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4 Player Card Games

It’s game night, what are you doing? Scouring the virtual stacks of Pinterest trying to find fun 3 or 4 player card games because all the board games have been rejected. If you need card games for 3 people or more that can be played with a deck of cards or a special card set – then this is your place! We want your next family night or group date to be full of fun, and these games are gonna bring that! 4 player games for the win! Get ready for some games of strategy and sabotage!

4 Player Games are perfect for a group date night! #4PlayerGames #4PlayerCardGames

Games for Face Cards

3 person card games – 4 player card games can take you from date night to a fun group activity. It’s important to have your go-to list of games. Check out these classic 3 person card games, most of which can also be 4 player card games.

Three Thirteen – How is it that grandparents always knew the best games? Regardless of if your Gramps knew this game, you’re going to want to learn it and pass it on. 11 rounds, a different deck for every 2 people, and a rotating wild card are all involved in one of the craziest 4 player card games.

Chinese Ten – In addition to being called Chinese Ten, this game is sometimes called Chinese Go Fishing or Red Frog, Black Frog. Enjoy multiple variations of 4 player card games explained in the link.

Spades – When you think of classic card games for 4 people, Spades should come to mind. The Spades win every trick presented.

Salute the Kings – An ideal 3 person card game, but it can be played with up to 8 players. The instructions suggest a tissue box as well since everyone will be laughing so hard! I’m intrigued!

Solitaire Frenzy – This is a great group game where everyone has their own deck of cards, often called Nertz. However, if you want to have color coated decks, the linked game is a great option.

The Great Dalmuti – A classic game that is sometimes called “Scum” when played with face cards, but you can also buy a specific deck with fun art.

Hearts – Hearts is a fun trick-taking game that is sure to get you and your best buddies riled up. Solitaired’s Hearts offers free multiplayer, so grab your friends for some laughs!

4 Player Games with Special Decks

Sometimes you have to break away from your face decks and try something new! These are some of the Divas’ favorite games: easy to travel with and so much fun with family and friends. Check the instructions, but a lot of these can be played as 3 person card games if you have an odd number.

3 person card games for a fun game night.

Snappy Dresser – This game looks quirky enough for teens or adults to have fun with the task of finding similarities in each card.

Cover Your Assets – If you haven’t heard of Grandpa Beck’s games yet, we’ll fix that for you. Cover Your Assets is one of our favorite, fast card games for 4 people.

Pit – Shiny bell and a stock market theme may not seem like your typical card game, but we’re here for it. Avoid the bear and get all of your cards to match in this loud and cooperative 3 player card game.

Love Letters – Get all of your love letters to the princess of Tempest – but you have to be first!

Unstable Unicorns – From the makers of Exploding Kittens we present, Unstable Unicorns. A card game of betrayal where your loyalties lie with unicorns alone.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – Similar to Slap Jack but with pictures and calling out. Begin with a 3 person card game, but the fun escalates with each player.

Taco vs. Burrito – This is a surprisingly strategic 4 player card game that has new twists and turns up to the very last card.

Llama Drama – No longer are we saving the drama for you mama – give it allllll to the llamas! It’s a fun 4 player game where each card reminds you what it can do, thereby making it perfect for kiddos down to 7 years of age.

4 player card games to keep you laughing.

Skull King – This is another great one by Grandpa Beck! A trick-taking game with a little bit of guesswork. It is perfect for 3 player card games up to 6 people. And yes, it resembles Spades but with some twists!

Dutch Blitz – The Pennsylvania Dutch created a crazy game trying to get rid of your 10 cards. Expand this 3 person card game up to 8 players with an additional pack.

Sleeping Queens – Most people don’t pick up games created by 7-year-olds, but those people are wrong. Sleeping Queens is a great 4 player card game that involves luck, dragons, and magic wands.

Bohnanza – This game goes from 2 – 7 players! Perfect for those large families and all about planting beans. Beans and subterfuge. 😉

What Do You Meme? – Ah, memes. They make us laugh and make us cry from laughing. Make some of your own with these fun three-player card games that have different expansions available. You can get up to 20 people involved. In other words, it’s the perfect party game.

Relative Insanity – I keep going back to this game! Jeff Foxworthy created this with a sort of nod to Apples to Apples. It’s a fantastic option for card games for 4 people and sure to bring the laughs.

Authors – Look through the many options and genres for this matching card game for 3 people or 4.players. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also even learn about some great literature as you play!

Hopefully, this list provides you with hours of entertainment! If you are searching for some more card games for your family check out The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games. But if you need a little alone time we have a list of one player card games too! Then, for those special date-nights check out the list of 2 person card games.


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