Spouse Sick Kit

Essentials for Your Under-the-Weather Honey

Maybe you’ve heard that “love heals.” Well, even if it doesn’t quite fix everything, it sure makes a difference. When your spouse is feeling crummy, show them how much you care by creating a personalized Spouse Sick Kit. Simply grab a cute bucket and fill it with a few other supplies for your sick spouse and they’re sure to be grateful for the care package of sick essentials.

Spouse Sick Kit

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You can thank Crystal from A Well-Feathered Nest for these extra cute, candy-striper-edition tags, Red Cross-inspired cards and a prescription label for love that’ll make your spouse’s sick kit that much more meaningful. Who knew a medical kit could be so adorable?! That’s how amazing Crystal is!!

Spouse Sick Kit Cards

The Spouse Sick Kit is so easy to throw together! You can even snag most things from around the house and your spouse is sure to appreciate having everything within arm’s reach. If you want to be extra considerate, run out and grab your patient’s favorite treats. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got a bucket {I used one kind of like this} and some baker’s twine {similar to this} on hand, then you’ll be all set. Start attaching tags and arranging your items in the bucket.

Spouse Sick Kit Tags

We’ve included 12 versatile, red and white striped tags to attach to each item your spouse might need to get back on their feet in short order {and a blank one if you want to add those special treats}. Just in case you need some ideas to get you started, here are some thoughtful items you might want to include:

Stay Hydrated
Encourage your sweetie to keep drinking their fluids by including a bottle of water, orange juice, ginger ale or gatorade. Don’t forget a straw!

Soothe Your Throat
If your spouse has a cold, add some cough drops or some lemon tea with honey to their kit to ease their scratchy throat. {Speaking of cough drops, have you ever tried these?! You can’t find them so easily in the U.S…but they are AMAZING and work way better than anything else I’ve tried! Thank heavens for the internet!}

Tissues for Sick Spouse

Breathe Easier
Prepare for congestion by filling their kit with nasal spray, Vick’s vapo-rub or Kleenex. {This is definitely my favorite kind of Kleenex – it’s so soft, and doesn’t make my face red and raw!}

Eat for Energy
Don’t let them forget to snack throughout the day, include easy to grab snacks like Jello, ice pops, applesauce, soup and crackers. 

Rest is Restorative
My doctor always tells me the best cure for anything is sleep. Ensure that your spouse is snoozing by including their favorite comfy PJs and slippers or a warm, cuddly blanket.

Shorten Your Sickness
Add a little help in the form of vitamin C, immune support tablets, decongestants or essential oils. 

Silence Is Golden Printable
Silence is Golden
If he’s finding it difficult to speak, include a small note pad and a pen so it doesn’t hurt to communicate with you. You could also make sure he’s got his phone handy so he can text you if he needs anything!

Entertain Yourself
Being sick can be SO frustrating, especially when it goes on for days. It’s crucial to keep your mind occupied so it’s a great idea to include your spouse’s favorite magazines, a book, a Netflix movie list, or a video game.

Ease Your Aches
Provide your ailing honey with a heating pad {<that’s the one I have, and I love it!} to help lessen the general aches and pains of sickness.

Spouse Sick Kit Labels

Refresh Yourself
A nice hot shower usually does wonders for me when I’m sick, but you can’t stay in there all day so it’s also great to feel like you can clean and refresh yourself from the couch. Stock your patient with hand sanitizer and face wipes. Lip balm and lotion are also essentials for rejuvenating dry skin.

Indulge in a Treat
Give your sick spouse a little joy by providing them with chocolate, candy or cookies!

Does your poor, sick love have a favorite snack or comfort? {Mine LOVES ginger ale ice cubes!} Be the ultimate attentive spouse and include anything else you know they’ll love to make it personal and add it to your care package by using the matching blank tag. Maybe even throw in some love coupons for a massage or a few silly love notes to brighten their day!

Prescription for Love Mints

Complete your care package by printing the prescription label and affixing it to an old medicine bottle filled with white mints, since fresh breath can be an issue for your sick spouse!

Spouse Sick Kit

How perfect would it be to create this sick kit ahead of time? Can you imagine being totally prepared before sickness even hits?! When your sweetie comes down with a bug all you’ll have to do is pull your bucket out of hiding!

Spouse Sick Kit Bucket

Be prepared to help your love feel better – quick!!

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