The BEST Podcasts for Couples

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Couple’s Choice: The BEST Podcasts

Podcasts are considered one of the newer forms of journalism, or one of the oldest in a new form. If you haven’t started listening to these “radio shows” you are missing out! We wanted to help you get started on your podcast journey so we asked our readers {hey! That’s you!} for the best podcasts for couples. With your help, we have a fantastic list for you and your spouse to enjoy together. A lot of the podcasts are about relationships and communications, but don’t worry – we’ve tossed some fun in too!

The Best Podcasts for Couples

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Whenever we go on long drives my husband makes sure to really “stock up” on podcasts. I had never listened to one before our first trip together and I was missing out! We really like to listen to different shows that get our minds going, but that doesn’t mean we ignore our own personal couple development!

With the help of all of you, we have a brand new list of the best podcasts to listen to! Relationship podcasts can be so helpful as we are all learning how to do this together. We always need financial podcasts as we keep striving towards financial security. Then, we wanted to wrap it up with some of YOUR favorites just for fun.

The BEST Podcasts for Marriage

Best Podcasts for Love

  • Rise Together – Girl of the hour, Rachel Hollis, and her husband come together to share their insights on how to be the best version of each of you.
  • Power Couples – Brooke and Wilhelm are open and ready to chat with relationship experts about how to elevate all aspects of your life – together.
  • IGNTD – Experts in physical and mental health, Dr. Adi and Jaffe and Sophie Aaronson are helping you become ignited in every area of life: relationships, nutrition, and well-being.
  • Fierce Marriage – With a Christian focus, this couple talks all about how to love fiercely through Christ. Selena and Ryan Frederick are also the authors of a wildly popular book of the same title.
  • Love and Respect – Clinical psychologist + relationship expert with a Ph.D. Father + Son. Pastor + former Lieutenant. All of those titles and life experiences help this podcast meet all listeners’ needs.
  • The Marital Intimacy Show – Laura Brotherson is a marriage STAR and her podcast is no exception. Based on the title alone you should know this but… don’t listen to all the episodes with kiddos around. She is frank about intimacy and enjoying it in your relationship.
  • The Betrayed, the Addicted, and the Expert – A revolutionary podcast where you become part of the process of rebuilding trust. Relationships hit rocks – but each episode focuses on the HOPE!
  • One Extraordinary Marriage – Listen to a real-life couple (Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo) talk about achieving intimacy in and out of the bedroom.
  • Marriage for the Win – You already promised to give this marriage everything you have – now start doing it with the tips from this bold podcast.
  • Naked Marriage – Dave and Ashley Willis are ready to undress the truth about marriages. They have one of the largest marriage-focused ministries in the US.
  • Hot Marriage, Cool Parents – This is a pretty new podcast but they’re ready to teach you how to have the best marriage and be the coolest parents – with special guest knowledge of course.  #ThankYou!
  • Mormon Marriages – This LDS-focused podcast takes a look at different couples in the Latter-Day-Saint faith to share how to stay connected and make your marriage celestial.
  • Loveumentary – Their mission: Rid the world of mediocre love. Leading love experts are frequent guests to help make it happen.
  • Elevate Your Marriage – Everyone is imperfect, but we can still elevate our marriages. The part women play is the focus of this podcast.
  • Stronger Marriage Connection – USU Family Life Professor Dr. Dave Schramm and psychologist Dr. Liz Hale talk with experts about the principles and practices that will grow your commitment, compassion, and emotional connection.

Best Podcasts on Marriage Advice

  • Marriage After God – Did you read Husband After God or Wife After God? A Christian couple gives their insight on building your marriage with God.
  • The Stupendous Marriage Show – Faith-based marriage encouragement!
  • Delight Your Marriage – Sexual intimacy and the keys to an incredible marriage from award-winning podcaster Belah Rose.
  • Ultimate Marriage – Replace the lies we hear about marriage with truths from the bible.
  • Both of Us – A husband and wife team talk about life, marriage, and parenthood.
  • Relationship Advice – Tackling all aspects of relationships with guest experts is part of the charm of “I Do – Relationship Advice” podcast.
  • Only You Forever – Build a thriving marriage that allows you to move past the disappointments and fears that can accompany those marital bells.
  • Marriage is Funny – You guys, marriage IS funny! For some laughs paired with honest conversation – this is your new fave.
  • Marriage Today – Hosted by Jimmy Evans (Marriage on the Rock, The Right One, Strength-Based Marriage) and his wife, this spirituality based podcast plays on your marriage’s strengths to build hope.
  • XO Marriage – Current events and a marriage ministry from the founders of Marriage Today. They also have a traveling marriage conference by the same name.
  • Relationship Alive – Interviews with relationship experts to figure out what it really takes to keep one alive – and how to make it thrive!
  • Focus on the Family – Starting as a radio broadcast, Focus on the Family has been airing since 1977 as one of the most widely listened to Christian family broadcasts, and now podcasts!

The Top Suggested Best Finance Podcasts

Readers' Favorites - the Best Podcasts

  • Dave Ramsey – Popular finance expert has podcasts ready for a listen to inspire you on your budgeting journey.
  • Afford Anything – Learn how to afford anything – but not everything. We are super interested to learn from this budgeting podcast.

The Best Podcasts for Life and Enjoyment

Best Podcasts for Couples' Enjoyment

  • The Real Life – Marriage, toddlers, faith, and culture – that is the REAL life.
  • Better Than Happy – Jody Moore talks about how to live a life that is better than happy. This is an inspirational podcast by a Latter-Day Saint member who knows life isn’t easy or comfortable.
  • COLD – Relatively new, this podcast focused on the Susan Powell case and digs deep into the cold-case files.
  • TED Radio Hour – We love a good TED talk around here, so listening to the podcasts is a perfect fix while on a road trip.
  • Serial – Take a look into some of the most divisive cases in the past few years while amateur investigator Sarah Koenig tries to find the truth.
  • This American Life – Ira Glass’s weekly public radio show looks into different parts of every day, but not always normal, American life.
  • Dear Sugars – If you have a burning question, you can ask “The Sugars” via their website. They answer questions and offer empathy.
  • Awesome with Alison – The goal of this podcast? Make you feel absolutely awesome! That’s something we can get behind! Get ready to laugh. A lot.
  • 3 in 30 Podcast – It may be marketed mostly to moms, but it’s really a lifestyle podcast to help you have 3 totally doable takeaways in just a 30-minute show.
  • Naked Conversations – A self-help podcast to improve relationships, communication, leadership and more.

Ok, everyone. Those are YOUR picks for the BEST podcasts for couples. We hope they can bring all sorts of benefits to your relationships through marriage advice or simply a discussion starter.

Add your favorites to the comments to keep sharing! And if you were wondering about apps, check out The BEST Apps for Couples. Or to take away from the technology and really focus on each other, try out our Conversation Starters!


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