78 Fun Questions for Couple’s Quiz and Interview

Questions for Couples Quiz

Have you ever answered questions on a couple’s quiz to learn more about each other? What about to help make decisions? Couple’s quizzes are a fun and unique way to communicate in your relationship! And they yield actual useable results! Make your next date night a couples quiz date night! Enjoy these couples quiz questions found in the download link at the bottom of this post (the big pink button!) They will make you think carefully about your likes, preferences, and hopes, and dreams for your relationship. There is a pre-made quiz for each partner to take or a blank one for you to create! Scroll down to see more!

Couple's Quiz for Date Night


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Perks of the Couple’s Quiz Date Night

My husband and I are great with coming up with fabulous date ideas, but we both struggle with actually carrying them out! Does that sound at all familiar to you? If so, you are going to love these quizzes and interviews because you can steal his ideas and put them into action over the next several date nights!

This printable kit is by the fabulous designer Courtney of Paperelli. She always takes our ideas and makes them shine!

In this printable kit you will find a husband and wife quiz + an interview game. Each quiz and interview can be conducted quickly. The answers will not only help you learn more about each other, but also start thinking about what type of activities you would like to do for date night. 

Couple’s Quiz and Blank Quiz

Couple's Date Night Quiz - Blank Quiz Included

Ask what your spouse really likes via this fun quiz! This is the perfect way to ask about preferences indirectly without giving a single clue at what you’re trying to do. This seemingly random quiz will help you put all the pieces together to plan a few date nights. There is also a matching quiz for you! The questions are the same, which plays into the game portion of the evening. Couple's Date Night Quiz and Interview Game with Board

Couple’s Quiz Game Board

After you have each finished the quiz, you can put a little twist on the Newlywed Game. Read the questions and guess each others’ answers. {Use some of the answers to help you create several fantastic dates!}

Couple's Date Night Quiz

If you guess your husband or wife’s answer correctly, move your game piece forward a space on the board. Have a fun treat or surprise at the end for the winner. We’ve also provided a blank quiz, so you can create a quiz tailored to fit your spouse! You’re welcome!

The Couple’s Interview Game 

Couple's Date Night Quiz and Interview Game Questions

This interview gives you a ton of information that will help you know each other better which, in turn, will help you plan date night! Stage an interview game with your sweetie and purposefully place the intimate invite on the bottom of the stack! As you go through the deck of cards you get to decide which question your spouse answers, blue or pink, and which you will answer. And no one says you can’t take notes if you hear something new 😉 

Couple's Date Night Quiz and Interview Game

The very last card on the deck has 2 questions that should have both of you yelling: YES! Invite your sweetheart to have some physical intimacy after learning more about each other during the couple’s quiz and interview.

It you want more ways to connect with your spouse we really love Our Favorite Things Date Night and the Sexy Survey.

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22 Responses to 78 Fun Questions for Couple’s Quiz and Interview

  1. i’m planning to print out two, one for me and one for my love so we can take the quiz then compare our answers! to see if we are alike in some things and explore the differences 🙂

  2. I just wanted to say that I did this activity with my boyfriend, no we’re not married…yet! It was sooo much fun! I turned it into a surprise for him! He came back from college for the weekend and I ordered us some pizza and the “printable” quizzes/interviews were the place setting and I had a pen for each of us, in place of a fork. We had a great time!

    P.S. – For the record, he did a really great job on the quizzes for me! 🙂 Thank you for creating these <3

    1. Reyni girl that is fabulous! I love how you used your own creativity to make this date perfect for the two of you! Such an awesome idea to use the quizzes as place mats, I might just have to steal that idea! Kudos to the boyfriend for rocking it! Thanks for sharing your date night with us, I enjoyed the share! xox