25 Best 2-Player Card Games + 10 Top 2-Player Board Games

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The Perfect 2-Player Card Games for Date Night

Need a quick and easy date night activity? How about playing a card game together! If you’re looking for the perfect 2-player card game to play with just your spouse, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the best 2-player card games out there, so you’re sure to find something that’s fast, easy, and fun.

We’ve included everything from classic two-person card games to wacky and wild modern card games for two people. Any one of these options would make for a fantastic date night and are especially fun if you’re in a bit of a time crunch.

But we couldn’t stop there! We’ve also included ten of the best 2-player board games in case you have a bit more time on your hands or are looking for something more strategic. Whichever game you choose, we promise you’re in for quite a treat!

People playing 2-player card games with each other | The Dating Divas
A family playing a 2-player card game

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Table of Contents
  1. The Perfect 2-Player Card Games for Date Night
  2. Fun 2-Player Card Games
  3. Best 2-Player Board Games

Fun 2-Player Card Games

1 . Set – This two-player card game is fast-paced, challenging, and sure to keep you on your feet!

A two-player card game called Set | The Dating Divas
Set card game for two people

2 . Blink – Similarly, Blink is another fast-paced game where you try to get rid of your cards by matching colors and numbers.

A 2-player card game called Blink | The Dating Divas
Blink card game for 2 people

3 . Phase 10 – In Phase 10, each player tries to be the first to make 10 different phases of cards.

A 2-player card game called Phase 10 | The Dating Divas
Phase 10 card game for two people

4 . Skip-Bo – If you’re looking for a fun game that doesn’t require a lot of skill or concentration, this game is perfect!

A 2-player card game called Skip-Bo | The Dating Divas
Skip-Bo 2-player card game

5 . Monopoly Deal – This is the perfect 2 player card game if you love Monopoly but don’t love how long it takes to play.

A Monopoly-themed card game for two people | The Dating Divas
Monopoly deal two-person card game

6 . Five Crowns – Five Crowns is a fast-paced card game that has 5 suits instead of 4. If you make the right combinations, you win!

An easy and fun card game for two people | The Dating Divas
Five Crowns two-player card game

7 . UNO – A true fan favorite at every sleepover, UNO is an easy two-player card game that’s super fun!

A card game for two people called UNO | The Dating Divas
UNO two-player game

8 . 3 Up 3 Down– This addictive card game only takes three minutes to learn and ten minutes to play. What could be better?

A card game for two people called 3UP 3DOWN | The Dating Divas
3UP 3DOWN two-player card game

9 . Nope!– If you’re looking for a quick, 15-minute card game to play with your sweetie (or your kids!), this is a great choice.

A two-player card game called Nope! | The Dating Divas
Nope! card game for two people

10 . Dutch Blitz – Dutch Blitz has been described as a “very energetic Solitaire,” and we couldn’t agree more! The old-timey feel of the cards adds an extra special touch to this card game for 2 people.

A two-player card game called Dutch Blitz | The Dating Divas
Dutch Blitz card game for two people

11 . Exploding Kittens – This wild and wacky card game will have you laughing and strategizing at the same time.

A 2-player game called Exploding Kittens | The Dating Divas
Exploding Kittens card game for two people

12 . Throw Throw Burrito – If you’re looking for a 2-player card game that’s truly kooky (and will get you out of your seat!), give Throw Throw Burrito a try.

A two-person card game called Throw Throw Burrito | The Dating Divas
Throw Throw Burrito 2-player game

13 . Couch Skeletons – We promise there’s nothing spooky about this one—just pure silliness and some skill.

A 2-player card game called Couch Skeletons | The Dating Divas
Couch Skeletons card game for two people

14 . Taco vs. Burrito – Billed as “the battle to build the weirdest, wildest meal,” this is a crazy two-player card game (or up to 4 players!) the whole family will enjoy!

A two-person card game called Taco vs. Burrito
Taco vs. Burrito 2-player card game

15 . Quiddler – If you enjoy word puzzles, Quiddler is the 2-player card game for you!

A two-person card game called Quiddler | The Dating Divas
Quiddler two-person card game

16 . Codenames: Duet – If you’ve ever played Codenames, you’ll love this two-player card game based on the original.

A two-player card game called Codenames | The Dating Divas
Codenames two-player card game

17 . Spot it! – How quick are you at spotting items? You’re about to find out!

A two-player card game called Spot it! | The Dating Divas
Spot it! two-player card game

18 . Po-Ke-No – Even if you’ve never heard of Po-Ke-No, you’re in for a treat. Just think of it as a two-person card game that combines Poker and Keno.

A card game for two people called Po-Ke-No | The Dating Divas
Po-Ke-No card game for two people

19 . Sriracha: The Game – Everyone’s favorite spicy condiment takes center stage in this hilarious slapping card game.

A card game for two people called Sriracha | The Dating Divas
Sriracha card game for two people

20 . SKYJO – The goal of SKYJO is to get as few points as possible! It only takes 30 minutes to play and is a great card game for 2 people ages 8 and up.

A two-person card game called SKYJO | The Dating Divas
SKYJO two-person card game

21 . Happy Little Dinosaurs – See if you’re the dino who will outlive all the disasters about to come your way!

22 . RACK-O – As fun as modern card games are, we can’t get enough of the classics! RACK-O absolutely makes that list.

23 . Spoons– Is this a blast from your teenage past or what?! This set includes everything you need—including the spoons.

24 . Goat Lords – This is one of the wackiest two-player card games out there, and we couldn’t love it more!

25 . Rook – Rook is another classic two-person card game you’ll want to add to your collection.

Best 2-Player Board Games

If 2-player games with cards are just a little too simple for you, then any of these 2-player board games might do the trick!

1 . Stratego – This is one of those two-person games that even the kids can get into! Each player has an army of pieces, and each one has a different numerical value to it. You move your men around and try to find the flag on your opponent’s side without losing your own flag in the process. Here are more directions to read.

Statego board game, perfect for date night

2 . Ticket To Ride – In this game, you go on a cross-country train adventure where each player collects and plays matching train cards to win railway routes that connect cities throughout North America. It really is one of the best 2-player board games out there!

Ticket to Ride Board Game – Date Night Board Game for 2

3 . Ticket To Ride – Europe – In this game, you go on a train adventure through the turn of the century Europe. There are so many extra elements in the European version that make the game more exciting.

Ticket to Ride: Europe Edition

4 . Scrabble – Scrabble is a fun word game that tests your spelling, vocabulary, and spatial skills all at once!

“I love you” scrabble pieces

5 . Blokus – In Blokus, your visual and spatial skills are tested. The object of the game is to place as many of your 21 different shaped tiles onto the board. It sounds easy enough, but not when you are playing another person and realize your shapes can only touch each other by their corners. 

Blokus Game

6 . Othello – In Othello, you use the board and your own colored piece to “capture” your opponent’s pieces and make them yours.

Othello Board Game

7 . Pandemic – This board game hits a little close to home, but that’s half the fun! Put that experience to the test and see if you can help end a global pandemic!

8 . Risk – If you love games of strategy where your goal is to divide and conquer, you should definitely give Risk a try.

9 . Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Edition – Attention, all Harry Potter lovers! This magical twist on Trivial Pursuit will be right up your alley.

10 . Monopoly – No list of 2-player board games would be complete without a classic game of Monopoly!

Was that a great list of 2-player games or what?! For even more fun game nights, check out our list of 50 Two-Player Card Games and our list of Fun Four-Player Card games!

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  1. Love these ideas! We just tried Blink and it’s great – we were immediately addicted and couldn’t stop playing πŸ˜ƒ May I also suggest Milles Borne? It’s kind of hard to find, but makes for a good two player game even though it’s better with more people.

  2. Coup is AWESOME! Some friends introduced it to us on an overnight stay at their house and we fell in love. It’s just as fun with 2 people as a group and even has an expansion pack. You can buy it in Target or on Amazon.

  3. I just love Phase 10, Skip Bo, and Ticket To Ride! Me and my hubby are HUGEEEEE game games so we will have to check some of these out!

  4. I’m so happy I found this post. Our tv evenings are starting to get very dull. I just bought three of them to get started!? Thanks!

  5. My boyfriend and I Love Risk! It’s a really intense game even with only 2 players, and it’s a bit quicker that way too. It’s fun with more players as well! We also like to play trivia games! And the classics: Connect Four, battleship, and Labyrinth (kids game about making paths to certain blocks).

    We’ve been looking for some that are a little more active, like indoor basketball or hockey, and ideas?

    1. I have never played Risk 2 players but that is a great idea! What about Twister for a more active game? Or one of the dance off games? πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you are enjoying the posts. Hope you have some fun playing some great games!

  6. Word on the street is a great one! Or sacttergories, sorry, or even twister πŸ˜‰ this is a great list!

  7. One of our favorite 2 player games is called Carcassonne. It is a European style game. We have introduced a lot of families and friends to it. It has several expansions that go with it as well to change up the game play. We started playing it while we were dating and still enjoy it 10 years later!

    1. Susie- Thanks so much for the new game! I am LOVING all the suggestions coming in. Yay! More to add to our list. Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks again!

  8. Any suggestions for collaborative two-player games for competitive spouses who shouldn’t play against each other?

    1. Peter- What about games that you and your spouse have to use your brain skills with? You could fill out a Sudoku together, crosswords, or even word searches. My husband and I have done all these. I was not a fan of any of them until doing them with him. It really made a difference for sure. Plus, the accomplishment of finishing them was awesome. I will keep thinking too….Thanks for your comment.

    2. i would recommend a cooperative game. The two I mentioned before are Pandemic and Forbidden Island. If you and your spouse are really competitive, i would definitely try Pandemic. My husband and Ihave difficult time playing competitive games too because he tends to get way more into the competition than me and destroys me by a wide margin. With pandemic we can put that competitive spirit to work against an opponent that won’t mind being destroyed every time (not that we do, the board is a formidable opponent). There are several expansions too that increase the difficulty of play. We’ve been playing for 4 years and it’s still a challenge!

  9. i won’t play the american ticket to ride either. europe is a bazillion times better. thanks for the list!

    1. Bree- I’m glad to know that my sister in law isn’t the only European fan! I personally LOVE the American version. To each their own {WINK}. Glad you like the list!

  10. My husband and I play “Pandemic” all the time. When we were first married we asked at the game store for a good 2 player game and that was the recommendation. It’s so fun!

    Also similar is Forbidden Island, which is somewhat less intimidating as far as learning to play πŸ™‚

      1. ya, my husband is WAY into games so when I married him I got introduced to a ton! But they are all fun two player games. The most recent is Jaipur. It’s my favorite right now. πŸ™‚