DIY Memory Travel Map

DIY States Travel Map

Bring your vacation memories to life with our personalized travel map!  This DIY project is the most adorable home decoration, bucket list, and memory keepsake – all in one! Whether you have lots of visited states under your belt or a long bucket list of travel plans this is the perfect way to document your travel adventures!

Want to make your own? Watch this video from our YouTube channel to find out more!

DIY Travel Map


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Isn’t this travel map GORGEOUS?! Our darling Courtney from Paperelli was the designer behind this beauty. Courtney has turned each state into a work of art! She’s created the map in a fairly neutral scheme, with pops of color, to coordinate with any decor in your home. The finished map comes out to be 24 x 36″, and will fit perfectly in a frame that size!

Travel Map

The DIY Travel Map Kit includes:

  • Beautiful Base Travel Map 
  • Visited States Map Templates
  • Destination & Embellishment Flags

Base Travel Map

This printable travel map pack has a darling design of every single one of the 50 states! Just print these beauties, cut them out and piece them together to make the gorgeous U.S. of A! We’ve created them in “chunks,” groups of states stuck together, so it’s less cutting for you!

Travel Map Places Visited

Visited States Map Templates

Although the map is lovely all on it’s own, adding your own pictures and memories will make it really stand out. The pack includes templates of all 50 states for you to trace and cut perfectly sized photos that fit directly onto your map!

Map of Travels


Destination and Embellishment Flags

Mark your map with your favorite vacation spots, future destinations, and special getaway spots! The embellishment flags included attach easily with a small pin and add extra cuteness to your travel map!

States Travel Map

Map Project Tip:

We recommend using metal sewing pins to attach your flags. Stick them right through the states at an angle and they will lay flat. We like these because they don’t have a very large head, so they easily fit behind the frame’s glass.  If you want to use bigger pins or tacks that stick out a little more, create the map in the frame, but leave the glass or plastic covering off. Then, it’s more easily updated as well! If you choose to take that route, we would recommend glueing the print to poster board or a piece or cardboard to keep it stiff and firm in the frame.

Family Travels Map

Isn’t this such a CUTE project? Our printables make it SO easy to pull together. No one will guess that you didn’t slave over this map for hours on end {WINK}. The travel map is just such a fun piece of art to display and a great conversation starter. You know you’re dying to make your own!

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Happy Travels!

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31 Responses to DIY Memory Travel Map

    1. Hi Nichol! Thank you! We are so excited about this project too!
      The dimensions of the map are 24 x 36 inches. We recommend engineer printing the large file at 24×36″ and creating it in a 24×36″ frame. Hope you love it!

      1. Sadly Staple denied me the engineer print today saying they wouldn’t do it in color (only $2.99) but offered to do it as a poster for $29.99! Eeek.

        So, looks like I’m gonna have to order more ink and print/assemble it myself.

        1. Oh bummer! I think it will depend where you get it printed if they’ll let you do a color engineer print or not. I actually ended up engineer printing my large template in B&W and then just covered it with the state pieces! Hope that helps, and that your map turns out beautifully!

    1. Thanks Hannha! I know right? I have mine hanging in my home and people are always asking about it! I’m sure any lucky couple would LOVE to get this as a gift!

    1. Hi Nicolette! Just so you know, this won’t be shipped to you. It’s a digital file, you’ll receive an email and then you can downland and print it. It’s a DIY project! Thanks!

    1. I haven’t tried putting it together on foam board! But that’s a FABULOUS idea! It would help keep the pins in place really well! The states all fit on a regular 8×11″ piece of paper, so if your cutting machine fits that, it should work!

    1. You’ll be using different sizes, depending on the state! The bigger states such as California and Texas are 8×10″, and the tiny ones on the East Coast are 2×2″. The photos range anywhere between there. Each state template has a suggested photo size included with it!

    1. Megan! Sadly, no, we can change the colors in the printables. You are welcome to contact the designer though to see if she would can change it for you! Her info is in the post above! 😉

    1. Hi Mistie! It would be tricky to resize it on your own- the states pieces might not fit right if it isn’t exactly proportioned right. You could contact our lovely graphic designer Courtney (who created this beauty) for a commission to resize it for you if you like. Her contact info is the post!

    1. Hi Michelle! The 2nd picture in the post is the finished product- I haven’t filled the whole map with photos yet since we haven’t traveled to each state yet! It was actually on a wall when I took the picture, but you can’t quite tell because of the way it’s cropped! I couldn’t zoom out anymore because the room is small… sorry! Hope that helps!