Throw a Classy Bachelorette Party!

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Bachelorette Party of the Century

A party like no other, the bachelorette party baby! Getting together with all of your girls and celebrating the special bride is a night no one will ever forget! So no pressure, right? Take a deep breath and look no further because if you’re searching for the best bachelorette party ideas, we have got you covered! Here at The Dating Divas, we gathered over 70 ideas of our favorite fun bachelorette party ideas. Because ultimately, girls just wanna have fun! So to plan all of the bachelorette party ideas, you must check out all of these epic party tips that will reflect the bride’s interests and take your girl’s night to a whole other level!

Classy Bachelorette Party

With this many fun bachelorette party ideas, you’re sure to create the most epic bachelorette party of the century! We’ve broken them up into 5 categories:

I can’t wait to get started! First up… How to Host!

Bachelorette Party Planning

Your best friend is getting married!!! Hooray! Now, you are taking on the bachelorette party. May sound like no big deal, but once the bachelorette party planning begins, you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. With these fun bachelorette party ideas to help with planning, your mind can be at ease! Start with getting the list of girls from the bride. Once you get a headcount, begin planning the location, date, and time! Then create adorable invitations that represent the theme you have chosen that best reflects the bride’s interest! Your girls will be so excited to celebrate the bride’s bachelorette party!

All Girls Party

  • Free Bachelorette Checklist – Here’s the perfect party planning checklist for you, and it’s FREE!
  • 13 Tips For Planning – This has all of the tips and tricks that will make bachelorette planning a little less stressful!
  • The Ultimate Party Pack – This has everything you need to pull off a fantastically fun girls’ night!
  • Make a Guest List – This will help you organize your thoughts and get you ready for party planning!
  • Choosing Location – The location of the party is extremely important. So choose wisely!
  • Planning on a Budget – If you need to plan on a budget, these have the best hacks to help you plan the best bachelorette party!
  • Bachelorette Invitation – Now start the party off right with the cutest invite!
  • Select the Day and Time – Try to pick a day when a majority of the people you would like to invite will be able to attend.
  • Plan the food – Start planning what you will serve and who will prepare each dish. Make sure to think about your bachelorette theme before choosing food!
  • Plan the Activities – If you want to hire a DJ or reserve a table, consider doing it ahead of time, so things go smoothly!
  • Bachelorette Music Playlist – Because selecting appropriate music for the theme of your party is super important!

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party can be so much more than a night out with the girls. But before getting into bachelorette party planning mode, first thing’s first: Consider the budget! Chat with other guests and see what the girls are comfortable spending, and doing so will help narrow down the options. Also, it’s perfectly okay to chat with the bride and get her ideas on what she would like to do! Throw out a few activities and ask her to pick her top favorites and then take it from there. Focus on the bachelorette party themes, decorations, and games! Those are the main three topics to help navigate you in creating the best bachelorette party ever!

Bachelorette Party Themes

  • 25 Themed Bachelorette Ideas – Indecisive of which theme to do? Check out these 25 themed bachelorette party decorations!
  • Spa Party Themes – Now, take your girls on an oasis of a lifetime! This is the cutest bachelorette theme!
  • Girl’s Weekend Getaway – Find the perfect resort located near you because what’s better than a girl’s getaway!
  • Sports Themed – Take your girls out to the ballpark to watch a baseball game if you have a sporty bride! Bonus points for dressing up with bachelorette tiaras and “team bride” shirts and getting on the big screen!
  • Beach Bachelorette Party – Get your beach on with the girls by creating an epic beach themed party!
  • Rose Gold Everything – Rose gold is a lovely color to build your bachelorette party around! The Bride will love the rose gold bachelorette decorations and party favors.
  • Bachelorette Bonfire Party – Now, this is a great way to end the girl’s night with an epic bonfire!
  • Amusement Park Bachelorette – The thrill-seeking Bride will love this! Pick the biggest theme park near you or make it a Bachelorette weekend!
  • Concert Party – For the music-loving Bride, a concert would be a perfect way to entertain and keep the girls dancing all night long!
  • The 80s Theme – Because an 80’s themed bachelorette party is perfect for the girls who love to dress up!
  • Movie Night – Here are the best movies listed to get you hyped for your party. Such a fun bachelorette party theme for the bride who wants it chill.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark – So, this theme is all about having fun and doing something you normally wouldn’t.
  • Bachelorette Party Yoga – Book a local yoga studio for a great bachelorette party option that works during any time of the year!
  • Tropical Bachelorette – Whether it’s poolside, beachside, or in a boat, celebrate the bachelorette with a tropical party! Because who wouldn’t want a tropical party?!
  • Bachelorette Fiesta – Create a playlist for the party of Mexican favorites and blast it for the party guests. So many fun party decorations with this theme!
  • I’m a Barbie Girl – The cutest party theme – celebrate like everyone’s favorite blonde, Barbie!
  • All About the Fiance – Use the party as a fun excuse to celebrate the man your friend’s about to marry! For example, is he a cop? Have the girls all dress up as cops. These lists of questions will help you figure out who your friend’s fiance is!
  • Princess Bachelorette Party – No matter what you do, make sure the bachelorette feels like royalty! Because that’s what truly matters!
  • Western – Yeehaw! Celebrate the cowgirl with a Western-theme party decorations bash!
  • Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Show off the bride’s new rock with a theme based around her ring!

Gifts and Party Favors

One of the best parts of an epic girl’s night is getting bachelorette party favors to enjoy throughout the weekend. Needing some inspiration on what to include in your bachelorette party favor bags? Here’s a round-up of our favorite bachelorette party ideas that will be a hit with the I Do Crew. When it comes to bachelorette party favors, there are two ways you can go: go big or go home! You can either give the bridal crew fun items to use or wear while they’re at the party, or you can get them favors to take home and enjoy after the fun night. Now don’t forget the bride! Here are a variety of cute, yet affordable, bachelorette party favor ideas AND gifts for the bride.

Bachelorette Party Games

  • Lingerie – This is a classic bachelorette party gift idea, and this is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Personalized Compact Mirror – The cutest bachelorette party favor to add in each of the girl’s bag!
  • Lace Robe – A white lace robe will have her feeling like a beautiful bride all throughout the honeymoon.
  • To Have and to Hold Hair Ties – The cutest bachelorette hair ties to place in each girl’s party gift!
  • Bridal Panties – Her reaction to opening up these adorable panties will be the best!
  • Bride Swimsuit – For a beachy bachelorette weekend, a “bride” swimsuit will be sure to make a splash!
  • Heart Bachelorette Sunglasses – Have the I Do crew matching with this adorable bachelorette themed sunglasses!
  • Couple’s Massage Kit – This kit is a perfect gift for an evening of pampering or sensual massages!
  • Honeymoon Pack – The PERFECT gift for the bride! This will make it easy to turn up the heat during the honeymoon.
  • Bachelorette Hand Sanitizer – Treat each girl to a bachelorette themed hand sanitizer!
  • Physical Touch Gift Basket -This is super easy to assemble and contains everything the bride and groom need!
  • Party Favor Bags – A perfect bachelorette party favor bag for the smaller accessories!
  • Romantic Movie Date Gift – A romantic date where the bride and groom can relax AND connect!
  • The Ultimate Intimacy Pack – A 130+ page mega-bundle of 12 totally fresh and unique intimate bedroom games, one for each month for an entire YEAR!
  • Year of Date Nights – This would be the best gift for your friend!
  • Bachelorette Towels – The cutest towels for the I Do crew if you are planning a swim party!
  • Year of Sexy Dates – Year of Sexy Dates book has a whole year’s worth of sexy dates and bedroom games.
  • Bride Gift Bag – How cute would this gift be? I’m sure she would love it!

Bachelorette Party Games

Now what you have really been waiting for, the bachelorette party games! It ain’t a bachelorette party without games, right?! But if you really want to make your bestie’s party memorable for years to come, you’ll need some great bachelorette party games. To get the party started off right, consider a fun game of lingerie bingo or even a photo challenge! With so many options, strive to choose games that the bride will love! Because ultimately, it’s her night, right? Here we have an incredible list of fun but classy bachelorette party games just for you and your I Do crew!

Bachelorette Party Decorations

  • Night Out Ideas – With all of these AMAZING ideas, get ready to have an unforgettable night that your guests are sure to love!
  • Girl’s Night Out Kit – Creating the best bachelorette party is going to be super fun, simple, and doable! Hooray!
  • Gal’s Night – And now you’ve got everything you need to create the perfect, girly celebration and let the bride know how much you all appreciate her!
  • Style Swap – After you clean your closet, ask all the girls to do the same, and host the most AMAZING and ADORABLE style swap!
  • Pin the Kiss – Okay… so how awesome is this for a party activity?
  • The Groom Quiz – This game always ends up being a hit and is a super fun way for guests to get to know the couple a little better – so we highly recommend it!
  • Kiss the Miss Goodbye – This is one of our favorite activities because it doubles as a cute keepsake for the bride-to-be.
  • Lingerie Bingo – This is a MUST! Each set comes with 10 unique bingo cards.
  • How well do you Know the Bachelorette? – How cute is this?! The guest who gets the most questions right wins a prize!
  • Bachelorette Photo Challenge – A fun spin on the typical scavenger hunt! And plus, it’s free!
  • Truth or Dare – Here is a list of clean truth questions or dares to give you some inspiration!
  • Bachelorette Charades – With this fun bachelorette charades, everyone will have a great time filled with fun and laughter!
  • Party Games – Although these can be used for bridal shower games, there is no doubt the majority could be used as super fun bachelorette party games too!
  • Bachelorette Scratch-Off – A super fun game that everyone will love to play!

Ways to Spoil the Bride

When hosting a party for someone else, your main focus should be on the special person you are throwing it for! In this case, your best friend – the BRIDE! Choose to base the entire bachelorette party ideas on spoiling her! Ultimately, the purpose of bachelorette party planning is to help your bestie kiss her single life goodbye, spend time with her girlfriends and, of course, have lots of fun. But, it is also a time to get away from the stressful wedding planning and to relax. Some ways to spoil the bride is to focus on the bachelorette party themes! Is she sporty? Musical? Base the entire theme on what she loves to make her feel extra special!

Spoil the Bride

  • 18 Instagram-Worthy Bachelorette Pictures – Now there is nothing better than spoiling the bride with adorable pictures she can cherish forever!
  • Bride-To-Be Sash – Because what bachelorette party is complete without the obligatory bridal sash?
  • Bride and Babe Hats – These adorable hats go with any theme and are perfect for going out to dinner or hanging out by the pool.
  • Bride Fanny Packs – A creative favor to toss in your bachelorette guest bags!
  • Team Bride Headbands – These are an adorable way to dress up the girls for a night out on the town.
  • Love Balloon – Create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding with this beautiful rose gold script love balloon.
  • Rose Gold Party Pack – Get this adorable party pack to make your bride feel so loved and spoiled!
  • Bride and I Do Crew Sleep Mask – If you’re having a sleepover, these are a MUST HAVE!
  • Ring Pinata – Now, how fun is this?! Stuff this with bride candy such as ring pops or lollipops!
  • Bride Cups – Take it to the next level with these cute bridal cups!
  • Bridal Lip Balms – These would be the perfect touch to add to the party favors!
  • 6 Pack Party Wigs – Now, this would be a huge hit for party favors. Get crazy and order these fun wigs for all the girls!
  • Bachelorette Balloons – This will be a huge hit! Have each of the girls write a note saying why they love the bride all over the balloons.
  • Flashing Diamond – Give each of the girls a cute diamond ring to party with the bride!
  • Flower Crown with Veil – Now, this would be so darling on the bride. She will totally feel like a million bucks!
  • Cupcake Toppers – Treat the bride with yummy cupcakes topped with these adorable bridal cupcake toppers!

But if you are looking for more ways to make the bachelorette party even better, check out Have Fun with These Girls Night out Ideas and Galentines Day: Girl’s Night.


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