2021 Sex Seminar: Sex Lessons & Intimacy Help From 14 Sexperts

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Virtual Sex Seminar 2021: Sex Classes for Couples

From the comfort of your own home, watch marriage experts teach sex lessons covering everything you ever wanted to know about sex!

From Foreplay 101, to Seductive Confidence, to Overcoming Orgasm Obstacles, and SO MUCH MORE, this line up of sex lessons is the BEST there’s ever been (at the cheapest price!) Click HERE to see all 14 incredible topics covered at this online sex seminar!

Imagine a future with your spouse where your sex life is one of the very BEST parts of your marriage!

Sex Seminar 2021: 14 Sex Lessons for Married Couples | The Dating Divas
Improve Your Sex Life at a Virtual Sex Seminar

Do you think your sex life could be better than it is right now?

Does your love life need more:

  • Intimacy
  • Connection
  • Spice
  • Frequency
  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • FUN?

Whether you feel like you and your spouse are in a good groove, or this seems to be a major pain point in your marriage, there is always room for improvement!

Answers to Your Questions About Sex

Everyone has questions about sex. But where do you go for real answers?

The trickiest part is figuring out WHERE to turn for advice on ways to make sex a more enjoyable part of your relationship. 

Couple's Sex Workshop | The Dating Divas
Answers to your sex questions in the form of sex lessons

Where can you ask sex-related questions & get reliable, reputable answers?

How do you get accurate answers to those sensitive sex questions without all of the awkwardness? (And without having to shield your eyes and filter through the crass & crude content that comes up from internet search results.)

That’s where we come in!

We put together a virtual SEX SEMINAR with lessons to answer every question & address every problem that you have about sex! 

14 sex classes. No weird internet searches here– just answers from professionals!

We have teamed up with 13 other big-name sex and marriage experts to give you every piece of advice you never knew you needed about how to amp up your bedroom game.

14 Sex Lessons for Married Couples! Learn from the Experts.

Sex Lessons from Marriage Experts, Professional Counselors, & Sex Therapists | The Dating Divas
Sex Seminar 2021

Leading experts in the field of marriage and sex are bringing you 14 sex lessons with their best advice, practical tips, and steamy strategies that are available to TRANSFORM your sex life.

For a lot of couples, sex is a point of stress, tension, & frustration. It can be hard to navigate mismatched sex drives, unmet expectations, unspoken desires, bedroom boredom, or even more serious intimacy issues.

But we believe that physical intimacy in marriage should be: FUN, pleasurable, exciting, passionate, connecting, & fulfilling. 

With education, effort, & intention- it can be one of the best parts of your marriage!

14 experts, including professional marriage counselors & sex therapists, will be presenting classes on 14 different sex-related topics.

Topics covered include: 

  • How to Level Up Your Foreplay
  • How to Overcome Orgasm Obstacles
  • New Skills to Enhance Sexual Desire & Pleasure
  • 5 Things Your Spouse Wants From You in Bed
  • How to Make Sex More FUN (and not a check-off on the to-do list)
  • Super Sexy At Home Date Ideas
  • How to Overcome Porn Problems
  • How to Boost Energy When You Feel Too Tired For Sex


Everything you need to know about sex! 

At-Home Sex Workshop

And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your house! Plus, you can revisit it whenever you need for 1 full year! 

Invite your spouse to this couples sex class & watch your connection and intimacy grow. 

At Home Sex Workshop | The Dating Divas
Sex and Intimacy Workshop for Couples


14 top-notch resources and ideas that will totally transform your sex life in the very best way!

This Seminar is usually offered at $35 (which is a total STEAL for all of this expert information), but if you grab your access pass RIGHT NOW, you can view all of these videos and resources for ONLY $20! We wanted to make this as affordable as possible for every couple!

Normally $35


($15 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Or if you want DOUBLE the sexy goodness, grab the 2020 Sex Seminar videos too for JUST $30 total! (That’s a total of 23 sex lessons!)

Normally $53


($23 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Sex Lessons Covered in the Virtual Sex Seminar 2021:

  • 5 Super Sexy At-Home Date Ideas by Tara Carson of The Dating DivasCreative & Fun Ways to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom
    • Miss the passion from your newlywed days? Has your sex life become a little boring or routine? Learn how to ban bedroom boredom and put the fun and excitement back into your love life with creative & SEXY date ideas! This class will share 5 FUN ways to spice things up in the bedroom! From bedroom bucks to creative, sexy bedroom games- you’ll get all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to easily initiate & enjoy more intimate date nights!
  • Foreplay 101 by J Parker of Hot, Holy, HumorousThe Basics of Arousal and Beyond
    • Foreplay is defined simply as “erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse.” But what erotic stimulation can and should you do? And is it only the appetizer, or can it be the main course? Learn how to level up your foreplay with specific tips to make it an experience you both desire and savor!
  • Stage 3 Sex & Whole-hearted Lovemaking by Dan Purcell of Get Your Marriage On!How to Make Love With Your Heart (and Not Just Your Body)
    • What stage are you at? What will it take to get you to the next level? Sex at its very best is very intimate, yet it takes courage to be deeply intimate. In this seminar presentation, Dan Purcell from Get Your Marriage On! shares the concept of the 3 stages of lovemaking, and what it takes to get from one stage to the next. Learn how to make love with your heart and bless your spouse through your sexuality.
  • 5 Things Your Spouse Wants From You In Bed by Dr. Kim Kimberling of Awesome Marriage Uncovering the Top 5 Things That Men & Women Say They Really Want When It Comes to Sex
    • Want to experience better sex? It starts with understanding each other better! When it comes to sex, men and women want different things, but maybe not as different as you think. So what are the top 5 things women crave? And what are the top 5 things men say they want? This sex lesson will help you understand yourself and your spouse better, making sex more connected, enjoyable, and fun.
  • The Five Gears of Touch by Amanda LouderHow To Get Your Sex Life Out of Neutral and Create Something That You Both Enjoy
    • Do you miss the hot and heavy passion you had when you were dating, engaged, and maybe even first married? Tired of your husband groping and grabbing you when sex is the last thing on your mind? Wondering why your wife doesn’t respond to your advances? This class will teach you new skills focused on enhancing sexual desire and pleasure. It will help you increase awareness of where each partner is and how to move towards mutual sexual satisfaction together.
  • Seductive Confidence by Belah Rose of Delight Your MarriageHow To Feel Free in Intimacy
    • Have you tried but just felt silly rather than sexy? Have you struggled with comparing your body to others and not feeling good enough? Or maybe you’re healing from the pain of his porn and trying to find your way back to confidence. This will not ignore the challenge but help you immediately gain confidence in intimacy–aligned with God’s will–even in the midst of hard feelings. These are practical things you can do right away to get yourself feeling more confident and free even in the midst of a hard situation. It’s worth it, let’s do this together!
  • Making Love Intentional by Rhonda FarrStop Waiting for Love to Magically Happen and Start Creating it On Purpose, Every Day
    • Keep having the same old arguments over and over? Wish you could spend more time feeling love and connection instead of rehashing the same frustrations that never seem to end? I know why this keeps happening. I’ll teach you exactly how to start calling out those old patterns and start creating new ones. Make love intentional and set yourself free of those old fights and frustrations.
  • From Boring to Soaring by Monica Tanner of On The Brighter Side Of MarriageBecoming a Sexual Champion
    • They say that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. In this presentation, I’ll be using my experience training for and completing 3 full marathons as a metaphor for creating a healthy, thriving sex life. I’ll be detailing my 5-step framework for becoming a sexual champion. Everything you need is already within you. It’s time to start your training!
  • Beyond the Bedroom by Amberly Lambertsen of A Prioritized MarriageIncreasing the Intimacy in Your Marriage on a Deeper Level
    • Are you looking to improve intimacy in your marriage but want ideas other than having more sex? Being physically intimate with your spouse is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intimacy in marriage. Intimacy is built outside the bedroom, and that intimacy you build before you enter the bedroom will lead to a better and richer sex life in your marriage. In this sex class we will talk about the true meaning of intimacy and what you can do to deepen the connection you have with your spouse, creating a truly intimate relationship.
  • Porn Problems? by Nate Bagley of Growth MarriageHow To Restore Safety, Intimacy, & Trust To Your Marriage
    • Do you or your partner struggle with porn? Has it damaged the trust, connection, and intimacy you share? Do you want a strategy that will help you overcome your porn problems, and get your marriage stronger than it’s ever been? These 6 conversations will change your life.
  • “I Want to Want to!” by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST of Strengthening MarriageWhat Couples Need to Know & Do for HER to Want to
    • Want to know the secret ingredients for women to enthusiastically want to be intimate with their husbands?! With sex as a “team sport,” both husbands and wives have work to do for HER to genuinely want to! In this webinar, author, marriage counselor, and certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, shares specific sexual wiring intricacies identifying the 12 dimensions of sexual wholeness, plus the 4 specific steps needed to help women warm up to desire. Laura also shares what husbands need to know and do to help HER freely want to and together create a “sextraordinary” marriage. Don’t miss Laura’s 5 reasons why women struggle to “want to!” BONUS – $50 OFF Laura’s “Sexual Wholeness for Women” Online Course.
  • 4 Solid Principles Of Passion by Matt Eschler PhD, LMFT of Integrated Counseling and Wellness How to Connect With Passionate Sex, Instead of Just Checking It off the to-Do List
    • What does your sex life communicate to your partner? Is it “I cant wait to get this over with”? Or is it “I love being with you, enveloped by you, connected to you”? Sexual Intimacy is a language that you create with your spouse that is unique to the relationship. This intimate language gives you the pathway to express your deeply personal sexual needs. Tune into this sex lesson by Matt Eschler Phd, LMFT to generate a connection that is both vulnerable & passionate.
  • Overcoming Orgasm Obstacles by Sarah Belzer of CoconuSmoothing the Way to Newfound Bliss
    • Are you frustrated by the elusive big “O”? You are not alone! Join me for a reality check on what’s “normal,” the common barriers to climaxing, and proven strategies for getting “there” more easily. Whether you’re inhibited physically, mentally, or emotionally, we will talk through some real-world suggestions for smoothing the way with your partner to newfound bliss.
  • Energy Hacks for When You’re Tired of Being Exhausted by Dr. Meghan Schoening of Riverbend Wellness CenterEnergy to Sustain the Marriage and Sex Life You Want
    • You want to have an amazing marriage with passionate sex, but you’re tired. No, you’re exhausted. Whether it’s a little boost for the evening or a lifestyle change that can help long term join Dr. Meghan to learn ways to find the energy you’re looking for. ENERGY to sustain the marriage and sex life you want!

The Greatest Sex Seminar to Ever Exist – True experts, real answers, one SUPER low price

This Seminar includes EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about getting that newlywed passion back and kicking boring routines to the dust. 

Your sex life will never be the same!

Sign Up For Sex Lessons for Couples | The Dating Divas
Take your Sex Life to the next level!

Click below in order to join this virtual seminar and put the sexual spark back in your relationship!

Normally $35


($15 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Or if you want DOUBLE the sexy goodness, grab the 2020 Sex Seminar videos too for JUST $30 total! (That’s a total of 23 sex lessons!)

Normally $53


($23 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)


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