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The Year-Long Photography


Project For Parents Like YOU!


We are absolutely THRILLED to have discovered this amazing new opportunity for parents who want to be better about taking pictures of their kiddos {so basically everyone, right?!}



Photography Forum for Parents
Shoot Along is a year-long photography project featuring weekly emails with all kinds of fabulous tips, tutorials, advice and inspiration all about family-centered photography!


So great, right?!


Just once a week you open up your email and ta-da! Instant education and motivation to get you taking more pictures!

Shoot Along Community

What we love MOST about Shoot Along is that it is a place to help you GROW in your photography skills! SO many of us moms have our fancy cameras with all those fabulous buttons and knobs that do everything we could possibly need… but we just don’t pick up the cameras and use them! No matter what skill level you have, if you are just beginning or are a professional needing more of a challenge… with Shoot Along you get the motivation, inspiration, and KNOW HOW that you need to start snapping that shutter!

Photography Courses for Parents

Also, with Shoot Along, members find a unique, supportive community on the private Shoot Along Member site by sharing the pictures they’ve taken and browsing through images posted by fellow members!

Member Images

With partners like Minted, MPIX, and Artifact Uprising, Shoot Along is quickly growing into a powerful, worldwide movement of parents who are committed to finding and capturing joy in the “everyday” lives of their families! Don’t miss out on this incredible journey… plus, the project is open to parents with ALL kinds of cameras, from DSLRs to cameraphones!

Shoot Along Mobile

To learn more about Shoot Along, visit!


And thank you, Shoot Along, for partnering with us and letting us share your wonderful project!

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I am a busy wife and Mother to three beautiful children! I was raised in California but I now call Texas home, and I love being with my family more than anything in the world! I have LOTS of different interests and love learning new things. Photography and being a wife/mommy are what make me the happiest, but water skiing on a hot summer day isn't a bad second choice!

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