15 of The Best Manscaping Tools and Kits for Men

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Manscaping Kits and Tools for Your Man

Whether you like a little scruff, a full beard, or baby-bottom smooth, this manscaping round-up has the perfect tool for you! Er… your husband! Look at our faves, and then tell us your favorite manscaper, back shaver, or best nose hair trimmer!

Let’s get this thing going from the head to the toes!

Table of Contents
  1. Manscaping Kits and Tools for Your Man
  2. The Best Nose Hair Trimmers
  3. Back Shavers for Manscaping
  4. Body Trimmers for Manscaping
  5. Manscaping Tools for Down Under
  6. Manscaping and Beard Kits

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The Best Nose Hair Trimmers

1. Wahl Trimmer – This has been our best buy. It has lasted longer, has great attachments, and is slim and sleek. It works excellent for eyebrow trimming as well.

Price: $9.99

The best nose hair trimmer with a sleek silhouette. | The Dating Divas
Wahl nose hair trimmer

2. Remington’s Best Nose Hair Trimmer – This little guy has a special mode for dual cleaning where the blade is cleaned inside and outside! It also comes with an eyebrow comb.

Price: $8.99

Nose hair trimmer for manscaping. | The Dating Divas
Remington nose hair trimmer

3. The Best Lighted Nose Hair Trimmer – A classic nose hair trimmer, but with a light!

Price: $11.29

Lighted nose hair trimmer for men. | The Dating Divas
Microtouch lighted nose hair trimmer

Back Shavers for Manscaping

4. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro – The ultimate for your hairy man. This back shaver can get your man’s back nice and smooth without him even asking you for help.

Price: $49.00

Mangroomer back shaver can reach the whole back. | The Dating Divas
Mangroomer back shaver with attachment

5. The BakBlade – It’s your regular razor, just super-sized! No batteries or charging are required, and its dry-glide technology makes a quick back shave possible.

Price: $49.99

No batteries needed for this giant back shaver. | The Dating Divas
The BakBlade back shaver

Body Trimmers for Manscaping

6. Panasonic Multi-Directional Trimmer – More of an investment, this manscape trimmer has two guard attachments and is suitable for sensitive areas. In addition, it is wet/dry friendly and cordless.

Price: $109.99

Make manscaping easy with a multi-directional trimmer. | The Dating Divas
Multi-directional trimmer with guards

7. Rechargeable Hair Trimmers – These clippers do the most when it comes to handle design. Fun to look at and rechargeable, they will get the job done on the chest, hair, beard, and neck.

Price: $27.99

Fancy manscaping trimmers for hair, beard and more. | The Dating Diva
Manscaping body trimmers with fun handles

Manscaping Tools for Down Under

8. Manscaped – They didn’t invent the name but are leading the game. Manscaped will trim the shrubbery on your hubby, specifically for the groin area.

Price: $69.99

Enjoy manscaping with Manscaped. | The Dating Divas
Manscaped trimmer for men

9. OLOV Electric Groin Trimmer – Though billed as a specific tool for your man’s undercarriage, this tool comes with an additional attachment to help with nose hair.

Price: $39.88

This manscaping tool has a nose hair trimmer attachment too. | The Dating Divas
Manscape trimmer and nose hair trimmer in one

10. Manspot Ball Trimmer – Coming in a soft green instead of the classic black, this original testes-trimmer has ceramic blades, works in wet or dry conditions, and is rechargeable.

Price: $49.99

Green, cordless trimmer for manscaping needs. | The Dating Divas
Cordless manscape trimmer

11. No Hair Crew – Taking a slightly different approach to manscaping is this hair removal cream. It’s specially formulated for intimate areas and does the job in only 3 minutes.

Price: $16.99

Take manscaping to a blade-less side with a hair-eliminating cream. | The Dating Divas
Hair-eliminating cream for manscaping needs

Manscaping and Beard Kits

12. The Dude Box – Ashley Sutton brought us at-home haircuts with The Haircut Box; now she’s keeping our men clean with her kit designed especially for men. The products are all super high, salon-level quality.

Price: $99.97

The Dude Box will give your love manscaping and bead care tools. | The Dating Divas
Manscaping tool kit by The Haircut Box

13. Beard Club Deluxe – This is the perfect kit if your man has a luscious beard that needs some care.

Price: $98.00

Take care of your man's hygiene and manscaping needs with the Beard Club. | The Dating Divas
Beard shampoo and other manscaping and hygiene needs

14. The Clean Cut Kit – This is the coolest kit for travel! 1 battery base and 4 different attachments to put on for manscaping and hygiene needs.

Price: $135.00

Manscaping tool with 4 different attachments. | The Dating Divas
Panasonic manscaping kit with 4 attachments

15. Head to Toe Set – Remington has your back with a budget-friendly manscaping kit with ten different pieces to keep your husband looking fresh!

Price: $29.64

10 different attachments for a manscaping kit. | The Dating Divas
Budget-friendly manscaper with 10 attachments

What a list, right? Get your manscaper, back shaver, manscape trimmer, AND help your man be the best-looking man he can be. He’ll be cleaned up in no time from his head to his toes!

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