Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Him

Quick, Easy, and Sentimental Gifts For Him!

Have you procrastinated making a Christmas gift for your man till the very last minute??? We’re saving Christmas with 30 quick ideas that your man will love.

It’s ALMOST Christmas, the most wonderful time of year, are you ready??? Or have you been so caught up in your crazy busy life that you haven’t had time to make a spectacular gift for your hubby? If so, you are in luck because we’ve got your back! {You’re welcome!} We’ve searched the Internet world and have gathered together the best DIY gifts out there. You don’t need to hurry to the store or slave away all night creating a special gift that screams, “I love you,” because these gifts can be completed in 30 minutes flat, yes I said 30 minutes!!!! Today is your lucky day, whew!

Good luck deciding which gift to make, they are all so tempting!!!

1.  Love Letters and Children’s Books by The Crafting Chicks 

Instead of making a card, grab one of your children’s books. Write a lovely letter on the inside flap and present to your sweetie. Make a tradition by buying children’s books instead of cards in the future.

2.  Transferring Ink To Candles by A Girl In Paradise

Dress up your old candles with tissue paper. Print some of your favorite pictures and sweet messages onto tissue paper, heat to the candle, and you’ve created very special candles.

3.  DIY Sharpie Dinnerware by The Sweetest Occasion

Aren’t these lovely?! Think of all the cute messages you could write on your dishes. Would be fun to decorate a plate, cup, and bowl with sharpies just for him. If you love Pride and Prejudice then you have to check out The Phobia for a cute pair of cups she bought from Brookish Etsy Shop (sadly this shop no longer carries these mugs). Might give you ideas for a simple yet adorable message.

4.  Storybook Placemat by The Happy Housewife

This is such a fun and pretty simple idea. Of course you could use pages from a children’s book or you can add some of your favorite photos, pages from a book of poems, or write your own love story for your placemat. This would be fun to pair up with your decorative dishes. If you love this idea check out Kiki and Company for a darling fill in the blank mat idea or a Christmas inspired idea that you could gear to fit your hubby.

5.  Better Than A Box Of Chocolates from Life As Mom

Replace all of the chocolates with money or better yet, with money and sweet notes.

6.  My Husband’s World By Jen

If your hubby works in an office or if the two of you like to travel this idea is perfect for you. Think of all the amazing pictures or notes you could place all over the world.

7. Tips To Make Your Bedroom A Bit More Romantic from How Does She 

How sweet is this?! Type up your love story and place it in a lovely frame. Your hubby might just get a tear a two reading the story all about the two of you.

8. Paper Tree with Hanging Hearts from Domestic Notions

I love this adorable idea inspiration. You can easily do this by cutting out a shape such as a tree, a house, or a heart, whatever your hubby would love. Write your favorite poem, love story, or favorite lyrics on the shape and put it in a beautiful frame.

9. First Dance Lyrics from Lovely Written Words

Do you look back on your first dance and relish the memory? If so you will love this idea. Grab a picture of your first dance, write your song lyrics, and frame it.

10. I Love You Because from Corie with The Dating Divas 

Start a tradition of note writing with this lovely idea. Print off the printable and frame it, doesn’t get easier than that! For a cute touch glue gun a marker tied with a ribbon to your frame. Before wrapping write your message.

11. Dry Erase Doodles from Becca with The Dating Divas  

I love this cute idea, think of all the possibilities! Grab a special picture in your home. Doodle sweet messages all over it and present with a coupon to enjoy a picture perfect moment.

12. Photo Love Notes from Corie with The Dating Divas 

Another cute note idea. Find a memorable picture and write all the reasons you love him around the picture. What a great gift for his office or to display around the home.

 13. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Balancing Home 

 If you are looking for a little sizzle, this printable might be just what you’re looking for. Decrease the size of this printable and print several copies. Write a steamy “I owe you” coupon on the back of each printable.  Place them in a jar, gift box, or hide them around the house. If you’ve got mistletoe around the house pair it with this gift. Think of how excited your honey will be to find a steamy treat waiting for him under the mistletoe! Imagine all the kisses you will receive for each print!!!

 14. Printable Christmas Gift Tags from The Caroline Johansson

How cute are these tags?! I think they are perfect for coupons. Write a romantic coupon on the back of each of these tags. Punch holes, tie with a ribbon, and get ready to make your hubby happy!!!

15. Make Me Merry by Tickled In Love

Aren’t these ornaments pretty?! Make your own by cutting out 12 or so slips of paper and writing down 12 expressions of love or turn them into 12 steamy coupons. Either way your man will love this! If you love the ornament idea, you should check out The Brookish Etsy Shop for a cute idea with paper strips and an old book. Christy Robbins also has a cute ornament, use the idea to make a love invitation for a special night out.

16.  Remember I Love You by I Go By Katie

Such a cute sentimental idea that will last all year through. Sew hearts or cut out paper hearts and leave a few in some of his favorite spots around the house. Make this gift even more special by attaching love messages or coupons to the hearts.

17. Amazing Homemade Coupon Book by Cami from The Dating Diva   

Does your hubby love coupons??? If so, look no further because Cami has created 14 free love coupons to tell your spouse just how much you love them. If you want to add a personal touch, follow Cami’s easy tutorial to create whatever your heart desires.

 18. Sit Back and Relax by Jess from The Dating Divas 

This basket can be put together with items you already have at home. Print off these coupons and present them in a lovely way. He will love this!

19. A Creative Gift by Shelby – a Dah-ling Reader of The Dating Divas

We love our guest posts! Write little notes of love, memories, or little gifts on 365 slips of paper. Place them in a jar with candy. Your spouse gets to read one slip each day. Imagine it… Christmas morning will come each and every day for the whole year!!!

 20. “50 Reasons Why I Love You” Jar by Sarah Zimmerman – a Dah-ling Guest on The Dating Divas

This involves treats and sweets, how can your hubby resist it! If you don’t have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, no sweat, place stickers on any type of candy you have on hand, cookies, or in his favorite cereal box.

21. Riesens Why I Love You by Kari with The Dating Divas 

If you haven’t found the perfect candy idea yet, here’s another one. Riesens and love notes are a perfect match for any sweet tooth!

22. ABC Valentine by Oopsey Daisy 

Print off your super cute, “I heart you” printable  and you’re halfway done. This would be cute to write down reasons why you love your honey from a-z on the back of the print before framing. Leave a little note on the frame letting him know that there’s a little message if he takes a peek inside the frame.

23. Beautiful Word Clouds by Wordie  

Wordie will help you create the perfect subway art all about your hubby in just a few minutes. Look at what Corie with the Dating Divas created, love it!!!

24. Anniversary Gift DIY by Erika with The Dating Divas  

Take a peek at this step by step tutorial on how to make this simple and beautiful gift for your hubby. It will be so much fun remembering all the places you’ve been… Maybe even spice it up by marking all the places you’ve gotten hot and steamy…X marks the spot, *wink, wink!

25. The ABC’s Of Us by Corie with The Dating Divas   

This little book is the perfect gift for a trip down memory lane. For each letter you write down a special memory that the two of you have shared together.

26. Just Because I love You Book by Me and My Shadow  

If you collect mementos, poems, or love letters than this is the perfect gift for you. Make this easy book and place his favorite things on the pages.

 27. A Couples Journal by Corie with The Dating Divas 

For those of you who love to collect memories this is a great gift idea for your hubby. Create a couples journal in just minutes. Print off journal prompts and fill out a page or two before giving your gift.

28.  Mini Love Notes by Erika with The Dating Divas 

Create a card envelope from hearts with this easy tutorial. Make two of these to create a note for every month of the following year. If you have a hubby who likes to enjoy special occasions all year long, than add a little more fun with these envelopes by placing a note card for a planned date night all about your hubby in each envelope. Allow him to open one envelope each month. This will be a gift that will be full of surprises all year long!

29. Journaling Cards by Sisters Suitcase   

You can have a lot of fun with these printables. Create a book with these printables or frame them and pair with dry erase markers. Fill in the blanks with all the clever and cute things you both have said.

30. His and Her Pillowcase Tutorial by Angie from The Dating Divas  

Don’t you just love these pillowcases?! Grab a pillowcase you have around the house and doodle all over it. Would be really cute if you presented this pillow with a coupon for a massage, a day of rest and relaxation, or a little bedroom delight.


Alright, there is no time to lose, you’ve got your idea, now it’s time to get started… time’s a tickin’!!

Merry Christmas!!!  

May your day be cheerful, memorable, and your “gift in a hurry” tucked under the tree.

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I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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