Easy Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

Cute Christmas Gifts for Neighbors or Friends

Christmas is right around the corner, and we know how crazy things can get. The Holidays can consume us with all the places we need to go, presents to buy, traditions to cultivate and magic to make for the kids. Sometimes adding one more thing to the list can be a little overwhelming. So we decided to round up our favorite easy and cute Christmas gifts for neighbors. We’ve found so many fun, easy gift ideas! These Christmas gift ideas for neighbors are just so you can do a little something special, without losing your mind and overcomplicating things. Try to choose gift ideas that are simple and meaningful.

Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

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Oh, but these aren’t just any gift ideas for neighbors.  These are the cutest QUICK and EASY gift ideas out there. {Two beautiful words during the crazy, chaotic Christmas season.}  PLUS most of them come with free printables! All you have to do is print – score!

Find the Best Gifts for Neighbors

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided these Christmas gifts for neighbors into six categories, including:

  1. Gifts for Neighbors In a Jar
  2. Christmas Gifts for Neighbors Kits
  3. No-Bake Easy Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
  4. Non-Edible Gift Ideas for Neighbors
  5. Practical Gifts for Neighbors
  6. Free Printable Gift Tags for Your Neighbor Gifts & Goodies

Are you ready for some serious Christmas gift-giving inspiration?  First up…

Gifts for Neighbors In a Jar

Anyone else obsessed with Gifts in a Jar?! We love gifts in a jar for neighbors because they are adorable, compact and they really make it look like you put some effort into your gift idea – but they’re SOOO easy. It doesn’t get any easier than this!  Just throw your gift in a jar and tie on a tag. Make sure you have some jars on hand. You can find them in all different shapes and sizes!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors In a Jar

Cookie Gifts for Neighbors in a Jar

Treat Gift Ideas for Neighbors in a Jar

Cute Hot Cocoa Christmas Gifts in a Jar

Practical Gifts for Neighbors in a Jar

Christmas Kit Gifts for Neighbors

Don’t just give a gift – give a Christmas memory!

15 Christmas Kit Neighbor Gifts

No-Bake Gifts for Neighbors


25 No-Bake Christmas Neighbor Gifts

Non-Edible Gifts for Neighbors

Maybe you’re all sugared out already. It can be tough to avoid all the temptations at Christmas time, but you can help your neighbors with some of these cute Christmas gifts. So if you’re tired of all the sugar and sweets? Try one of these unique ideas!

10 Non-Edible Christmas Neighbor Gifts

Practical Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

Fun holiday gifts that people will actually USE and appreciate! We love the idea of these easy Christmas gifts that people will find useful… it’s always nice to receive something that you can use. 

10 Practical Christmas Neighbor Gifts

Free Printable Gift Tags for Your Neighbor Gifts & Goodies

Take your holiday goodies and gifts up a notch with these free printable tags!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

What Christmas gift for neighbors stood out to you?

Now the only question is – how will you ever decide which one to use? What will YOU be giving your neighbors and friends this Christmas? We’d love to hear in the comments! 

Oh and, for more Christmas inspiration, be sure to check out our… Creative Christmas Card Ideas if you’re planning on taking any family pics during the holidays and if you’re looking for party gifts, check out our Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas. Don’t forget to check out all of our Christmas ideas and our Christmas Pinterest board too!

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  1. How do I open the Christmas Gifts for Neighbors??? I love your ideas and am anxious to start making a few for my 42 neighbors!! Do I have to join your website? How do I do that?
    Thank you!!!

    1. No, you don’t need to join anything. Just click on the pink text title next to each numbered idea and you’ll be taken to a post with all the details for that specific gift idea. Hope that helps, Alice! {And lucky neighbors!} 😉