Why We Love Circle with Disney


It’s no secret that we are BIG fans of Circle with Disney. We tried one out last Christmas and it quickly became our FAVORITE thing!

Screens are EVERYWHERE. In our hands. Pockets. Purses. You name it! It can be SO tough to keep the distractions of these devices at bay – we totally get it! We love that Circle brings families closer together by helping us ALL (moms and dads included) manage our “screen time” effectively.

If you’re looking for a way to reign in the internet in your home and keep your family safe from the many dangers online…this post is for YOU! It’s the only gift we can basically guarantee won’t give you buyer’s remorse. Yep! It’s THAT cool!

With summer JUST around the corner, it’s easy to worry about kiddos wasting their time away in front of their devices for 2 straight months! Circle with Disney is the PERFECT way to prevent “summer brain drain” in your home, and teach your family the power of effective time management, too!

Cyber Monday Deal

Every family needs this in their home!

Don’t believe me?

Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too!

Best part…

It’s only $99!

Circle With Disney Cyber Monday

Are you tired of letting the internet dictate what your family is exposed to? Not anymore! With Circle, you are the boss!

4 Awesome things you can EASILY do with Circle:

  1. Set appropriate filters for EACH DEVICE. Use the pre-designed ones or customize your own.

Circle App

2. Track where your family is spending their time online.

Circle App Internet Timer

3. Give your devices a BED TIME!

Circle App Internet Shut Off

4. PAUSE the internet! Yes. you. can.

Circle App Pause Internet

STILL not convinced??

Read what these Circle customers are saying about it:

“As the father of four kids from elementary through college age, I am not exaggerating when I say Circle is EXACTLY the device I have been looking for to control the internet in my house. Circle truly is peace of mind in a little white box.” – Wayne Stocks

“Circle has  literally changed our lives and how our family spends time on the internet. My worries of what my children could be exposed to online has changed overnight by the use of Circle. I can pause the internet anytime making getting chores or homework done much easier these days.” -Terra Nyce

“Circle  makes it easy for me to protect my kids online, monitor usage across all our home’s devices, and create conversations with the entire family. It’s rare that something is simple and effective, but Circle is both.” — Michael Lukaszewski

So what are you waiting for??! Get control of the Internet and give your family this gift.

Go here to buy YOUR Circle today




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