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 Welcome to The Bedroom! Can I take your order!?  

We have a FABULOUS Value Menu, offering “Spice at Just the Right Price!”


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If you are looking for a hot date idea, this is it!  Spice things up in the bedroom with our little
Bedroom Value Menu


1. The amazing value menu printables, created by the FABULOUS Sameeha at The Inked Leaf.

2. Blindfold and tasty treats (if selected by your spouse).

When the mood strikes, lay out the ADORABLE printable Value Menu on a tray with some accessories to give it the fast food feel!  I used a tray, with some plastic silverware, napkins and a drink!  Place it on the table or bed and have it ready and waiting for your spouse when they get home!  When they see it, they will see what is really on the menu for the night! {wink wink} 

If you can, prop up the menu up so it looks like a real fast food menu on a wall, they can see their romantic options better! 😆 Hand your hubby his McStud Muffin wallet, filled with $15 “spice bucks.”  Make mention that each item, aside from two, extra spicy items, are just $1!!  That means, his $15 can take him a lonnnng way OR he can have a couple of nights going to bed satisfied! {wink, wink}


If your hubby orders the blind taste test, use the fabulous ideas included in the Name that Treat post by Michelle! 
HINT:  This would be the PERFECT way to end your Dollar Menu-naire Date!

Free Download

Bedroom Value Menu

Printables Designed by Sameeha @ The Inked Leaf Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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  1. P.S I forgot to mention that I wore a scarf in my hair to use as the eye cover up with the taste test. And other things! (wink wink)

  2. My husband sooooo loved this!!! I set up the menu on a plastic frame display and had a tray with different flavor ideas like cool whip and marshmellow fluff etc. I had a few sweet treats for later. I had candles (the battery ones that have different colors) set out . I wore an apron (like Kiss the cook) and a few sparing clothes in case of needing to take something off (wink wink). It was so much fun! He is looking forward to his next restaurant visit! LOL

    1. Lysa!! That is so great! Thank you SO much for sharing your experience! It sounds like you had SO much fun, and I’m sure your husband IS excited for next time! HAHA 🙂 Nice job!

    1. Hi Jennifer! At the bottom of the post there is a pink button that says “Click to download our” Bedroom Value Menu. Just click that pink box and it will open up the printable which you can download. 🙂 I hope that helps! XO

  3. I love the value menu idea, but it seems to be geared toward a man’s tastes. How about a version I can give my wife? She always appreciates a good deal!

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us! You’re right, this idea seems to be a little more geared towards men but MANY of our other ideas would work perfectly for either spouse. With this idea, you could use the menu and then use money of your own from maybe a Monopoly game! Enjoy!

  4. I have a hard time getting my husband to reciprocate dates. So, I’m thinking I might “reward” my husband with the bucks when he sets them up. Hopefully, that will help motivate him?

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