Movie Date Night Ideas

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Unique Movie Date Night Ideas to Love

Are you ready to find a fabulous movie night with awesome ideas to make it a unforgettable date night? The hard part is going to be picking one of these awesome movie date night ideas!! These are the Divas’ top 4 ways to take your regular movie date night idea and turn it into something new and fun. No more just sitting on the couch (maybe on your own individual laptops or phones… we see you). It is time to mix up date night with 4 movie night ideas at home – that’s right, you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood. 

Movie Date Night Ideas

So let’s take a look at how we are going to change our typical Friday night movie date night at home. Take one of these ideas and switch up your norm – you could even do once a month and rotate them throughout the year! No need to give up the silver screen, just improve upon it!

Netflix Movie Date Night at Home

Netflix movie date night ideas.

Take your next Netflix binge up a few notches with this adorable idea from the Divas. Netflix bingeing doesn’t have to be a passive activity! Relax with you and your sweetie’s favorite show – but toss a little twist in! This cute movie night idea has you competing in a memorable Netflix Binge Challenge! Minimal prep means a quick print, cut, glue + choosing your current visual addiction!

Backyard Movie Date Night Ideas at Home

Movie date night ideas for a backyard movie.

Your date night movie just got an upgrade! If you are itching for something different this date night try the Backyard Movie Date. Go big and set up a projector and a screen, or chill with a laptop close by. Movie night ideas at home are always more affordable and can be more private… 😉 So keep it close or invite your friends but this date night is sure to please!

Date Night Movie Double Feature 

A double feature movie date night idea.

If you are looking for cute movie ideas, this is the place! Give each spouse a chance to choose the movie while also including the most adorable popcorn boxes and soda labels. Make sure you have plenty of time because everyone is going to watch their movie date night choice tonight!

Romantic Redbox Date Night Ideas at Home

A Movie Date Night Idea for a Redbox date night.

A Redbox is always a quick and inexpensive movie date night idea at home. These cute movie night ideas will take your normal Redbox routine and flip it on its head! Your film begins with a special box full of treats and love! But the best part might come after the movie when your sweetheart solves all of their promo codes…

We hope these ideas have helped you decide how you will improve your movie date night this week! This date night classic is not going anywhere, so if you need a few more movie ideas visit our list of fave movie dates or check out our store for 12 Movie Dates – a new genre every month of the year!


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  1. I so wish I could find a creative Lord of the Rings Marathon date day…it would be really fun for all of us nerds out there who enjoy it, and now we can do a Hobbit one too. I might just have to get my wheels turning on this one. Wish I were better at making printables 🙂

  2. My fiance’s FAVORITE movies are the Austin Power’s movies & I’d LOVE to suprise him with some sort of crazy themed Austin party for his next birthday. If you have any great idea’s I’d love to hear them!!

  3. Darn! I thought I had seen a movie date night idea somewhere for the movie “Julie & Julia” and could have sworn it was here but no such luck! I’ve been scouring the web and can’t seem to find any ideas for that movie – it just arrived via Netflix so me and the hubby are going to watch it tonight. Maybe I’ll just have to wing it and plan better the next time 🙁

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