Fun Kickin’ it Old School Date Night

A New, Old-School Date Night

Old school is one of my favorite types of school! Come with us tonight to enjoy a date night that will have you reliving the ’70s along with plenty of chatting and playing with your sweetheart. Flashback to the old-school cars, movies, and songs for this date night! Wahoo!

And you know that we consider some sexy time a huge part of date night. Lucky you, there are even some old-school essentials in the form of a fun bedroom game using a classic deck of cards! (This is a game that first sprung onto the scene in 1971, so get ready for some truly on-theme action.)

Old-school date night supplies. | The Dating Divas
Printables for an old-school date night

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Old-School Essentials for Date Night

Invite your sweetie on a date night where good vibes reign supreme! It’s time for a rockin’ date night all about the 1970s! Print and cut the invite to make sure your spouse knows what’s on the docket for tonight’s rendezvous.

Good vibes only old-school date invitation. | The Dating Divas
Printable old-school date invitation

Tonight’s date night activity is up to you. We have offered four different activity ideas (plus a list to find the perfect old-school movie) to choose from. You can flip them over and draw for a surprise, or you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you. If you decide to go out on the town, look at some old-school cars to rent for a truly fun experience!

Date Night Activities

  • Roller Skate Rink
  • Music and Chill
  • Fondue for You
  • Flower Children
Old-school songs for date night. | The Dating Divas
Date ideas to kick it old school

If you need an alternative idea, here is a list of some old-school movies that you could substitute for any of the activities.

Some of these are set in the ’70s and some aren’t, but with the variety here you are sure to find an old-school movie that you will enjoy!

Old School Conversation starters

While you do your activity, listen to some old-school songs while getting the conversation rolling with these conversation starters. They are sure to give some new insights or maybe just reaffirm what you already knew about your sweetheart!

Conversation starter cards for an old-school date night. | The Dating Divas
Would-you-rather questions for an old-school date night

If you need a playlist of old-school songs, we have the perfect one! Pop on over to this Spotify playlist, and enjoy a variety of artists and old-school songs to keep you dancing and singing all night long. Shake it, Dancing Queen!

Couple answering old-school date night questions. | The Dating Divas
Answer conversation starters for your old-school date night.

While your tunes play in the background, have fun asking your babe these questions. Share some of your answers on Instagram and tag us @DatingDivas!

Intimate Uno for a Sexy Game

Uno has always been part of the game closet, am I right? Wrong! It only started becoming a classic in 1971 when Merle Robbins created it to end an argument with his son about the rules of Crazy Eight! Learn more about how this old-school essential became ubiquitous with family game night here.

Get ready for sexy-time by putting a twist on an old-school game. | The Dating Divas
Play a game of sexy Uno for your old-school foreplay

Now, back to the business at hand. We are taking this card game and turning it into a brand-new, sexy experience. First, play some of your favorite old-school songs to set the mood. Then, use the intimate Uno cards to guide your experience.

Printables to transform Uno into a sexy foreplay event. | The Dating Divas
Old-school game, new sexy twist with Uno

Play like normal but with those new additions to the rules. PLUS, don’t forget the big one: When your spouse yells “UNO!” you get to spend un minuto on their favorite spot. Hot!

Enjoy reminiscing about all of the old-school cars, songs, and movies as you enjoy a truly groovy date. Enjoy all of the old-school essentials combined with an essential date night for your marriage!

And if you loved this, move on to the next decade with our 80’s Murder Mystery Game!

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