Holiday Candy Bar Gift Tags

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Quick & Easy Candy Bar Gifts

Looking for a quick and easy holiday gift idea? We’ve got a super simple gift idea that you’ll love and can easily gift to pretty much anyone for EVERY holiday. Candy Bar gift ideas with cute little puns will be sure to brighten someone’s day! Use our free printable candy bar gift tags and give a fun and super easy candy bar gift to a teacher, friend, child or spouse, mailman, neighbor… seriously, this works for pretty much anyone.  

Printable Candy Bar Gift Tags for EVERY Holiday

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That’s right!  You guys loved our Candy Bar Love Notes, and when you asked if we could make more for the holidays – well, we couldn’t disappoint!

So we commissioned our dear Courtney, the crazy talented {and super sweet} designer behind Paperelli, to design some NEW, holiday-themed candy bar gift tags. Yep, she is hooking you up with FIVE PAGES of seriously cute holiday candy bar gift tags!! SCORE! If you use them, make sure to head on over to her page and give her a much-deserved “Thank You!”

Candy Bar Gifts

We’ve included some flirty tags you can use as quick and easy “just because” gifts for your spouse AND more generic, creative sayings you can use for quick and easy gifts for your neighbors, friends, kids, or well- anyone!  Because who wouldn’t love to get a candy bar or two?! The best part is how easy it is to pull off!

Just to help you out even MORE…we also included affiliate links directly to the candy bars you’ll need for each tag, so you can SEE exactly what we are talking about! Happy scrolling!


#1) Our printable candy bar gift tags

Printable Holiday Candy Bar Gift Tags

#2) Some candy bars

Quick and Easy Holiday Gift

We told you we had candy bar gift tags for every holiday… check it out!

We’ve included candy bar gift tags for:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • Back to School

Wanna see the fun candy bar sayings we came up with for each holiday?!

 They’re pretty clever, if I do say so myself! Just wait until you see these gorgeous pictures our Chrissy took of them! {Fun fact! Besides being a diva, did you know that our sweet Chrissy is also the crazy, talented lady behind the camera at Christine Naomi Photography?! You should totally like her Facebook page and check out her work. I just adore the gorgeous fall sessions she’s been doing.}


Halloween Candy Gift Tags

Of course, the ultimate candy holiday needs a few cheesy candy gift tags! Halloween is the best time to gift a little candy… check out these fun options!

Halloween Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

Thanksgiving Candy Gift Tags

These delicious fall treats paired with our Thanksgiving candy gift tags make for the perfect little gift to say “Happy Thanksgiving” or a reminder of just how grateful you are for someone!

Thanksgiving Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • Hope your turkey’s a WHOPPER!  (Whoppers)
  • You give me so many RIESENs to be grateful!  (Riesens)
  • We have MOUNDS to be grateful for this season!  (Mounds)
  • I’m thankful for you. Now give me some SUGAR DADDY.  (Sugar Daddy)

Christmas Candy Gift Tags

Ummmm. How clever are these Christmas candy gift tags? There’s always a lot going on at Christmas, here’s a quick and easy gift for any last minute gifts you might need!

Christmas Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • We TWIX you a Merry Christmas!  (Twix)
  • Hope you’ve been EXTRA good this year!  (Extra gum)
  • BABY it’s cold outside!  (Baby Ruth)
  • JOY to the world!  (Almond Joy)

Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Tags

We love this super simple way to say “I love you!” For the month of love, surprise your loved ones with a few little candy gifts!

Valentine's Day Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

St. Patrick’s Day Candy Gift Tags

This is the perfect way to make St. Patrick’s day extra special without much extra effort – easy gift ideas are ALWAYS a plus for us! Give these to your kids or spouse for a little St. Patrick’s Day fun!

St. Patrick's Day Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • I am so lucky to have a BIG HUNK like you in my life!  (Big Hunk)
  • Hope your St Patty’s Day is EXTRA special!  (Extra gum)
  • Have a lucky St. PATTY‘s Day!  (York Peppermint Patty)
  • I’m over the RAINBOW for you!  (Skittles)

Easter Candy Gift Tags

Mmmm. Easter Candy is one of a kind and probably my hubby’s favorite! It’s so easy to gift these sweet candies! Check out the cute and punny Easter candy gift tags!

Easter Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

Mother’s Day Candy Gift Tags

Such a sweet way to let your mom know you are grateful for all she does – these could definitely be used at other times of the year and I’m pretty sure she’d be thrilled to get a sweet candy bar gift from YOU!

Mother's Day Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printable from The Dating Divas

  • Mom, thanks for the MOUNDS of love, advice, and support!  (Mounds)
  • We SKOR-ed big getting you as a mom!  (Skor)
  • You’re the SWED-EST Mom I know!  (Swedish Fish)
  • Today is your day! TAKE 5 and relax!  (Take 5)

Father’s Day Candy Gift Tags

We absolutely love these fun Father’s Day gift tags with super unique candy bars that will take your dad to back in the day when these candies were a bit more popular.

Father's Day Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • Happy Father’s Day, BIG HUNK!  (Big Hunk)
  • You’re the best SUGAR DADDY anyone could ask for!  (Sugar Daddy)
  • You’re in a LEAGUE all your own!  (Big League Chew)
  • U-NO you’re my favorite dad in the whole world!  (U-No)

4th of July Candy Gift Tags

Give a HOT and spicy candy gift for the 4th of July! These are some fun candies that you might not normally eat which makes them even more special as a gift!

4th of July Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • Hope your Independence Day ROCKS!  (Pop Rocks)
  • Hope your Fourth of July is BURSTING with fun!  (Starbursts)
  • Let Freedom RING!  (Ring Pop)
  • Let’s create our own FIREworks tonight!  (Fire Balls)

Back to School Candy Gift Tags

We know heading back to school isn’t technically a holiday, but it sure feels like one! This is a great chance to give a candy gift to your kiddos and let them know you are rooting for them to excel this year – it has nothing to do with how excited you are to get them out of the house 😉

Back to School Candy Bar Gift Tags! Free printables from The Dating Divas

  • Let the number CRUNCHing begin! Have a great first day of school!  (Crunch)
  • Just beTWIX you and me, you’re going to rock this school year!  (Twix)
  • You’re no AIR HEAD!  (Air Head)
  • Study like a NERD! (Nerds)

See?!  What did I tell you?  Something for every holiday!

Holiday Candy Bar Sayings

You can gift just one candy bar OR use all of the gift tags in a category to make a fun candy bouquet or gift basket FULL of candy bar love notes!

What are you waiting for?

Free Download

Holiday Candy Bar Gift Tags

Printables Designed By Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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