FREE Halloween Printable!

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Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt

Guess what?!  We have a fun Halloween FREEBIE for you!!

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt

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Yep!  Our lovely and talented designer, Karyn from If Actually, is hooking YOU up with 10 free printable clue cards to send your loved ones on a fun Halloween Candy scavenger hunt!  Score!  

{You might wanna stop by her facebook page and give her a little “thank you.”  Just sayin’}

Halloween Freebie Printable

It’s such a FUN and EASY way to make some holiday memories!

Fun Halloween Surprise for Kids

All you have to do is grab some Halloween candy, attach each one to the coordinating clue card, and hide them around the house in the designated areas.

Printable Halloween Clue Cards for a Halloween Treasure Hunt

Check out the Clever Candy Sayings on each card… 

  • No TWIX just treats.  Go look where we keep our sheets.
  • Now don’t SNICKER or laugh.  Go look where you take a bath.
  • Have I told you REESEntly that you are great?  Go look where we keep the plates.
  • There are still more places for you to look.  Go SKITTLE on over to where we keep the books.
  • You’re my favorite in the whole MILKY WAY.  Go look where we put the food away.
  • Even when I’m a NERD you love me still.  Go look on the windowsill.
  • You always save me when I’m in a CRUNCH.  Go look where we eat our lunch.
  • Life is just BUTTER with you by my side.  Go look where the cleaning supplies hide.
  • SWEETART, you’re almost there.  Go look on top of your chair.
  • You found it!  You are finally done.  Hope your Halloween is BURSTing with fun!

You can use all ten clue cards or just pick out your favorite ones.  They can go in any order you’d like, just make sure to save the last clue card for the very end.  And here’s the best part- the clever sayings would work perfectly for your spouse OR child!

Halloween Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

With the final clue card, you can hide any Halloween surprise!  {Maybe a new Halloween costume or ingredients to make some Halloween cookies or cupcakes- whatever you want!}

Halloween Family Activity

So much fun, right?! 

FREEBIE Halloween Printable

Free Download

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt!

Printables Designed By Karyn @ If Actually Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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