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Printable Love Coupon Booklet

Have you ever really wanted to give your spouse a great gift, but didn’t have the budget to do so?  Well, me too!  That is why I created this awesome coupon book!  This little book will tell your spouse just how much you love him/her, as well as keeping things fun and different.  There are coupons for staying home or going out, and even a blank one to have your spouse fill out!  I decided to make this into an easy step by step process so everyone can follow it.  You never know when you might need to whip up a set of “love coupons”!!  🙂

Before you start, if you want to download my coupon, scroll below.  OR…you can create your own by following my steps below.

To create your own…

Step 1-  Open up a new document in Microsoft Word
Step 2 – Under the tab “Mailings” – click on the “Labels” button
Step 3 – A pop-up will appear, click on the “Options” button toward the bottom right-hand corner
Step 4 – Another pop-up will appear, select Avery US Letter
Step 5 – There is a box where you can select the product number. Scroll down until you get to number 5392, and select that one
Step 6 – Push OK
Step 7 – It will then bring you back to the 1st pop-up box. In that box there is a tab (toward the bottom left) that says “New Document”. Push that button.
Step 8 – Now you want to go to the top of Word and select the “Page Layout” tab.
Step 9 – Select the “Orientation” tab.
Step 10 – Click on the “Landscape” option.
Step 11 – Now click on the “Margins” button.
Step 12 – Select the “Custom Margins” button at the bottom.
Step 13 – You want to have the top and bottom margins be .5” and the right and left at .3” (a pop-up might appear that says that these settings are outside the normal range.  Just click ‘ok’ – NOT fix!)
Step 14 – I chose to do a cute border around my coupons, but it is totally an OPTION not a MUST.  If you want each of the boxes to have a border, select the “Page Borders” button (in the “Page Layout” tab).
Step 15 – Select which border you want and the size. You can also select where the borders will go (just on the outsides, insides, or all 4 sides of the box).  I did mine around all 4 sides.
Step 16 – Your coupons are now ready to make cute!  I, of course, wanted a cute font so I chose to  use the font “Papyrus”.  I also wanted a cute picture on the coupons.  I found a cute picture of some lips in the clip art section.
Step 17 – I then added a text box on each coupon, where I typed each coupons “value” into.  To find a text box go to the “Insert” tab in Word and select the “Text Box” button. You can place the text box anywhere you want to on the coupons.  I centered mine.
Step 18 – Now you are ready to type.  Make sure you make your first coupon similar to a title page, explaining what this book is.  Once you have finished typing your coupons, they are ready to print.
Step 19– I printed mine on 2 different colors of card stock (and alternated them through the whole book). Print the coupons.
Step 20 – Now you get to cut each coupon out. Make sure they are all the same size. (It’s easiest to use a paper cutter, but if you don’t have one scissors will work just fine too)
Step 21 – To bind, I punched 2 holes on the left side of each coupon (make sure to line all them up properly), then I alternated my colors and stacked them in a pile.
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  1. I was puttering around pinterest looking for something easy to do for my hubby as an “I love you”. This is wonderful, thank you!