10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

by Carma Sirrine



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I absolutely love it when we get to hear advice from people like Carma who have been married for over 50 years! What an incredible journey these two have been on!! I look forward to that day with my own hubby!! Carma lost her mother at a young age, she has come far, and she wants to share her success, as well as others, with all of you!! She has a very inspiring story and background. What an incredible mother, grandma, friend and I am sure WIFE! 😉

Carma’s book, 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage, is a very insightful book on other marriages in this day and age. Short stories, of Carma’s friends and family, that share with the reader, the ins-and-outs of ways to create an everlasting marriage.  These are stories from real people!! I couldn’t even pick a favorite to share with you. There has to be at least one story in this book that everyone can relate to, with heartfelt ways to show unconditional love to your spouse.  My favorite part of the book, chapter 10. The last one, where she shares all her secrets…

Her stories and advice focus on the following topics…

  • Relying on the Lord
  • Making Decisions Early
  • Making Loving Relationships
  • Having TOTAL Commitment
  • Money Matters
  • Lighten Up Your Life
  • Having a Good Attitude
  • Sharing Thoughts and Feelings
  • Remembering the Best Times

These things are just a few of the many important matters we need most to make our relationships last. Carma has been very kind to share this book with us, and to allow us to give not one, but TWO signed copies away to our amazing readers!! So YES, you can own this book yourself!! It would be great for any couple, newly engaged, newly weds… well anyone!!! Hurry and enter, you are missing out!!!

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About the Author: Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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110 Responses to 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

  1. Well, I’m already a subscriber so I’m covered there. And taking the time for a date night is definitely one of the secrets for our happy marriage! Aside from that, though, our best secret is laughing together, especially at stupid or silly things we do, or our children when they find creative new ways to misbehave. Laughing instead of getting upset makes it a chance to bond instead of grow apart. =)

  2. I have been reading you gals in my Reader but am now officially a subscriber! A tidbit of advice someone gave me that has challenged and encouraged me – I am my husband’s helper, not the other way around. I don’t need to constantly ask him for help or become frustrated if he doesn’t automatically help me. I was made to help him and should have my life ordered in a way that makes this possible every day.

  3. I am a newsletter subscriber. Being a military wife I had to learn to accept that my hubby can leave at a moments notice and had to learn not to be angry with him about it-it has helped us out big time!

  4. I already am a subscriber to your newsletter! 🙂

    One marriage secret: Always make time for yourselves as a couple. Not sitting in front of the tv, but talking to each other. Communication, brings you closer together!

  5. I am a new subscriber for about two weeks now. My niece shared your FB page and I love it. I cant wait to use some of the ideas once my husband returns from his deployment overseas. And trying my best to tweak some for our long distance skype dates. 🙂 A couple of our secrets to a happy marriage is NO TV in the bedroom and we always make time to agree on a monthly spending plan together a week before the start of a new month.

  6. I am already a subscriber to your newsletter so we are covered there. I think that there are two big secrects to our happy marriage and those two are we always pray together first thing each morning, just the two of us, it sets the tone for our day. And the second is Date Night at least on night a week. It doesn’t need to big or even a money spender but that time is so important to let eachother know that you mean to eachother what you did in the begining.

  7. I am a weekly newsletter subscriber and reader- love it! And a small secret to a happy marriage- don’t sweat the small stuff- play Rock, paper, Scissors to make those little decisions 🙂

  8. I just became a subscriber even though I have had you on my google reader and on facebook. As I read over the other entries I have wondered what has kept my marriage strong. He is a full time student in Dental school and it has been torture, not on our marriage but on the fact that I LOVE to have him around and he can’t as much as he would like because he has to study so much. I think a ‘secret’ is to make your spouse your best friend. I make time every night to sit on the couch and talk to my best friend while he studies… it is weird but it works for us

  9. I am a subscriber to your newsletter! 🙂 One of the secretes to a happy marriage for my husband and me is to always share with each other how our day has been. This seems so small, but I always feel better after I can share the events of the day with him and vice versa.

  10. I am a newsletter reader!

    One of the important “secrets” we’ve found in our marriage is always telling each other what we are thinking. I don’t expect my hubby to just guess what I’m thinking and I won’t pretend to know what he’s thinking. Also, if we are struggling with something (say I feel like I am in need of some extra attention), we aren’t afraid to talk to our spouse about it. We trust each other with the truth and our whole hearts.

  11. I am subscribed to, and read your newsletters!

    We don’t have any profound secrets to our happy marriage, but something I keep thinking of is our conversations we have when we have time to just hang out. Those times that we aren’t talking about work, kids, or school. We will usually get on the subject of music when we were certain ages, favorite tv shows we had as kids, or funny things we did with our siblings. Just when you think you know everything about your spouse, those little conversations give fun little insights of how they were before you ever met and are always so fun!

  12. I get your newsletters. My husband and I always try to find time to talk. And we find time to spend with just each other. Those two things are so important to us.

  13. I am an official newsletter reader! One of the best secrets i have learned is open communication. Don’t hide your true feelings. The only way to solve or fix problems is to lay it all out on the table so you know how the other person is truly feeling. Prayer is also very important!

  14. Of course I’m already a newsletter subscriber! I love this site! 🙂

    I am actually just engaged currently- and we are trying hard now to set up our marriage for success. We regularly sit down and just talk about how our relationship is going, and how we can improve something for the other person. It is great to just check in and make sure we are on the right track.

    I hope I win! This book looks so cute!

  15. I am already a subscriber. A good thing for our marriage has been to find ways to focus on the positive- instead of getting mad because he put something away in the wrong place thank him for cleaning. Also, pick your battles. There will always be times where you disagree. Choose which ones are worth getting upset over and which are not.

  16. I do subscribe to the newsletter. And my best marriage advice is probably to learn humility. It’s my biggest issue personally but when I have the smarts to say, “I’m sorry, I was in the wrong” in the beginning of the fight (when I realise I was wrong) instead of at the end of a fight (when I’ve actually finished being angry) it makes a HUGE difference.

  17. I’m a subscriber!
    And I’ve got two pieces of advice. #1 Tell your husband you love him every day, sincerely. Not just at the end of a phone call or before leaving. Make an effort. I always say it before bed. #2 Continue to date. Take time to be together just the two of you (the reason why I love this blog!) Great giveaway; thanks!

  18. I’m a subscriber. My secret would be COMMUNICATE! And it’s taken me a long time to slowly start getting better at it, but I can’t keep assuming he knows how I feel or what I’m thinking.

  19. why yes, I am a newsletter subscriber!

    One bit of advice for a happy husband and a happy marriage is to ask him his opinion and advice and really listen then follow it. Then, after you have followed it and things have worked out, tell him how grateful you are to have married such a great advisor. My H is amazing in how he deals with people so whenever I have a potentially awkward or difficult interpersonal interaction looming I ask him what he would do. When it is a situation where I have to handle something on the spot I try to ask myself what he would do and then do it. When I share what I did I tell him that I tried to do what he would do.

    Too often we wives don’t give our husbands’ ideas the respect they deserve. Just because he would do things differently doesn’t mean he would do them wrong. I have found that where I over-think he just deals and like I said, he is terrific at it.

  20. I just subscribed; this giveaway made me want to so bad!

    My marriage advice is to brag on him any chance you get, to your friends, to HIS friends, even to family who already know him! It’s SO good for him to hear you talk about him that way.

  21. I have officially subscribed to your newsletter! I’m surprised I hadn’t until now. I’ve been missing out!
    One of our many secrets to a happy marriage would be to never put each other down, even in joking, and especially never ever in public. We never call each other names (stupid..etc).

  22. (Posted this on facebook). I don’t know how to share the link to it though… ?

    I highly recommend ya’ll check this out. It is SUCH a cute blog, filled with FUN ideas for dating your spouse (or just fun dates in general). They are always doing cute giveaways. One of these days I hope to win. 😀

  23. I am an official newsletter reader! I love all of the creative ideas!
    My advice is to have a date night or have time together. It doesn’t have to be all lovey dovey or super special. Just take time for yourselves as a couple and talk. When you have kids sometimes that’s all you talk about is the kids, so talk about other things.

  24. I’m an official newsletter reader and I think that a great secret to a happy marriage is to go to bed together, take the time to read something together before falling asleep. Some of the most memorable (and often funniest) moments in my marriage have been the quality time we spend right before going to sleep!

  25. I am an official newsletter reader.

    My advice would be to remember to do nice things for each other. I love being able to make lunch for my husband multiple times a week. I know it is something so little but he enjoys my cooking and he enjoys the time he gets to spend with our son while I am cooking.

  26. I finally subscribed! I’ve been wanting to do it, but everytime I get on the website I get to side trackd by all the fun new posts!!

    A few things my husband and I do together that Ithink really helps us is:
    We play board games all the time…like daily (we also bet our change on it so it’s that much better when you when!!)
    We also havegone on a date every single friday night since we met! It is so great to just hang out alone!! Love him!

  27. Also…don’t know how to link, but this is what i put on facebook…

    have you been to thedatingdivas.com? If not you must! It’s the greatest website ever! Enter to win an awesome book that will strengthen your marriage!!
    The Dating Divas | Strengthening Marriages, One Date At A Time
    If you are feeling like your marriage needs a little “pick me up”….then you have come to the right place! The Dating Divas are eleven married women who post fun, creative, and inexpensive ideas that will put the SPARK back into your marriage!

  28. I am a subscriber finally!!

    Also..a few things my hubby and I do :

    We play board games…a lot…like everyday (we bet out change on it too so it makes it that much better if you win!!)
    Also, we have been on a date every single friday night (except when I was on bed rest and right after I had baby Jack). Its so great to just be the two of us and hang out! love him!

  29. I am a newsletter subscriber. One thing I try to remember in my marriage is that my hubby never wants to hurt me. If he says or does something that seems hurtful, I try to take a step back and figure out what is really going on. Usually I just misunderstood what happened. I know he loves me and I never question that.

  30. I am already a newsletter reader.

    The one advice that my grandfather said to us when I got married was to Never go to bed angry, and always keep the other person in mind, not to be selfish. this has been great advice. He and grandma have been married going on 64 years, I think they know what they are talking about!

  31. I’ve been a newsletter subscriber since the first one!

    Hmmmmm my very irreverent advice came from a ninety year old woman in my Mom’s childhood ward. “If you must argue, always argue naked. You will either resolve the argument in laughter or in love!”

    My own advice is to always pray together as a couple. It’s very hard to not feel cherished and loved when someone is expressing gratitude and concern for you to your Heavenly Father.

  32. I’m extra EGG-cited for my birthday in ten days….a temple trip, great food AND retail therapy while our little one gets a special grandma weekend! The best of all worlds!

  33. I am a regular newsletter and blog-site reader and love your tips! I can’t wait until my husband and I are together again in June, and this 6 months apart is over, so I can use your dating ideas!!!

    I am EGG-cited about…..trying some of your group date ideas, because we have some awesome couple-friends here, and they are perfect for some of the sillier ideas!

    And I am also EGG-cited about. this book. I see far too many popular marriage and relationship books written by people who are on their 3rd or 4th marriage! Not confidence inspiring!

    My best marriage advice…listen to the meaning behind words from your spouse that feel upsetting. Is he frustrated? Upset about something else? Tired? Before I react, I now put things in context. It has saved me/us from misunderstandings more than once. Where did I learn it? My husband! He did this from the start, and I saw how much better it made our communication!

  34. I am a subscriber and my marriage advice is to take some time and laugh together. It lightens the load. Get in a wrestling fight and end with a tickle war.

  35. Subscribed already! I love you ladies!
    My marriage advice is to be silly! Do anything that makes you feel like a kid again and laugh away together! 🙂

  36. I subscribe 🙂
    A secret – my husband loves to be loved through service –
    Somedays it is difficult – and I want to be selfish – but that is never productive!

  37. I already subscribe. 🙂

    My husband loves if I snuggle with him first thing in the morning. I’m not an extremely physical person and once I’m awake I like to get up and get going, but he appreciates it, so we do! He’s happy for the rest of the day!

  38. I already get the news letters and a secret that I have learned is sometimes the best thing to do is just laugh (when appropriate) rather then get angry/ irritated about something 🙂

  39. also posted on facebook 🙂

    “Love LOVE LOOOOVE the Dating Divas! A website with a ton of fun date ideas! This week there giving away a book. You should go take a look :)”

  40. Already subscribed. One of our “secrets” is always assuming the best! When something is said that comes out negatively we remember that we love and like each other and wouldn’t intentionally hurt each other so don’t take it personally, forgive if we are hurt, and talk it through if needs be

  41. i already subscribe – my secret: when you are frustrated with your spouse, just think of what you love about them, or why you married them in the first place!

  42. I already subscribed to the newsletter and when we are in a rough patch, I sit down with a scrapbook I made when my husband and I were dating along with our wedding album. It reminds me that life, love and our relationship is much bigger than any little thing we are arguing about at the moment. Then when we both have had our space, I apologize because there’s never once been a time when I didn’t snap back/first.

  43. I subscribe to your newsletter. My marriage secret is to make time for him every night. Get the kids to bed on time and then enjoy your time together doing whatever.

  44. I’m DEFINITELY already subscribed!!

    I feel like one of the best things we can do is to tell each other how we’re feeling, no matter what.

    But to always laugh and smile with each other, is my favorite. 🙂

  45. I subscribe to the newsletter! I think one secret is doing the things you know you’re supposed to be doing – having Family Night, Prayer together, Scripture study, etc. Keeping in harmony with the Lord helps you stay in harmony as a couple!

  46. I am a newsletter subscriber and my husband and I always make time for one another whether it is for a date night out or at home, or just time to talk.

  47. i can VERY happily say i am and have been a subscriber! yay!!

    my marriage tip? umm…communication is key!! NEVER assume that he/she knows or even SHOULD know something! (how you feel, want…whatever) i mean how often are you sure of that YOURSELF??! LOL and also when emotions are running high…take a time out. get a level head so you can approach whatever issue calmly without hurting your spouse with hurtful things (and YOU find it easier to listen too) FORGIVE!!!

  48. i’m “EGG-cited” about this weekend!!! we get to celebrate Easter, a daughter’s birthday AND have no obligations that take us every directions!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!

  49. I am a suscriber! My husband and I always wind down our nights with each other whether it’s catching up on the TIVO or just talking in bed!
    Charleygrab {at} yahoo {dot} com

  50. I am an official newsletter subscriber. The biggest thing I have learned in marriage(and I am no expert at 2 years in) is to try to be interested in some of the things your spouse is. And talk to them about their interests!

  51. I am an official newsletter subscriber. I have only been married for a short time but I have found to not sweat the small stuff…it builds up.

  52. already subscribed, my secret, go on weekly dates no matter how hard it is to find a sitter and leave all the kids. You both need that time together without kids.

  53. I’ve already subscribed and loving the ideas! when there is a problem you are facing: instead of fighting each other; fight the problem together.

  54. Communication. Communication. Communication. Talk about everything, but be sure to be respectful. You need to be open and honest with your spouse but do it respectfully.