Turkey Bowling – Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving fun for everyone!

The family has gathered for Thanksgiving, the turkey has been carved, the mashed potatoes have been devoured and the pie has long since disappeared! Now what? When my family gets together, we ALWAYS love to play games and this year you better believe that Turkey Bowling is on the list!

Thanksgiving Family Fun!

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What is Turkey bowling you may ask? Well it is a craft, a game and a WHOLE BUNCH of laughs all packed into one!!

Free Printables - Thanksgiving!

To get started you will need to print off this AMAZING pack created for us by the one and only Crystal with A Well Feathered Nest. She completely blew us away with this pack! {The girl has serious skills!!}

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Once you have everything printed you will need just a few more supplies:

  • 1 Medium Pumpkin – {Bowling Ball}
  • 10 Small/Medium Butternut Squash – {Pins}
  • Scissors – {To cut everything out!}
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape – {To decorate your pins!}
  • Ribbon – {To hang the awards on!}
  • Pen – {To keep score!}
  • A Large, Open, Grassy Area – {To bowl in!}
  • Some Fun Family Members/Couples! – {Because FUN people are so much better than boring ones! {wink!}}

Family Games - Free Printables!

With your supplies in hand you are ready to begin! You have two options of how to start this activity. You could prep all of the squash before your guests arrive or pull everything out once dinner is complete {or when you are looking for something to keep the kiddos busy while cooking!} and let your guests help decorate the “pins!” – I would personally pick the second option! I would also note that no matter which way you choose to prep the pins I would have the awards, playing cards and score board prepped/cut out before hand!


If your Thanksgiving is already packed full and your stomaches are too round to play {you ALL know what I am talking about!} you can completely make this a date night!! Grab a few of your favorite couples, set a date and bowl the night away!!

Holiday Family Games!

Once all of the the “pins” are prepped you simply set them up in a large grassy area and get ready to bowl the afternoon away!

Thanksgiving Family Fun!

You can always play like a normal game of bowling, but lets be honest, where is the fun in that? For this reason we have included fun playing cards to help spice things up a bit and get everyone laughing!

Turkey Bowling- Thanksgiving games!

Once you have bowled your last frame, tally up your scores and pass out the awards! This is such a fun family game that is sure to become a tradition in no time!

Thanksgiving Free Printables

Print off your Turkey Bowling pack for your family Thanksgiving party or Thanksgiving date night!!

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