Bottle: Pack it by attaching it to a water bottle. We used to always say ‘Duct tapes fixes everything.’ Not totally true, but there are a TON of Duct Tape Hacks.
20. Mason Jar Dispenser: Perfect for down-sizing any liquid, this mason jar hack is EASY to make and saves so much space!


These camping ideas will make your trip so much easier!

Great Ideas for Camping Tools and Supplies

Essential Camping Supplies

21. Belt Tool Holder: This is one of our favorite camping ideas! Since table space is always at a premium, use a belt and s hooks as a place to store kitchen essentials.
22. Picnic Blanket: Not all campsites are equipped with a picnic table. This blanket is PERFECT for camping – it stores nicely and has a strap and sewn-in insert to make folding easy!
23. Shower Caddy: Keep everything you need for a trip to the bathroom in one handy place!
24. Super Dry Towel: Regular towels take up SO much space, but these little ones are space-efficient and fast drying!
25. Crayon Fire Starters: Got old or broken crayons lying around? Make use of them at your next camp outing! And then turn your fire colors with these mystical fire changer!
26. Trick Candles: Pack trick candles for windy camping trips so that if the wind blows them out, they’ll relight themselves! You can get some relighting trick candles here.

Clever Camping Hacks for the Best Supplies

27. Bowls for Pets: Camping is the perfect pet-friendly trip and we LOVE that these bowls are so portable!
28. Storage Cart: Even if this is supposed to be for the beach, it’s really ideal for any outdoor adventure!
29. Unbreakable Cups: Cups that don’t crack or break when they’re dropped (and they WILL get dropped).
30. Self-Cleaning Washcloth: It seems odd and totally contradictory but it seems to work!
31. Tin Can Luminaries: The CUTEST way to light up your campsite. It feels kind of vintage too, dontcha think?! Bonus… tin cans are FREE!

32. Collapsible Bucket: Buckets are a necessity, but it’s not necessary to try to awkwardly fit them into the car.
33. Wax Fire Starters: Homemade and simple technique for helping your fire to get going, using some cotton facial pads like these.
34. Mason Jar Tiki Torches: DIY torches – you can even fill them with oils that will repel insect, like this stuff. Don’t you love when things are dual purpose?!

Brilliant Hacks for Camping Tools

35. Pool Noodles: Bring pool noodles cut into smaller sections with a slit down one side. They’re perfect for storing cords, hanging towels and holding cards.

36. Pencil Sharpener Fire Starter: Use a shavings to create the perfect kindling.
37. Solar Lanterns: No electricity needed to keep your campsite well-lit.
38. Spork: Cut down on the utensils you need to bring – this is an all in one tool!
39. Campfire Sage: Sage is a natural insect repellent – use it to make a more inviting camp atmosphere.
40. Match Mason Jars: Keep matches together and essentially water-proof so your fire is ready right away.


Camping with the little ones has never been more fun – use these tried and true camping ideas to make sure everyone (including YOU) is having the time of their lives!

Camping Ideas for Families

Fun Camping Hacks for Trips with Kids

41. Fitted Sheet Over Crib: Just bring an extra fitted sheet and keep your little bit safe from sun and bugs.
42. Activities in the Dirt: Let the kids completely embrace the outdoors – let them play in the dirt!
43. Activity Bags: Because somehow, boredom always seems to creep in with the littles.
44. Color Fires: As if fire wasn’t cool enough… make it glow in fun colors!
45. Road Trip in a Box: Unless you’re camping in the backyard, you’ll definitely want to create this entertainment kit for the trip TO the campsite!
46. Camping Kid Bed: You’ll totally use this even if you’re not camping. Envision trips to the grandparents or even hotel rooms without enough beds. What kid wouldn’t love their own, private tent? And for the little bit bigger kids, check out these Bunk Beds!
47. Nature Hike Bracelet: There is really no way that this craft could be any easier. PLUS you don’t have to carry all of the things they pick up along the way!
48. Camping Charades: The classic and hilarious game, with an outdoor/camping twist!

Camping Ideas with Families

49. Toy Tub: The kiddos’ go-to place for entertainment. Ready, so that you don’t have to come up with fun on the spot. Grab a plastic tub here!
50. Nature Names Craft: A super creative craft that’s personalized!

51. Ladderball: A family-friendly game that absolutely EVERYONE will love. Ladderball is perfect for camping because of its compact size, but you love lawn games you’ll get a kick out of our Yard Olympics!
52. Camping Notebooks: So many other cute ideas to make camping adorable, too!
53. Cool Off Necklace: I cannot believe how simple this is! When function and fun meet – everyone is satisfied! Get some sponges here!
54. Glow Bowling: What do to when the sun goes down? Glowing games, of course! All it takes is some glow sticks like these, and some other simple supplies. If you’d like even more ideas like this to take camping, check out the ideas from our Glow-in-the-Dark Game Night!

Fun Family Camping Ideas

55. Geocaching: Think of it as a treasure hunt with a map that gets you to the exact location. If you’ve never tried, during a camping trip is the perfect time to start!
56. Glow Jars: These will provide a little ambient lighting, some science fun and are just generally cool-looking! Check these jars out here!
57. Parent Survival Tips: The TOP hints for making family camping more manageable.
58. Outdoor Play Pen: A clever way to make sure the littlest members of the family are safe. Check out this play pen here!
59. Scavenger Hunt: This scavenger hunt is SO fun because of the little carrying case for all your treasures.
60. Marshmallow Catapults: Marshmallows and camping go hand-in-hand, it just so happens that with this activity you’re flinging them across the campsite instead of eating them. {Don’t worry, plenty of ideas for eating them later on!}


Going camping is already a great budget idea, but if you’re trying to make vacations happen without breaking the bank, you’ll love these articles and ideas to save even more!

Tips for Making Camping More Budget-Friendly

Budget Camping Hacks

61. Dollar Store Camping Supplies: This link is no longer available 🙁 But you can head to your nearest dollar store and stock up on great deals, perfect for your next trip!
62. Milk Jug Ice: Instead of buying ice, use milk jugs filled with water!
63. Toothpaste Dots: Baking soda turned toothpaste, these dots mean you won’t have to argue over the one tube of toothpaste either!
64. Simple Camping for Real Foodies: Creating yummy meals while camping doesn’t have mean you have to sacrifice your family’s health. Check out these tips for eating real food on a budget!
65. Camping on Zero Budget: When you really can’t spend a dime, use these tips to make your next camp-out even more inexpensive.
66. Yoga Mat Sleeping Pad: Instead of purchasing an expensive sleeping mat, try a yoga mat. It’s especially cheap if you already have one lying around!

Camping Ideas on a Budget

67. Thrifty Camping Ideas: Unique ideas for collecting supplies without going over-budget! 
68. Tips for an Inexpensive Trip: Great thoughts on food storage and meal planning!
69. Camping Hacks Breakdown: Check out the must-haves and don’t-needs in this list with some great alternatives to help you save!
70. Camping on a Budget: Ideas for finding inexpensive gear and free campsites!


Isn’t the food the BEST part of any trip? Everyone is going to be excited to try these campfire goodies!!

Camping Recipes to Drool Over

Quick and Easy Camping Recipe Ideas

Okay, first step for cooking success in the outdoors – grab a SoloStove! They are amazing! I’ve had one for a few years and I could not recommend it more! You don’t need any fuel, and it is perfect for backpacking trips, Scout camps, or even just to enjoy some hot chocolate on a fishing trip! You can grab one from Amazon or their website.

71. Campfire Hashbrowns: Fully loaded with all the works these hashbrowns make the perfect side dish or could even be a complete meal.
72. Cereal in a Bag: Link is no longer available 🙁 But a quick and mess-less breakfast with SIMPLE clean up! Just use a bag inside a cup and you are done!
73. Breakfast Burritos: Make ahead burritos that just need to be warmed by the fire.
74. Omlette in a Bag: Breakfast made SO fun – scramble your eggs in a bag!
75. Campfire French Toast: This is the most gourment campfire meal I’ve ever seen!
76. Bread in a Can: LOVE how compact and simple this bread is – total win!
77. Camping Quesadillas: Quesadillas are such a versatile option. You could have the kiddos fill them with whatever they want.
78. Individual Coffee Bags: Can’t stand the thought of camping without your daily cup of joe? Use this hack to create dippable coffee bags!

Family Friendly Dinner Recipes for Camping

79. Steak and Eggs Pack: A foil packet makes this meal easy to clean up.
80. Breakfast Burgers: Create the best breakfast sandwich over a campfire!

81. Pizza Pockets: Portable and PIZZA. Need we say more?!
82. Campfire Chili: Serve dutch oven chili for any group camping trip – it’s so simple to throw together and you can make a ton without having to wait around for individual portions to cook.
83. Camp Crescent Dogs: Grab your s’mores stick and get dinner going. 
84. Slow Cooker Camping: Here’s another spectacular option for a crowd. She’s got great tips for making camping work with a slow cooker!
85. Onion Bombs: Meatloaf inside an onion, wrapped in foil and baked over the fire. Simple and full of flavor. How cool is that?!
86. Oatmeal Energy Clusters: If your husband’s anything like mine, he’s always hungry. It’s best to have some easy to grab snacks on hand.

Kid Friendly Camping Snacks

87. Cheesy Broccoli: Now this is how you get the kids to eat their veggies!
88. Grilled Foil Cheese Fries: There is nothing I love more than cheese fries. I can just imagine that smokey, cheesy flavor right now!
89. Campfire Potatoes: Link is no longer available 🙁 Potatoes are the perfect, fail-proof side dish. They go with anything and everyone loves them!
90. Campfire Doughnuts: Oh my gosh – I’m drooling over these sugar-coated doughnuts!

91. Campfire Spinach Dip: Give me a dip and I’m happy. Spinach means it’s healthy, too — right?
92. Dip Snacks in a Jar: Celery and peanut butter, hummus and carrots…
93. Watermelon Popsicle Sticks: A simple little hack to make snacking even more fun!
94. S’mores Trail Mix: Add this to your list of snacks that will be gone before you know it.

Yummy Camping Desserts

95. Baked Apples: On a cooler night, warm apples with a pinch of cinnamon will totally hit the spot.
96. Less Mess S’mores: A bag of s’mores is one of our best camping ideas but without all the clean up.
97. Strawberry & Nutella Sandwich: I can’t imagine anything more delicious than gooey nutella with summer strawberries.
98. Ice Cream in a Bag: This would be the perfect cool treat on a hot summer night!
99. Oreo S’mores: Who knew that s’mores could be so much better?!
100. Blackberry Cobbler: A comfort food in the great outdoors. Maybe I’ll just try this at home, too 😉 I use a dutch oven like this.
101. Camping Cookbook: We’re not counting this as a recipe, but it IS the perfect tool for helping you come up with even more great ideas for camping food!

BONUS: Let’s Sleep Under the Stars Print: Okay, so this one isn’t a tip or a hack – but how CUTE is this print?! We just couldn’t leave it out!! Perfect inspiration for your next camping trip!

And don’t forget to check out all of the ideas from our first round of Camping Tips and Tricks! If you need some ideas for WHERE to go camping, try looking through these 101 Places to Travel with families. You could even plan some camping time for just the two of you with this Camp Out idea! Plus we rounded up the best camping gadgets!

And don’t forget to check out our printable Family Camping Trip Kit! 

camping organization for familiesThis sucker is loaded with EVERYTHING you need to organize your next camping trip and makes it easier than ever! Including…  

  • Camping Binder with a Packing Checklist and To-Do List to help take the stress out of preparing for your camping trip!
  • Camping Menu to make meal planning a breeze!
  • Camping Games for some fun family bonding around the campfire.
  • Scavenger Hunt to keep the kiddos entertained around the camp site.
  • Campfire S’mores Kit to make the BEST part of camping an even bigger treat!

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