50 Unforgettable New Year’s Party Games for 2021

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There is nothing like a New Year’s party to end the year right and start the new one with a BANG! We’ve compiled a list of 50 fun New Year’s Eve party game ideas to help make the night perfect.

We want you to enjoy all the New Year fun, so we’ve divided up the games into categories to make your browsing even easier.

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Don’t worry. There’s a little something for everyone! Are you just itching to get started?! Then let’s do this …


Free New Year's Eve Mad Libs Printable | The Dating Divas
Bags decorated with free printables for New Year’s Eve countdown party

1. Countdown Bags – Get some paper bags and fill them with fun things for you and your guests to open every hour of the night. This is a fun New Year’s game for all ages!

Slide under the broom New Year's Eve party game for kids and families | The Dating Divas
Girl sliding under broom for New Year’s party game

2. Slide Under the Broom – This is a straightforward game that is so fun for kids and will have everybody giggling.

Print out photos and dates throughout the year for a fun New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt | The Dating Divas
Photos and dates for Picture Scavenger Hunt

3. Picture Scavenger Hunt – Print pictures you’ve taken with your family throughout the year; hide them all over your house, and send your family on a hunt to find them all. What a cute way to look back on the year you had!

Play a game of Family Guess Who by personalizing the photos in the game. | The Dating Divas
Family Guess Who Game with personalized photos

4. Family Guess Who – Get a game of Guess Who and replace the game pieces with pictures of your family. Guests at your party can take turns playing this fun and personalized game!

Turn your Christmas Tree into a New Year's Tree full of ballons to pop until midnight. | The Dating Divas
New Year’s Tree with balloons to pop for the party

5. New Year’s Tree – Why not turn your Christmas tree into a New Year’s tree? Your kids will love popping the balloons to find different New Year’s prizes all the way until midnight!

Tape prizes into a big messy ball and try unwrapping it quickly to win prizes | The Dating Divas
Prizes for New Year’s ball game ready to wrap and tape up

6. New Year’s Ball Game – Not much to look at, lots of fun to play! The best part about this is you can personalize it to the age of your family or guests.

Play a fun and colorful M&M straw game with dice for your New Year's Party | The Dating Divas
Colorful M&M Straw Game with Dice

7. M&M Straw Game – This is a fun and silly game to play at your New Year’s party! Get some straws, bowls, and most importantly, M&M’s, and get ready for a fun competition!

Set balloons in the shape of a clock and fill with fun prizes and activities to pop throughout your New Year's party | The Dating Divas
Balloons in a clock shape to pop throughout the night

8. Balloon Pop Countdown – This is another fun version of a midnight countdown. Fill some balloons with papers with different activities and games, and pop the balloons every hour until midnight!

Create your own family photo trivia for a fun New Year's eve party | The Dating Divas
Mom and daughter looking through family photos and reminiscing on the past year

9. Family Photo Trivia – Another fun and unique game to look back on the year you’ve had.

Fun 20 questions game for kids and families | The Dating Divas
Girl holding card on her head during 20 questions game

10. 20 Questions – Add a fun New Year’s twist to this well-known, beloved game!!


Quick and easy homemade marshmallow poppers for kids | The Dating Divas
Easy homemade marshmallow shooters for a party

11. Marshmallow Poppers  Combine some cheap and easy supplies with some mini marshmallows, and your kids will be entertained all night long.

Fun New Year's game for kids | The Dating Divas
Kid eats a donut off a string without his hands

12. Eat a Donut Off a String – Honestly, I’m always looking for any excuse to eat a donut. Why not make it a whole game for your New Year’s party?

Cute New Year's Eve themed Bingo game Free printable | The Dating Divas
Adorable New Year’s themed Bingo game

13. New Year’s Eve Bingo – This adorable Bingo game is fun for all ages and something you can play all night long!

Unique New Year's Eve countdown to midnight with blue fizz science experiment for kids | The Dating Divas
Blue fizz science experiment | The Dating Divas

14. Fizz Countdown – Work your way into the new year with this exciting science project-turned game! Assign a time that you’ll be creating the concoction, and have fun seeing the kids’ reactions when it explodes.

Pop the bubble wrap game for kids | The Dating Divas
Shoes jumping on bubble wrap

15. Bubble Jump – Let your inner child loose for the night and do what we all want to do with bubble wrap—make some noise!

Unique New Year's Eve themed party game: rolling around the clock | The Dating Divas
Clocks for rolling around the clock game

16. Rolling Around the Clock – You’ll need some dice and paper clocks to play this game. The first person to 12:00 wins (have a look at the website for more instructions). This is a fun and easy New Year’s game for the children.

Fun sensory fine motor skill game for toddler: pick up marshmallows with folded straws | The Dating Divas
Kids use folded straws to pick up marshmallows

17. Marshmallow Game – A fun sensory game that helps kids with fine motor skills, too.

Fun and noisy game for kids: tie balloons to your ankle and try to stomp other's balloons | The Dating Divas
Family plays a balloon stomp game with balloons tied to their ankles

18. Balloon Stomp – This game can get loud and crazy, but it’s sure to be a blast!! Just don’t get worn out before midnight!

Fun and unique game ideas: create your own popcorn olympics themed night | The Dating Divas
Family plays different popcorn Olympic games

19. Popcorn Olympics – Such a unique idea for building your whole night around a simple and versatile theme.

Kid Date Night Envelope: Don't Eat Pete Free Printable | The Dating Divas
Don’t Eat Pete board game with M&Ms for kids

20. Don’t Eat Pete – This game is our go-to when the kids want a treat, and I want those treats to last more than 10 seconds! Plus, it’s easy for toddlers and is sure to have everyone giggling. Turn some classics into New Year’s Eve Games and you can play all night!


 21. Guess the Resolution – This game is a fun way to share your resolutions and learn what your guests are planning for the New Year. It also works as an easy ice breaker for guests who may not know each other.

22. Two Resolutions and a Lie – A fun holiday twist on a classic! Simply have everyone reveal two real resolutions and one lie, and everyone guesses which one is the lie!

23. White Elephant – Give the classic white elephant a New Year’s twist by aiming every gift at helping with a New Year’s Resolution. Visit the site for more details about this fun idea.

24. Kisses Countdown – Race against the clock in this cute New Year’s game! Get all your kisses in the correct cups before the countdown is over!

25. The Name Game – Combining the fun of Taboo and Charades … what more can you want? Trust me, you’re going to want to read the instructions for the 4 fun rounds of this game.

26. The Shaving Game – If this photo doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! Cover balloons in shaving cream and have guests try to shave them without popping them. So much fun if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

27. Fly Banana – For guests who don’t mind looking a little crazy, this is the perfect game. Give Fly Banana a try, and you’ll be laughing your heads off all night.

28. Minute to Win it Games – There are so many varieties of great Minute to Win it games. Peruse through a couple different sites to pick your favorite games to play at your New Year’s Eve party! For another option, check out OUR awesome Win it in a Minute group date night.

29. Trash Can – Circle up your guests and put a large (but CLEAN!) garbage can in the middle. The objective is for the group to pull one person so that they fall into the garbage can. If you fall in, is that a bad omen for the coming year?

30. Mafia – This is one of those great New Year’s Eve games to play with a small group of people that can be played again and again. Plus, all you need are your guests and some paper!


31. Loaded Questions – How well do you know your spouse? This fun New Year’s game will show you how close you are to your spouse by answering some loaded questions!

32. 2 Truths and a Lie – Tell 2 truths and 1 lie, and make it extra challenging by trying to stump your own spouse.

33. Truth or Dare Jenga – Have a fantastic time with this exciting and hilariously fun game made just for couples! You will be rolling around with laughter by the end.

34. Cut the Flour – Another fun game if you don’t mind getting a little messy—and for a cute twist, whenever someone ends up with a flour face, they have to kiss their spouse. This game is perfect for some couple’s New Year fun.

If The Shoe Fits Game

35. If the Shoe Fits – Play this fun date night game for your New Year’s bash and see how well you really know your spouse!

36. Take a Guess – Another game where you guess who made the resolution. This is a perfect game for your New Year’s Eve celebration!

37. Steal the Bacon – A wild game that might have you crashing before the clock strikes twelve. This game is fun for spouse vs. spouse!

38. Date Night Show – If you like Jimmy Fallon and his silly ways, then this is the perfect New Year’s Eve game for you and your guests to play! This one promises tons of fun and laughter!

39. New Year’s Reminisce Game – These easy printables are meant to direct the questions to help you and your guests reminisce on the last year.

40. Printable Reflection Game – Another fun printable game that doubles as an easy ice breaker for the beginning of the night.


41. Trivia Games – Trivia games are so much fun to play in big groups. A fun questionnaire like this is perfect for your bash this year!

42. Candy Bar Game – Get ready to laugh your socks off with some candy bars, dress-up clothes, a fork, and a knife! Sounds interesting? You don’t know the half of it! Be sure to put this game in your New Year’s plans!

43. Name Game – A sort of twist on charades, this is a fun game to get people talking and laughing.

44. Find Your Other Half – This is a super fun game for a big group of couples. Write down the names of celebrity couples (George & Martha Washington, Alfalfa and Darla, Jim and Pam) and tape one name on each player’s back. Everyone then goes around asking questions, trying to figure out who they are and then trying to find their other half.

45. Paper Plate Game – Have your New Year’s guests put a paper plate on top of their heads and draw a picture following your instructions (it can be anything you want). Then devise a point system for those who can draw and follow your instructions the best.

46. News Headline Charades – This fun game is perfect for looking back at the past year! Find a few funny headlines from the year, put them on a slip of paper, and have your guests act them out. What a great way to remember some of the highlights of the year!

47. This or That – Create a spider web of yarn with this fantastic game! Sit in a circle and pick sticks that have questions written on them. As the questions are answered, the web is created by throwing yarn across the circle. By the end of the game, you should have a massive web and know a lot more about each other!

48. Four on the Couch – Have fun with this fun twist of the game Memory for your New Year’s party. This party game is sure to keep everyone captivated and poised to see who has the best memory!

49. Karaoke Sing Off – Find some of the most popular songs of the year and have a little karaoke fun! Give prizes for the best singer, the best performance, the best duet … you get the picture, right?!

50. Never Have I Ever – This game is fun in large groups, and you definitely learn a lot about others while playing.


Want something a little more cozy this year? Check out our Fabulous New Year’s Resolutions Date or send the old year out and welcome in the new one with this New Year’s Eve Love Quote.

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Go out and have some new year fun and start the year off right!

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