100+ Show-Stopping Bridal Shower Ideas Everyone Will Love

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The Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Wedding season is upon us, which means IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!! (Woot woot!) Here at The Dating Divas, you better believe we have thrown our fair share of bridal showers. Because we have so much experience, we decided to put our heads together and come up with the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for YOU GUYS! 

From bridal shower themes to the cutest bridal shower decorations, to, of course, the yummiest bridal shower food, we’ve got it all here! Oh yeah, baby! We have compiled everything you need to plan the PERFECT bridal shower right here! So, are you ready to check out this mega list of bridal shower ideas? Let’s do it!

Bridal shower ideas for women celebrating a wedding | The Dating Divas
The best list of bridal shower ideas

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Of course, to make browsing easier, we’ve divided all these amazing bridal shower ideas into categories. Just click on the link below to be taken directly to the section you’re looking for!

Are you ready to be blown away by all of these adorable ideas? Hold on to your veils! Ready…set…scroll!!!

The Best Bridal Shower Themes

Without question, the first thing on your planning to-do list should be picking from this list of bridal shower themes. A theme ties the whole event together and makes it even more fun for the guests! Therefore, when considering which of these bridal shower themes will work best for you, keep in mind that the focus of the event should be on what the bride likes, prefers, or is comfortable with. In other words, you want her to ultimately be the happiest guest of all!

1. Spa Themed Bridal Shower – Manicures, pedicures, makeup, and massages! Talk about one of the girliest bridal shower themes out there! If this seems like something your bride would like, then celebrate the bride-to-be with a relaxing afternoon! Laura, from Intimate Weddings, has come up with a bunch of “spa” inspired activities and ideas! Not to mention, these matching bridal party robes will just finish this idea off perfectly!

Bridal Shower Spa | The Dating Divas
Spa bridal shower

2. Bridal Shower Brunch – Doesn’t this bridal shower brunch from Jenny Collier look delicious?! Without a doubt, we are drooling over those breakfast casseroles, doughnut/ fruit skewers, yogurt parfaits, and yummy bagel bar non-stop over here!

Bridal Brunch | The Dating Divas
Bridal shower brunch

3. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Bridal Shower – Check out this sophisticated celebration! Obviously, these ideas were inspired by the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and shower your bride-to-be with pearls, elegant decorations, and the color Tiffany blue! (P.S. We are dying over these adorable party favors that would be so perfect!)

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower | The Dating Divas
Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed bridal shower

4. Lunchbox Themed Bridal Shower – If you are searching for a fun and casual bridal shower theme, then check out these adorable bridal shower ideas from Ann at On Sutton Place! We are totally in LOVE with her lunchbox themed shower! Aren’t those ribbon-wrapped guest lunches the cutest?! Also, we’re dying over those kraft boxes!!

Boxed lunch bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Lunchbox-themed bridal shower

5. Nautical Themed Bridal Shower – Ahoy and all aboard! Celebrate the future Mrs. with a preppy nautical bridal shower theme! For this shower, you might want to grab some cute sailor hats! And if you can’t tell, we are obsessed with this GORGEOUS party designed by Kate Aspen! From the beautiful navy & pink color combination to the anchor accents, everything about this nautical shower is PERFECT!

Nautical-themed bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Navy/nautical wedding shower

6. Girls Scout Themed Bridal Shower – Okay, can we just talk about how stinkin’ cute this Girl Scout bridal shower theme is from Beau & Arrow Events?! Without question, we love every single detail about this party! Add some glamorous touches (like decorated “Always be Prepared” kits for your guests) for an unforgettable and adorable bridal shower! And, don’t forget the Thin Mints!

Girl Scout Bridal Shower | The Dating Divas
Girl Scout bridal shower ideas

7. Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower – Serve up the perfect bridal shower by using this adorable idea from Melissa Baum Events as inspiration! It’s a beyond-beautiful mint and yellow kitchen themed bridal shower! Not to mention, these cute recipe cards would be a fun addition to this shower!

Kitchen Shower | The Dating Divas
Kitchen/food bridal shower ideas

8. Slumber Party Bridal Shower – No boys allowed! Invite your guests to spend the night with a fun-filled Bridal Shower Sleepover, including an epic pillow fight! By the way, we think these adorable eye masks would be the perfect party favor for this bridal shower sleepover!

Slumber Party Bridal Shower | The Dating Divas
Personalized mask shower ideas

9. Garden Bridal Shower – This garden-inspired bridal shower is FULL of ideas and gorgeous details! From beautiful tablescapes to fun activities, throw an elegant party your friends and family won’t forget! And, be sure to check out all the beautiful floral details from Jessica of Vintage Fair!

Garden party bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Garden bridal shower themes

10. Favorite Things Bridal Shower – What about throwing “The Future Mrs.” an over-the-top party by showering her with your favorite things?! To clarify, invite your guests to bring their “favorite things” (kitchenware, household products, bedroom ideas – wink wink) to gift the bride! We are loving this unique party from Kara at Kara’s Party Ideas! Likewise, you could use so many elements and ideas as inspiration to create one of the most fun-filled bridal shower themes ever!

Favorite things bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Favorite things swap bridal shower ideas

11. Camping Bridal Shower – Who says camping is just for boys? Escape with your girlfriends to the great outdoors for a fun camping bridal shower getaway! On that note, you can check out these great camping tips in THIS amazing post!

Camping Bridal Shower set up in tent | The Dating Divas
Camping bridal shower themes

12. Cowgirl Themed Bridal Shower – Can we get a “Yee-haw?!” If your bride-to-be is a cowgirl at heart, then why not throw her the perfect ranch-style shower? She will seriously love it! We LOVE these amazing ideas that POPSUGAR rounded up! And of course, don’t forget to get the bride a cowboy hat!

Cowgirl bridal shower with Yee-haw sign | The Dating Divas
Cowgirl bridal shower decoration ideas

13. French Parisian Bridal Shower – In all seriousness, is there anything more romantic than Paris? With that in mind, why not create a romantic Parisian bridal shower with some garden-inspired decorations and gorgeous French desserts? Swoon!! If you need some more bridal shower ideas, then be sure to check out this classic French bridal shower from Ester of EM Designs! By the way, you’ll want to have a few Eiffel Towers on hand for decor!

Parisian bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Paris-themed bridal shower

14. Fashion Swap Bridal Shower – Looking for a unique theme for your bridal shower? What about creating a bridal shower boutique like this idea from 100 Layer Cake?! To clarify, you simply invite your guests to bring accessories, purses, shoes, jewelry, belts, and scarves they no longer want and would like to swap!

Fashion Swap bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Fashion swap bridal shower

15. Aloha Bridal Shower – Here is one of our most DARLING bridal shower ideas from 100 Layer Cake! We love the bright color scheme and tropical accents used to create a beach-themed bridal shower!

Hawaiian cookies for Aloha-themed bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Aloha/Hawaiian-themed bridal shower ideas

16. Retro Co-Ed Bridal Shower – We are loving this fun twist on the traditional female bridal shower! Check out this retro CO-ED shower! Yup… we said CO-ED, meaning invite the groom and other men! However, be sure to include some hipster decorations and activities that will appeal to both your male and female guests!

Retro co-ed bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Retro bridal shower decoration ideas

17. Sweet and Sexy Bridal Shower – Sweet and Sexy! The PERFECT combination for the ultimate bridal shower! Take a look at these “sweet and sexy” bridal shower ideas from Joy Foley!

Sweet and sexy pink bridal shower with Victoria secret bag | The Dating Divas
Sweet and Sexy Victoria’s Secret bridal shower themes

18. The Doe is Saying “I Do” Bridal Shower – This feminine bridal shower is absolutely perfect for a girly-girl! Deer decorations are all the rage right now, so why not use a deer theme to celebrate the bride-to-be? We are loving the pink, gold, and glitter accents that Kara used from Kara’s Party Ideas! We are all ‘heart eyes’ over these pink and gold antlers!

The Doe Says I Do Bridal Shower | The Dating Divas
Doe/deer-themed shower ideas

19. Love is Sweet Bridal Shower – Does the future Mrs. have a sweet tooth? If so, you might want to consider throwing her a “Love is Sweet” bridal shower! You could include a large candy bar filled with sweet treats for your guests!

Love is sweet bridal shower with candy bar | The Dating Divas

20. Lingerie French Boudoir Themed Bridal Shower – We love this classic spin on a very sexy bridal shower theme! Be sure to take a look at all the bridal shower ideas from Brooke and Jane! We are especially loving the black lace accents! {If you need a sexy gift idea, the Game of Love is our favorite way to go AND don’t forget to browse this list of our 30 favorite lingerie pieces!!}

Lingerie shower | The Dating Divas
Lingerie bridal shower themes

21. “Pucker Up” Citrus Themed Bridal Shower – Let’s just say we are a little bit in love with EVERY DETAIL about this fun-filled bridal shower idea from Studio DIY! From citrus decorations to one of our favorite ever bridal shower party favors – lemon drops, this party is over-the-top!

Citrus-themed shower | The Dating Divas
Citrus-themed bridal shower decoration ideas

22. Mint and Peach Vintage Bridal Shower – Take a look at this sweet vintage bridal shower featured on Wedding Chicks! We can hardly handle the cuteness…aren’t you in love?! With some vintage furniture, burlap, and lace accents, you too can create a shabby chic bridal shower for the bride-to-be!

Mint and peach bridal shower poster | The Dating Divas

23. Mexican Fiesta Bridal Shower – What better way to celebrate an upcoming wedding than with a Mexican fiesta bridal shower?! We love all these feminine Spanish accents created by Prints Forever! By the way, don’t forget a Mexican blanket and bowls of salsa.

Mexican fiesta bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Mexican fiesta bridal shower themes

24. Pancakes and Panties – Okay, we totally died laughing when we came across this unique bridal shower theme! Seriously— you need to check out the ideas in this post! Not only is this a cute bridal shower theme, but the bride also gets a bunch of new panties!

Pancakes and pancakes | the Dating Divas
Pancakes and panties bridal shower themes

25. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Bridal Shower – This bridal shower from Arkansas Bride is SO creative and has to be one of our favorite bridal shower themes ever! I mean, talk about the original! Stephanie made sure to include “Central Perk” themed beverages, “Friends” DVDs scattered around the room, a variety of different mugs, a menu, chalkboard, and SO MUCH more!

Friends Bridal Shower with mugs from Central Perk | The Dating Divas

Creative Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Let’s be real. It’s all about the FOOD, right?? Ha! If you’re throwing OR attending a bridal shower, then chances are you’ll be thinking about the food. So, we’re here to make sure you’re totally prepared with this amazing list of bridal shower food ideas! Not only are they all delicious, but they are also cuter than words when set up on display!

26. Bridal Shower Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas – For an easy bridal shower sweet treat, why not let your guests create their very own mini fruit pizzas? Simply provide a plain sugar cookie for each guest, some frosting, and an assortment of chopped fruit! Voila!

Mini Fruit pizzas | the Dating Divas
Sugar cookie bridal shower food ideas

27. Italian Soda Bridal Bar – Looking for a fun drink idea for your next bridal shower? For an instant hit, try making an Italian soda bar! Be sure to check out Tidy Mom for the recipe and all the awesome details! Sip it out of these soda bottles for even more fun! Of course, don’t forget some cute straws!

Italian Soda Bar | the Dating Divas
Italian soda bridal shower food ideas

28. Doughnut Diamond Rings – Is there anything more appropriate to serve at a bridal shower than doughnut diamond rings?! Add some serious “bling” to your next party with these gorgeous sweet treats from Evite! And, they have even included the FREE printable diamond topper!

Tiered diamond ring donuts | The Dating Divas
Donut bridal shower food ideas

29. Frozen Yogurt Bar Here is another quick and easy bridal shower food idea that is perfect! Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?! First, create a fun topping bar with delicious toppings that go well with frozen yogurt. Then, display the frozen yogurt options to go as the base. Your guests can create their own special sweet treat!

Fro-yo toppings bar | The Dating Divas
Bridal shower food ideas frozen yogurt

30. Bridal Shower Crepe Bar – Ready for one of our favorite bridal shower ideas? A morning bridal shower! You could consider including a yummy crepe bar for your guests to kick off their day! Be sure to include bowls of berries, Nutella, and lemon curd (are you drooling yet like we are?) to top off your crepes! Leigh Anne at Your Home Based Mom knocked it outta the park with this one!

Crepe bar | The Dating Divas
Crepe bridal shower food ideas for party

31. Pretty Chocolate Covered Strawberries –  Is it just us, or do these chocolate covered strawberries look super delicious?! On that note, consider creating a gorgeous treat for your guests by dipping fruit. If you have a certain color scheme at your party, use colored chocolate! We love how they even topped off their chocolate strawberries with pretty sprinkles.

Chocolate-covered strawberries | The Dating Divas
Strawberry bridal shower food ideas

32. Veggie Cups with Dip – Here is another EASY bridal shower food idea from Made 2 Style. First, cut up some of your favorite veggies. Second, place them in a cup filled with ranch or vegetable dip! Healthy shower snack, done!

Veggie cups | The Dating Divas
Veggie cups for bridal shower food ideas

33. Wedding Dress Cupcakes – How perfect is this cupcake wedding dress from Purple Chocolat Home?! Without question, we know it will be the hit of your next bridal shower party! Just use white-frosted cupcakes that resemble the bride’s dress to create a memorable and tasty treat!

Wedding dress cupcakes for bridal shower | The Dating Divas
Wedding dress cupcake bridal shower food ideas

34. Easy Lingerie Bridal Shower Cookies – If you are throwing a sexy bridal shower party, then don’t leave out these easy-to-make lingerie cookies! Get the full instructions on how to create these goodies from Sweet Sugar Belle! P.S. We found this cookie cutter that would be perfect!

Lingerie bridal shower food ideas

35. Engagement Ring Rice Krispie Treats – As you are planning your next bridal shower, be sure to include this YUMMY cookie butter Rice Krispie treats from Erica’s Sweet Tooth! Not only do they sound delicious, but you can sculpt them into the shape of a diamond ring! They are truly one of our favorite bridal shower ideas!

Rice krispies shaped like diamond ring with Hershey kiss diamond | The Dating Divas
Rice krispy bridal shower food ideas

36. Milk and Donuts – We are totally obsessing over the idea of milk and donuts and we know your guests will love it too! Top off a large glass of milk with a donut and straw. You’ll need some cute straws for this one!

Milk and donuts glasses | The Dating Divas

37. Pretty French Macarons – Are you looking for an alternative to the typical cupcake or sugar cookie served at a bridal shower? What about a delicate bite of deliciousness… We are talking about macarons! Your guests are going to go crazy for these little treats! Create your own macarons with the recipe and help of Juneberry Lane! If it’s too much work to make your own, you can get some cute ones here!

Pink and cream French macarons | The Dating Divas

38. Heart Rice Krispie Treats – Share some love with your bridal shower guests with these adorable heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie treats! To do so, simply shape them with a heart-shaped cookie cutter!

Heart-shaped rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate | The Dating Divas

39. High Heel Cupcakes – To say we are obsessed with these high heel cupcakes from How Does She is a complete understatement! These darling little treats would be the icing on the cake to any girly-girls bridal shower! We’re especially in love with these lace cupcake liners. They would be perfect to go with it! Be sure to head to their site for even more bridal shower ideas!

Cupcakes that look like high heels | The Dating Divas

40. Southern Shower Biscuit Bar – We love the idea of having a food bar for guests at a bridal shower party! Here is another great food bar idea from Pretty My Party using biscuits! Totally genius, right?!

Southern biscuit bar | The Dating Divas

41. Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn – Yum yum! If you are planning a bridal shower, try serving your guests some delicious old fashioned popcorn! Trust us. They will LOVE it! You can even use food coloring to match the popcorn to your bridal shower color scheme! Looking for a tasty recipe? Be sure to check out this old fashioned popcorn recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic!

Old fashioned pink popcorn | The Dating Divas

42. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar – Not only has Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road designed some darling printables for us in the past, but this girl also has a crazy awesome blog! Wouldn’t these DIY ice cream sandwiches be a fun addition to a bridal shower? To create them, use cookies, ice cream, and sprinkles as sweet treats! These bright bowls are perfect for your toppings, too! One of our favorite bridal shower ideas yet!

43. Refreshing Infused Water – If you are throwing a summer bridal shower, cool off your guests with some refreshing infused water! This beverage would be especially perfect for a spa-themed bridal shower! You can even use a fancy-schmancy infusion pitcher to impress your guests!

Infused water | The Dating Divas

44. The Pretty Pink Drink – In all honesty, we could drink this stuff by the gallon! No joke, this stuff is sooooo delicious! Not to mention, it’s a GREAT beverage choice for a bridal shower! Take a look at the easy-to-make recipe from Eazy Peazy Meals! This drink would look so cute in a beverage dispenser!

Pretty pink drink | The Dating Divas

45. Cute Mini Salads – Here is another fast and easy bridal shower food idea that not only tastes great but looks gorgeous! Check out these cute mini salads from My Baking Addiction! You can even use these cute mini tongs for serving (because everything is cute mini)!

Mini salads with dressing | The Dating Divas

46. Bridal Shower Breakfast Bar – If you are throwing a bridal shower brunch or breakfast, then you NEED to check out these DIY food bar ideas from Megan at Modern MOH! She gives you step-by-step details on how to set up several different self-serve food bars and even includes fun decorative pieces to take your displays to the next level!

Food bar for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

47. Bridal Shower Pretty Candy Bar – Create a stylish bridal shower with a trendy candy bar for your guests! Be sure to leave some to-go bags and scoops in each candy dish for your guests to fill and take home at the end of the shower!

DIY Candy buffet | The Dating Divas

48. Wedding Cake Cookies – How cute are these wedding cake cookies?! They would be such a darling addition to a bridal shower! And the best part? They are SOOOO easy to make! Don’t forget to check out the recipe from Something Turquoise!

Blue and white wedding cake cookies | The Dating Divas

49. Pretty in Pink Marshmallows – Short on time? Here is another EASY food idea from She Wears Many Hats that will have your guests excited! Aren’t these chocolate covered marshmallows adorable?! Quickly dip some marshmallows and add some sprinkles for the perfect accent!

Cute marshmallows for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

50. Strawberries Filled With Almond Cream – Not only do these almond cream strawberries from Kikukat look beautiful, they taste beyond good! In other words, your guests will definitely be going back for seconds with these sweet treats!

Strawberries filled with cream | The Dating Divas

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

When it comes to bridal shower decoration ideas, you have SO many fun options! You could go BIG with florals, banners, and color-coordinated cutlery, OR you could keep it simple with pom-poms, printables, and photos. Truly, your options are endless. However, what is hardly endless is this list of ADORABLE bridal shower decorations we rounded up!

51. Tissue Paper Pom Poms – Without question, these are our “go-to”  bridal shower decorations! Tissue paper pom poms are not only wonderful because they are super cheap, but they are also SO easy to make! If you want to make some adorable tissue pom-poms for your bridal shower, then check out this AWESOME step-by-step tutorial from Amy at The Idea Room! Or, if you find you are lacking time, you could also order some from here!

Colored pom poms made from tissue paper | The Dating Divas

52. DIY Glitter Bottles – Add a little “sparkle” to your bridal shower with these adorable DIY glitter bottles from Diary of a Debutante! {This website has the cutest ideas! I need an excuse to throw a party ASAP!}

DIY glittery champagne bottles | The Dating Divas

53. Heart Garland – How sweet would a DIY heart garland be? This one is easy-peasy, which we love, but there are also some adorable 3D options out there! In our opinion, this garland would be the perfect accent to any bridal shower.

Easy DIY heart garland | The Dating Divas

54. DIY Tassel Banner – Have you seen these adorable tassel garlands popping up all over your Pinterest feed and wanted to know how to create your own? Well, look no further! Jen and Jess from Linen, Lace, and Love have created an AMAZING tutorial on how to create these little beauties! That being said, this adorable DIY decoration will add so much flair to your bridal shower! {Want an even easier option? We love this banner that just needs to be assembled! Or this one is ready to go!}

DIY cute multicolor tassel banner | The Dating Divas

55. Origami Diamond Napkin Rings – We are pretty much dying over these DIY paper diamond rings from Brooklyn Bride! They would be the PERFECT decoration for a bridal shower!

DIY diamond ring napkin holder | The Dating Divas

56. Banner Using Bride’s Photos – If you are throwing a bridal shower, then be sure to include some personal touches from the bride within the bridal shower decorations. One great way to do that is with a photo banner using pictures of the bride! Personally, we love this personalized bridal shower banner from Ammaline Bride. She paired darling pictures of the couple with pretty doilies and clothespins!

Banner using bride and groom's photos | The Dating Divas

57. Napkin Bows – Here is a small bridal shower decoration idea that will add a BIG impact to your next party! Check out these adorable DIY folded napkins featured by Fraîche! You can find instructions on how to create these little gems on their website!

Bows made from napkins | The Dating Divas

58. Floral Monogram – For this idea, take the initials from the happy couple’s names and create some elegant floral monograms! This DIY idea from Sweetly Chic Events and Designs could not be easier to create! So, hop on over to their site to learn how to make your own monograms for your next bridal shower!

Monogrammed initials | The Dating Divas

59. Confetti Filled Balloons – If you’re planning a bridal shower, but tight on a budget, then don’t worry! Kirsten from Kojo Design has come up with the BEST solution! First, grab some clear balloons {these would do the trick!} and tissue paper {be sure to grab tissue colors that will match your color scheme – lots of cute options here!}, then follow these instructions to create a fun decoration that will add a “pop” to your party! This is one of our most favorite bridal shower ideas ever!

Clear confetti-filled balloons | The Dating Divas

60. Streamer Backdrop – Who would have thought streamers could look so amazing?! We are totally drooling over this backdrop Mandi from Living For Pretty created for her sister-in-law’s bridal shower! This is such a darling DIY decoration idea anyone could easily recreate!

Multi-colored streamer backdrop for party | The Dating Divas

61. Lantern & Pom Clusters – You know how we mentioned above just how much we LOVE tissue pom pom decorations? Well guess what?! We love them EVEN MORE clustered with paper lanterns! {Like these, and also these totally gorgeous lace style ones! EEK!} Check out this beautiful example from Fawn Over Baby!

Paper lanterns and pom poms decor | The Dating Divas

62. Pretty Paper Bows – In case you couldn’t tell, we are BOW FANATICS here at The Dating Divas! We think they are the perfect little accent for any girly-girl party — especially bridal showers! On that note, add some printable paper bows to your banners, gift bags, or even paper straws like this idea from Lia Griffith!

Cute paper bows on straws | The Dating Divas

63. Cans Wrapped in Patterned Paper/Fabric – If you are on a tight budget, but want to have some cute centerpiece decorations at your bridal shower, then definitely take a look at this idea from Upcycled Wonders! First, grab some fabric (or patterned paper), then simply wrap up tin cans with it! Voila! A beautiful DIY bridal shower centerpiece!

Upcycled Cans with flowers in them | The Dating Divas

64. From Miss to Mrs. Banner – How cute is this banner?! And so clever! Mission to Save’s blog offers an awesome DIY tutorial, but if you’re pressed for time, we found a darling gold one here!

Miss to Mrs banner | The Dating Divas

65. Romantic Photos in Jars – Here is another great DIY decoration idea for a bridal shower! Place cute pictures of the happy couple in jars to add a unique personal touch to the decor!

Romantic couple's photo in a jar | The Dating Divas

66. DIY Glitter Candle Holders – Quick AND cute —that is what we believe in here at The Dating Divas! That being said, that’s just one reason we are in love with these glitter candle holders! Read all about this simple DIY project from Cristina at Bird’s Party! If you don’t have time to make them, you can order some similar ones here.

Coral pink candles dipped in glitter | The Dating Divas

67. Kissed Balloons – If you’re throwing a “sexy” bridal shower, then be sure to include some sassy kissed balloons to your decorations! Get the full instructions on how to create these DIY lip balloons from Kelly at Studio DIY!

Clear balloons with lipstick kisses on them | The Dating Divas

68. Hang Lingerie on Clothesline – Whether you are hosting an elegant, fun, or girly-girl bridal shower, you can set the “mood” of your party by using decorations. If you are planning a “sexy” bridal shower for a friend, then simply use flirty lingerie to set the mood for your party! Check out these sexy (but classy!) decoration ideas from Ultimate Bridesmaid!

Lingerie panties hanging on clothesline | The Dating Divas

69. Pretty Paper Fan Garland – Add some pizzazz to your bridal shower with some cute DIY paper fans! You can use colors and fun patterns to match your party color scheme. Learn how to make these unique bridal shower decorations from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous!

Cute paper fan garland | The Dating Divas

70. Bridal Shower Entrance Chalkboard – Everyone knows… first impressions are everything! So, the “first impression” of your bridal shower is no different! Welcome your friends to the party with a fun entrance sign! In our opinion, this cute chalkboard idea from Amy Tanton Designs is the cutest idea ever! We found one that’s super similar here! Think of all the possibilities!

Chalk sign for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

71. Personal Details Bride/Groom I Love You Frames – We can hardly STAND how much we love this bridal shower decoration idea from South Bound Bride! To create them, simply ask the bride and the groom reasons why they love each other prior to the bridal shower. Then, frame what they each say about each other and use them as table decorations! Such a sweet personal touch!

Signs with cute info about bride and groom | The Dating Divas

72. Spray Painted Monograms – We love, love, love monograms — ESPECIALLY as a decoration for bridal showers! To create them, pick up some paper mache letters from your local craft store (or grab them here), a can of spray paint, and some fun glitter to recreate these fancy little monograms from Uncommon Designs!

Glittery spray painted monogram initials | The Dating Divas

73. DIY Fringe Balloons – Here is another great DIY decoration idea for a bridal shower! Add some fun fringe to round balloons! Simply attach a tassel garland to a balloon, OR you can buy this already assembled set and voila! DONE!

Round balloons with fringe attached to bottom | The Dating Divas

74. “Bride to Be” Chair Sign – Label the seat of the future Mrs. with a cute “Bride to Be” chair sign! You could easily make your own sign by printing letters on cardstock, cutting them out, and tying them together with a cute ribbon! Need some inspiration?! We are in LOVE with this example from Hylah at H. White Special Events!

Bride to Be sign attached to chair | The Dating Divas

75. DIY Paper Streamers Fringe Garland – Add some serious gorgeousness to your walls during your next bridal shower with this fun fringe garland from A Subtle Revelry! In our mind, this is one of the more simple bridal shower ideas, but we love it!

DIY streamers garland | The Dating Divas

Free Party Printables

Bridal showers can get expensive quickly when you add up all the details included in one… Decorations, food, party favors, and even invitations. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to give you some TOTALLY FREE bridal shower ideas to make your planning just a bit easier. We’ve collected a solid list of free bridal shower printables that you could use to accompany any theme or shower style! Just looking out for ya! 😉

76. Printable Bridal Shower Botanical Banner – Isn’t this botanical banner simply STUNNING?! We think it would make the perfect decoration for any bridal shower! Head on over to Chicfetti and print off your own FREE floral banner, then check out their other bridal shower ideas!

Floral banner for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

77. Bridal Shower Printable Cup Sleeves – In our opinion, it’s is the little things that make an excellent party! For instance, take a look at these CUTE bridal shower cup sleeves from Jen T By Design! They would be such a darling addition to any bridal shower!

Cup sleeves for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

78. Bridal Shower Planning Printables – Whether you have planned hundreds of bridal showers or this is your first rodeo, don’t forget to check out these awesome (and not to mention FREE) party planning printables from Jamie Bartlett Design!

Party planner printables for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

79. Bridal Shower Straw Flags – These straw flags are SO fun and perfect for any occasions (including bridal showers)! You could also get this adorable straw decor — Just don’t forget the paper straws!

Straw flags for bridal shower parties | The Dating Divas

80. Chalkboard Bridal Shower Quotes – Aren’t these bridal shower chalkboard designs just gorgeous? They were created by the talented Lorrie Everrit from the Creative Bag! And can you guess the best part? She is sharing these beautiful printables for FREE!

Bridal shower chalk sign | The Dating Divas

81. Printable Bridal Shower Gift Tags – Accessorize your bridal shower and party favors with these adorable floral printable tags. These are especially perfect if your shower has a floral or garden theme!

Love is in bloom gift tags | The Dating Divas

82. Pretty Printable DIY Bows – SWOON! Do you love these gorgeous paper bows from Chicfetti as much as we do?! We think they would be the perfect little accent to any bridal shower!

Cute DIY bows for presents | The Dating Divas

83. Adorable Bridal Shower Placemat – Check out these charming monogrammed placemats by the Wedding Chicks! They are a great and frugal way to add some character to your bridal shower!

Printable monogrammed placemats | The Dating Divas

84. Glittering Bridal Shower Banner Template – Add some major pizzazz to your bridal shower with this sparkling DIY banner idea from Lia Griffith! She has provided a FREE printable template and complete instructions on how you can recreate this gem for your own shower!

Gold glittery wedding or bridal shower Mr and Mrs banner | The Dating Divas

85. Bridal Shower Guest Book Poster – A sign-in poster is a fun alternative to the traditional guest book! Simply print off this beautiful poster design from Love Vs. Design and have your guests sign-in on it! In the years to come, it will be a beautiful reminder of who attended the bridal shower. Another one of our favorite bridal shower ideas!

Bridal shower guestbook and memories log | The Dating Divas

86. Bridal Shower Chalkboard Water Bottle Labels – We are obsessed with water bottle labels, so it is no wonder we are drooling over these FREE chalkboard printables from Lily and Val! Add them to your bottled drinks at your bridal shower for a fun decorative addition!

Chalk water bottle labels | The Dating Divas

87. Bridal Shower Guest Advice Cards – Here is another great bridal shower freebie! We LOVE how these cute printable advice cards are so practical — they can double as a bridal shower sign-in guest book AND a wonderful gift for the bride-to-be!

Bridal shower advice cards | The Dating Divas

88. Bridal Shower Printable Invitations – How adorable are these bridal shower invitations?! And this website has so many additional cute options to choose from!

Bridal shower invitations | The Dating Divas

89. Polka Dot Bridal Shower Banner – Make your very own bridal shower banner with this free polka dot printable from Chicfetti!

Polkadot banner for bridal shower saying Mrs. and Mr. | The Dating Divas

90. Pretty Bridal Shower Cutlery Tags – Brighten up your bridal shower table setting with these DIVINE printable cutlery tags from Amy at Eat Drink Chic!

"Bon appetit" cutlery tags | The Dating Divas

91. “So Sweet of You to Come” Gift Bags – These are the perfect bags for ANY party, whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday party or, you guessed it, a bridal shower! Easy and SO sweet. *Wink!*

Sweet of You to Come gift bags for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

92. Bridal Shower Printable Drink Tags – Attach these DIY diamond ring drink tags from Modern DIY Bride to the bottom of a glass for a cute accent! You could do them in whatever color you want! SO fun!

DIY drink tags for bridal shower shaped like diamond ring | The Dating Divas

93. Bubbly Brunch Printable Invitations – Take your bridal shower invitations to a whole new level with these darling printables from Something Turquoise! Attach them to a cute bottled drink for a special surprise for your guests!

Bridal shower invitation DIY on bubbly bottle | The Dating Divas

94. Printable Bridal Shower Bingo – This site gives nine different options for fun bridal shower bingo games — score! If you want it all printed, prepped, and done for you, we also found one you can purchase here!

Bridal Shower Bingo cards | The Dating Divas

95. Lingerie Banner Printable Template – If you are throwing a sexy lingerie bridal shower for a friend, you definitely need to check out this tutorial for a lingerie garland! This flirty banner will make the perfect centerpiece for your party!

Lingerie banner for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

96. “Love Deeply” Printable – This “Love Deeply” printable from We Lived Happily Ever After is stunning — and she’s got a ton of other freebie printables to choose from, too! We just can’t get enough!

"Love deeply" handwritten printable | The Dating Divas

97. Kitchen Bridal Shower Recipe Cards – These bridal shower recipe cards are a MUST if you are throwing a kitchen or cooking-themed party! Head on over to Even More Paper Co. for your free printables! These tin recipe boxes would be darling to store them in!

Recipe cards for bridal shower | The Dating Divas

98. Pretty Bridal Shower Lemonade Printables – Invite your guests to pucker up with these cute lemonade printables from Chrystalace! Simply add these gorgeous designs to bottled lemonade for a fun addition to your bridal shower!

Lemonade printables for wedding shower | The Dating Divas

99. Mr. and Mrs. Shower Cupcake Toppers – Adorn your desserts with these beautiful and free cupcake toppers from Press Print Party!

Mr and Mrs cupcake toppers | The Dating Divas

100. Printable Bridal Shower T-Shirt Iron-Ons – It would be a complete understatement to say we are going crazy for these free printable designs from Diva Gone Domestic! Share some love with the future Mrs. with one of these DIY iron-ons! Create a fun shirt, tank or tote — the possibilities are endless! We ESPECIALLY love the “Feyonce” and “Wifey” designs!

Feyonce t-shirt | The Dating Divas

Holy Hannah! Wasn’t this an amazing list? After compiling 100 AH-MAZING bridal shower ideas, we definitely are feeling the wedding spirit!

BUT WAIT. You can’t complete your bridal shower planning without consulting these other fabulous posts!

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Bridal Shower Must-Haves

DIY Honeymoon Gift Kit

Bridal Shower Printable Pack – This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to throw a fabulous shower for the bride-to-be, such as:

  • Party Planning and Decor – Plan the perfect bridal shower for that very special bride-to-be! Including darling invitations and a printable banner.
  • Bridal Shower Activities and Games – We’ve created 3 bridal shower games your guests will actually want to play! {We promise!}
  • Party Favors – Send each guest home with a choice between 2 creative and thoughtful party favors!

Good luck!

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