Use Social Media to Strengthen Family

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Marriage and Family Improvement through Social Media

 Social media is all around us: our phones, watches, computers, etc. We are constantly connecting to people around the world, but are you using social media to connect to the people closest to you?! We want to help you find ways to use your technology to bring your family closer together and avoid simply using it as a distraction from the ones you love {intentionally or not}. Lets all grow together instead of apart by using our favorite social media!

Using social media to grow closer to family!

Get ready to get the BEST ideas you’ve ever heard about how to use social media to make your family and marriage stronger!
Using Social Media to Strengthen Family with Pinterest
Pinterest may not be your first go to for social media that can bring your family closer together, but it totally can! We have some of the best tips from the Divas to help you figure out how!

  • “Pinning date night ideas! I have a bucket list board of all the date ideas that I want to do and then I even transfer them over to a “dates we have done” board.” – Diva Sarina
  • “I have gift boards for everyone and my hubby just logs into my account to get ideas. We also use it to talk about our dream house ideas and date night ideas. ” – Diva Ferren
  • “Pinterest is like a visual google. Need a last minute family night? Done! You’ll have zillions to choose from at the click of a button. Kids bored this summer and you need a quick and easy craft or free coloring pages??!! DONE! You’ll have loads in a couple of seconds. Need parenting advice? There’s loads of inspiring and encouraging articles.” – Diva Becca {She’s our Pinterest Director! So she has GREAT ideas on how to use this outlet to strengthen family}
  • “I use it a lot for recipes, which can arguably strengthen the family… dinners together bring you closer together!” – Diva Gabby
  • “We use Pinterest to look for ideas for new furniture projects or home projects.” – Diva Kari
  • “He absolutely LOVES this because of my wish list boards! My hubby doesn’t use Pinterest for himself, but I have come home to him accomplishing something that he built (like a dresser) that I had previously pinned. He’s constantly serving me by doing things like that, and I absolutely love it!” – Diva Mandi

Aren’t those the BEST ideas?! Pinterest can make your life easier and lessen stress on both husband and wife! One last thought from our Pinterest Director, Becca, “DON’T use Pinterest to compare yourself to other (more creative and talented) moms. Ha- oh no! That’s NOT what it is for. Use it to save you time and give you brilliant ideas! Why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done it for you?”
Instagram is perfect for bringing you and your spouse closer.
Instagram is another fabulous social media outlet that allows you to share pictures with your followers.

  • “We post a lot of MEMES on there and my husband isn’t on Instagram, so my trick is to take a screenshot of them and I TEXT them to him. He loves it and it’s an easy way to show my love.” – Diva Tara
  • “We both do have an account on here, but I definitely use it more than him. However, he will say things like, “did you see what so and so posted from their wedding?” And that helps open up the conversation in marriage.” – Diva Heather
  • “I make Chat Books from my Instagram account- super easy/cheap way to print photo books with your insta pics! We also have a hashtag for our baby” – Diva Gabby
  • “I LOVE following accounts that share inspiring and fun quotes. I follow several religious accounts because I love those little inspirational thoughts and scriptures. I follow several health and exercise accounts, too, to keep me motivated to workout and to get new, healthy recipe ideas.” – Diva Becca

Of course, all of the Divas also LOVE the 30 Days of Love Challenge! We use that program to support and share more love! 
Strengthen your family by using Facebook!
Facebook. This is the most established {that’s a nice way to say oldest, right?} social media outlet that we are focusing on today. There are a lot of opinions on FB, but we have some ways to use it to HELP not HURT the family.

  • “We enjoy watching hilarious viral posts together and will often share them with just each other!” – Diva Mandi
  • “We love this for the “time hop” and seeing our journey over the years.” – Diva Melissa
  • “My family and I have a separate group on FB where we post silly things and inside jokes, let each other know family updates, etc. It definitely brings us closer together since we have fun ways to connect.” – Diva Jessie
  • “Only follow people who inspire you. Facebook will show you MORE of what you like… so if I am cracking up over a video, I like it or comment. That way, FB tracks my interaction and tries to produce more of what I love.” – Diva Tara
  • “You can also find out a lot about local events, like food trucks, festivals etc. from Facebook, which are PERFECT date ideas! We found out about a fun bbq festival and a hot air balloon fair from Facebook.” – Diva Gabby

Social media can be use to strengthen family and marriage connection!
Make social media work for you! If you need more ideas about how to be uplifted and strengthened you need to visit some of our favorite pinterest boards:
Strengthening Your Marriage
Family Fun Ideas
Date Night Ideas
Make sure to also follow us on Facebook and Instagram
Another way to make social media work for you is to be prepared! Check out The Social Media Marriage Mess for tips on how to protect your family and marriage. And of course, there are hundreds of great apps that people love. Check out the 10 Apps to Strengthen Your Marriage!


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