45 Sparkling 4th of July Crafts

Festive & Patriotic 4th of July Crafts

Oh, my stars! Are you ready to make your Independence Day spangled and sparkling? Do you want to express your All-American patriotism with red, white, and blue paints, ribbons, and streamers? You’re in luck because we’ve got 45 of the cutest 4th of July crafts the whole family will love! It’s time to party like it’s 1776, baby! Check it all out below!

Check out this huge list of 45 of the best 4th of July crafts everyone will love! | The Dating Divas
45 festive 4th of July crafts everyone will love!

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We’ve got a variety of red, white, and blue crafts for you to make, with categories from crafts for kids and adults to wreaths, streamers, garlands, and outdoor crafts! All of our patriotic crafts are sure to make you proud to be living in the beautiful U.S.A.!

Table of Contents
  1. Festive & Patriotic 4th of July Crafts
  2. 4th of July Crafts: Kids
  3. 4th of July Crafts: Adults + Older Kiddos & Teens
  4. 4th of July Crafts: Streamers, Wreaths, & Garlands
  5. 4th of July Crafts: Outdoor

4th of July Crafts: Kids

1. Red, White, & Blue Star Wand Craft (Rhythms of Play): Your kiddos will love running around with this easy, no-sew wand craft!

Your child will love making this wand for a fun USA craft! | The Dating Divas
Make this red, white, and blue star wand for cute 4th of July crafts.

2. 3-Ingredient Patriotic Sidewalk Chalk (Artsy Fartsy Mama): Made with plaster of Paris and tempera paints, this red, white, and blue craft will also wash off your driveway easily with water. Don’t forget some cute star silicone molds!

Making red, white, and blue sidewalk chalk is perfect for celebrating the USA's birthday! | The Dating Divas
Have fun making your very own red, white, and blue sidewalk chalk for fun patriotic crafts!

3. Salt-Painted Fireworks (The Best Ideas for Kids): All you need is the free printable, salt, glue, and paint! Your kids will go wild over these simple Fourth of July crafts!

Does your little one love to make 4th of July crafts? These salt-painted fireworks are perfect! | The Dating Divas
Red, white, and blue salt-painted fireworks are perfect for patriotic crafts!

4. Pop-Up Homemade Firework Craft (Kids Craft Room): This DIY craft is perfect for letting your little one enjoy the magic of fireworks again and again!

Your child will love making pop-up fireworks for a fun USA craft! | The Dating Divas
Your little one will love playing with this pop-up firework USA craft!

5. Melted Bead Stars (One Little Project): Grab some red, white, and blue pony beads and metal star-shaped cookie cutters, and you are good to go for this cute U.S.A. craft!

These 4th of July crafts are made using red, white, and blue pony beads. | The Dating Divas
Make patriotic USA stars with melted pony beads.

6. 4th of July Confetti Eggs (Happiness is Homemade): Traditionally named “cascarones,” your kids will love to make and smash these hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti paper!

Enjoy making these patriotic crafts with your child this year! | The Dating Divas
These confetti eggs will be your kid’s favorite patriotic craft to make this year!

7. Patriotic Crown (A Pumpkin and a Princess): Every all-American princess needs her very own all-American crown!

Celebrate the birthday of the USA with this cute patriotic crown! | The Dating Divas
Make a festive patriotic crown for your daughter to wear to celebrate the USA’s birthday!

8. Patriotic Chalk Driveway Stars (Fun Learning for Kids): Use stencils and DIY chalk paint to make your driveway spangled and sparkling!

Celebrate the USA with sidewalk chalk stars on your driveway! | The Dating Divas
Cover your driveway in patriotic chalk stars for a fun USA craft!

9. Patriotic Duck Tape Parade Stick (Crafts by Amanda): Your kids need this to wave around if you are going to a parade to celebrate the good ol’ U.S.A. this year!

Your kiddos will love waving around these cute 4th of July crafts at the parade this year! | The Dating Divas
Make a red, white, and blue parade stick for fun 4th of July crafts this year!

10. Patriotic Necklace (Buggy and Buddy): Use pony beads and cut-up paper straws to make this simple yet adorable necklace!

Looking for cute Fourth of July crafts you can wear? Make this festive necklace! | The Dating Divas
Make this cute necklace for fun Fourth of July crafts this summer!

11. Foam Firecracker Slingshot (Lolly Jane): Festive, fun, and cheap to make, your kids will be ready for an epic firecracker slingshot war!

Celebrate the birth of the USA with these fun slingshot crafts! | The Dating Divas
Your kiddos will love making these firecracker slingshots to celebrate the birth of the USA!

12. Fireworks Painting (Happiness is Homemade): Known as one of the most classic Fourth of July crafts for kids, this must-do craft is perfect for celebrating America’s birthday!

Paint red, white, and blue fireworks with your kids! They will love this classic USA craft! | The Dating Divas
Make this classic USA craft by painting fireworks with your kiddos this year!

13. Star-Spangled Slime (MomDot): Slime—kids love it! Parents … not so much! But we keep on making it for our kids, so we can’t hate it too much, right?

Your kids will love getting messy with this slimy USA craft! | The Dating Divas
Star-spangled slime is a messy yet fun USA craft!

14. 4th of July Star Sun Catchers (The Suburban Mom): Don’t throw away those old, broken, red, white, and blue crayons! Make sun catchers instead! These would look so pretty hanging in a window!

4th of July crafts need to include these festive star-shaped sun catchers! | The Dating Divas
Make these festive star-shaped sun catchers for fun 4th of July crafts!

15. Ribbon Wand (This Grandma is Fun): Your little ones will not only love making these cute flag crafts, but they will also always remember waving it around at a 4th of July parade!

Wave these flag crafts proudly during an Independence Day parade! | The Dating Divas
These homemade flag crafts will be perfect for your children to wave around during an Independence Day parade.

4th of July Crafts: Adults + Older Kiddos & Teens

16. Tie-Dye American Flag Towel (Live Free Creative Company): The best part about this craft is that you can use it all summer long, year after year!

Celebrate the birth of the USA with an American flag towel! | The Dating Divas
Make your very own tie-dye American flag towel to celebrate the birth of the USA.

17. Red, White, and Blue Bandana Headbands (Cutesy Crafts): All you need is bandanas and elastic, and you can choose to sew them or make them with hot glue. We think this would be great for teens or tweens to make!

Looking for festive Fourth of July crafts? Make these cute red, white, and blue bandana headbands! | The Dating Divas
Make these cute red, white, and blue bandana headbands for festive 4th of July crafts.

18. Patriotic Paper Flowers (Live Laugh Rowe): Aren’t these paper flowers just darling? All you need is patriotic scrapbook paper, fasteners, and some scissors!

Decorate your 4th of July party with these patriotic paper flowers. They will look so cute at your USA birthday celebration! | The Dating Divas
These patriotic paper flowers would make perfect 4th of July crafts for older kids and teens.

19. Festive Cups (No Biggie): This is such a fun project for older kids and teens! Plus, the double cup will keep your drink extra insulated!

Quench your thirst with this festive USA cup craft! | The Dating Divas
Teens will love making these festive cups to celebrate the birth of the USA!

20. Fourth of July Ponytail Holder (Skip To My Lou): Just grab some elastic ponytail holders and red, white, and blue bandanas to make these easy patriotic crafts.

21. DIY Confetti Bombs (Club Crafted): It’s a well-known fact that kids and teens love making a mess, so this will be right up their alley! Let freedom ring with your very own DIY confetti bombs!

22. 4th of July Stitching Cards (Handmade Charlotte): These printable stitching cards are truly unique 4th of July crafts! After you are done, you can hang these cards on the fridge or string them on a garland.

23. Bomb Pop Soap (The Makeup Dummy): These color block melt-and-pour soap pops would look so cute in your bathroom, and older kids and teens would love making them! Just make sure little ones don’t try to take a bite out of them!

24. Paper Butterflies (Average But Inspired): These classy paper butterfly crafts can be used for casual outdoor parties or as patriotic decor for your home. Either way, we know your kiddos will love making these!

25. 4th of July DIY Bath Bombs (The Makeup Dummy): Relax and unwind in star-spangled style with these patriotic-themed bath bombs!

26. Crochet Patriotic Heart (Golden Lucy Crafts): These crochet-heart flag crafts are just darling! The full tutorial can be found on her website.

27. Cherry Berry Sugar Scrub (Savvy Naturalistic): Not only is this sugar scrub beautiful and festive, but it also smells delicious, too!

4th of July Crafts: Streamers, Wreaths, & Garlands

28. Patriotic Ribbon Wreath (Landeelu): We love the cute touch of the mini patriotic bunting! You can get the full tutorial and the printable for the bunting on her site!

29. Firework Ribbon Garland (The Benson Street): Super simple yet super cute, this firework ribbon garland would look so festive displayed on a mantle or outside, on a porch or fence!

30. Paper Rosette Wreath (Little Red Window): Made with just scrapbook paper and cardboard, a cute patriotic wreath doesn’t get easier than this!

31. Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland (Landeelu): Whip up this festive garland in no time and show how much you love the U.S.A!

32. American Flag Clothespin Wreath (Kippi at Home): Not only is this Fourth of July craft cheap, but it’s really simple to make, too. All you need is a wire wreath frame, clothespins, and spray paint!

33. Rag Ribbon Garland (The Ribbon Retreat): Rag ribbon garlands are so great because they store easily, and you can use them year after year!

34. Straw-Burst Wreath (Woman’s Day): This wreath is poppin’ like fireworks on the Fourth of July! Grab your patriotic straws here!

4th of July Crafts: Outdoor

35. Patriotic Ribbon, Lace & Fabric Scrap Flag (Craftiments): We think this shabby, chic scrap flag would look darling on your porch!

36. Stars & Stripes Painted Flower Pot (Lolly Jane): This would look so cute on the porch filled with red, white, and blue flowers! Just make sure you use a fast-drying sealer, so the paint won’t come off when you water the flowers.

37. Patriotic DIY Windsock (Design Improvised): We love how these are made from clear plastic paint cans! They are super lightweight and easy to hang from your porch.

38. Patriotic Utensil Holders (Landeelu): These darling utensil holders will add just the right amount of festiveness to your 4th of July picnic or BBQ!

39. Firework Drink Stirrers (Studio DIY): Whip these up in a jiffy with skewers, red, white, and blue paper, and gold tassels!

40. DIY 4th of July Picnic Blanket (Design Improvised): This sturdy picnic blanket is made using a painter’s drop cloth. Not only are they inexpensive, but they wash up nicely, too!

41. Bandana Tablecloth (This Grandma is Fun): You’ll need just a little bit of sewing skills for this craft, but it’s actually really easy! Simply sew red, white, and blue bandanas together!

42. Ombre Spray-Painted Party Tub (Mad in Crafts): This patriotic tub is such a fun way to keep your drinks and food cool for your Independence Day celebrations!

43. Drip Painting Mason Jars (MomDot): Not only are these patriotic crafts really easy to make, but they would also look great as centerpieces at an Independence Day BBQ!

44. Patriotic Painted Glass Bottles (All Things G&D): Do you have extra glass bottles hanging around? Then, this patriotic craft is for you!

45. Recyclable Plastic Bottle Lanterns (Handmade Charlotte): How cute would these be hanging outside at your 4th of July BBQ?

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