101 Creative Halloween Family Costume Ideas 2022

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It is time to start sifting through the PERFECT Halloween family costume ideas! While you may normally dread trying to plan out what everyone will wear for a costume, we have totally got your back this year. So look no further because we have put together a list of family costume ideas for this years Halloween festivities to put your mind at ease!

101 of the Best Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Celebrate Halloween with an epic family costume | The Dating Divas
Family celebrates Halloween with epic family costume ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 101 of the Best Family Halloween Costume Ideas
  2. Halloween Family DIY Costume Ideas
  3. 20 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Siblings
  4. 15 Unique Halloween Family Costume Ideas
  5. Scary Family Halloween Costume Ideas
  6. Movie Inspired Halloween Family Costumes for 3 or More
  7. 10 Easy Homemade Costumes Inspired by Books

Halloween Family DIY Costume Ideas

Not everyone loves a good DIY Halloween costume, but these DIY family costume ideas sure are cute and easy to make!

I love family costume ideas, and this hungry hippo one is ADORABLE! | The Dating Divas

1. Hungry Hungry Hippos I’ve never seen this before and it is the cutest, easiest DIY costume idea! Game-inspired family costume ideas can be so fun.

Family costumes can be themed around your favorite sport like this football costume. | The Dating Divas

2. Football Family Costumes The entire family can dress up with these fun football-themed Halloween costumes! Also, how darling is that little football?!

Awesome Halloween costumes for families. | The Dating Divas

3. DIY Family Star Wars Costumes The “force” will definitely be with your family this year with these easy-to-make Star Wars costumes! Perfect for siblings or the entire family! If you’d rather buy them, you can grab Anakin, Leia, Luke, and Yoda all online!

Donut shop family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

4. Family Doughnut Shop Costumes Create these delicious family Halloween costume ideas with a couple of aprons, Kripsy Kreme hats, and a blow-up doughnut!

Steal some hearts this Halloween with robber family costumes. | The Dating Divas

5. Bank Robbers Looking for a last-minute family Halloween costume? It doesn’t get much easier than this cute bank robber costume! Grab a couple of striped tees and some “bandit bags” from your local craft store to create an unforgettable Halloween costume this year.

Homemade beards on these DIY costumes are cozy and cute! | The Dating Divas

6. Duck Dynasty Family Your family will be “Happy, Happy, Happy” when they dress up as the famous gang from Duck Dynasty. Simply throw on some fake beards and camouflage pants for the perfect family Halloween costume, Jack!

Sunshine and rainbows on a halloween night are sure to bring smiles. | The Dating Divas

7. Weather Family Use Halloween to dress up as some of your favorite weather features! We love that the cloud covers the wagon that your toddler will inevitably need.  

Family costume ideas can be posh just like these French circus clowns. | The Dating Divas

8. Family of French Circus Clowns C’est la vie! We are obsessing over this cute family of French clowns! The best part? The entire family can join in on this whimsical family Halloween costume – dog and all!

An easy homemade costume can be yours for just a couple liters of soda. | The Dating Divas

9. DIY Scuba Diver Costumes You need to check out one of our favorite, and DARLING, DIY costume ideas! Use soda pop bottles to make your own creative scuba diver costumes for your family this Halloween!

Make your little hunter smile with family costume ideas that incorporate his or her interests. | The Dating Divas

10. Hunter and Deer Costumes Need to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume? Why not dress up as a hunter and deer! All you need is some camouflage and creative make-up to pull off this family Halloween costume!

Matching family costume ideas that are Waldo themed. | The Dating Divas

11. “Where’s Waldo” DIY Family Costumes You can throw together this fun family Halloween costume in less than an hour with some bold red and white striped shirts, leggings, and beanies!

Gather your lost boys for this fun family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

12. Family of Lost Boys and Peter Pan To say we are obsessed with these awesome Halloween costumes is a complete understatement! Have fun dressing up as the Lost Boys and Peter Pan this year with these easy-to-follow instructions!

Family halloween costume ideas that are based on your favorite cartoon too? Sign us up! | The Dating Divas

13. DIY Sesame Street Costumes Take a stroll down Sesame Street with these quick and easy, DIY costumes!

A family costume for the cavemen in your life. | The Dating Divas

14. Cavemen Family Costumes This is such a fun and fast costume for any family member (regardless of gender or age)! With some faux fur, fabric, and this easy tutorial, you too can create the perfect cavemen costumes for your entire family!

Bob Ross and his favorite happy tree make for awesome Halloween costumes. | The Dating Divas

15. Bob Ross and Happy Tree Okay, we BURST out laughing when we saw this totally creative, DIY Halloween costume! Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Bob Ross or a “happy tree” for Halloween? Grab a few simple supplies and create a masterpiece of a costume that no one will forget!

A Lego family costume can be an easy homemade costume. | The Dating Divas

16. Lego Family Your family will be saying, “Everything is Awesome” with these DIY Lego costumes! Create these over-the-top family Halloween costumes with just a few simple supplies.

Cuddly, cute, Care Bear costumes for a family halloween costume. | The Dating Divas

17. Care Bear Family Costumes Can we talk about these adorable DIY Care Bear costumes? They are perfect in EVERY way! Follow these instructions to create one of the most darling family costume ideas this year.

There's a color for everyone for this crayon DIY costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

18. Box of Crayons These colorful DIY costumes are perfect for the whole family! Let each family member choose their favorite color to dress up as this Halloween! If you’d rather buy them online, you can grab some child sizes here, and some adult sizes here. (They have tons of other colors and sizes, too, even some for babies!)

Your family is simply incredible, show it with this family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

19. DIY Incredibles Costumes Anyone can make their own family Incredibles costumes in just a few easy steps! Be sure to check out this awesome tutorial. If you’d rather buy the costumes, you are in luck. You can grab Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack online to make your life super-duper easy!

Family costume ideas don't get more classic than superheroes! | The Dating Divas

20. Batman and Robin Costumes Aren’t these Batman and Robin costumes too cute? You can grab some fun Bat-girl options here and here, and we are loving this darling Robin costume for a little gal! (If you’re looking for some for your little guy, try here for Batman and here for Robin).

Easy beach-themed family costume ideas for mom and dad, cute costume for the kiddo. | The Dating Divas

21. Shark, Lifeguard, and Swimmer Watch out… There’s a shark in the water! Throw together this last-minute family Halloween costume without any stress.

Family costume ideas for 3 or more are so fun, check out this family of 6 in their Beauty and the Beast costumes. | The Dating Divas

22. Beauty and the Beast Okay this HAS to be the most adorable Plumette we have ever seen! Dress your kids up as the classic characters from Beauty and the Beast this Halloween. What little girl wouldn’t want to wear this beauty of a dress?!

Easy family costume ideas that can be found in your closet like this safari themed one. | The Dating Divas

23. Family of Safari Explorers This Halloween costume just makes us want to squeeze that cute little lion!  Throw on some khaki shorts to create an “explorer” costume for you and your spouse and have the kids dress up as wild safari animals!

DIY family costume ideas for pregnancy and toddlers can be tough, this Winnie the Pooh costume makes it easy. | The Dating Divas

24. Winnie the Pooh Family Costumes Check out these darling Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Christopher Robin costumes made with FELT! It seriously doesn’t get much easier than that!

Dress up your family costume ideas with Pixar inspiration and Toy Story costumes. | The Dating Divas

25. DIY Toy Story Costumes Your family will be soaring, “to infinity and beyond,” with these simple Toy Story-inspired costumes! Be sure to check out how you can recreate your own Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie costumes! If you’d rather buy them, you can grab Jessie, Woody, and Buzz all here!

20 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Siblings

Make Halloween extra special by coordinating your kids’ costumes! Here are just a few of our favorite sibling costume ideas–from fairytale characters to warrior ninjas!

Fairytale family costume ideas like Little Red Riding Hood are classic. | The Dating Divas

26. Red Riding Hood and Wolf Turn this classic tale into a fun Halloween costume! If you are short on time, we have found some cute pre-made costumes for Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

3 good fairies and more fun family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

27. Three Good Fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather have never looked cuter! If you have girls in your family, this would make the perfect sibling costume for Halloween! We also ADORE all of these darling kids dresses.

Every kid wants to be a ninja at some point. Add this to your list of family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

28. Sibling NinjasThis is such a great Halloween costume for any family member (regardless of gender or age!) They used simple karate uniforms and fabric dye. Easy peasy! Don’t forget to snap some pictures of your kids showing off their best ninja-warrior moves! If you’d rather buy some done-for-you costumes, you can grab a green, blue, and red all online!

Pac Man vs the ghosts is a fun sibling and family costume idea.

29. Pac-man This Pac-man-inspired sibling costume will bring back some serious memories of your own childhood! You can also check out a great Pac-man costume for kids here, and a cute Pinky costume here for more inspiration!

Disney family costume ideas for Mickey Mouse and Minnie costume. | The Dating Divas

30. Mickey and Minnie Mouse We can’t get over these stinkin’ cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes! Create your own DIY version of this cute sibling costume or purchase a Minnie Mouse costume online and a Mickey one, too!

Family costume ideas where everyone is happy can be difficult, but everyone loves a Ghostbusters costume. | The Dating Divas

31. Ghostbusters “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” You need to check out this DARLING costume idea inspired by the classic film! You can make ’em yourself, or to simplify a little, grab them online (they have toddler sized and child sized, and even the Stay-Puft Man, as well as Slimer! These fun Halloween costumes are perfect for any siblings.

Peter Pan family costume ideas can include Tinkerbell, pirates, lost boys, and more. | The Dating Divas

33. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell We think this Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costume combination is simply magical! You can grab them online, too – this Tinkerbell costume is darling, and they have TONS of other options and sizes too!

Superhero sibling family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

34. Superheroes The possibilities are endless with these cute superhero-themed costumes! Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or X-men! Let your kids pick and choose their favorite characters to dress up as this Halloween!

Classic cartoon family costume ideas for The Flintstones. | The Dating Divas

35. The Flintstones: Wilma and FredAren’t these Wilma and Fred costumes perfect in every way?! You can grab a darling Wilma costume here and a fun Fred costume here, if making them isn’t up your alley! Dress up your kiddos as characters from the classic t.v. show, The Flintstones this Halloween. Make it an even bigger family costume idea by adding the other characters!

Nintendo-themed family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

36. Mario and Luigi Go-Kart Costumes Geek out your kids with these adorable Mario and Luigi costumes— go-karts and all! You can grab a Mario one here and a Luigi one here. They even have Mario and Luigi costumes for girls and tons of other options for families of all sizes!

A unique, barbershop family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

37. Barbershop Quartet Whether or not your kids can carry a tune, they will look absolutely adorable dressed up as a barbershop quartet this Halloween!

Rag dolls for a fun family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

38. Ragdolls These ragdoll Halloween costumes are oh-so-cute! You can even create your very own yarn wigs in a few simple steps! If you are short on time, you could grab a wig, or get a complete Rag Doll girls costume. Those websites also have TONS of other options if you’re searching for a perfect family costume this year!

Robin Hood provides many family costume ideas, Disney version or otherwise. | The Dating Divas

39. Robin Hood and Marian Both boys and girls will love these fun Halloween costumes! Robin Hood and Maid Marian have never looked cuter! You can also snag a great Robin Hood costume and a gorgeous Victorian girls costume for more formal family costume ideas.

Family costume ideas for nursery rhymes like Bo Peep and sheep. | The Dating Divas

40. Bo Peep and Sheep We can’t get over this Bo Peep costume! And how adorable is that little lamb? She made them on her own, but if you would rather buy them online, you can get a darling blue Bo Peep costume or a pink one. I can’t decide which one is cuter! Don’t forget to add a fun little sheep costume to your cart!

Ninjas are fun, ninja turtles are TUBULAR - what a fun family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

41. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Cowabunga Dude!” This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired sibling costume will have your kids so excited to dress up this Halloween! Grab costumes for Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michael Angelo, and check out the awesome girl options, too!

Unique family costume ideas needed? How about rock, paper, scissors? | The Dating Divas

42. Rock, Paper, and Scissors Looking for a quick handmade costume for your kiddos? Look no further! Check out this super original, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” costume idea!

Veggies aren't the top of your family costume ideas list, but they should be! | The Dating Divas

43. Vegetables If you have little ones, you might consider dressing them up as their favorite characters from Veggie Tales! We especially love that you can quickly make this cute costume at home!

Hansel and Gretl are fun family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

44. Hansel and Gretel This has to be one of our FAVORITE family costume ideas! Turn the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel into a fun Halloween costume! We found a great Hansel costume, and a darling little Gretel costume, too!

Classic literature can provide great family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

45. Three Musketeers Need to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume for your kiddos? Check out this fast Three Musketeers costume tutorial! If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to whip one up before Halloween, you can always grab one here.

15 Unique Halloween Family Costume Ideas

Looking for that family costume that will win you the prize at your upcoming Halloween party? Look no further! We have gathered the top 15 creative Halloween costumes… perfect for an entire family!

Circus family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

46. Circus Family Costumes Wow, if these circus-inspired costumes don’t win most creative at a party – I don’t know what would! Would you look at that adorable “strong man?” Classic!

Taco and mariachi family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

47. Tacos and Mariachi Man Tacos aren’t just for eating these days, they also make super creative Halloween costumes! Add a little mariachi man to the mix and you have yourself an over-the-top family Halloween costume! You can grab a fun adult-sized Taco costume and a mariachi costume, too!

Stick figure family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

48. Family of Stick FiguresThis funny (and not to mention easy) family Halloween costume is sure to get people laughing! Grab some white clothes, electrical tape, a paper plate, markers, and some string to recreate these hilarious costumes for your entire family!

DIY family costume idea for a game-themed Halloween. | The Dating Divas

49. Family Game Night Costumes Can you say creative? These unique family costume ideas shed a whole new light on “family game night!”

Lobster and chef family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

50. Lobster and ChefsBring on the Lobsterfest! We don’t know about you, but that is about the cutest lobster we have ever seen! Dress up as chefs alongside your little lobster(s) for an unforgettable Halloween costume! Get a toddler lobster costume, or a baby one, and some fun Chef whites here!

Egyptian and mummy awesome Halloween costumes. | The Dating Divas

51. Egyptian-Themed Family CostumesMummies, Cleopatra, King Tut, and a cat! These Egyptian-themed family costumes are definitely showstoppers! We love the uniqueness of each costume! Here is a great Cleopatra costume, a fun mummy costume (that ISN’T toilet paper…although that definitely could work!), and a King Tut costume.

This bee-themed family halloween costume idea is unBEElievable. | The Dating Divas

52. Bees and Beehive Family Costumes This Halloween costume just makes us want to squeeze those cute little bumblebees!  We especially love how the whole family can get on board with this creative Halloween costume! If you want to grab a costume online rather than hunt around, you can get a Bee Keeper costume here, and TONS of other “bee”-themed options for the various ages of your family here! (Just type in “bee” in the search bar!)

Did you know family costume ideas can come from fast-food restaurants? | The Dating Divas

53. Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Costumes Chicken anyone? We totally laughed when we saw this creative Halloween costume idea! Colonel Sanders has never looked better! You can grab the famous white suit here for your child, or here for an adult. Don’t forget the beard and wig!

54. Camping Family – Looking to take away the prize for the most creative costume this year? Get the WHOLE family involved with these unique “Let’s Go Camping” -themed costumes! There is everything from a DIY camper costume to a cute little marshmallow s’more!

DIY spaghetti and meatball family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

55. Spaghetti and Chef We love a good bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, so it is no wonder we are drooling over this adorable family costume!

Use a wagon as a boat for pirate family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

56. Band of Pirates“X” definitely marks the spot with this unique family costume! This year, dress up as a band of pirates! The best part about this costume is the ENTIRE family can participate! There are so many pirate costumes available out there. There is definitely something for every age and stage!

S'more family costume ideas are always fun! | The Dating Divas

57. S’more Family CostumesWe all know chocolate makes EVERYTHING better, especially Halloween costumes! Dress up your family in their favorite candies for a deliciously unique Halloween costume.

Sweets and baked goods for family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

58. Family of Baked Goods These creative family costume ideas are super scrumptious! You too can create these baked goods costumes for your kids and spouse because guess what? There is NO sewing required! Be sure to check out the awesome tutorial!

Farm themed family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

59. Farm Family CostumesThe possibilities are endless with this creative family costume! Let your kids pick out their favorite farm animals to dress up as this Halloween! This little cow costume has us swooning, this adult turkey get-up is great, and this baby lamb is too cute for words! Don’t forget to throw a cute farmer in the mix!

Everyone loves cartoon family costume ideas like this Phineas and Ferb idea. | The Dating Divas

60. Phineas and Ferb Family Costumes You need to check out this over-the-top DIY costume! Earn some major brownie points with your kiddos this year when your entire family dresses up as the Phineas and Ferb gang for Halloween!

Scary Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Maybe “cutesy” just isn’t your family’s thing. Don’t worry because we have rounded up 10 of our favorite scary Halloween costumes – perfect for the whole family! Let the spooking begin!

Get scary with a family of monsters family costume for 3 or more. | The Dating Divas

61. Monster Family Embrace your inner monster with these classic Halloween costumes! Be sure to get the full scoop on how you recreate this DIY family Halloween costume! You can get an adult Frankenstein costume, or this zombie bride is so much fun!

VooDoo family costume ideas are both scary and original. | The Dating Divas

62. Voo Doo Family Is this family Halloween costume creepy or what!? Turn your family into voodoo dolls for a costume that is sure to scare the pants off everyone around you!

Mummies are an easy homemade costume. | The Dating Divas

63. DIY Mummy Costumes These spooky mummy costumes will come in handy if you are trying to throw together some family Halloween costumes last minute! They are quick, easy, and not to mention inexpensive to make!

Family costume ideas fro a bunch of zombies. | The Dating Divas

64. Family of Zombies It’s a zombie apocalypse! With a little creative make-up, your family will be able to spook all the neighbors this Halloween! For an easy-peasy zombie make-up tutorial, click here!

Skeleton family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

65. Family of Skeletons This spooky family Halloween costume is especially perfect for a growing family! Check out these awesome skeleton maternity shirts that are perfect for a Halloween costume!

Ghost family costume ideas. | The Dating Divas

66. Family of Ghosts There isn’t anything quite as spooky as a family of ghosts! With a little creative make-up and white clothing, you can make your very own “vintage” ghost costumes for your entire family!

The Adams Family is an awesome family halloween costume idea. | The Dating Divas

67. Addams Family Costume We all know that the Addams Family is not only completely kooky but also super spooky! Bring out your family’s inner “scary” with this awesome Halloween costume! You can grab some great costumes online, like Morticia, Wednesday, Gomez, Uncle Fester, and – of course – if you LOVE to go big on Halloween, this Cousin It costume is a must-see!

Dia de los Muertos brought us the Catrina and Catrin and a wonderful family costume idea. | The Dating Divas
Day of the Dead Halloween

68. Dia De Los Muertos Costumes This family Halloween costume is so clever! Celebrate the dead with this costume inspired by El Dia de Los Muertos. There are so many fantastic costumes out there for this, but a good jumping-off point is found here.

Family costume ideas for Beetlejuice. | The Dating Divas

69. Beetlejuice Family Costumes Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Take a look at this over-the-top family Halloween costume inspired by the scary-good movie, Beetlejuice. This kid-sized Beetlejuice costume is just too fun, and you can grab those iconic masks here and here.

Your favorite family film The Nightmare Before Christmas is now your favorite family costume idea. | The Dating Divas

70. Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes Let’s be honest…ANY Tim Burton movie would make an awesome Halloween costume, but we are ESPECIALLY in love with this spooky Nightmare Before Christmas idea! They totally nailed the Jack Skellington and Sally make-up and costumes! We’ve found a fantastic Sally costume for girls and adults, and this darling infants costume for Jack Skellington himself!

Movie Inspired Halloween Family Costumes for 3 or More

Still scrambling to put together the ultimate family Halloween costume? You might wanna try turning to some of your favorite movies for inspiration! Here are over 20 family costume ideas from just a few of our favorite flicks!

71. Frozen Trust us, the Frozen epidemic is still alive and well! Take a look at how you can create your own family Frozen costumes just in time for Halloween! Or, if you prefer to buy them online, you can grab Anna’s here, Elsa’s here, Kristoff’s here, and Olaf’s here!

72. Hocus Pocus If we didn’t know any better, we would have thought this family stepped right out of the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus! We are in love with all the little details of this awesome family costume!

73. Mary Poppins Classic Disney films are the perfect inspiration for a great family Halloween costume! Check out this Mary Poppins costume for example… It is practically perfect in every way! If you’d like to grab them online now, you can get an adult Mary Poppins costume here, and a great chimney sweep costume here!

74. Tangled This family’s Tangled costume is magical! Here is a fantastic child Rapunzel costume for the little princess in your life, but if Mom has her eye on the princess this year, this adult Rapunzel costume is so flowy and fun!

75. Wizard of Oz There isn’t a shortage of characters in this story. All of your family members can play a part in your own Wizard of Oz! We’re loving this classic Dorothy child costume, and this Toto is a must!

76. The Avengers Avengers assemble! This family has taken family Halloween costume to a whole new level! Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man costumes are a snap to find online, too! (There are even fun girl options.)

77. How to Train Your Dragon Channel your inner Viking with a creative Halloween costume ideas! From Hiccup to Toothless, this family’s How to Train Your Dragon costumes are spot on! You can get a done-for-you Hiccup costume here, and a cute Astrid costume here!

78. Finding Nemo Check out these cute Finding Nemo costumes for each member of your family. The umbrella for octopus legs is just brilliant!

79. 101 Dalmations Take a look at these darling costume ideas from the movie, 101 Dalmations! We are dying over this darling toddler costume!

80. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Talk about awsome Halloween costumes! Inspired by the popular film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, these costumes are sure to take home a prize! To pull off the look, you can get a child or adult Willy Wonka costume, and of course an Oompa Loompa for one of the littles in your life!

81. Napoleon Dynamite Seriously?! These costumes are “Flippin’ sweet”! Dress your family up as the infamous characters from the comedy, Napoleon Dynamite.

82. The Hobbit Take a journey to Middle Earth with these unique family Hobbit costumes!

83. Cinderella This family Halloween costume from the movie, Cinderella is simply magical! There are also so many character options for this sweet family costume including Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and a helpful munchkin mouse!

84. Three Amigos! This family Halloween costume is so clever! Inspired by the Three Amigos!, celebrate Halloween in true style dressed up as your favorite character from the movie!

85. Scooby-Doo “Zoinks!” Your family will LOVE dressing up as the retro characters from the classic movie, Scooby-Doo, like Daphne, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Scooby, of course!

86. Annie Here is another family costume idea that we had to laugh at! How darling is that little Annie?! Check out this costume for Annie to make this year a breeze!

87. Alice in Wonderland It’s time for a tea party in Wonderland! Check out this awesome family Halloween costume idea with characters like the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. How darling is this Alice costume?

88. Sleeping Beauty This family Halloween costume is just plain awesome! Your girls will love dressing up as the Good Fairies or Aurora and you could take on the evil villain, Maleficent!

89. Up! This HAS to be the world’s cutest costume! This family has done a terrific job of bringing the Disney Pixar movie, Up! to life!

90. Despicable Me This resourceful family used warm clothes from around the house to create fun Despicable Me costumes for everyone! We especially love those little minions! Don’t forget to grab a black and grey scarf like this!

91. Monsters University These family-themed Halloween costumes are scary-good! Get the whole family in on the fun with these awesome DIY costumes inspired by the popular movie, Monsters University, like Mike Wazowski and Sully!

10 Easy Homemade Costumes Inspired by Books

What better place to look for some Halloween costume inspiration than your favorite books! Check out these adorable family costumes from some of the most beloved stories and novels…

92. Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are is one of our FAVORITE children’s books! Even if you aren’t the craftiest person in the world, you can still make this Halloween costume for your family. Check out these easy instructions! Or, if you are short on time, you must see this perfect Max costume and Carol costume!

93. Madeline “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.” Okay, but seriously how ADORABLE are these little girl costumes inspired by the sweet Madeline book series? We love those little hats! You can grab your done-for-you costume here!

94. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie These costumes from the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie are so easy to throw together, especially last minute!

95. Diary of a Wimpy Kid We love the fun books from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so it is no wonder we are obsessed with this original family costume idea! Earn some major “cool points” with your kids as you dress up as a family of characters from their favorite book!

96. Harry Potter “Expecto Patronum!” Keep the Harry Potter magic alive with these magical family costume ideas! There are so many character options for this fun costume idea including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Bellatrix, and even Hedwig the owl! It is the perfect book-inspired costume for the entire family!

97. Curious George Every kid loves Curious George! Throw together some fun Halloween costumes inspired by this popular children’s book! You could easily put together a few DIY costume ideas to make this work.

98. Dr. Seuss This has to be one of our FAVORITE book costume ideas! Those blue wigs are fantastic!

99. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Storytime just turned into an adorable family Halloween costume! How sweet is this little family dressed up as Goldilocks and the Three Bears? You can grab some bear costumes online, or this sweet little baby bear get-up! And isn’t this Goldliocks costume just so perfect?!

100. Three Little Pigs Grab clothes you already have in your kids’ closets and add some cute headpieces to create this Three Little Pigs costume!

101. Very Hungry Caterpillar Talk about a very CUTE caterpillar! Bring the pages of the much-loved Eric Carle classic to life with your Halloween costumes this year! We are dying over this little newborn caterpillar!

And there you have it! 101 of the VERY best Halloween costume ideas for families! Now the tough part is deciding which one your family will use this year!

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    1. Hello Nina! Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your thoughts about the costumes, and we agree. We are working to update that post ASAP! Thank you again! XO

    1. HAHA So true!! Having too many great ideas is a good problem to have! 🙂 Happy choosing! I’m sure your family will look SO cute this year!! XO

    1. HOORAY!!! I know! Fall is just around the corner and then it seems like it’s full speed ahead into the holidays!! Good luck in choosing your costumes!! XOXO

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