St. Patrick’s Photo Booth Props

Free St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props!

Make your next St. Patrick’s day more memorable with a fun St. Patrick’s photo booth! St. Patrick’s day is a quirky holiday that, sadly, sometimes gets overlooked. Although this may be true, there is so much fun to be had with this unique holiday! We, of course, love to celebrate EVERY holiday. So, we have put together some holiday-inspired props and masks for silly photos and candid memories of your holiday celebration! These St. Patrick’s day photo booth props are perfect for fun family photos or for a fun night out with friends. Simply grab your St. Patrick’s day photo booth printables and your camera and then get set for a lot of family-friendly fun!

Free St. Patrick's Day photo booth printables and props! How fun would this be to do on St. Patrick's day with family and friends? So easy! #StPatricksDayPhotoBooth #StPatrickPhotos #datingdivas

Make this St. Patrick’s Day a day to remember with these oh-so-adorable St. Patrick’s Day photo booth props! However you decide to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day holiday, make sure to set aside some time to capture the moment amidst all of the green-colored food, green clothes, and random pinching. First, set up a quick photo booth for the family or friends and then get some snapshots of all the fun! It is so easy to add a little fun to the day and even better to have candid memories of it captured!

St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Printables

We have over a dozen clever images that rightly represent all the classic St. Patrick’s Day things! From rainbows, to top hats all the way to the pot of gold – we have it all! These bright-colored St. Patrick’s day photo booth printables were all designed by the talented graphic designer, Courtney from the site Paperelli – aren’t we lucky?

Free St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth Props

The free printable download includes:

  • His and her hats
  • Shamrock glasses
  • Rainbow & a pot of gold
  • Bowties
  • Signs (including the class “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”)
  • Beard
  • and more!

With so many options you can create several poses and pictures for your St. Patrick photo memories!

Making Your St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props

The St. Patrick’s Day photo booth printables are just the right size to easily cut out. The trickiest part will be the glasses, but everything else is easy-peasy! Once you have everything cut out you might want to consider laminating them. If you plan to use these for future events or just want them to last a little longer – I suggest sending them through the laminator before attaching the dowel. I found a really inexpensive laminator that I love and use all the time for things like this. I purchased it on Amazon and it works amazing and is so compact!

Free leprechaun props and printables

Finally, to put your St. Patrick’s Day photo booth props together, all you need are some wood dowels or even a wooden cooking skewer to the back. Then, just tape each prop right to the dowel! I personally prefer to use hot glue to really secure them, but simple clear tape will work just great!


Kiss Me, I'm Irish Photo Booth Prop

Finally, gather all of your St. Patrick’s day photo booth props and place the sticks in a jar or vase for your photo subjects to easily grab. Easy and accessible!

How to Make a St. Patrick’s Photo Booth

Your Irish photo booth can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it but for your St. Patrick’s photo booth background, we recommend something simple and clean. Overall, you want your photo to focus on the people, the props and the silly faces – not items behind them. So, for a fabulous Irish photo booth, we recommend a white wall or a curtain. I have even used green and white striped Christmas wrapping paper in order to have a more colorful St. Patty’s themed backdrop. That was a hit and so easy!

St. Patrick's Photo Booth

Capture The Luck of the Irish and More!

A silly top hat with a mustache, glasses, and beard, a pot of gold, or even just an adorable bow tie…with these props you can have hours of fun and some captured memories that will last forever! Similarly, for more fun (and free!) St. Patrick’s Day printables check out THIS post by Diva Becca for a few GREAT DIY ideas!

St. Patrick's Photo

Celebrate ALL of the Holidays!

Also, did you know we have several other photo booth props for other holidays? We do! Check them out here:

Have a heel-clickin’ FABULOUS St. Patrick’s Day and print out your St. Patrick’s photo booth props today!

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