Best Friends Date Night

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Best Friends AND Lovers!

Every marriage needs plenty of lovin’ and romance, but the friendship aspect of your marriage is SUPER important too! Who’s a better BFF than your spouse?! You laugh together, share everything, and are fiercely loyal to each other– all the qualities of a true best friend.

Married to My Best Friend

We’ve planned a whole date night around connecting to your best bud – the best friends date night!

Best Friends Date Night

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These adorable Best Friends printables come from the wonderful Leslie! Her cute designs totally took me back to the days of writing notes, sleepovers, and playing M.A.S.H. with my childhood best friends. You can see more of her darling design work at Nina Bean Designs.

Be best friends with your husband!

To let your honey know how much you love being their BFF, we’ve created the fun little best friends love notes. These can be used as a perfect invitation to your date, or just a sweet way to say I LOVE YOU to your favorite pal!

Best friends and lovers!

You can make this date silly & playful, OR deep & thought-provoking – OR both! The BFF Date Activities flow chart will let you customize this date night. We’ve come up with some fun activities ideas – from making best friend bracelets or matching best friends shirts to tandem bikes or creating a secret handshake.

Best Friends Date Night

And you can’t forget treats! Share a dessert with two spoons or chow down on pizza and popcorn (sleepover classics!). Look through the ideas with your spouse and circle your favorites. We left a few spots for you to add your own brilliant ideas too!

Best Friends Date Night Importance of Friendship in Marriage

Best friends can talk for hours about anything and everything! To get the conversation going on your best friends date night, we made a Cootie Catcher conversation starter! Remember these little things?! I absolutely loved folding cootie catchers and used to make them like crazy… who’s with me?! Inside you’ll find questions to spark discussions about funny stories, silly secrets and your friendship with your spouse.

Best friends date night with your spouse!

Forgot how to fold these babies? Here are some quick instructions-

Friendship and Marriage

  1. Cut the printable into a perfect square.
  2. Fold the square in half, then open the fold.
  3. Fold in half again, but the other way, so your creases run perpendicular to each other.
  4. Fold a corner into the center of the paper (where the creases cross).
  5. Fold all corners into the center, creating a diamond.
  6. Flip your diamond over!
  7. Fold all corners into the middle… again!
  8. Flip the square back over.
  9. Fold in half and insert your fingers under the flaps (use both hands).
  10. Push the outside corners together, and voila! Cootie catcher!

Another fun way to connect with your spouse is passing notes back and forth. It could be fun to set a timer during your date (maybe during dinner or dessert) and only communicate through notes for that time! Use our printable notes, or good old fashioned notebook paper. Want to get creative with your folding? Here are some cute origami note folding tutorials!

Best Friends Notes

If you choose to take photo booth pictures as one of your activities, we have some adorable props in our Photobooth Fun post. You might also want to take a look at our hilarious Mad Libsor Spouse Scattergories game. Perfect activities for you and your BFF!

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Best Friends Date Night

Printables Designed By Leslie @ Nina Bean Designs Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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  1. This is such a cute idea. I think truth or dare would be fun to add to the night of best friend things to do….especially a sexy kind. 😉