40 of the Best DIY Christmas Gifts to Make in 2020

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Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts for 2020

Christmas is right around the corner, and we know it can be stressful finding gifts for those you love. That’s why we decided to round up our favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas of 2020! These easy Christmas gifts for neighbors, friends, and family are so special and will show them just how much you care. Plus, all of the included items are unique, inexpensive, and come straight from the heart. Are you ready to check them out? Keep reading!

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Homemade Family & Neighbor Christmas Gifts

1 . “Twizz” the Season – Fill a jar full Twizzlers or Twizzlers bites for a couple of super easy neighbor Christmas gift ideas in a jar!

A couple of jars filled with Twizzlers for a Christmas gift idea | The Dating Divas
Two jars of Twizzlers being used as a fun DIY gift for 2020

2 . Santa Jar – This idea is simply a jar full of red candy tied with a black ribbon belt to look like Santa. How fun is that?!

An easy DIY Christmas gift jar filled with candy | The Dating Divas
Cute Santa-themed candy jar for an easy Christmas gift idea for neighbors

3 . Christmas Candy Bottles – These jars, full of Christmas candy and decorated to look like Santa or Rudolph, make for some super fun Christmas gifts for neighbors!

Santa and Rudolph themed candy jars to be used as DIY Christmas gift in 2020 | The Dating Divas
Santa and Rudolph decorated jars filled with candy

4 . Snowman Jar – Try gifting a jar full of white-chocolate-covered pretzels. Then use the button embellishments and miniature scarf to make this one of the best DIY Christmas gifts of 2020!

A jar of white chocolate covered pretzels with a snowman style Christmas gift tag | The Dating Divas
White chocolate covered pretzels in a jar and decorated to look like a snowman

5 . Sweet Treats – A jar full of sweet treats for a sweet holiday makes the perfect neighbor gift in a jar!

A mason jar that's filled with candy and other sweet Christmas treats | The Dating Divas
A glass jar filled with sweet treats for Christmas

6 . Peppermint Hot Cocoa – Have you ever had peppermint hot cocoa? It’s even better than regular hot cocoa! This jar full of peppermint hot cocoa mix would be cute with some mini candy canes attached!

A glass jar filled with homemade peppermint hot cocoa | The Dating Divas
Peppermint flavored hot cocoa in a glass jar with a cute Christmas tag

7 . Peppermint Snowflakes – A jar full of crushed candy canes makes for a cute decor piece AND a practical gift!

A jar of small candy cane pieces that are called Peppermint Snowflakes | The Dating Divas
A glass jar filled with crushed candy canes and decorated with a label

8 . Mint Sugar Scrub – Most women can attest that a jar full of homemade mint sugar scrub makes for one of their favorite non-food neighbor Christmas gifts!

Homemade mint sugar scrub in a small glass jar tied with baker's twine | The Dating Divas
A small mason jar filled with a homemade mint scrub

9 . Peppermint Pampering Gifts in a Jar – These are the perfect Christmas gift idea for your girlfriends!

Homemade peppermint scrub DIY Christmas gift for 2020 | The Dating Divas
Homemade peppermint sugar scrub gift idea

10 . Advent Calendar Kit – Everything your neighbors need to count down to Christmas! Definitely one of the top 10 Christmas kit gifts for neighbors.

A homemade advent calendar gift that is inside a snowflake decorated lunchbox | The Dating Divas
A small lunchbox decorated for Christmas and filled with a DIY advent calendar

11 . Gingerbread House Kit – This kit has everything they need to build a gingerbread house together as a family. If you’re short on time, then grab a kit and just throw a ribbon around it!

Gingerbread house pieces wrapped together with string and a gift tag | The Dating Divas
A homemade gingerbread house kit wrapped up with a Christmas gift tag

12 . Gingerbread Man Cookie Kit –  This has everything they need for a night of fun decorating gingerbread man cookies. It even includes a free printable gift tag!

A gingerbread man decorating gift kit | The Dating Divas
A cute gingerbread man decorating kit wrapped in cellophane

13 . Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit – You could also gift them everything they need to bake a batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies.

A Christmas gift tag and chocolate chip cookie recipe attached to a wooden spoon | The Dating Divas
Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit Christmas Gift Idea

14 . Root Deer Float Kit – This idea is definitely at the top of our list of Christmas gifts for neighbors! It has everything they need to make some “Root Deer Floats” with candy cane antlers and a cherry Rudolph nose. Plus, it includes a free printable gift tag!

A basket filled with supplies to make root beer floats | The Dating Divas
Root beer float supplies in a basket with a tag

15 . Hot Cocoa Bar Kit – How about gifting everything they need to set up their own mini hot cocoa bar? Without a doubt, mini mallows would be the cutest addition to this mini hot cocoa bar!

Hot cocoa bar ingredients in glass bottles | The Dating Divas
Glass bottles filled with supplies for an at-home hot cocoa bar

16 . Christmas Game Night Kit – This kit has everything they need for a fun family game night. Free printable game and recipe cards included! Not to mention, these make for good neighbor Christmas gifts because everyone loves game night!

A variety of games to gift and play at Christmastime | The Dating Divas
A kit of assorted games to play at Christmastime

17 . New Year’s Eve Countdown Kit – When a Christmas gift comes with everything they need to celebrate the new year, you can guarantee your neighbors will be glad they know you!

Hour by hour countdown ideas for New Year's Eve | The Dating Divas
New Year’s Eve Countdown Kit Gift Idea

18 . Reindeer Root Beer – A couple six-packs of root beer bottles decorated to look like reindeer make for a super easy no-bake Christmas gift idea! You’ll just need to pick up some brown pipe cleaners!

A case of rootbeer dressed up like Santa's reindeer | The Dating Divas
A pack of root beer decorated to look like Christmas reindeer

19 . Snowman Soup – This idea is cute and easy! It’s just a bag of hot cocoa mix with a clever poem!

A miniature hot cocoa kit and a fun Christmas poem | The Dating Divas
Snowman Soup Gift Idea – A bag of hot cocoa with a fun poem attached

20 . Have a Cup of CheerA cute mug filled with a packet of hot chocolate (or a gift card for cocoa!) easily makes for one of the top ten easy Christmas gifts—and it’s DIY! On that note, these marshmallow mugs are also to die for!

Hot cocoa packets and a gift card inside of a mug | The Dating Divas
A mug filled with hot cohocolate packets and a gift card

21 . You’ve Been Snowed On – Ready for one of the best no-bake Christmas gift ideas ever? Go ahead and pick up some powdered donuts and pair them with a fun coordinating poem that mimics a “snowfall.” So cute!

'You've Been Snowed On' instructions attached to a box of donuts | The Dating Divas
Powdered donuts with instructions for how to play ‘You’ve Been Snowed On’

22 . Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper – You won’t have any trouble with this idea! Use candy bars wrapped with a funny Christmas poem for some simple and fun Christmas gifts for neighbors.

Christmas poem covered candy wrappers to give as gifts | The Dating Divas
Candy bars wrapped up in Christmas poems and a ribbon

23 . Have a Holly “Jolly” Christmas – Jolly Rancher candies in bags for an easy, DIY Christmas gift idea? Yep! Done and done!

Jolly Ranchers in bags and a Christmas gift tag | The Dating Divas
Jolly Ranchers with a Christmas themed gift tag attached

24 . Stove Top Potpourri Kits – Put together a bag of fruit and spices to make Christmas potpourri and gift it to your neighbors! Yum!

Homemade potpourri and recipe cards | The Dating Divas
Stove top potpourri simmering along with recipe cards

25 . Christmas Gift Kit for Neighbors – Our Neighborhood Gift Ideas Pack has so many printable Christmas gift ideas and tags, you just might get all of your gift-giving done in one fell swoop!

Christmas printables and gift ideas for neighbors | The Dating Divas
Neighbor Gift Pack with neighbor Christmas gifts for 2020

26 . Tin Can Treats – There’s nothing wrong with a gift card as a gift—especially when you’re looking for non-edible gifts for neighbors! Use a pop-top can with a hidden gift card inside for an extra unique neighbor Christmas gift.

Pop top cans containing gift cards and decroated for Christmas | The Dating Divas
Decorated pop top can with gift cards inside

27 . Just Settle Down for a Long Winter’s Night – This idea is the coziest! All you need is a fleece blanket tied with a cute label.

Two fleece blankets rolled and wrapped with a Christmas poem | The Dating Divas
Red fleece blankest rolled up and wrapped in a Christmas label

28 . Christmas Mix CD – Create a CD of your favorite holiday songs for your neighbors to enjoy!

Christmas poem attached to the front of a music CD | The Dating Divas
A CD of Christmas music with a card attached to the front

29 . For Your Mistle-Toes – To pull off this darling gift idea, just get some foot lotion and a bottle of nail polish!

Nail polish bottles tied with a Christmas gift tag | The Dating Divas
Three bottles of nail polish for an easy DIY Christmas gift idea

30 . Warm & Cozy Toes – Some festive socks and a colorful bottle of nail polish make for a darling non-edible Christmas gift idea.

Three gift baskets that are filled with Christmas treats and a fun Christmas poem | The Dating Divas
Small gift baskets filled with popcorn, socks, and a Christmas poem

31 . Snow Globe Cocoa – For this gift, put together a small jar full of cocoa mix and marshmallows, then decorate it with a snow globe topper.

Small jars filled with homemade hot cocoa mix and decorated with a snowman | The Dating Divas
Mini mason jars filled with homemade hot cocoa and topped with a snow globe

32 . Hand Soap – Simply gift a bottle of hand soap to let them know you’re “Soap’n” they have a Merry Christmas! Unquestionably, this DIY Christmas gift idea is fresh and fun!

A bottle of soap wrapped in cellophane with a punny Christmas tag on the front | The Dating Divas
Bottle of soap with a Christmas tag tied to it for an easy DIY Christmas gift idea

33 . Peppermint Brownies – A jar full of homemade peppermint brownie mix will unquestionably make any friend or neighbor happy this Christmas!

Glass mason jars filled with homemade peppermint brownie mix | The Dating Divas
Two jars of peppermint brownie mix with a red and white label tied to the front

34 . We “Tissue” a Merry Christmas – A box of festive tissues to help get through cold & flu season will certainly be the perfect DIY Christmas gift idea in 2020.

Box of tissues with a Christmas gift tag on the front | The Dating Divas
A box of Christmas themed tissues with a gift tag tied to the front

35 . Printable Holiday Bread Wrapper – You won’t believe this printable wrapper for your homemade bread. It’s so cute and creative!

A loaf of bread with a holiday gift tag wrapped around the front of it | The Dating Divas
Paper label wrapped around a loaf of homemade bread

36 . Sweet & Savory Butter & Bread Basket – Check out these adorable free printable gift tags for a gift basket filled with compound butter and bread. Additionally, this breadbasket would be the perfect way to package it all up!

A bread themed gift basket with three jars of flavored butter | The Dating Divas
A cannister filled with two loaves of french bread and three jars of homemade butter

37 . You’re Gettin’ “Muffins” for Christmas – Pair this printable gift tag with homemade muffins for the one of the best and most fun Christmas gift ideas for neighbors.

A box of muffin mix with a funny Christmas tag tied to the front | The Dating Divas
A witty Christmas gift tag tied to the front of a box of muffin mix

38 . Christmas Food Gift Labels – This is a whole collection of gorgeous and free printable gift tags for your edible neighbor Christmas gifts. In a word, they’re STUNNING.

Food label printables that are attached to some Christmas goodies | The Dating Divas
Printable food labels affixed to the front of Christmas treats

39 . Merry Christmas Gift Tag – This free printable gift tag is perfect for attaching to your neighbor Christmas gifts!

A beautiful Christmas gift tag printable that's tied to some baked goods | The Dating Divas
An elegant Christmas gift tag attached to a tin of treats

40 . Holiday Treats Container Labels – These fun printable labels for a holiday treats container are too cute for words!

Muffin tin shaped Christmas printables decorating a tray of goodies | The Dating Divas
Printable Christmas treat labels on top of a tin of muffins

Why Should You Do DIY Christmas Gifts for 2020?

Going with DIY Christmas gifts in 2020 is an excellent idea for so many reasons. Finding Christmas gifts for all of your neighbors and loved ones can be super stressful, right? After all, what do you get someone who has everything?! That’s the beauty of going homemade: you can customize and create the perfect present for everyone on your list—all without leaving the house! Plus, homemade gifts are typically cheaper than retail, and the feelings they’ll evoke in both the giver and receiver are absolutely priceless. In addition, DIY Christmas gifts for 2020 are great last minute options in case you procrastinate for too long!

For even more Christmas fun, be sure to check out our Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown, as well as our Naughty & Nice Kit for Couples!


By now you’ve gotten all of the DIY Christmas gifts 2020 inspiration you could ever need, so now take a peek at:


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