101 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Easy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

If you and your littles are sick of packing and eating PB&Js every day, you’ve come to the right place — we’ve got tons of super easy ideas to give your kids a healthy AND delicious lunch!

So go ahead and get scrollin’ for some ideas that are not only tasty, but truly “out of the (lunch)box!” 

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided these awesome, kid-approved lunch ideas into six categories…

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Are you ready for some school lunch ideas that are going to rock your world?!

Ready. Set. SCROLL…!

10 Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

When it comes to making school lunches for my kids, the most important thing in my mind is how quick and easy it is to throw together. Save yourself a few minutes in the morning with these handy lunch ideas that will take you hardly any time to prepare!

1. Turkey and Cheese On A Dinner Roll – Amp up the traditional turkey and cheese sandwich by putting it on a dinner roll! It’s as simple as that!

Turkey sandwich on roll | The Dating Divas

2. DIY Easy Lunchables – Make your own DIY Lunchables in a snap! Throw some cheese, crackers, and lunch meat in your kids’ lunchbox for a fun surprise! TIP: Use silicone liners to make your lunchbox packing a little easier! They are a great way to separate your Lunchable ingredients!

3. Hard Boiled Eggs With Homemade Hummus & Salsa – At the beginning of the week, hard boil a carton of eggs. Use the eggs as a simple ingredient for a quick and easy lunch for your kid(s) later in the week! Don’t forget to add some delicious salsa and hummus!

Boiled eggs, salsa, and hummus | The Dating Divas

4. DIY Pizza Lunchables Using Bagels – Here is another genius, easy, school lunch idea! Quickly pack up your own version of a Pizza Lunchable with a bagel, pizza sauce, pepperonis, and grated cheese!

Pizza Bagel Sandwich | The Dating Divas

5. Easy “Sub” marine Sandwich – You can easily throw together this fun lunch idea in the morning! Add a bendable straw to a sub sandwich for a fun lunchbox surprise!


6. Quick and Easy Wraps – It doesn’t get much easier than these lunchbox wraps! Not only are they fast to prepare, but also healthy! Win, win!

Easy lunch wrap | The Dating Divas


7. Sandwich Sushi – Looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your kid’s lunch? Try making these clever Sushi Sandwiches! The best part about them is they take hardly any time to prepare!

8. PB&J Kabob –   Sadly this fun link is no longer available, but you can spruce up the traditional PB&J sandwich by cutting it up into pieces and putting it on a stick! Voila! You have yourself a peanut butter and jelly kabob!

9. DIY Uncrustable Sandwiches (Freezer Food) – Here is another school lunch idea that will save you a BUNCH of time in the morning! Check out this awesome recipe for DIY Uncrustables using a sandwich de-cruster. Make a bunch of these bad boys and freeze them for later! On those busy mornings, simply grab a sandwich and throw it in your kid’s lunchbox! So easy!

10. Cheese, Apple, and Turkey Wraps – This quick lunch idea will look like you put a bunch of time into making it!

20 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

If you have a kid who doesn’t like sandwiches, these healthy school lunch ideas are perfect. Add a little variety by switching things up with these sandwich-free school lunch ideas — your kids are going to love them!

11. Easy Pizza Buns – Don’t these pizza buns look delicious?! Your kids will think so too! Try out this easy-to-make recipe for an original school lunch! You can even make them ahead of time and freeze them for later!

Pizza Pinwheels | The Dating Divas

12. Delicious BLT Wrap – Wraps can be a great alternative to the typical sandwich! Check out this yummy BLT wrap filled with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes!

Bacon Lettuce Tomato Wrap | The Dating Divas

13. DIY Teriyaki Chicken Bowls – Try packing a teriyaki chicken bowl for lunch! This recipe is quick, flavorful, and convenient!

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl | The Dating Divas

14. Mini Corn Dog Muffins – These bite-sized goodies will have your kids licking their lips for more! Try out these Mini Corn Dog Muffins in place of the daily PB&J sandwich!

Mini corndog muffins | The Dating Divas

15. Easy Nachos – Unfortunately, this recipe is no longer available, but thankfully it’s pretty self-explanatory. These nachos are the perfect gluten-free lunch for any kiddo that’s gluten intolerant or has Celiac’s!

Kids nachos | The Dating Divas

16. Caprese Kabobs (with Balsamic Dressing) – Try out these quick caprese kabobs if you are tired of making the same ol’ sandwich day after day! This school lunch idea is PACKED with flavors your kids are going to love!

Caprese Kabobs | The Dating Divas


17. Ham, Apple and Cheese Wraps – Swap out bread slices with apple slices for an original school lunch! Your kids will LOVE it!

Ham, apple, and cheese roll up | The Dating Divas

18. Cheese Platter – Say “Queso!” Create a fun cheese platter for your kid’s lunch. You can use Laughing Cow cheese wedges, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, or mozzarella cheese sticks. Be sure to also include some fresh fruit for a complete lunch!

Cheese platter lunch | The Dating Divas

19. Breakfast For Lunch – Who says breakfast can’t be for lunch?! Your kids will be especially excited to find Greek yogurt with sprinkles!

Breakfast lunch | The Dating Divas

20. Tuna Salad & Crackers – Instead of putting tuna fish on bread, pair it with crackers for a fun sandwich-free lunch!

Tuna Cracker lunch | The Dating Divas

21. Freezable DIY Hot Pockets – Make a huge batch of these DIY Hot Pockets and freeze them for later! They make for the perfect grab-and-go school lunch!

Hot pocket kids lunch | The Dating Divas

22. Easy Quesadillas – Quesadillas are another great alternative to the typical sandwich school lunch! Not only will your kids love them, but they are SO easy to make!

Quesadilla Lunch | The Dating Divas


23. No-Liquid Ramen Noodles – For another easy school lunch idea, check out how you can pack no-liquid Ramen noodles! Genius!

Ramen noodles | The Dating Divas

24. Freezable Bean Burrito – Here is another non-sandwich school lunch idea that will save you a BUNCH of time in the morning! Check out this awesome DIY recipe for freezer burritos! These will make your life so easy in the morning when you can just grab a burrito and throw it in a lunchbox!

School lunch burrito | The Dating Divas

25. Mini Broccoli and Cheese Quiche – Use up those leftovers to create a unique school lunch for your kids! Make a batch of quiches in a mini muffin tin for a fun surprise!

Quiche lunch | The Dating Divas

26. Healthy Pasta Salad Cups – Check out this FRESH and flavorful school lunch idea! Add a little pizzazz to your kid’s lunchbox with these awesome pasta salad cups!

Pasta salad | The Dating Divas

27. Mini Salad Pita Pockets – Why is everything tiny more fun? These mini salad pita pockets included! To make these cute little creations: stuff lettuce, turkey meat, and cheese into a small pita pocket and drizzle salad dressing on top!

Mini salad pita pockets | The Dating Divas

28. Easy Rice and Chicken Patties – Your kids will be begging for more of these rice and chicken patties! Make a batch the night before and pack them in your kid’s lunchbox the following day!

Rice patties | The Dating Divas


29. Homemade Spaghettios – Did you know that you can easily make your OWN Spaghettios? You totally CAN! Make this simple recipe for a fun school lunch!

Homemade Spaghettios | The Dating Divas

30. Mini Pumpkin Pancakes – This non-sandwich school lunch is 100% kid-approved! Your kids are going to flip when they open their lunchbox and find these mini pumpkin pancakes inside — and you can even include a small tin of whipped cream and/or syrup!

Pancake lunch box | The Dating Divas


10 Healthy Kids School Lunch Ideas

Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t taste great! If your kids are in need of an energy boost or just love fresh, healthy food, you’ll love these easy, healthy lunches for kids. Here are our top 10 favorite healthy school lunch ideas…


31. Flower Veggie Salad – Make a healthy salad something fun for your kids to eat by cutting your croutons and veggies into fun shapes! (Find cute cookie cutters here!)

Salad lunch | The Dating Divas

32. Easy Sandwich Kabobs – The healthiest foods seem to look a little extra yummy when they’re prepared in a unique way! Cut up a sandwich into pieces and put it on a stick for a fun variation to the typical sandwich! Also be sure to throw on some healthy veggies and cheese!

lunch-kebab | The Dating Divas

33. Greek Yogurt and Granola – Add a little granola to some yogurt for a healthy school lunch your kids will enjoy!

Yogurt lunch | The Dating Divas

34. Chicken Avocado Burritos – Mmmmmmmm… Don’t these look delish?! Your kids will be drooling when they try these savory and healthy Chicken Avocado Burritos!

Chicken avocado burrito | The Dating Divas

35. Parmesan Zucchini Waffles – Make zucchini fun with these tasty little zucchini parmesan waffles! They are a cheesy and delicious way to add a few more veggies to your kid’s school lunch!

Zucchini waffles | The Dating Divas

36. Rainbow Fruit Skewers – First of all, aren’t these adorable?! Healthy never looked so cute! Throw some fresh fruit on a skewer for a healthy addition to your child’s lunchbox!

Rainbow skewers | The Dating Divas


37. Healthy Taco Salad – The great thing about this healthy taco salad is it is SUPER easy to make! Serve up this delicious salad with some carrots and hummus for a healthy lunch your kids will enjoy!

Healthy taco salad | The Dating Divas

38. BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Wraps – Wraps can be a great healthy choice for a school lunch! Serve up these delicious BBQ ranch chicken salad wraps! Trust us… your kids will be thanking you later!

BBQ Ranch lunch wrap | The Dating Divas

39. Ham and Cheese Lunch Bites – These mini ham and cheese bites are perfect for little fingers and make a great lunch!

Ham and cheese bites | The Dating Divas

40. Lunchbox Smoothie – This healthy school lunch idea is next to genius! Get your hands on some of these handy 8 oz. freezer jars and get blending! After whipping up your kid’s favorite flavors, FREEZE the smoothies. That’s right, we said freeze em’! You can put them in your kids’ lunch boxes the following day. Not only will your kids have a lunch that is healthy for them, but you will have eliminated the need for a separate freezer pack! 

Lunch smoothies | The Dating Divas

30 Fun School Lunch Ideas

Whether it’s the first day of school, a birthday, or you just want to do something to make your kid smile… packing a sweet lunch that will help them know you’re thinking of them is a great way to add a little surprise to their day! Check out these fun, SUPER creative and easy school lunch ideas! 


41. Lunches With Faces – These school lunch ideas have so much personality! Check out how you can create your own darling sandwiches with some simple around-the-house ingredients!

Cute sandwich | The Dating Divas

42. “Frozen”-Themed Lunch – Do you have any Frozen fanatics in the house? Then they are going to LOVE this Olaf inspired, school lunch – including blueberry yogurt topped with “Frozen” sprinkles!

Frozen-themed lunch | The Dating Divas

43. “You are My Sunshine” Lunch – This darling school lunch idea is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and make their day!

You are my sunshine lunch | The Dating Divas

44. Minion Lunch – Your child will be so excited when they open their lunchbox and find these adorable minions inside! 

Minion lunch | The Dating Divas

45. Veggie Rainbow and Dip – Sadly, this adorable link is no longer available — but c’mon, the cuteness factor here is through the roof! So easy to execute with a few ingredients, and good for your kids too!

Rainbow veggie dip | The Dating Divas

46. Ziploc Bag Sandwich Faces – If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, but you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your kids’ lunches, this is the idea for you! Grab a sharpie marker and draw some fun faces on the Ziploc baggies inside your kids’ lunchboxes!

Ziploc sandwich baggy smiling | The Dating Divas


47. Phineas and Ferb Lunch – Earn some major bonus points with your kids when you bring to life their favorite cartoon characters from Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb lunch | The Dating Divas

48. “Fishy”-Themed Lunch – Pack a tuna fish sandwich in the shape of a fish, Goldfish crackers, and Swedish Fish for an under-the-sea themed lunch!

Fish-lunch | The Dating Divas

49. Green”Hulk”-Themed Lunch – The other kids at school will be turning green with envy when your child shows up with this AWESOME Hulk themed lunch! How adorable is that little kiwi Hulk?

Hulk lunch | The Dating Divas

50. Fun Checkers Sandwich – Game on! Create a fun-filled lunch by cutting out a checkerboard with cheese and bologna!

Checkerboard sandwich | The Dating Divas

51. Apple and Peanut Butter Toothy Smiles – These apple and peanut butter teeth would make a great addition to a spooky lunch for Halloween!

Apple peanut butter teeth | The Dating Divas

52. Monsters Inc. Apples – Add some personality to your child’s school lunch with a Mike Wazowski apple! Use marshmallows and some food writer edible markers to re-create these fun little snacks!

Monsters Inc. apples | The Dating Divas


53. Cute Butterfly Snack Bags – How cute are these little butterflies!? Use colorful clothespins, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to turn little snacks like grapes, raisins, or cheerios into beautiful butterflies!

Butterfly snack bags | The Dating Divas

54. Airhead Letters – Leave all sorts of messages in your kiddo’s lunchbox with this fun idea! Use mini letter cookie cutters and an airhead to create fun edible words!

Fun Airhead letters | The Dating Divas

55. Fun Colored Pasta Noodles – Add some major pizzazz to your child’s lunchbox with some colored noodles!

Colored pasta noodles | The Dating Divas

56. Teddy Bear Sandwich – Liven up a boring sandwich by turning it into an adorable teddy bear with a few simple ingredients!

Teddy bear sandwich | The Dating Divas

57. Pumpkin Cuties – These cute little creations would be the perfect addition to a school lunch right around Halloween!

Orange pumpkin cuties | The Dating Divas

58. Butterfly Sandwich – The great thing about this creative lunch idea is it’s not complicated to make! Use a cookie cutter like this to cut a sandwich into the shape of a butterfly!

Butterfly sandwich for school lunch | The Dating Divas


59. “Perry the Platypus” Sandwich – Your kids will be grinning ear to ear when they open up their lunchbox and find this fun Perry the Platypus sandwich! Use wheat bread and slices of cheese to create your own “Perry!”

Perry the Platypus sandwich | The Dating Divas

60. Birthday Surprise Lunch – We love the idea of celebrating birthdays ALL DAY LONG! You celebrate your kiddos birthday even while they are at school! Surprise them by wrapping up the items in their lunchbox!

Surprise birthday lunch | The Dating Divas

61. First Day of School Lunch – Make your kid’s first day of school extra special with this clever back to school lunchbox surprise!

First day of school lunch | The Dating Divas

62. “Minecraft”-Themed Lunch – Darn, this link is no longer available! 🙁 But this Minecraft themed lunch is so fun and the best part is it would be SUPER easy to replicate!

Minecraft-themed lunch | The Dating Divas

63. Fairy Sprinkled Sandwich – Use a cookie cutter to create a window in sandwich. Finish your “fairy sandwich” with colorful sprinkles!

Fairy sprinkles sandwich | The Dating Divas

64. Fruity Notes – Let your kids know that they are the “apple” of your eye with this fun fruity note idea! Grab a permanent marker (for the fruit with skin the kids don’t eat – like oranges and bananas) and an edible marker (for those without a protective skin like apples and pears), and write a special note ON a piece of fruit in your child’s lunchbox!

Cute fruity messages | The Dating Divas


65. Donut Sandwich – We don’t know about you, but that is about the MOST delicious looking peanut butter and jelly sandwich we have ever seen! And soooo easy to make!

Donut sandwich | The Dating Divas

66. Cream Cheese Daisy Sandwiches – Add a bit of whimsy to your child’s lunchbox with these creative cream cheese and jelly daisies!

Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches | The Dating Divas

67. Worm in an Apple Sandwich – Sadly, this link isn’t available anymore! But this creative lunch idea perfect for the first day of school! Pack up a fun, apple-themed lunch — don’t forget to add a gummy worm for the finishing touch!

Apple and worm sandwich | The Dating Divas

68. Bunny Sandwich – This creative school lunch idea would make a great surprise for Easter! Turn your child’s sandwich into a happy bunny!

Bunny rabbit sandwich lunch | The Dating Divas

69. Funny Monster Sandwich – If your kids like monsters, they are going to flip for this fun sandwich idea! Surprise them with this funny monster in their lunchbox!

Cute sandwich monster | The Dating Divas

70. Superhero Lunch – Up, up, and away! Check out this darling Superhero-themed lunch idea filled with drinks dressed in capes an a cute superhero sandwich!

Superhero lunch | The Dating Divas

20 After-School Snacks

Do your kids come home after school, starving for an afternoon snack? Check out these 20 after-school snack ideas that are quick and delicious!


71. Grilled Cheese Roll-Up – Add a twist to the traditional grilled-cheese with these great-tasting grilled cheese roll-ups!

Grilled cheese roll up | The Dating Divas

72. Ranch Chex Mix – Your kids won’t be able to resist this savory after school snack! This easy recipe is super easy to prepare and will have your kids asking for more!

Ranch Chex Mix | The Dating Divas

73. Apple, Cheese, and Crackers With A Twist – This great after school snack includes three ingredients every kid loves! Cheese, apples, and crackers! Add a dash of some cinnamon/sugar seasoning for a delicious twist!

Apples, cheese, and crackers | The Dating Divas

74. Kid-Approved Veggie Dip – This kid-approved vegetable dip is guaranteed to be a major hit in your house after school!

Kid-approved veggie dip | The Dating Divas

75. Ants on a Log – An oldie but a goodie! The kids can easily make this after school snack themselves when they come in the door.

Ants on a log | The Dating Divas

76. Yogurt-Dipped Pretzels – Unfortunately, this link is no longer available, but this quick after-school snack is both sweet AND salty! Yogurt Dipped Pretzels are delicious, satisfying, and come together in a snap!

Yogurt-dipped pretzels | The Dating Divas


77. Mini Banana Sliders – Sometimes the simplest things are the best… and this after snack is no exception! Slice up a banana and pair it with peanut butter to create your own mini banana sliders!

Peanut butter banana sliders | The Dating Divas

78. Easy Granola Bar Poppers – Sweetened with honey and dried cranberries, these easy-to-make granola bar poppers are the perfect substitute for sugary sweets! And get this — you can make them with an ice cube tray for a fun bite-size!

Granola poppers | The Dating Divas

79. Frozen Yogurt Bites – Check out this super cute, bite-sized, and tasty after school snack! Combine fresh raspberries with a dollop of yogurt and place them in the freezer!

Frozen yogurt bites | The Dating Divas

80. Loaded Apple Nachos – When you take something great like apples, add something delicious like peanut butter, and then top it off with chocolate… Well, you really can’t go wrong!

Loaded apple nachos | The Dating Divas

81. Homemade Pretzel Bites – Are you looking for an after-school snack the kiddos will love? These homemade Pretzel Bites are sure to be a home run!

Homemade pretzel bites | The Dating Divas

82. Deep Dish Pizza Cupcakes – Trust us…. These pizza cupcakes are a major crowd pleaser! Their bite-sized shape also make them the perfect snack for small appetites!

Deep-dish pizza cupcakes | The Dating Divas


83. Cheese-Tomato Melt – This was a staple after-school snack in our house growing up! Place slices of tomatoes and cheese on top of a piece of bread and broil for a few minutes… Your kids will be licking their lips for more!

Bread, cheese, and tomato melt | The Dating Divas

84. Apple Cookies Topped With Pretzels – Salty and sweet! This after-school snack will curb your kids’ hunger and the sweetness they crave after school!

Apple cookie and pretzel | The Dating Divas

85. Banana Whip Fruit Dip – This easy-to-prepare banana whip fruit dip makes a great after school snack! Be sure to pair it with some delicious, fresh-cut fruit!

Banana whip fruit dip | The Dating Divas

86. Frozen Go-Gurt – Are your kids busy after school with extra-curricular activities? Then check out this awesome snack hack! Throw some Go-Gurts in the freezer for an easy, grab-and-go after school treat! Your kids can easily eat these in the car as they head to practice!

Frozen gogurt | The Dating Divas

87. Easy Strawberry Fruit Leather –  Instead of fruit snacks, give your kids a piece of fruit leather for an after school snack! These can easily be made in advance!

Easy strawberry fruit leather | The Dating Divas

88. Easy DIY Bagel Bites – Here is another after-school snack idea that uses ingredients you already might have in your fridge! Check out this awesome DIY recipe for Bagel Bites!

Homemade bagel bites | The Dating Divas


89. Chia Seed Energy Bites – These awesome no-bake energy bites can replace the boring granola bar and is better for you than a piece of candy. They make great after school snacks for kids and teens!

After-school energy bites | The Dating Divas

90. Cracker Pizza Using Tortilla Shells – This Cracker Pizza recipe uses simple ingredients like tortillas and pizza sauce! They are the ultimate after-school snack, especially for those pizza-loving kids!

Tortilla, cracker pizza | The Dating Divas


11 Lunchbox Hacks

Putting together all these school lunches is great, but we wanted to go a step further and help you make the best use of your time. Cut down your time preparing school lunches in the morning with these awesome lunchbox hacks! You can thank us later (wink wink).

91. DIY Lunch Ice Packs Using Sponges – Buy a cheap pack of four sponges at the Dollar Store or a 12-pack here and turn them into quick DIY ice packs! If they get lost during the school year, they won’t be a huge loss or cost to replace.

Frozen icepack | The Dating Divas

92. Secret to Preventing Browning Apples and Pears – Ewww…. Nothing is worse than a browning apple! Check out this awesome hack of how you can prevent sliced apples or pears from browning in your child’s lunchbox!

Preventing browning apples | The Dating Divas

93. Easy-to-Fit Drink Containers – These reusable, dishwasher safe, freezable, AND foldable drink containers are going to rock your world! They are a great alternative to a bulky water bottle or canteen!

Kids water bottle | The Dating Divas

94. Reusable Sandwich Bags – Do you feel like you go through thousands of Ziploc bags during the school year? Get your hands on these re-usable sandwich bags! Not only will they save you money over time, but they are also the perfect solution to prevent plastic waste!

Reusable Ziploc | The Dating Divas

95. Painless Lunch Packing Secrets – Simplify your life with these genius lunch packing secrets!

Lunch packing secrets | The Dating Divas

96. Planning School Lunches Printable – Need a quick reference for school lunch ideas? Print off this wonderful printable from Lil’ Luna!

School lunch printable | The Dating Divas


97. Pack Wet Wipes In School Lunch – Head to the Dollar Store or travel section at your local Walmart and pick up a small pouch of Wet Wipes to throw in your child’s lunchbox! They make for an easy clean-up after lunch!

Wet one wipes | The Dating Divas

98. Use Juice Boxes As Ice Packs – Have you ever thought about freezing your child’s juice box and using it as a freezer pack to keep their lunch cold? When lunchtime rolls around their juice will be thawed and all ready to drink!

Juice box ice packs | The Dating Divas

99. Easy Lunch Packing With Bento Boxes – Trust us when we say Bento Boxes are life-changing…especially when it comes to packing school lunches! Say goodbye to squished sandwiches and bulky containers!

Pink Bento Box | The Dating Divas

100. How to Remove Juice From A Fruit Cup – We can’t think of anything worse than a fruit cup exploding in your lunchbox! Trust us from experience… It is a hot mess! Check out this genius hack of how you can actually remove the juice from a fruit cup BEFORE packing it in your child’s lunchbox!

Drained fruit cup | The Dating Divas

101. Create Easy Fun Food Shapes – Okay, we totally watch Shark Tank and when we saw these FunBites food cutters we were like, “Yeah. How in the world do we get our hands on them!?” Seriously, they are the perfect solution to creating FUN and EASY school lunches!

Fun food cutters | The Dating Divas

And there you have it! Over 100 School Lunch Ideas for Kids! Now the tough part is deciding which one you will make first!

If you are looking for EVEN MORE great ways to show some love to your kiddos at lunch, you MUST check out these adorable Lunchbox Notes and Jokes from Paige! She has even come up with two versions – 1 set for your kids and 1 set for your spouse!  We also have an amazing Back To School Shopping List allowing for easy shopping! You can also check out our “Back to School” Pinterest board! It is full of awesome school lunch ideas, after-school activities, teacher gift ideas…and more!

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