Birthday Week: Party Themes

Top 10 Birthday Party Themes!

I LOVE coming up with fun ideas for Birthday Parties!  This was the perfect post for me to put together… and it makes me want to START planning a party right now!  🙂 You can take elements from the following parties to plan the PERFECT one for your sweetheart!  Kicking it off with one of my favorites…

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This is the PERFECT party just for guys!  The ultimate Bachelor Party, if I do say so myself.  I also thought this would be a fun change for a Birthday Party.  What if you arranged for your husband’s friends to “kidnap” him on his birthday and whisk him away to have an adventurous unforgettable “guys” birthday?!?  Bet’cha would win MAJOR brownie points in the spouse department!  I would probably want my husband all to myself that night to celebrate together – but WHAT a fun day if you truly planned this out.  See all of the fun details, the great costumes, and perfect “guy” activities in this “Grumpy Old Men” post.


This game just NEVER gets old for me.  I have played it with my friends, family, and even my students!  So much fun, so easy to put together, and you are guaranteed a whole lot of laughter for the evening!  Fellow Diva, Erika, showed us how she planned a party using this theme and she even made a cute downloadable invite that you could use.  Check out her post for more details on how to put together your OWN “Minute to Win It” Party.


I have a weakness… besides my husband, I am ALSO addicted to CANDY!  More specifically, chocolate!  Anything chocolate.  I also LOVE bright colors, so when I saw this fun party combining candy along with bright colors – my heart skipped a beat!  Don’t you just want to jump RIGHT into this picture?  Yes, it’s a children’s party, but you can easily adapt it a little to make it work for adults. You could have hilarious gag gifts in the punch-out board, play candy Minute to Win It Games, and decorate with all of these great ideas from this featured party! For the full post, head on over to Celebrate the Big and Small!


If the birthday person has a sense of humor – than this would be a fun spin to throw on a birthday!  Elizabeth shares her darling ideas in her “Dirty Thirty” post on how to throw a fun party while gently teasing the guest of honor.  She includes her menu that went along with her theme as well.  Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages put together a darling “Older Than Dirt” centerpiece complete with free downloads & all!  You can easily throw this party together in one day!  As Kierste says in her post, “You can’t have a milestone birthday without a little ribbing.”


A camping we will go!!  From a Scavenger Hunt to take-home S’mores to delicious treats, you can pick your favorite elements from this children’s party and turn it into a great adult party!  I am envisioning a BBQ, lawn chairs, outside projector, a spin on these games, decor & food, a camp fire & S’mores, Ghost Stories…  SO many options!  Head on over to see how this family threw their outdoors party!


This game is SO popular right now among both kids and adults alike!  The gals over on Quirky Momma rounded up the most DARLING ideas to help anyone put together the perfect Angry Birds party!!  From food to decor to activities, this post covers it all!  To get you in the party planning mood, check out the above super creative video that Holly’s husband and sons made!


Have any fishers in the house? Such a darling idea!  Host a party next to a lake!  Wait until you SEE the lake next to the food tables!!  The table decor, the treats, the goodie bags…ALL genius!!  Seriously!  How smart to just host your party NEXT to a lake!?!  You have the majority of your decor already created by Mother Nature!  All you need is a few elements from this fabulous party… and you have one FABULOUS fishing party going on!


This one hits home with me since my husband is a DIE-hard golfer!  Chickabug has SO many darling golf parties that she has featured & created printables for!  My two favorites are THIS one & THIS one!!  There are SO many “plays on words” that you can used when getting creative!  “PAR-faits” “Just FORE You!” “Bogie Hoagies”…  You would DEFINITELY want to do some type of actual golfing at your party, whether if be doing an entire round of golf or just the Driving Range.


How fun could THIS be?!?  First of all, I am loving the colors!  Black, white, & red!  So many different ways you could set a party like this up!  I saw somewhere online where a gal created a crossword puzzle all about her husband!  She either passed it out to the guests OR posted it on the wall and everyone did it together.  {It was a party for the hubby.}  Such a fun way to get to know more about the Guest of Honor!  For food ideas – just visit THIS post and you are set!

80’s PROM

You can NEVER go wrong reminiscing about the 80’s!  When Kristen’s husband turned 30, she went all out in full-80’s style!  Big hair, poofy sleeves, Pac man, and cassette tapes!  She thought of it all!  If you take the “spin” of turning it into a PROM…you could crown the Birthday boy/girl as Prom King/Queen with the spouse taking the other crown.  Free printables included in this post as well!  Head on over there to see if bringing the 80’s back is what your next party needs!

….and THERE you have it!  The next time you are trying to think up a theme for planning your spouse’s birthday party… head on over to THIS post to browse all of these amazing ideas!  We did a post last year compiling a few birthday themes as well.  Feel free to browse through those ideas also!  OH, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for creative DECOR ideas!

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  1. I love this idea and I’m planning on using this for my husband’s 40th birthday party in August. I would love to use your printables, but I need it to say “40” instead of “30”. Is there any way you can email me a version that I can edit or would you be willing to change it to 40 and email it to me? Thanks again for posting all these great ideas!