How to Play Bunco (Bunco Game)

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Host Your Own Bunco Game Night

What is the game Bunco, you ask? It’s a game that involves around 12 people, plenty of mixing and mingling, and you only have to be able to count to 21. In other words, it’s literally the perfect game for everyone! And because we know this is a popular GNO (Girls’ Night Out) activity, we have two versions – one for couples as an epic group date, and one for you and your best girlfriends! Keep reading to learn how to play and to check out the FREE Bunco Game Night printables below!

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We are firm believers that game night (and more specifically, a GNO) is all in the details. We put together these adorable printables to pair with your GNO (or group date) to help you execute a perfect Bunco game night! Thanks to our very own Diva Elizabeth for creating them!

Here’s everything that comes linked below FOR FREE:

  1. Prep Sheet – A single-paged sheet with ALL the details you need to prep before your Bunco game night begins
  2. Digital Invite – Wanna save paper? Text or email out this digital invite instead!
  3. Printable Invite – A personal invitation is always so fun to receive. Hand these out to your guest list!
  4. Table Cards – Adorable paper tent cards to help label the different Bunco tables.
  5. Tally Sheets – Every table will need one and we’ve got you covered with the cutest ones!
  6. Scorecards – Each player carries this with them throughout the night!
  7. Printable Banner – We cannot resist an adorable banner to be used as decor!

Bunco Game Night Prep

Bunco night planner and prep sheet | The Dating Divas
Bunco game night prep sheet and invitation.

To prepare for your Bunco game night, just grab our beautiful prep sheet. Then, consider inviting your guests with either our digital or printable invitation!

We recommend inviting up to 10 couples, which would equal 20 total people. Ideally, the number of people who come to your party would be in multiples of 4, so if 20 people attend, you will end up with 5 tables. FYI, 3 tables should be your minimum which would equal 6 couples for a successful Bunco game night.

Once you have your guests solidified, pick your prizes to give out at the game night! We recommend finding a prize for the person at the end of the night with the most wins, the most losses, and the most “buncos.” To help finance the prizes, you could ask for donations or ask your guests to each chip in a few dollars. Totally up to you!

Bunco game table labels | The Dating Divas
Bunco night table cards.

There are other hosting items in a checklist form to help you learn how to play Bunco and feel prepared to host this epic game night. One of the items is to make sure you have enough tables or table substitutes (we’ve totally played on ottomans!), and these little table labels are super handy. The reason for multiple tables is that in Bunco, the players move and rotate based on wins and losses.

Bunco Game Instructions (How to Play Bunco)

Instructions for how to play Bunco and host a Bunco game night | The Dating Divas
Scorecards and instruction sheet for how to play Bunco.

This instruction sheet will help you review the Bunco rules and teach them to your guests. This is especially helpful if any of your guests are new to the game.

Important Note: You will need enough dice for everyone—three per table to be exact. There are a lot of colored dice available on Amazon, but we LOVE our Tenzi dice – it’s like getting supplies for two games in one!

Bunco Night Score Cards and Tally Sheet

Scorecard and table tally sheet | The Dating Divas
Scorecard and Bunco rules for rolling the dice.

Each player will also need a scorecard and each table will require a tally sheet (we’ve included both for free below). There will be one tallier at each table who marks the points for each team (and don’t worry, instructions are included on the sheet as well).

At the end of the round, each individual player marks if they won or lost and if they rolled a Bunco on their personal scorecard.

Game Night Decor

A banner to use for Bunco game decorations | The Dating Divas
Printable decor for a Bunco night.

In addition to the table labels, we also have a special dice-themed bunting! You can simply hot glue or tape the little dice to a ribbon to hang up as decor during Bunco Night.

Girls’ Night Out Version

Invitations to use when planning a game night | The Dating Divas
Bunco night invitations.

Bunco is an excellent Girls’ Night Out (or technically… IN) activity! Therefore, we also included some printables specifically for that! Simply choose the separate download that says, “Girls’ Night Out” linked below.

Whether it’s with your babe or the girls, we know you’ll have so much fun at your next Bunco night. If you want more fun games, be sure and check out our Couple’s Game Night or Water Games.

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Bunco Group Date Night

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Bunco Girls' Night Out

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Black and White Bunco Group Date Night


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  1. Hi! I love this idea for a group date night! So, am I understanding correctly that after the first round, you and your date will be split up?

    1. Yes – you each go to either a “higher” or “lower” table and have a new partner each round. You’ll probably meet up again… but it is a rotating/mingling type of game. :p