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Adults Only Trick or Treat

When Halloween comes around we are usually left thinking of buying (and trying not to eat…) all the candy we’ll need and costumes. Today we are going to challenge you to think of both – a sexy trick or treat game that could very well include a costume 😉 This after-hours sexy trick or treat game will leave you and your sweetie ending the night with each other instead of your kiddos’ pumpkin candy buckets. (But honestly you might want to grab that beforehand… we all know that one neighbor who gives out full-size candy bars).

Sexy Trick or Treat Game

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Sexy Trick or Treat Preparation

There are a few things you need to do to prepare to make this trick or treat a sexy one. First, we have a little “shopping list” for you (also on the printables). Remember – you don’t have to buy everything new! Most of these items you probably have around the house, or you can adapt to meet your needs.

Couples Sexy Trick or Treat Game

Sexy Trick or Treat “Shopping List”

  • Buy a few (or find in kids’ buckets…) of your fave AND your spouse’s favorite candies
  • Have some “costume” options whether they are sexy costumes or your regular lingerie
  • Flavored chapstick (We like this option if your honey likes soda pop!)
  • Flashlight
  • Glow sticks
  • Feather or other soft cloth/item for tickling
  • Your song
  • Favorite drinks
  • Massage oil (optional)

Game Prep

Once you have all the items ready, print out the FREE printables that our amazing Diva Elizabeth created and bust out that paper slicer or scissors. Cut each card out, fold in half, and secure with glue or another adhesive like double sided tape or glue dots. This will give you your own “game board” where neither you nor your spouse knows what to expect! You could grab all treats, he could grab all tricks – no one knows! This sexy trick or treat game is all about the element of surprise! 

Instructions and Game Pieces


Invite Your Spouse to Play our Sexy Halloween Game

Of course, the most important part of the evening is making sure that your spouse will actually be there! You can use the printable invite or use the digital download to invite them to your sexy Halloween game night. We’re pretty sure they’ll show up – no questions asked! Everyone loves to get a personalized invite to a special night out and this one is both cute and alluring. The element of mystery is sure to entice your love to come ready to play!

Sexy Trick or Treat Invite


How to Play our Sexy Halloween Game

Now that you are all prepped, you might be wondering what is in store for you as well? Get excited! Each of the little cards has either a TRICK or a TREAT on the opposite side. The colors of the candies will not help either one of you in this game, keeping it truly random (and super cute!).

Simply lay the cards out so the candy is facing up and take turns choosing a card. If you wanted to keep with the theme of a sexy trick or treat you could also toss them all into a candy bucket and draw from there.

Game Cards for an Adult - Only Trick or Treat

For each card that is drawn, decide if it is trick or treat. You can read through them beforehand so you’re not blindsided, the printable has them separated by page. We think it makes the sexy tricks even more exciting if you turn the lights off or put a blindfold on while the action is performed.

A Trick or Treat Love Note

End your night with a treat for your spouse in the form of a love note. You can glue the insert to either side of the inner part of the card and use the remaining space for a sweet note to the biggest treat life ever gave you… your spouse! It’s always nice to be thanked for a special night, but we know that by giving your honey some extra love in the form of words, he or she is bound to reciprocate.

Love Note for a Sexy Halloween

If you are looking for a fun Halloween date night at home, our Halloween Movie Marathon for Couples is a perfect fit. And if you are looking for more sexy Halloween games we always suggest our Boo-tilicious Halloween Date Night.

Free Download

Sexy Trick or Treat

Printables Designed by Diva Elizabeth Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Digital Sexy Trick or Treat Invite

Printables Designed by Diva Elizabeth Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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