The Best Sex Card Games For Couples

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One of the Best Ever Sex Card Games

Sex card games are ALWAYS a good idea. They help you loosen up, have fun, and get you in the mood for sexy time. Let’s just say, I’m a HUGE fan! But, there isn’t always time to put together a game board or print and cut out action cards (although if you DO have a little more time, check out the Love is Sweet and Spin the Bottle bedroom board games – they are ADORABLE!).

Quick and easy card game to spice up your sex life!

If quick and easy is more your style when it comes to bedroom games, then be prepared to experience one of our favorite ever sex card games, aka the Deck of Desire! Without a doubt, this one of the best ever sexual card games. However, it is also SO simple and easy to pull off. Grab a deck of cards and you’re ready for a love card game that is HOT!

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This is one of the best sex card games you'll ever find! With only a deck of cards, you'll have a night of fun, no question! #CardGames #DeckofDesire

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First off, the lovely Leslie of Nina Bean Designs helped us create these eye-catching printables for this sex card game! I absolutely LOVE the “Shuffle For Love” card she made to decorate your deck of cards, or more formally known as your Deck of Desire Love Card Game. It’s absolutely adorable! (Thank you, Leslie!) Not to mention, it’s perfectly designed to be disguised as a regular deck of cards to the common eye. Basically, you cannot go wrong with any sexy card games, but this one is THE BEST!

A Favorite of All The Sexy Card Games

We’ve said it already, but this is just one of our favorite sexy adult card games because it’s simple AND effective. I mean, what gets you teasing and anticipating each other more than sexy cards that tell you what to do to your spouse? Um, the answer is nothing more than one of the best sex card games ever! These sexy cards literally spell out what to do to each other in the most enticing ways. That being said, if you’re comfortable playing with sexy cards AND following instructions, then you’ll experience the hottest night of your life all thanks to one of the sexiest kinky card games out there!

Sexy Card Game

People often ask how to initiate playing sex card games. Well, we have several really easy answers to that! You could simply leave the sexy playing card love notes for your hottie on their pillow beforehand, to build the anticipation and let them know that you are SO into them (oh, yeah!). OR, you could text them a picture of the deck of cards with the message, “Feelin’ lucky? This is no ordinary deck of cards…” Lastly, you could walk up to your spouse, cards in hand, and say, “Pick a card.” When they see what these sexy cards say, they’ll be dying to play one of the all-time greatest sexy adult card games even in existence!

Sex Game Playing Cards Included

We literally thought of all the little details in this love card game! The printables included are simple and easy to put together as a unique bedroom game that spices things up AND can be played over and over. Simply glue or tape the printables below onto a deck of regular playing cards, and bam! You’ve got one of the hottest sex card games out there!

Playing Cards for Couples Game

The printables included in this love card game are:

  • Box Decoration Front and Back Cards – to create a darling box for your intimate game!
  • Seductive Gift Tag – “Let’s See What the Cards Deal Out Tonight!” if you want to give one of the best sex card games as a flirtatious gift to your lover!
  • Love Notes to go With Your Sexy Playing Cards – to leave a flirty message for your spouse before you play your sexy card game!
  • Suit Actions Card – to be used as a reference during the game, as well as a blank actions card if you want to customize it!
  • Number Body Parts Card –  to also be used as a reference, as well as a blank body parts card if you want to customize it!
  • Instructions Booklet – *NOTE: When you cut this section out, don’t separate the cards. Instead, keep them together and then do an accordion fold to create the game directions pamphlet!

Other than the sexy playing cards, I would recommend also setting up this sexy card game on a tray on the bed. That way, your cards don’t go flying and get messed up when things start getting hot and heavy! {WINK!} Then again, since this is one of those kinky card games where you actually want to get things hot and heavy, maybe you won’t mind if the cards go flying everywhere!

How to Play With The Sexy Cards

This sexy card game is as simple as drawing and laying down cards! The number and suit on the card you choose will tell you what to do to your spouse. The suit coordinates to a steamy action you’ll complete, and the number tells you which body part to do the action to! The printable key codes tell you what the numbers and suits have been assigned to. For example, if you draw a 2 of hearts, you get to KISS your spouse’s EAR! Additionally, we’ve included a blank version of the key codes you can use to customize your OWN favorite actions and body parts. Wow! Is this not becoming one of your favorite sex card games by the minute?!

Sexy Card Game Intimate Actions

Below we’re providing you with the game instructions for a quick reference! However, the instruction booklet printable also contains these same instructions.

The object of this sex game is to play until you give in to the passion. In other words, there are no losers, just winners! πŸ˜‰ Begin playing by shuffling the sexy playing cards and dealing 5 to each of you. Then, set the remaining deck in-between you and your sweetie. Each of you must keep 5 cards in your hand at the beginning of each turn. Whoever first draws one of the sexy cards then β€œplays” a card of their choice by laying it in the discard pile, face up. Whatever the card reads, the action must be completed to the body part indicated. See how this can easily become one of your favorite sex card games?

Printable for Deck of Desire

After you perform the card action, take turns drawing cards and playing for a set number of rounds (i.e. 5)… or until you can’t take the heat any longer! Additionally, there are some other special rules and exceptions to check out in the rule book to make things even MORE enjoyable! (Psst! This is what makes kinky card games so enjoyable…The special rules!)

And finally, simply put the instructions and key code cards right back into the box with the deck so you can use another night!

Enjoying Sexy Adult Card Games

Without a doubt, kinky card games can improve your bedroom experience! But we also understand everyone has different comfort levels. The beauty of the Deck of Desire, or one of our all-time favorite sexy card games, is that it is truly customizable to your comfort level. You can decide the body parts and actions that fit your style and preferences. Additionally, you can control the number of rounds you play AND the pace of the game. All in all, this will easily become one of your go-to sex card games.

Decorateing Your Card Box

By the way, we have a simple idea for you if you are feeling cutesy and want to decorate your card box. We added a front and back label you can Mod Podge (or glue) to your box! (We just love added touches for extra cuteness!) Then, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could laminate them as well!

Well, there you go! One of our favorite sexy adult card games that also happens to be the simplest, cutest, and best game to play with your honey! Get ready to see what the cards deal out tonight!

Last but not least, we have even more ideas to spice up the bedroom! Make sure you check out The Best Sexy Games for Couples (which includes sex board games!)

Happy card playing!

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  1. You all are awesome! Hats off to you for helping couples everywhere reconnect and stay there. I love all of your games and ideas! It’s as simple as clicking ‘download.’ Our 10 year anniversary is in 2 days and we have a very happy and wonderful marriage. We love playing all kinds of games but yours are definitely some of our favorites ❀️ Thank you again for all your help and hard work towards helping others. Selflessness is rare these days!

  2. Today is my 16th wedding anniversary! I’ve been looking for ways to stay connected to my spouse and I know that he is feeling neglected. I found the and got the 52 dates to make for my husband (for our anniversary) and now will throw in some cards. THANK YOU!

    1. This game is totally free! If you scroll down to where it says “CLICK TO DOWNLOAD” and click there, the free printables will open in a new window. πŸ™‚

  3. Can you help me with more ideas like suggestions of what to do on body parts examples I’m blunt. Please help me out. It’s for a birthday present

    1. Hello! When you open the printables there are body part suggestions there for you! If you are wanting to customize you can always just think of any other body part you’d feel comfortable adding to the game – arms, toes, fingers, face, elbow… whatever sounds like fun!! πŸ™‚

  4. This turned out so cute! I can’t wait to give it to my husband tonight for Valentines. Thank you so much for such an awesome design!

    1. Keeley!! We are SO excited to read your comment! Hope the gift went over super GREAT!! Such a fun idea to use it for Valentine’s Day! πŸ˜‰

    1. The idea of the wild card is that it can be whatever the player chooses πŸ˜‰ If you don’t want to use it, there is a blank card you can fill in and assign your own body parts to each number. Have fun!

    1. Hey Cindy! Thanks for catching that broken link. I swapped it out with another post that has some really fun ideas for playing cards in the bedroom! Enjoy πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  5. Exhausted wife & mother here, can’t I just buy these???
    This looks like so much fun! I just do not have time to do these πŸ™

    1. Hi there Janiece! This game is SO fun! Sorry we don’t sell any physical products… just digital downloads. I feel your pain being exhausted and short on time- I’m a busy wife and mom too! BUT you can do this! Really all you need is just a deck of cards… You don’t have to decorate the box, or even print out the cards! Just choose an action to go with each suit and body part to go with each number with your spouse and you are ready to go. Super speedy! Good luck!

    1. Hi Sarah! Sorry we don’t sell physical products! You can download a digital file for free at the end of the post and print it on cardstock! Then we just used a regular deck of cards to go with. Hope you enjoy it!

  6. I am on the page for the Deck of Desire card game, but I am not finding how to download the printables. Can you please assist?

    I would love to make this for a xmas gift.

    1. Hi Amanda! If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a a pink box that says “Click to Download.” Click it and they should pull up for you. What a fun Christmas idea! xoxo