25 Sexy Strip Games for Couples

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classic games turned Sexy Games for Couples 

Dust off your favorite, classic games because we’re turning them into sexy games tonight!

We’ve put a twist on classic games to make them flirty and fun foreplay ideas. Your traditional board games, card games, and games of skill will now become strip games that will heat things up in the bedroom! Are you ready?

The best list of sexy bedroom games for couples | The Dating Divas

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Strip Games from Every Day Games

We’ve made it super easy to find a game and put a new twist on it tonight. We have sexy games that range from mild to super spicy, so click on the category below to start browsing!

Bedroom Games

At first glance, these games might seem like your average board games, but read below to learn how you can turn them into sexy games for couples!

1. Chocolate Checkers – Pull out your game of checkers and some of your favorite chocolates. Then have some exceptionally tasty and sexy fun!

Chocolate Checkers Strip Game for Couples | The Dating Divas
Play Chocolate Checkers

2. Paperless Pictionary – Turn this into a sexy game with one super simple twist: throw out the pen and paper and draw on each other’s backs or anywhere on your spouse’s body!

Pictionary Strip Game for Couples | The Dating Divas
A Sexy Twist on Pictionary

3. Naked Trouble – Start by assigning each number (1-6) a body part (you can each have your own list or create one to share) and then when it’s your turn to pop, get ready to pop a kiss on your spouse on the body part that corresponds to the number you popped on the die!

Trouble Game Made Sexy as a Bedroom Game | The Dating Divas
Kiss each other all over with this sexy Trouble Game

4. Strip Game of Sorry – When you ‘bump’ your spouse in the game, you also get to ‘bump’ off a piece of their clothing!

Strip Game Using the Board Game Sorry! | The Dating Divas
Sorry! Strip Game

5. Foreplay Chutes & Ladders – Grab a permanent marker (or if you’d like your kids to be able to use the game again, simply use some small sticky notes) and then take turns writing different foreplay ideas on each of the squares. (We recommend writing on every 6th or 7th square.) If you land on one of those squares, follow the directions.

Alternative way to play Chutes and Ladders | The Dating Divas
Chutes and Ladders with a Twist

6. Love is Sweet Candyland – Use your Candyland board and assign a frisky ‘task’ to each color OR spice things up with the cards from our Love is Sweet Bedroom Game that go hand-in-hand with the original game.

Play a sexy game of Candy Land with your spouse | The Dating Divas
Candy Land: Sexy Version

7. Candy Chinese Checkers – For this sexy game, use M&Ms or Skittles for the game pieces. If the M&Ms get a little melty and messy during your sexy bedroom fun, go with the flow help each other clean up in a delicious way.

How to Play Chinese Checkers with Candy | The Dating Divas
Make Chinese Checkers Yummy

8. Flirty Scrabble – For this sexy game, you can only use naughty words! Try anything from adjectives that describe your spouse to flirty, dirty and suggestive phrases. You can also try actions in the bedroom! If you don’t have Scrabble, you can also use Bananagrams.

Other Ways to Play Scrabble: Dirty Words Only | The Dating Divas
Sexy Game of Scrabble

9. Props Trivial Pursuit – Choose six different bedroom products (one for each color of the pie). Once you earn that piece, you earn the prop and you can use it whenever you want! We recommend trying some of our Favorite Spicy Products!

Turn Trivial Pursuit into a Sexy Game with Fun Foreplay Ideas to Change Things Up | The Dating Divas
Trivial Pursuit: Foreplay Edition

Sexy Card Games for The Bedroom

A deck of cards is all you need to create these sexy games for the bedroom!

10. Strip Poker – Every time you lose a round you get to turn up the music and strip off a piece of clothing in the most seductive way possible. You can also grab the super cute printables from our Strip Poker Night!

Play Strip Games Using Poker Chips and Cards | The Dating Divas
Poker Strip Game

11. Deck of Desire Card Game – All you need is a deck of cards and our Deck of Desire instructions. Each suit stands for an action and each number corresponds with a body part!

Sexy Strip Games Using a Deck of Face Cards | The Dating Divas
Sexy Games with a Deck of Cards

12. Intimate Uno Cash – For this sexy game twist, the goal is to collect lots of cash cards. Every time you play a “Draw 4” or “Draw 2” card, you get to decide whether your spouse will draw cards to add to their hand (like the original rules) OR whether they will draw cards to add to a reserved ‘cash’ stash. You will be able to cash this stash in later! You can spend your ‘money’ whenever you want, just use this Value Menu, which includes sexy foreplay ideas to help you decide what to order! Whenever one player wins, they get to keep all of their opponent’s cards as CASH!

Uno Strip Game Using Cards | The Dating Divas
Sexy Game of Uno

13. Frisky Go Fish – Hide the cards that would be in the ‘fishing’ pile in different places. Your partner will have to “fish” them out of your back pocket, your hair, nestled in your lingerie, etc.

Go Fish with your spouse for a sexy time | The Dating Divas
Go Fish as an Adult Game

14. Wagering War – Whenever there’s a “War,” make a bedroom wager. You could try wagers like, “If I win, you lose your shirt” or “If I win, you give me a massage.”

How to Play a Sexy Version of the Card Game War: For Adults Only | The Dating Divas
Adult War Card Game

15. Apples to Apples in Bed – Simply add the phrase ‘in bed’ to the end of each combination!

Apples to Apples Sexy Games for Adults in the Bedroom | The Dating Divas
Apples to Apples Alternative

Strategy Games for the Bedroom

Your favorite games have been turned on their heads for an intimate night of sexy games and fun!

16. Bed Sheet Twister – Use your regular Twister mat on top of the bed OR if you like to DIY, just grab some white bedsheets and paint them as desired. Bedroom Twister is best played as a stripping activity or in the nude!

Twister turned strip game | The Dating Divas
Game of Twister: Strip version

17. Naughty Yahtzee – To play, assign each number of the die (1-6) a fun and naughty ‘task’ (like a sensual massage or a passionate kiss). Each time you use that number as a part of your play, you must perform the task for your spouse. For example, if you get three of a kind in sixes, then you would perform the task you assigned to “6.” Choose the ultimate task (like taking it all off) for whoever gets “Yahtzee”!

Yahtzee Strip Games to Play in the Bedroom | The Dating Divas
Sexy Game of Yahtzee

18. Juicy Jenga – Take about ½ of the blocks and write foreplay ideas or questions directly on the blocks using a permanent marker. Then, mix the blocks back in with the rest. As each of you takes a turn pulling out a block, you’ll have to do whatever is written on the block until the tower falls. For some great foreplay ideas, use our Jenga Love Game.

Jenga with Foreplay Ideas to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom | The Dating Divas
How to Make Jenga a Bedroom Game

19. Dirty Darts – You and your spouse take turns writing dirty phrases in each section of the dartboard (or you can even use sticker labels if you don’t want to write directly on the board). Then start throwing! Wherever you land, you have to use your most seductive voice and say the phrase to your spouse.

Sexy version of darts to play with your partner in the bedroom | The Dating Divas
Dirty Talking Darts

20. Fondue Pick Up Sticks – Each time you successfully pick up a stick, use it to feed each other sensual foods covered in chocolate. If you need some inspiration, use our Fondue Date Night as a guide.

Pick Up Stick Rules for an Adult Bedroom Game | The Dating Divas
Sexy Game of Pick Up Sticks

21. Shadow Guesstures – Hang a sheet from a doorway and put a light behind the sheet that shines directly towards it. When it’s your turn to act out the clues, go behind the sheet and let your spouse guess based on only your shadow. If you want to make things even more intimate, take off a piece of clothing for each one they guess correctly!

Guesstures Sexy Game Ideas for Couples | The Dating Divas
Sexy Game Ideas for Couples Using Guesstures

22. Glowing Connect Four – Grab some glow-in-the-dark stickers and add them to your Connect 4 pieces, then turn off all the lights and play…naked!

Connect 4 Glow in the Dark Version for the Bedroom | The Dating Divas
Connect 4 in the Dark

23. Candle Lit Guess Who – Light tea lights and “blow” one out each time you guess in this game of Guess Who. As the room gets dimmer, the game gets tougher and the mood gets more intimate.

Guess Who in the Dark for an Intimate Date Night Idea | The Dating Divas
Guess Who by Candle Light

24. Munchie Mancala – Use chocolates in place of the marbles during a game of Mancala. Each time you get one “home,” feed it to your spouse! Want to take this idea up a notch with even more foreplay ideas? Instead of feeding your spouse, place your candy somewhere on your body and let your spouse eat it off of you.

Manacala with chocolates and foreplay ideas | The Dating Divas
Manacala Foreplay Edition

25. Full Body Operation – Each time you successfully remove a body part from the game, it’s your ‘token’ to exchange for one full minute of attention to that area of your body.

Operation Board Game Turned Sexy Game | The Dating Divas
Operation Foreplay

Show your spouse an extra good time by surprising them with any of these classic games tonight!

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    1. Thanks SO much for your comment!! Yep, we love to share ideas that keep things fun!! 😉 Hope you enjoyed some of the ideas! XO

    1. Hello there! All the games are linked in the post – you can click each one for more information about that particular game! 🙂 I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean by a copy of all the games. If you’d like more help, please email us at divas@thedatingdivas.com. Thanks so much!!

  1. I made up a game out of Scattegories and changed it to Sextegories. I just took the cards and got ideas from the original game and changed it to where you’d have to think of something sexy, foreplay, funny, romantic, and sweet. The “loser” of a list had to strip 1 or 2 articles of clothing. Very fun! There are other games I made up for my sister when she was getting married for her lingerie shower….I’d have to go back and look at my files to find them again. Oh I did make up a game of Strip Checkers too! It just takes creativity and a playful spirit! 😉

    1. Oh my goodness – MEL! I absolutely LOVE that idea! I haven’t played Scattegories in forever. I would love to hear your other ideas for your sisters shower! If you don’t find them, I would love to see what you came up with. I’m always looking for great ideas to feature. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hi ladies! My marraige is needing some fun, some excitement and some spice! I know this will help
    Do yu ladies mind helping me by giving me more info. Like, where can I purchase these games?
    The bedroom twister, drip battleship, jenga game? And if thers anymore sexy game ideas PLEASE!!!!!
    HELP!!!!! I totally love these ideas!

    1. Debbie, yay for you! All of these ideas in this post you can just purchase the original game and alter it. The Jenga game I actually purchased a generic version, paid $5 for it, then used a sharpie to write on the blocks. There is a link to Corie’s post for the Twister game – you purchase the game, then use a sharpie to write on the circles. OR, you could simply use a white fitted bed sheet, use colored sharpie pens to trace out the circles, then make your own spinner. If you search on our website for ‘bedroom games’ it will pull up all of our MANY posts on different ideas you can use for the bedroom. You could even plan out an entire year’s worth of fun ideas to use. Prep them and have them on hand for when the moment is just right. Good luck!

  3. For the jenga game what is a list of 54 things to do? If anyone wants to share I’d appreciate it I need some ideas. Trying to spice up things with the hubby.

    1. Amanda,
      I used 16 directions 3 times each. 3 were blank. 🙂 Kind of a lose a turn deal.
      I looked up foreplay for inspiration of ideas. Some were very intimate so I won’t list those.
      Kiss neck
      Nibble ear
      Slow dance to 1 song
      Back massage
      Foot massage
      Passionate kiss
      His choice
      Feather play
      Her choice
      Gentle blowing on a sensitive area
      Kiss any area but mouth

      You get the idea

      First time we played this was amazing. We have a baby in our room so I set up sleeping bags and blankets on the living room floor. Lit a bunch of candles. Had dinner on the mattress and then explained the rules. We knocked it over twice so we ended up just turning the pieces over and drawing them one st a time. Still amazing fun!! Someone mentioned tape. The pieces catch with tape on them. Our adult Jenga is in my bedroom closet. But I love the sticky note idea for chutes and ladders. Especially since we still have littles who play it.

  4. Great post–and some great comments. I think I’ll have to try out strip battleship. Definitely an improvement on the various dice games we’ve tried before. If you have an android device, there are a few “couples” apps out there. We tried Mattress Mambo and it was good. Any other games people have tried?

    1. Mattress Mambo!? LOL, that sounds like a good time right there! I haven’t really gotten into the apps out there, but I’m loving the idea of strip battleship. Too fun!!

  5. Fun, I agree things definitely need to be spiced up every now and then! When we first got married we made up a game using the card game “Skipbo” and instead called it “Stripbo” 🙂 We dealt out less cards than usual and winner got to take off one piece of clothing from loser each time. 🙂 Thanks for the fun, tasteful ideas!

  6. Oh…total cost of the date 11.00 plus tax for the game. Made H one of his favorite dinners, chicken quesadillas from left over grilled chicken 🙂

    1. Honestly, you can’t beat an $11 date night that ends on such a good note! haha, oooh…chicken quesadillas sound soooo yummy right now!

  7. just wanted to let you know that last night was date night and we played Jenga. Niether of us had played before and we really enjoyed the game in and of itself but it was made special by the sweet and/or spicy instructions written on about half the pieces. Some of the instructions included “write a love poem” and “give butterfly kisses” others were racier. This is definitely something we will play again as a couple and I am going to go buy a G rated version for the whole family to take camping.

    Diva dates have never failed us! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Barbara!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE your ideas for what to write on the blocks. Sounds like you two had a night to remember! 🙂

  8. Love the Chutes and Ladder idea! After 19 years of marriage, we have definitely hit one of those “low” spots. I’m thinking I need to go game shopping this weekend! 😉

  9. Strip battleship has always been one of our favorites. By the time someones battleship is sunk they are practically naked. Hilarious fun!!

  10. This sounds like an idea my husband will love. Instead of writing straight on the games, you could use sticky notes on Chutes & Ladders (which I am sure you will enjoy moving to your benefit ; ) You could also write on tape you can remove on Jenga. Just in case you need to use the games for kids or your houseguests find the game you forgot you wrote such notes on. Could make for some explaining you don’t want to do. Thanks for the ideas!

  11. I think this idea is GENIUS! Great job, girly! Love, love, love all of your intimacy posts…..AND all of your other ones, too! 🙂