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Unique Block Party Ideas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a lame neighborhood block party? Truth be told, we’ve attended a handful of them in our day… After experiencing some uneventful neighborhood events over the years, we were determined to find the BEST block party ideas to share with you guys! Whether you’re up for hosting one, or simply attending one, we think it’s critical that you check out all these block party games, block party themes, and block party food ideas to ensure your neighborhood block party is a darn good time! Not only are these block party ideas easy to plan, they are sure to be a hit for all ages! Ready to check them out?

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Block parties (also known as “National Night Out” in some areas) are commonly held during the summer months. Additionally, they are thrown to help bring the neighborhood together and establish a sense of community and togetherness. When you live next door or nearby someone, it’s nice to at least know a bit about them!

If your neighborhood has never conducted a block party before, consider suggesting the idea and get the ball rolling! They are a great time for neighbors to get together, get to know one another, and establish friendships.

On that note, you HAVE to check out all these block party, or National Night out ideas below! We’ve found ideas for everything, including:

Without a doubt, you’ll find everything you need to throw a fun and exciting block party here! To kick things off, let’s first talk about all your different block party themes.

Block Party Themes

Before we dive in, keep in mind that block parties don’t have to be big at all! Simply considering the type of people that could be attending is your best bet. If there will be a lot of kids there, try to come up with activities and food ideas that cater to both children AND adults. If your neighborhood is mostly older, more established homeowners, go for something more mature and sophisticated activities and food. In the least, reach out to your neighborhood via email or social media to get their feedback on how THEY would like the block party to go. You could even wrangle in some helping hands that way!

Block Party Theme Idea

  1. Framed Photo Booths – First off, this is a to-DIE-for block party idea because everyone loves posing for a fun or silly photo! Secondly, you can really jazz up this theme with empty picture frames and photo booth props. Without a doubt, your neighbors will love snapping pics with one another during the block party!
  2. Bubble Wand Party – Plan a party around bubbles! No matter your age, everyone LOVES bubbles. This party will speak to the inner kid of you AND easily entertains everyone for hours!
  3. Art Party – You don’t have to be an artist to have fun at this party! Enjoy your block party more by getting a bit creative. Set up art canvases for painting or get a large piece of art paper to let everyone try their hand at street painting.
  4. Bike Parade – Try this a fun and inexpensive way to get the neighbors together! Organize a bike parade for all ages to join in. Get together and decorate the bikes (adult bikes included!) and then parade around the neighborhood. You can even get candy to throw at the spectators watching the fun parade!
  5. Popcorn & A Movie Theme – Plan an outdoor popcorn and movie night! First select a movie that your neighborhood would love. Second, get enough popcorn for all and invite your neighbors to this outdoor awesome night!
  6. Summer Kids Dance Party – Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Try out this block party idea that gets the kids and adults dancing! As a result, your whole neighborhood will get a good work out!
  7. Book Party – Why not do some charity work while having fun with your neighbors? In other words, invite everyone to bring a book that they are willing to donate to a local library or daycare center to the block party. Without question, this is a perfect way to combine doing service with having a good time.
  8. Great Outdoors/Camping Theme – Full on camping may not be feasible for your whole neighborhood. However, this darling Great Outdoors party would make a perfect block party theme!
  9. Neighborhood Party Invite – Last but not least, need a way to get the word out about your neighborhood block party? This free printable invite is perfect!

Block Party Game Ideas

At a typical block party, chatting and socializing is normal! However, you may want to plan a few activities for both kids and adults to keep the momentum of your gathering going. The good news is, we’ve compiled a list of super fun activities and games you could do that are both fun AND easy to set up. As an added bonus, many of these ideas work perfectly in small or large groups! Get excited to check out these block party game ideas!

Game Ideas for a Block Party

  1. Water Balloons & Spoons Race – Everybody loves a little competition! Grab some wooden spoons, water balloons, and your closest neighbors for a race off at your block party!
  2. Summer Sponge Bombs – Create your own spin on dodge ball using these homemade water bombs! Not only is this a fun group project, but when you’re done, you get to go to town dowsing each other with them. See who in your neighborhood can dodge the water bombs and walk away dry!
  3. Glow Stick Bowling Alley – Anyone can go to a bowling alley, but it takes creativity to bring the bowling alley to your neighborhood! With this idea, you can make your own bowling lane and bins using glow sticks. This makes it so you can bowl in the dark! Simple, easy, and FUN for everyone!
  4. Chocolate Tasting – This idea is perfect for any chocaholic! Invite your neighbors to come and taste some different yummy chocolates and see who has the most in-tune taste buds!
  5. Fair Games – Why not have a fun, yet challenging set of games to bring comradery to your neighborhood? These fair-style games are simple to play but tons of fun!
  6. Couples Minute to Win It – If you’ve never heard of minute to win it games, you’re seriously missing out! Try your hand at these entertaining race games that are all about beating the clock!
  7. Sidewalk Chalk Festival – This is a fun way for adults to relax and chat while the kids get to go wild with sidewalk chalk!  This will bit a HIT among your neighbors.
  8. Bean Bag Toss Baseball – The bean bag toss is one of the most classic block party games and for good reason! However, try this spin on the typical bean bag toss and switch it up to be more like baseball!
  9. Pep Rally Game – Is there a big game coming up in your local area? Gather your neighbors together for a pep rally block party! Celebrate the players, and hopefully the victory, surrounded by other local fans.
  10. Nerf Wars – People of all shapes and sizes can have fun with this fun block party game! Grab your nerf guns and invite your neighbors to an all out Nerf War!

Food Ideas

People come for the food! It’s true! However in this case, we also think the people in your neighborhood will come to the block party for good and wholesome company. That being said, make sure you have a good assortment of snacks or food for all your neighbors to munch on while they mingle. There are several great ideas out there when it comes to block party food, but we’ve compiled the best ones below! Check them out!

Ice Cream Social National Night Out Idea

  1. Neighborhood Ice Cream Social – Who doesn’t LOVE ice cream?! Summer is a perfect time of year to put together a neighborhood ice cream party. Yummy! Above all, you can dig in and rest easy knowing your block party is guaranteed success.
  2. Build A Burger  – Ever considered a “Build A Burger” block party? This idea is scrumptious from start to finish! Plus it includes a unique twist on a burger assembly!
  3. Rootbeer Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Food is always the most important thing about throwing a party! Therefore, try these pulled pork sandwiches as the main course and add in a soda “POP” theme! The recipe is super easy and sure to be a hit!
  4. Neighborhood Pizza Party – Without a doubt, pizza is always a crowd pleaser. Gather up your neighbors and have a fun pizza party for all to enjoy!
  5. Hot Chocolate Neighborhood Party – Neighborhood block parties don’t have to be just for the summer time! This hot chocolate party would be perfect during the holidays. On that note, consider inviting your neighbors over for a night of hot chocolate and yummy treats!
  6. Gourmet Burger Bar – Another burger option because they’re just that good! Since burgers and summer always go together, why not have your neighbors over to find their favorite type of burger from a set of gourmet options? This is an amazing way to have a good time with great food!
  7. Smores Party – Smores are a classic summer treat, right? Additionally, they’re one of the best block party food ideas! Get your neighbors together to experiment with all different types of toppings and find the perfect smore for you!
  8. Cheese Party – Cheese please! Invite your neighbors to bring/share all different kinds of cheese for a unique night of fun.
  9. Pink Lemonade Party – Ah! A nice refreshing glass of lemonade sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Have fun planning this PINK lemonade party for all your neighbors to enjoy!
  10. The Progressive Dinner – Neighborhood Style – Ever tried a progressive dinner with friends? This is the ultimate idea of block party ideas because it gets everyone involved AND keeps the conversation moving!

And there you have it! The best of the best block party ideas for your enjoyment! We are confident with these block party or National Night Out ideas that you’ll be able to throw a phenomenal event for your neighbors!

Have fun!


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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  1. I am trying to gather ideas to arrange a neighbourhood picnic party. Great ideas. Will definitely mix and match them. Thank you.

  2. I always struggle knowing what to do for a block party. National night out is coming up soon, and I think I’ll try a couple of these ideas in our neighborhood! Thanks for all the great ideas, I especially love the nerf war idea! My boys would think I’m the coolest!

    1. Jamie- if I showed my boys the nerf wars I wouldn’t hear the end of how much they wanted to keep playing! Good luck with the party! I’m sure it will be great.

  3. We are intending on having a street party in a few weeks time, so these ideas are great to use. We have quite a few young children in the street and the chalk idea is a great one 🙂

  4. I SERIOUSLY want to throw a block party… especially after reading this!! My neighborhood growing up would always do these and they were a blast. I have yet to throw/attend one as an adult! Better get to planning this! 🙂

    1. Tara- how is it that the queen of parties hasn’t thrown a block party?! Lol! Now you have no excuse. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

    1. Becca- doesn’t that sound like a blast?! My kids would be all over it too. AND my kids are all over sidewalk chalk. What neighborhood wouldn’t love that? Thanks for your comment.