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Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Christmas is right around the corner and we know how crazy things can get! In other words, the holidays can consume us with all the places we need to go, presents to buy, traditions to cultivate, and magic to make for the kids. Sometimes, adding one more thing to the list can be a little overwhelming. If you typically make neighbor Christmas gifts, then let us ensure this part of your holidays is NOT overwhelming one bit! We decided to round up our favorite neighbor Christmas gifts right here for you! The best part about this list is that these gift ideas are simple enough that you can do a little something special without losing your mind and overcomplicating things. On that note, try to choose ideas that are simple and meaningful to you AND don’t add to your stress. Are you ready to check these out?

This list of quick and easy Christmas gifts for neighbors is by far the best out there! #NeighborGift #Christmas #Gifting

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Oh, by the way, these aren’t just any gift ideas for neighbors. These are the cutest, QUICK and EASY Christmas gift ideas for neighbors out there. {Isn’t “quick” and “easy” the two most beautiful words to hear during the crazy, chaotic Christmas season? 😉 } Additionally, we’ve even included non-food neighbor gifts AND the top ten gift ideas for neighbors EVER! As an added plus, most of them come with free printables! All you have to do is print – score!

Obviously, we know you’re ready to start browsing all these neighbor Christmas gifts. But before you do, stop and check out our adorable Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas Pack that has everything you need to make gift-giving a SNAP!

Holiday Printables Kit for Friends and Family

Our Neighborhood Gift Ideas Pack has so many printable Christmas gift ideas and tags, you just might get all of your Christmas gift-giving done in one fell swoop! On that note, let’s take a look at what all this kit includes:

  • Impressive DIY Printable Christmas Gifts: Choose from our Christmas Music CD Kit, Movie Night Kit, and Hot Cocoa Kit. Basically, all three are perfect for spreading holiday cheer AND make the best neighbor gifts!
  • Unique Christmas Gift Tags: Included are tags for homemade goodies, drinks, and practical gifts. Not only that, but we also have darling generic tags to add to any item on your Christmas gift list!
  • Creative Gift-in-a-Jar: Check out the 5 different Gift-in-a-Jar ideas that make the perfect family gift and of course, gifts for neighbors!
  • Gift Card Holder & Gift Certificates: Let your family and friends know how much you care with these cute, personal gift card holders, money envelopes, and gift certificates!
  • Holiday Gift Bows & Embellishments: No package is complete without a bow! Our gift embellishments are the perfect finishing touch to any Christmas gift!

Unbelievable, right? You could literally prep ALL your neighbor Christmas gifts AND family and friends gifts with this one kit! Honestly, the descriptions above don’t do this kit justice. The pictures are cuter than a baby on Santa’s lap!

Soda Pop Labels for Neighbor Gifts

So, to see how darling this kit is AND get even more gift ideas for your neighbors, click below!

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Now, let’s dive in to actually finding the perfect gift idea for you to put together!

Finding the Best Gifts

We get it! The holidays are busy enough and you don’t need your neighbor Christmas gifts to weigh you down with time, stress, or money. That being said, when we went looking for good gifts for neighbors, we made sure to only find the ones that are doable in a timely manner AND are cute as can be! As luck would have it, we came across such a variety of ideas. Therefore, to make browsing easier, we’ve divided these Christmas gifts for neighbors into six categories, including:

Alright, are you ready for some serious Christmas gift-giving inspiration?  First up…

Christmas Gift Ideas In a Jar

Anyone else obsessed with gifts that come in a jar?! We love gifts in a jar for neighbors because they are adorable, compact, and they really make it look like you put some effort into your gift idea. BUT here’s the best part: They are SOOO easy to make. Basically, it doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to gifts for neighbors! If you like any of these ideas below, then just throw your gift ingredients in a jar and tie on a tag. However, make sure you have some jars on hand to pull these gift ideas off! Thankfully, you can find them in all different shapes and sizes! And finally, not only do gifts in a jar make good gifts for neighbors, they double as darling decor! Win-win!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors In a Jar

Check out all these different Christmas-themed gifts in a jar that double as perfect neighbor Christmas gifts!

Cookie Gifts in a Jar

  • Snowman in a Jar – This jar full of “Build-a-Snowman” cookies would make the perfect neighbor gift!
  • Reindeer Noses – A jar full of sugar cookies, decorated to look like reindeer noses, is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!
  • Lump of Coal – How about a jar full of “lump of coal” cookies? Ha! And, you can even snag a free printable label!
  • Gingerbread Cookie Mix – Try out this jar full of homemade gingerbread cookie mix that can be made with gingerbread cookie cutters.
  • Cookies for Santa – You’ll love gifting this jar full of cookie mix so the recipients can make cookies for Santa.
  • Grinch Pills – How cute is this jar full of chocolate grinch pills? Plus, they’re a snap to make!

Treat Gifts in a Jar

  • “Twizz” the Season – Fill a jar full Twizzlers or Twizzlers bites for an easy and cute neighbor gift!
  • Santa Jar – This idea is simply a jar full of red candy tied with a black ribbon belt to look like Santa.
  • Christmas Candy Bottles – These jars full of Christmas candy, decorated to look like Santa or Rudolph, are the cutest!
  • Snowman Jar – Try gifting a jar full of white-chocolate covered pretzels. Then, use the button embellishments and miniature scarf to make this one of the best neighbor gifts!
  • Brownie Mix in a Jar – This gift looks divine and will yield delicious results!
  • M&M Christmas Poem – Put together a jar full of Christmas M&M’s for a festive and yummy gift!
  • Christmas Kisses – Unquestionably, your neighbors will love a jar full of Christmas Hershey’s Kisses!
  • Christmas Treat Jar – This jar full of no-bake Christmas Chex Mix is a great non-candy gift idea.
  • Sweet Treats – A jar full of sweet treats for a sweet holiday makes the perfect neighbor Christmas gift!
  • Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn – This idea is simply a jar full of popcorn kernels and a recipe for cinnamon sugar popcorn.
  • Peppermint Brownies – A jar full of homemade peppermint brownie mix undoubtedly makes for one of the best neighbor ever gifts!

Cute Hot Cocoa Gifts in a Jar

  • Snow Globe Cocoa – For this, put together a jar full of cocoa mix and marshmallows, then decorate it with a snow globe topper.
  • Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix – Without a doubt, a jar full of cocoa mix and hot chocolate fixings, decorated to look like a reindeer, makes the top ten gift ideas for neighbors!
  • Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix – A jar full of homemade hot cocoa mix is even better than store-bought!
  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa – Have you ever had peppermint hot cocoa? It’s even better than regular hot cocoa! This jar full of peppermint hot cocoa mix would be cute with some mini candy canes attached!
  • Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa – Do your neighbors love chocolate? Well then, a jar full of double chocolate hot cocoa mix should make any chocolate-lover smile!

Practical Gifts in a Jar

  • Christmas in a Jar – A jar full of Christmas potpourri makes for one of our favorite non-food neighbor gifts. Grab some potpourri bags here if you’re running short on time.
  • Gift Card in a Snow globe – This is an extremely clever way to give a gift card!
  • Hobby Gifts in a Jar – Check out these 5 awesome jar gifts! First, a jar gift for a person that loves to craft. Second, for someone who loves to bake. Third, a lover of drawing. Lastly, a gift in a jar for a man in your life! These ideas are definitely worth checking out.
  • Peppermint Snowflakes – A jar full of crushed candy canes makes for a cute decor piece!
  • Elf Syrup – This idea is simply a jar full of homemade maple syrup, perfect for fans of the movie Elf!
  • Nuttin’ for Christmas – A jar full of sugar and spiced nuts, which is a delicious treat OR baking item.
  • Date Night in a Jar – This is such a fun and unique gift in a jar that every couple will appreciate!
  • Sweet Salsa Verde – A jar full of homemade salsa makes for one of the top ten gift ideas for neighbors, no question! Why? Because who doesn’t love salsa?
  • Mint Sugar Scrub – Most women can attest that a jar full of homemade mint sugar scrub makes for one of their favorite non-food neighbor gifts!
  • Gingerbread Play-dough – A jar full of homemade gingerbread play dough, with a gingerbread man cookie cutter tied around it, is a perfect neighbor Christmas gift, especially for those with kids!
  • Peppermint Pampering Gifts in a Jar – This is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriends!
  • Dreaming of Some White Laundry – Looking for a REALLY creative gift idea? Well, a jar full of homemade laundry detergent will definitely win you “most creative gift” award!
  • Winter Survival Kit – This gift idea is both practical and cute! It’s a jar full of items to help your neighbors survive flu season.

Christmas Kit Gifts for Neighbors

Don’t just give a gift – give a Christmas memory! When you think of ideas for gifts for your neighbors, how often do full-on kits come to mind? Well, we love a good kit gift because it can then become a full-on memory-maker for the recipient! However, keep in mind that most kits don’t take much to assemble AND can be used year after year. Therefore, they make one of the most perfect neighbor Christmas gifts! Lucky for you, we found tons of awesome Christmas gift kits that could be used as neighbor gifts. Not only that, these kits come with practically everything you need to create them for your neighbors, even down to free printables! Basically, just consider your search for a good gift for your neighbors over! This list has what you need!

15 Christmas Kit Neighbor Gifts

  • Advent Calendar Kit – Everything your neighbors need to countdown to Christmas! Definitely one of the top ten gift ideas for neighbors.
  • Gingerbread House Kit – This kit has everything they need to build a gingerbread house as a family together. If you’re short on time, then grab a kit here and just throw a ribbon around it! {This Gingerbread Baking Kit would be such a great gift, too! It would be something to use every Christmas to make memories.}
  • Gingerbread Man Cookie Kit –  This has everything they need for a night of fun decorating gingerbread man cookies. Additionally, it even includes a free printable gift tag!
  • Christmas Cookie Kit – Gift your neighbors everything they need to bake and decorate Christmas sugar cookies with the cutest Christmas lights theme ever!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit – You could also gift them everything they need to bake a batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies.
  • Root Deer Float Kit – This kit has everything they need to make some “Root Deer Floats” with candy cane antlers and a cherry Rudolph nose. How darling is this? Plus, it includes a free printable gift tag! And, you can even grab a reindeer mug to make it more festive!
  • Hot Cocoa Bar Kit – How about gifting everything they need to set up their own mini hot cocoa bar? Without a doubt, these mini mallows are the cutest for this mini hot cocoa bar!
  • Christmas Cocoa Spoons Kit – The perfect neighbor gift includes everything they need to make their own hot cocoa, but with only a spoon and milk. Free printable label included!
  • Christmas Ice Cream Sundae Kit – If you gift your neighbors everything they need to make their own Christmas ice cream sundaes, you’ll be their favorite neighbors without question! Don’t forget to grab the free printables! On that note, wouldn’t these darling ice cream dessert bowls and spoons be the perfect addition?
  • Snow Cone Kit – This kit has everything they need to make their own snow cones. Christmas-themed cones would be perfect to include for serving! And, don’t forget the snow cone flavors!
  • Snowman Kit – Why not gift everything they need to build a snowman? Just add snow and this free printable bag topper! Additionally, there are also SO many cute snowman kits to choose from on Amazon, if you’d rather get one pre-made.
  • Christmas Movie Night Kit – We love this gift idea that includes everything they need for a fun Christmas family movie night! {Oh, and if you need any good Christmas or holiday movie recommendations, we have a whole list for you HERE!}
  • Christmas Game Night Kit – This kit has everything they need for a fun family game night. Free printable game and recipe cards included! Not to mention, these make for good gifts for neighbors because everyone loves game night!
  • Snow Day Survival Kit – This perfect neighbor gift has everything they need to survive a snow day: sugar cookies, hot cocoa, and more! Grab the free printable labels and gift tag, too! By the way, we recommend getting an adorable tin basket to perfect the look!
  • New Years’ Eve Countdown Kit – When a gift comes with everything your neighbors need to celebrate the new year, countdown style, you can guarantee they’ll be glad they’re your neighbors!

No-Bake Christmas Gift Ideas

Does Christmas equal non-stop baking to anyone else? It’s true for us over here! Well, in true Christmas fashion, baking treats and goodies and then turning them around as gifts is normal and fun. BUT, what if you are feeling a little more non-traditional and want to go with a no-bake neighbor gift idea? Thankfully, we got you covered here! Enjoy these no-bake neighbor Christmas gifts as a way to still say “Merry Christmas neighbor!” AND save you time in the kitchen. Without a doubt, you’ll find something perfect to gift below!

25 No-Bake Christmas Neighbor Gifts

  • Reindeer Root Beer – A six-pack of root beer bottles decorated to look like Reindeer makes for a super easy neighbor gift. However, you’ll just need to pick up some brown pipe cleaners!
  • Merry and “Sprite” – All you need is a bottle of Sprite soda for this easy neighbor Christmas gift!
  • “Soda”lighted You’re My Neighbor – Another soda bottle idea! And this bottle of soda says a lot with this adorable gift tag!
  • A “Simply” Wonderful Christmas – All you need is a bottle of Simply Lemonade and this cute tag for another easy neighbor gift.
  • Oreo Elf Feet – This idea is so cute! Simply stack mint Oreo cookies decorated to look like elf feet for an easy gift idea.
  • Gingerbread M&M’s – For this idea, just grab a bag of gingerbread M&Ms and attach this clever poem. {And guys, side note. If you haven’t tried gingerbread truffles before, then you NEED to! They are amazing!}
  • Snowman Soup – This idea is cute and easy! It’s just a bag of hot cocoa mix with a clever poem!
  • Boxed Brownie Mix – Talk about a creative (and funny) neighbor gift! This idea only requires a box of brownie mix with a cute poem attached. Done!
  • “Ho Ho Ho” from the “Ding Dongs” in the Neighborhood – All you need is a box of Hostess Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs for this hilarious neighbor gift.
  • A little “Zing” to Your Holiday – Or go with a box of Hostess Zingers and this funny saying!
  • Have a Cup of Cheer – A cute mug filled with a packet of hot chocolate (or a gift card for cocoa!) easily makes for one of the top ten gift ideas for neighbors. Additionally, these marshmallow mugs are to-die-for!
  • North Pole Produce – Buy a crate or basket and fill it with fresh fruit for a perfect neighbor gift.
  • Jiffy Pop Snowman– Just grab a package of Jiffy Pop popcorn and decorate it to look like a snowman.
  • Snowmen Popcorn Covers– OR, use a bag of microwave popcorn decorated to look like a snowman for your neighbor Christmas gift instead.
  • You’ve Been Snowed On – Ready for one of the best neighbor ever gifts? Some powdered donuts with a fun coordinating poem that mimics a “snowfall.” So cute!
  • “Nacho” Ordinary Neighbors – A bag of chips and a jar of nacho cheese sauce as a neighbor gift? Indeed, it’s really that simple! Additionally, you could add some festive salsa bowls if you want to go all out!
  • Dinner in a Mug – Just place a packet of soup mix and a can of crescent roll dough in a mug for this cozy neighbor Christmas gift.
  • We “Flipping” Love You – How about a spatula, oven mitt, and package of cookie dough to gift your neighbors with? Unquestionably, they will love it!
  • We “Whisk” You a Merry “Kiss”mas – All you need to do is put Hershey’s kisses inside a kitchen whisk and you’re done with this neighbor gift!
  • Hugs & Kisses this Holiday Season – Firstly, this is one of the more simple neighbor Christmas gifts. Secondly, all it takes is a box of Hershey’s hugs and kisses. In conclusion, it’s perfect!
  • Mistletoe Hugs & Kisses – We love a punny neighbor gift! Just get some mistletoe and a bag of Hershey’s hugs for this one.
  • Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper – You won’t have trouble with this idea! Use a candy bar wrapped with a funny Christmas poem for a simple neighbor gift.
  • Have a Holly “Jolly” Christmas – Jolly Rancher candies in a bag as a neighbor gift? Yep! Done and done!
  • Stove Top Potpourri Kits – Put together a bag of fruit and spices to make Christmas potpourri and gift it to your neighbors! Yum!
  • Reindeer Hot Chocolate – These reindeer are so cute! All they are is hot chocolate mix and fixings decorated like a reindeer. Basically, we’re obsessed!

Non-Edible Gifts for Neighbors

Maybe you’re all sugared out already. We’re right there with you in that it can be tough to avoid all the temptations at Christmas time! However, you can help your neighbors avoid temptation with some of these cute non-food neighbor gifts! We found some of the cutest neighbor Christmas gifts out there that don’t involve food. In other words, gift your neighbors something they can use OR decorate with instead of eating! If you’re tired of making all the sugar and sweets also, then try one of these unique gift ideas! Without a doubt, several of these make the top ten gift ideas for neighbors!

10 Non-Edible Christmas Neighbor Gifts

  • Can of Snow – How about a can full of fun faux snow for your neighbors? Perfect for families with young children and a festive, snow-loving spirit! You can get the cans here!
  • Tin Can Treats – There’s nothing wrong with a gift card as a gift! Use a pop-top can with a hidden gift card inside for an extra unique neighbor Christmas gift.
  • Just Settle Down for a Long Winter’s Night – This idea is the coziest! All you need is a fleece blanket tied with a cute label.
  • Christmas Mix CD – Create a CD of your favorite holiday songs for your neighbors to enjoy!
  • Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Gift Set– Homemade sugar scrub and bath salts, along with some chocolate gold coins, make for one of the most elegant neighbor Christmas gifts.
  • For Your Mistle-Toes – To pull off this darling gift idea, just get some foot lotion and a bottle of nail polish!
  • Warm & Cozy Toes – Some festive socks, like these TeeHee’s, and a colorful bottle of nail polish, make for a darling girlfriend neighbor gift.
  • Rudolph the Red Toes Reindeer– All this idea is is a bottle of red nail polish in honor of Rudolph! It’s another one of our favorite simple and classic non-food neighbor gifts.
  • Merry “Kiss”mas and a “Chappy” New Year – All you need is a tube of chapstick {we like EOS brand} with this darling printable tag and you’re set for a neighbor gift!
  • Reindeer Washcloth – First off, this is one CUTE neighbor gift idea! Secondly, it’s so simple! Just take a bar of soap and a washcloth and fold to make it look like a reindeer. How cute is that?

Practical Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

Fun holiday gifts that people will actually USE and appreciate are what we’re all about! We love the idea of these easy neighbor Christmas gifts that people will find useful. It’s always nice to receive something that you can use, right? Lucky for you, we’ve found some of the best ones out there. On top of that, these ideas could work for anyone on your Christmas list! Mother in law’s, teachers, church friends, and even your mailman! To start, just click on any of the links below for the full instructions on how to make each of the practical neighbor Christmas gifts. Then, sit back and enjoy your holiday season because this to-do is done!

10 Practical Christmas Neighbor Gifts

  • Wrapping Paper and Tape – Just gift some wrapping paper and tape to your friends and neighbors for when they’re “in a scrape” and need to finish up their wrapping!
  • Paper Plates and Cups – Paper plates and cups {these ones are really cute} make for a perfect practical gift idea so they’ll have fewer dishes to do during the season!
  • Paper Towels – A roll of paper towels would come in handy for all of those holiday messes, wouldn’t they? Without a doubt, paper towels actually make the perfect gift!
  • Clorox Wipes – A container of Clorox wipes with a cute, coordinating poem is a super convenient and easy neighbor Christmas gift.
  • Hand Soap – Simply gift a bottle of hand soap to let them know you’re “Soap’n” they have a Merry Christmas! Unquestionably, this would make one of the best neighbor ever gifts!
  • Dish Soap – Just pick up a bottle of Joy brand dish soap to wish your neighbors “joy” this Christmas.
  • Santa-tizer – Again, a perfectly practical gift that everyone can appreciate! Some hand “Santa”tizer to keep the winter germs away.
  • Batteries – Gift some batteries for all the toys on Christmas morning. Get them in bulk and split them up into smaller quantities to save you a few bucks.
  • We “Extend” You a Merry Christmas – Another punny idea for ya! An extension cord, for all those Christmas lights, as your neighbor gift. Undoubtedly, this gift will bring a laugh and a smile!
  • We “Tissue” a Merry Christmas – A box of festive tissues to help get through cold & flu season will certainly be one of the best neighbor gifts ever given.

Free Printable Gift Tags

Take your holiday goodies and gifts up a notch with these free printable tags! We are all for presentation when it comes to gift-giving. Unfortunately, you don’t always have all the resources on hand to pull off something crafty and fancy. Don’t worry! Thanks to us, you can now use any of the free printable gift tags below for your neighbor Christmas gifts and goodies. Additionally, we even found specific labels for specific treats if you need some help on what to bake! That being said, check out the free printable gift tags below. Then, enjoy gifting an extra special gift to your neighbors and friends!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Wow! What a list that was, right? All those neighbor Christmas gifts sure have me ready for Santa to come down the chimney! Which of the Christmas gifts for neighbors above stood out to you most?

Now, before you go, the only remaining question we have for you is, how will you ever decide which one to use? They are all SO good! So, what will YOU be giving your neighbors and friends this Christmas? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Oh, and for more Christmas inspiration, be sure to check out our Creative Christmas Card Ideas if you’re planning on taking any family pics during the holidays. Additionally, if you’re looking for party gifts, check out our Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas. Lastly, don’t forget to check out ALL of our Christmas Ideas AND our Christmas Pinterest board too! Basically, when it comes to Christmas ideas, we’ve got you 100% covered! 😉

Merry Christmas!

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