30 Block Party Ideas

Block Party Ideas


It’s summer and the PERFECT time to do a neighborhood block party!  Enjoy these 30 FUN party ideas that are easy to plan and are sure to be a hit!  It would be fun to throw a creative summer party right before school starts again OR if your kids have already gone back to school, throw a back to school neighborhood BBQ using one of the ideas that Kari and I found below!


1- Rootbeer Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Food is always the most important thing about throwing a party!  Use these sandwiches as the main course and do a soda “POP” theme!  The recipe is super easy and sure to be a hit!

2- Bubble Wand Party – Plan a party around bubbles!  Bring balloons, food, and the BEST part…bubble wands!  No matter your age, everyone LOVES bubbles.  This party will speak to the inner kid of us all :).

3- Framed Photo Booths – This is a to-DIE-for idea…everyone has great memories posing in a photo booth.  Why not bring this to life with a little twist.  You can have people bring empty picture frames to the party and set up mini photo booth type pics, OR you can build a little booth your self to snap pics of your neighbors.  These pics will last a lifetime!

4- BBQ Printables  – There are SO many different kinds of parties to throw in the summer. Here are lots of different themes you can do with invites included!

5- Summer Sponge Bombs – create your own spin on dodge ball using water.  Here you can make your own sponge ‘balls’ and go to town dowsing each other with them.  See who can dodge the ‘balls’ and walk away dry not wet :).

6- Glow Stick Bowling Alley – anyone can go bowling, but it takes creativity to bring bowling to your neighborhood party! Make your own bowling all on flat ground, party streamers as lane dividers, and then break glow sticks in plastic bottles full of water to use as your pins.  This makes it so you can bowl in the dark! Simple, easy, and FUN!

7- Water Balloons & Spoons Race – This party is perfect for a HOT day…get some wood spoons, water balloons, friends and RACE your way to a fun filled day!

8- Chocolate Tasting – for all you chocaholics, this is the party you will NEED to do 🙂 (I am appealing to your addiction when using that word :)).  Invite everyone to come and taste some different yummy chocolates and see who has the most in-tune taste buds!

9- Clothespin Drop – why not have a fun, yet challenging game where you drop a clothespin in a bottle.  You can have a contest to see who can get the most clothespins in the bottle in a minute.  OR you can change this and do a whole circus theme and incorporate all the games that the post talks about!


10- Art Party – You don’t have to be an artist to have fun at this party.  Make some fun art canvases for painting or get big art paper and let your imagination run free.  Anyone can join in this activity.

11- Neighborhood Ice Cream Social – Who doesn’t LOVE ice cream?!  Summer is a perfect time of year to put together a neighborhood ice cream party.  Yummy!  Dig in and have fun with this guaranteed party success.

12- Couples Minute to Win It – Why not throw a party around one of the BEST game shows to ever be invented?  This night is guaranteed to be full of laughter and fun!

13- The Progressive Dinner – Neighborhood Style – This is a great way to have fun with neighbors and share in some delicious food.  What’s better is everyone gets to participate and pitch in with the preparations and share of their homes.

14- Bike Parade – This is a fun and inexpensive way to get the neighbors together.  Organize a bike parade for all ages to join in.  Get together and decorate the bikes (adult bikes included :)) and then parade around the neighborhood.  You can even get candy to throw at the spectators watching the fun parade!

15- Picnic and Party Games – Being outside is such a great perk of it being summer.  Go outside and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned games with your friends.

16- Neighborhood Pizza Party – Pizza is always a crowd pleaser.  Gather up your neighbors and have a fun pizza party for all to join!

17- Sidewalk Chalk Festival – This is a fun way for adults to relax and chat while the kids get to go wild with sidewalk chalk.  This will bit a HIT among your neighbors.

18- Popcorn & A Movie Theme – Plan a popcorn and movie night outdoors!  Grab your favorite movie, popcorn, and invite all the neighbors to this outdoor awesome night!


19- Hot Chocolate Neighborhood Party – neighborhood parties don’t have to be just for the summer time, they are fun year round!  Invite your neighbors over for a night of hot chocolate and treats.

We hope that you liked (and use) these fantastic ideas!  Kari and I definitely had a fun time gathering ideas and putting this post together for all of YOU! {WINK}

20- Summer Kids Dance Party – Dance, dance, dance.  Every KID likes to dance.  Plan a fun party for the kids to come play and adults can watch!  Sounds like a fun night to me!

21- Book Party – Do some charity work while having fun with your friends.  Invite everyone over and bring books that they are willing to donate to kids in need.  This is a perfect way to combine some service while having a good time.

22- Cheese Party – Cheese please!  Invite your friends to bring/share all different kinds of cheese for a unique night of fun.

23- Bean Bag Toss – A simple yet awesome game for kids and adults.  Get bean bags and bowls and have a contest to see who gets the most points.  You can even have a small prize for the winner.

24- Pep Rally Date – Set – Hike! Sports are a for sure way to get all hubbies to want to join in on the fun.  Plan your own pep rally party for all your friends to enjoy!

25- Neighborhood Party Invite – New to your neighborhood?  Great!  This invite is perfect for you to get to know your new neighbors while inviting them to come over for a fun party. A perfect combination.

26- Gourmet Burger Bar – Wow!  Burgers and summer are a great combination. There are so many different types of burgers, why not have your neighbors over to find their favorite combination?  This is an amazing way to have a good time with great food!

27- Smores Party – Wow! I never knew there were so many ways to make smores.  Get your neighbors together to experiment with all different types of toppings and find the perfect smore for you!


28- Pink Lemonade Party – Lemonade and summer go hand in hand.  Have fun planning a PINK lemonade party for all your friends to enjoy!

29- Nerf Wars – People of all shapes and sizes can join in on this fun party.  Grab your nerf guns, invite your neighbors, and have an all out ‘war’!

30- Great Outdoors/Camping Theme – There are a lot of people (women especially) that don’t like to camp.  Why not enjoy all the fun things of camping with your friends and have a great night out!

We hope you like (and will use) these fantastic ideas!  Kari and I had such a fun time gathering and putting these ideas together just for YOU! {WINK}

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I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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16 Responses to 30 Block Party Ideas

    1. Becca- doesn’t that sound like a blast?! My kids would be all over it too. AND my kids are all over sidewalk chalk. What neighborhood wouldn’t love that? Thanks for your comment.

  1. I SERIOUSLY want to throw a block party… especially after reading this!! My neighborhood growing up would always do these and they were a blast. I have yet to throw/attend one as an adult! Better get to planning this! 🙂

  2. We are intending on having a street party in a few weeks time, so these ideas are great to use. We have quite a few young children in the street and the chalk idea is a great one 🙂

  3. I always struggle knowing what to do for a block party. National night out is coming up soon, and I think I’ll try a couple of these ideas in our neighborhood! Thanks for all the great ideas, I especially love the nerf war idea! My boys would think I’m the coolest!

    1. Jamie- if I showed my boys the nerf wars I wouldn’t hear the end of how much they wanted to keep playing! Good luck with the party! I’m sure it will be great.