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We have a FABULOUS Value Menu, offering “Spice at Just the Right Price!”


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If you are looking for a hot date idea, this is it!  Spice things up in the bedroom with our little
Bedroom Value Menu


1. The amazing value menu printables, created by the FABULOUS Sameeha at The Inked Leaf.

2. Blindfold and tasty treats (if selected by your spouse).

When the mood strikes, lay out the ADORABLE printable Value Menu on a tray with some accessories to give it the fast food feel!  I used a tray, with some plastic silverware, napkins and a drink!  Place it on the table or bed and have it ready and waiting for your spouse when they get home!  When they see it, they will see what is really on the menu for the night! {wink wink} 

If you can, prop up the menu up so it looks like a real fast food menu on a wall, they can see their romantic options better! 😆 Hand your hubby his McStud Muffin wallet, filled with $15 “spice bucks.”  Make mention that each item, aside from two, extra spicy items, are just $1!!  That means, his $15 can take him a lonnnng way OR he can have a couple of nights going to bed satisfied! {wink, wink}


If your hubby orders the blind taste test, use the fabulous ideas included in the Name that Treat post by Michelle! 
HINT:  This would be the PERFECT way to end your Dollar Menu-naire Date!

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26 Responses to Bedroom Value Menu

  1. Thank you for this printable! I am so excited to share with you how I used it to bless my husband. He had to come home early to tackle a bunch of office work, (which he hates!) so to surprise him I combined these printables with the idea from “to do list” from July 2012. I printed all the money and hid different amounts in envelopes marked with office work we both had to do (file paperwork, print invoices, clean his/her side of the desk, etc) Then we could both earn “money” for the tasks we completed in the office. Later we could cash in our money towards menu options (after the kids were in bed of course!). Needless to say office work was really fun and he loved it; the work went really fast and wasn’t draining for him like before! thanks so much for all the ideas…its so fun to be creative with my hubby!!!

  2. Just wanted to say my husband loved this gift and we are still using the menu. The nice thing is he gives me the money and then I can order things too–like a massage!!! So it’s the gift that keeps giving. Thanks, it’s amazing.

  3. This is such a fun way to “spice” it up. Even better because we have a “small metal box” savings fund, so we can use real money and add to our stash!