50 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

50 DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Still don’t have your couples costumes picked out?!  No worries! We’ve put together an inspirational list of easy couples Halloween costumes. It’s always fun to dress up with your sweetheart, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting to find the perfect couples costumes! There is so much pressure to have a cute, clever or funny Halloween costume. So when the inspiration is lacking… check out these 50 EASY last minute couples Halloween costume ideas that will still make you the hit of the party!

50 Last Minute Couples Costumes

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Just because you waited last minute doesn’t mean your costume has to look last minute?!  These quick and easy ideas are creative and unique!

To narrow down all of these fabulous ideas, we’ve broken them up into 8 categories of couples costumes:

  1. 7 Movie Themed Couples Costumes
  2. 3 Game Themed Couples Costumes
  3. 9 Object Themed Couples Costumes
  4. 5 Pun Themed Couples Costumes
  5. 8 TV Show Themed Couples Costumes
  6. 4 Spoof Themed Couples Costumes
  7. 5 Book Themed Couples Costumes
  8. 9 Cute Combo Themed Couples Costumes 

Couples Costumes Inspired by Movies

If you’re the ultimate movie buff, these last minute Halloween costumes are sure to be the perfect fit! Everyone will love it when they recognize you and your spouse’s couples costumes from this brilliant list.

Last Minute Couples Costumes

Couples Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies
1. Dirty Dancing: What classic couples costumes! For Him: Tight black jeans rolled at the bottom and a tight black, tucked in T-shirt. For Her: A knotted white T-shirt and cut off jean shorts. Easy Halloween costumes for adults? Check!

2. Grease: Another classic! You could really replicate a couple of Danny and Sandy’s styles from this movie, but the final scene is such a great one! For Him: Tight black jeans rolled at the bottom, Converse style sneakers, a tight white T-shirt and a black leather jacket {this one would work great!}. Can’t forget the greasy slicked hair! For Her: Tight leather pants or leggings, hot red heels, and a tight off the shoulder black top! Pretty curls in the hair are a great addition! {Plus here is her jacket as well!} 

3. Johnny Cash and June Carter: For Him: All black outfit and a guitar. For Her: Pretty 50’s/60’s style dress. Check your local thrift store! This one tops the list of our favorite super cute couple costumes.

4. Castaway: For Him: Tattered white T-shirt and khakis. A Fed-ex envelope is a great addition! For Her: A white T-shirt with a volleyball drawn on it and, of COURSE, the red handprint. {You could even get the actual volleyball here!} Isn’t this just one of the best funny couple costumes?!

Last Minute Movie Costumes for Couples

5. Forrest Gump and Jenny:  For Him: Khaki pants, a plaid button up T-shirt and a ball cap. For Her: A 70’s style dress, guitar and flower headpiece!

6. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: Sandlot is one of our ALL-TIME FAVORITE movies! LOVE this idea! For Him: A baseball style T-shirt, ball cap and glasses (a must). For Her: Lifeguard attire is the best replication of Wendy! Lifeguard swimsuit, sunglasses and a whistle. Pretty sure you could basically just raid your own closet to put together these last minute Halloween costumes!

7. 101 Dalmation’s: For Him: White T-shirt with black dots drawn or taped on, a leash necklace (if you desire) and black pants. For more effect, use body paint to draw on a nose and whiskers. For Her: A black dress of any kind. A wig would really help pull it together but if you don’t have time, no worries! {If you would like a wig you can get one here!}

Couples Halloween Costumes Inspired by Games

If you or your spouse is a bit playful and maybe even a little bit nerdy, you’ll both love these DIY couples costumes for gamers! These couples Halloween costume ideas include simple prep and minimal time and effort.

Cute Couples Halloween Costumes


Game Costume Ideas for Couples

1. Angry Birds: This popular game transforms into an easy costume idea. For EITHER: Grab a red or black T-shirt and a corresponding hat. Decorate your hat to look like the bird’s face as seen in the game and throw on a feather boa! Can you even believe how little effort it takes for these funny Halloween costumes?!

2. Mario and Luigi: What a cute couple costumes idea! For Mario: A red T-shirt and suspenders. Add a red hat with a white M. For Luigi: A green T-shirt and suspenders. Add a green hat with a white L. {Want to order a ready-made option? Snatch up Mario and Luigi costumes before it is too late! OR order just their hats here!} 

3. Guess Who?: This HAS to be one of my favorite couple costume ideas on the list! You can really choose ANY character from the game and recreate their facial features. It may be a pair of glasses, a mustache or a hat. Then wear a red or blue T-shirt with a large ‘?’ painted on the front. Lastly, create a box out of poster board to frame your face. Across the top border of the frame write “Guess Who?” and along the bottom border of the frame, write the name of the character you are recreating.

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

On the hunt for funny Halloween costumes to create together this October? Don’t worry, your search for the best list of funny couples costumes is right here. Get inspired by everyday objects all around you to make these DIY couples costumes work for you.

Couples Halloween Costumes


DIY Couples Costumes

1. Jellyfish: SUPER cute couple costumes idea here! For BOTH: Clear umbrellas {These would be perfect and they are even on buy one get one 50% off right now!}, LED lights and strips of fabric or streamers. Attach a battery pack to the top of the inside of the umbrella, attach LED lights and streamers.  For more info, click the link!

2. Google Markers: How creative are these couples costumes? For BOTH: Use yellow duct tape, to tape streets on a long sleeve T-shirt. Print up street names and bus stop signs (like seen on Google maps) and tape those to different spots on your shirt. Then, use poster board to create your large A marker and B marker.

3. Lightning Bolt and Victim: For Him: Create a lightning bolt out of large poster or cardboard. You can either cover it in yellow fabric or color it in yellow. For Her: Take an old shirt and tatter it up, mess your hair and use makeup or body paint to add the black carbon residue. Lastly, take an old umbrella and tear it up so it looks like it was struck by lightning! This has got to be one of the best funny Halloween costumes around!

4. Paint Chips: How easy and cute are these for last minute Halloween costumes? For BOTH: Simply use large white poster board and color 4 varying shades of any color on it. Make sure to put the paint emblem in the corner, as seen above (Behr emblem). You could also add names and numbers to each color like they do on real paint chips! {Want the giant scissors to go with your costume as well? Find them here!} 

5. Stick Figures: HAHA, love these cute Halloween costumes! For BOTH: Using an all-white outfit, tape black electrical or duct tape to create a stick figure shape. Then use white paper to create a stick figure face as a mask.{Or go with this pre-made glow-in-the-dark version!} 

DIY Couples Costumes

6. Soap and Loofah: Couples costumes that are nothing but nice, clean fun! For Him: Although you could create a soap sign to wear, to make it easier, use a white T-shirt and write ‘Soap’ with marker large on the T-shirt. You can add bubbles as well! For Her: To create the loofah look, you will need roughly 16-20 yards of tulle or netting. Using a tight tank top and shorts, dress, leotard or romper and LOTS of safety pins, start wrapping your tulle around your tight apparel and securing it with the pins. For another way to create this look, check out this video.

7. Salt and Pepper: These easy couple costumes top the list of the best couples costumes for simplicity! For EITHER: You will need a one black (or gray) and one white T-shirt. Then write or tape a black S for salt on the white T-shirt and a white P on the black (or gray) T-shirt. Add stocking caps to for more emphasis! {You could also order salt and pepper costumes!} 

8. Peanut Butter and Jelly: For Him: A brown T-shirt with the emblem of your favorite peanut butter brand taped across the chest. For Her: A purple (for grape flavor) or red (for strawberry or raspberry flavor) T-shirt and your favorite jelly brand taped across your chest. Bam! DIY couples costumes to make everyone hungry and nostalgic.{Or if you’ve got a few days, just order this pre-made costume!}

9. Social Media: Rival social media companies make for funny Halloween costumes! For EITHER: Just print off sections of the social media page and tape them to your shirt as they appear online! Then you look like a running Facebook or Twitter feed!

Punny Last Minute Couples Costumes

We know some of the best couple costumes are those that make you (and everyone else) laugh, so we gathered up our favorite punny and therefore, very funny Halloween costumes and here’s what we uncovered for ya…

Couples Halloween Costumes


Pun Themed Couples Costumes
1. Black Eyed Peas: This is easy PEASy (no pun intended, haha) for clever couples costumes! For BOTH: A black T-shirt with a large white P on the front and a painted-on black eye! DONE! Who ever said there was no such thing as easy couple costumes?!

2. Deviled Egg: Too creative, too funny and too cute! haha! Either of you can really be the devil or the egg. For the Devil: The main features are the horns, tail and pitch fork. For the Egg: A large white poster board cut in an oval with a yellow oval colored in the middle. Punch two holes on one end and hang it from your neck. Talk about the ultimate in DIY couple costumes!

3. Nuclear Explosion: This is as last minute as couples costumes come! All you need is a T-shirt and puffy paint! Write an ‘N’ on one T-shirt to represent the neutron and u235 on another T-shirt to represent Uranium. Together they create a Nuclear Explosion… clever, huh?

4. French Kiss: Only two requirements for these funny Halloween costumes: face paint and French bread! Paint your face like the band Kiss and carry around your French bread and you’ve got a French kiss. {Here is a makeup kit with everything that you would need!} 

5. Hawaiian Punch: Such funny Halloween costumes with such a funny twist on the tasty drink! For Him: Any attire and a boxing glove. For Her: A swimsuit, grass skirt or Hawaiian style clothing! Leis are a great added touch! {These inflatable gloves would be a funny touch as well!} 

Couples Halloween Costumes Inspired by TV

Love a good rerun? Can’t handle that your favorite show is over? Just use it as motivation for the best, easy couples costumes! Get inspired by television and create the perfect last minute Halloween costumes.

Couples Halloween Costumes Inspired by TV


Last Minute Couples Halloween Costumes

1. Pebbles and Bam Bam: The cutest kids from the Rock Age make cute Halloween costumes, too! For Him: No shirt (ow ow). Orange shorts with black polka dots. Now, these might be hard to find, so if you can find just orange shorts and use black electrical or duct tape that will work as well! He also wore an orange ball cap! Plus if you have time you could order this club for him as well! For Her: You can totally copy the cute girl pictured but the real Pebbles wore blue shorts and a green tank with black polka dots. If necessary, use black electrical or duct tape to create black dots on your tank!

2. Inspector Gadget and Penny: For Him: The trench coat and top hat are a MUST! For Her: A red T-shirt with a large white stripe in the middle. To create the T-shirt, use a red shirt and white tape to wrap around the middle section of the shirt. Using that same white tape, add a square patch to the knees of your green cargo pants. Add a messenger bag to finish it off! 

3. Al and Peggy Bundy: For Him: Dress pants and a button up shirt…unbuttoned partially! Then dangle a tie over your shoulders – Easy! For Her: Late 80’s inspired outfit! Tight, off the shoulder top with leggings! Don’t have a wig… no worries, just tease your hair! You’ve just created some seriously funny Halloween costumes!

4. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: What guy DOESN’T want to be Superman? Here’s how you can put together easy, DIY couples costumes to complete the superhero look. For Him: Your best suit with a Superman shirt exposed underneath. Glasses are a great finished piece! For Her: A nice pencil skirt, button up shirt and heals!

DIY Couples Costumes

5. Mickey and Minnie: Cute Halloween costumes inspired by classic Mickey and Minnie… the cutest mice around! For BOTH: Any combination of black and red clothes will work. Find mouse ears at a local dollar store. If you don’t have a nose, you can use black body paint to paint one on! {You can also find Mickey and Minnie ears here!}

6. Flo and Mayhem: I think this is a SUPER creative combo for couples costumes! For Him: Black dress pants, a white button-up shirt, a sweatband and weight. Be sure to leave part of your shirt untucked as shown… give the total Mayhem look! Lastly, use make-up create a fake black eye. For Her: An all-white outfit. If you have or can find a white apron, write or iron on letters to read Progressive. Add a name tag reading ‘Flo’. If you don’t have an apron, the name tag will work just as well! {If you have time you can order the whole costume here!}

7. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler: We just love this TV show, so using these couple costume ideas is such a hit! For Him: A Flash T-shirt, or this Bazinga T-shirt! And if you don’t have Flash, just create one using iron on’s or fabric markers on a red T-shirt. Make sure to have a long sleeve shirt underneath your T-shirt, as that is a staple for Sheldon! For Her: A dated sweater and long khaki or jean skirt, tights, Mary Jane shoes and glasses.

8. Mad Men: A more dressy combination for couples costumes! For Him: A well-fitted suit. For Her: A vintage dress and pearl accessories. You may need to hit up your local thrift store to find something just right!

Hilarious and Easy Couple Costumes

Look no further for all your favorite, funny Halloween costumes. We have found some of the absolute best, easy couple costume ideas around and the best part is that they’ll have everyone you know in tears… of laughter, of course!

DIY Couples Costumes


DIY Couples Costumes

1. Mail Order Bride: For Him: Classic dress pants, a button-up shirt and jacket. For Her: If you can head to your local thrift store and find a wedding dress, GO FOR IT! If not, a white dress and fake flowers will give the same idea. Then, if you have a postal envelope, tape it to your dress OR from your computer, print off FedEX or postal wording and decor to tape on your dress!

2. Publisher’s Clearing House Winner: Haha, these funny Halloween costumes definitely make me laugh! For Him: Wear a suit! Then, using a large poster board, create a BIG check! For Her: A bathrobe or pajamas. Then, place your hair in curlers or give yourself some sweet bedhead! Voila! Easy couple costumes, finished in no time!

3. Wal-Mart Greeters: SUPER easy couples costumes! For BOTH: Wear any normal clothes and add a blue vest. You can add fun pins, a name tag or stickers to your vest to give these funny Halloween costumes the extra touch!

4. 50’s House Wife and Milkman: If you are pregnant, these are GREAT and easy couples costumes for you and your spouse! For Him: An all-white outfit and empty glass bottles. In the featured picture, I LOVE the added lip marks on his outfit! PERFECT touch! {If you are planning ahead you can even order the whole costume here!} For Her: A simple 50’s styles dress and cardigan. If you don’t have anything at home for these DIY couples costumes… a run to your local thrift store might do the trick! A quick fix for some easy costume ideas!

Couples Costumes Inspired by Books

Literary lover unite! Shout your love of reading and books from the rooftops with the cute Halloween costumes that pay homage to some of our favorite characters. Maybe you need some cute couples costumes with a little bit of sophistication and class? We dug them up, so don’t stop reading and you’ll find some simple Halloween costumes to love as much as you love reading…

Last Minute Couples Costumes


Last Minute Costume Ideas

1. Fifty Shades of Grey: Although the featured couple created AH-dorable pieces out of paint chips (which is pretty time-consuming)… you can STILL pull these off as last minute Halloween costumes by just wearing ALL GRAY. Though ideally, if you can run to your local hardware store and pick up a bunch of gray paint chips and recreate the tie and skirt, you are sure to emphasize the fifty shades!

2. Where’s Waldo: For BOTH: A red and white striped T-shirt with blue pants. A red and white striped stocking cap and a pair of glasses. You can add fun accessories like a cane or camera that sometimes Waldo sports in his books! {Him and Her ready-to-order couples costumes are also available!} 

3. Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox: For Him: Jean and Flannel T-shirt with suspenders. Include an ax and stocking cap as accessories, maybe even a fake axFor Her: Blue Leotard or T-shirt, blue tights or leggings and blue socks or boots! If you can find horns or use a headband to make your own… that would be a GREAT finishing touch! Ahh! Don’t you just LOVE these easy costume ideas?!

4. Thing 1 Thing 2: Easy peasy and oh-so simple Halloween costumes! For BOTH: A red T-shirt. Then you can either draw or iron on a white circle and write Thing 1 or Thing 2. If you have time you could even add the wigs to make the costume THAT much better!! 

5. Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox: For BOTH: Vintage-inspired attire and a fox mask.  And if a fox mask is hard to find, use face paint to make a fox look on your face! Or do a combo of paint and mask by just ordering these noses!

Cute Last Minute Couples Costumes

Cute Halloween costumes are totally our jam—afterall, it’s nice to have fun and look good doing it. The best DIY couples costumes are easy to recreate with a quick look through your closet and maybe an even quicker run to the store for a prop or two. Don’t worry though, these couple costume ideas won’t stress you out one bit!

DIY Halloween Costumes


Couples Costume Ideas

1. Jack and Jill: The items needed for these couples costumes are most definitely in your closet! For Him: Jeans and a button up shirt. If you have jeans with holes or old ones that you could add holes too, it will give the full effect of “falling down the hill.” For Her: Simple dress or overalls. Again, if you can create holes or tatters to give the full effect, that would be ideal. Carrying buckets will also add effect and using makeup to add bruises or scrapes!

2. Mr. Clean and Housewife: For Him: An all-white outfit. Tight fitting T-shirt of course. If your man has a shaved or bald head, this is PERFECT for him! For Her: An apron and dish gloves!

3. Koala and Tree: How sweet!?  For Him: An all brown outfit and tree leaves. You can find fake leaves at hobby stores, or hereFor Her: An all brown outfit and Koala hat or ears– you can easily make these with a headband and construction paper. Adhere your construction paper to something more durable like card stock or cardboard and place that on your headband to create ears! Use body paint to add a nose and call your couples costumes complete!

4. Robbers: For BOTH: Black and white striped T-shirts, black pants, black stocking caps, a bag that you can write a dollar sign on and a face mask. If you don’t have a face mask, use body paint to draw one on around the eyes! {You can also find the entire costume here!}

5. Barbie and Ken: SUPER easy costume ideas right here! For Him: Khakis and a tight solid colored T-shirt. For Her: Really anything girlie! A pretty dress or cute top and skirt is perfect!

Couples Halloween Costumes

6. Babies: How comfy are these funny couple costumes?! For BOTH: Pajamas and a stuffed animal! Voila! Easy! Footed pajamas would really be a nice touch. You could also hang a pacifier from your neck.

7. Camp Counselor: For BOTH: Comfy, fitness style clothes, headbands, whistles, and a clipboard. High tube socks are a great touch to round out these funny Halloween costumes!

8. Safari Couple: For BOTH: Khaki shorts, white T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, binoculars and a camera! Tell us you’re not a little mad you didn’t come up with these couples Halloween costume ideas all on your own!

9. Grandparents: For BOTH: Dated clothing with Velcro shoes – great thrift store finds – and a cane or walker! Do easy couples costumes even get any easier?!

 So many choices, it’s going to be so hard to choose your favorite out of all these couples Halloween costume ideas!  At least now you have a few years worth of amazing couples costumes! {wink wink}!

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