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The Dating Divas Most Pinned Posts 

Pinterest is the PERFECT place to find new ideas for just about ANYTHING! The Dating Divas Pinterest board is FULL of date night ideas, gift ideas for your spouse and MORE! Pinterest users have been pinning our posts like CRAZY {can’t blame them!} and many of our posts have gotten thousands *ahem* HUNDREDS of thousands of pins! No joke!

Today we want to share with you our TOP MOST PINNED {and therefore most popular} ideas that pinterest users have gone crazy over! And it is all in ONE place!

65 of our Most Pinned Date ideas, gift ideas and more at the Dating Divas

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We have our…

  • Top 20 Most Pinned Date Night Ideas
  • Top 20 Most Pinned Gift Ideas For Your Spouse! 
  • Top 10 Most Pinned Posts for the Entire Family
  • Top 15 Most Popular Posts For Special Occasions: Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries 

Check them out and see for yourself WHY peeps are pushing the pin-it button! Get your pinning finger ready ’cause you now have a treasure chest of AH-MAZINGNESS to add to your own Pinterest board! So let’s get going!

Top 20 Most Pinned Date Night Ideas 

What should we do for date night? Need ideas? The Dating Divas site is full of ideas, but these are the MOST POPULAR date night ideas from our site. How do we know? Pinterest – of course! These posts have been pinned and pinned again and again! Check them out and you won’t be surprised why!

Most Pinned Date Ideas - top 20

Most Pinned Date Night Collage 1-4 FINAL

1. Romantic At-Home Dates – Date nights you can do from home are always a top priority. Add in some simple romance and you have got one popular post! This ONE post includes TEN different ideas to make your date night at home a night of romance you won’t ever forget! 

2. World Record Date – This post reached popularity quickly because it is unique and fun! Take your date to the next level by attempting to break world records with your spouse. Some competitive fun is always a key element to a good date night! 

3. The Newlywed Game  This game has become a classic hit for a reason! Not only do you get to know your spouse more, but this date night will surely provide memorable stories and lots of laughs for years to come! 

4.I’d Get Lost With You Any Day Do you and your spouse watch the hit TV show “Lost”? This post has EVERYTHING you need to put together a date night around that theme! My favorite part? The inflatable love raft! I won’t mind being stranded in that . . . 

Most Pinned Date Night Collage 5-8FINAL

5. Spouse Sleepover – Remember how fun sleepovers were as a kid? How much more fun that could be with your VERY best friend: your spouse! THAT is exactly why this post is so popular. Bring the fun of the sleepover with your spouse! 

6. Pillow TalkConversation in marriage is key and this post gives you a simple list of ideas of what you can chat about with your spouse during that important pillow talk time. 

7. Cuddle Kit for Twothe perfect gift AND the perfect date night at home. Becca shares with you how to create your own cuddle kit for a night in!

8. 75 Sexy Bedroom Games – Make sure you are prepared to open this post! It is brimming with ideas to spice up THAT room! There is something for EVERYONE and for all styles. 

Most Pinned Date Night Collage 9-12FINAL

9. 10 Dates for $20 The title says it all – 10 date night ideas with your spouse for only $20! Yep. We all love a bargain and this one hits the jackpot! What a great gift idea too! 

10. Passport to LoveThis is one of my personal favorite pins and one that I have recently done with my spouse! This post has all the links and printables to create a personalized passport. You add a sticker every time you go on a date with a different country’s theme. Tons of ideas on what you can do on those dates! 

11. 18 Movie Dates {Already Planned} – Movie nights at home are probably the most common date but THESE 18 movie dates bump up the interaction and make a simple movie more special. 

12. 101 Date Ideas Round-UpsThis is the mother of all date night idea round-ups! Over 101 links to the best date night ideas out there on the web! Thousands and thousands of ideas! You NEVER have to wonder what to do on date night again! 

 13. 50 Outdoor Date Ideas – Forget a night in for date night and get OUT! This post has 50 different ideas for date nights that you can do out in the fresh air! 

14. 65 Fabulous Winter Date Ideas – Sometimes those long winter months can be, well, LONG! These date ideas will make those winter months more memorable! 

15. 50 Fun Fall Date Ideas – Isn’t fall such a romantic time of the year? These date ideas highlight all that there is to do during this season! 

16. Baby It’s Cold Outside – It maybe cold outside, but this date will heat things up! Check out this date night idea reserved for a cold chilly night! 

Most Pinned Date Night Collage 17-20 FINAL
17. 50 Fun Daddy/Daughter AND Father/Son Date Ideas – Date night ideas extend far beyond just your spouse! Take some time out with your kids! This post has creative ideas for what you can do to have some special father/son and daddy/daughter time too! 

18. Road Trip Date – Got a long trip ahead? Make it more interesting with activities to do along the way. Lots of free printables and instructions to keep you entertained and engaged the entire trip! 

19Couples Minute to Win It – This class TV show has become a favorite of many! We have everything you need to host your OWN game with a group of your favorite couples! 

20. The Ultimate Amazing Race Group Date – A race around the world? Yes Please! A race around town? Sure! This post has all the printables and clues you need to host your own Amazing Race Game JUST like the TV show! 

Top 20 Most Pinned Gift Ideas For Your Spouse! 

Buying for my spouse is one of the HARDEST things to do! These ideas have been ones that our readers have TOTALLY LOVED. These posts have been pinned THOUSANDS of times over and you will see why!

Most Pinned Gift ideas for your spouse from the dating divas

Most Pinned Gift Ideas Collage 1-4 FINAL

1. All About You Basket  fill in the free printable tags with reasons you love your spouse and attach them to small gifts to fill up a basket! Sweet, thoughtful and personal gift idea all in one! 

2. A Wallet Surprise – The adorable coupons are made to fit right in your hubby’s wallet. This ideas is so quick and easy to prep, but is fun and flirty! 

3. Husband Survival Kit – Everyone has bad days and this is the PERFECT gift for those occasions. Cheer your spouse up quick with a sweet treat and a printable love note! 

4. Let Me Shower You With Love – This gift puts a sweet spin on items your spouse already needs! Fill a basket with his favorite shower supplies and add this cute note and you have yourself a useful and thoughtful gift! 

Most Pinned Gift Ideas Collage 5-8 FINAL

5. 58+ Easy & Creative Ways to Cheer Up a Loved OneSo many ideas in ONE place for gift ideas for anyone in your life that is feeling down! These ideas will bring a smile to their face for sure! 

6. DIY Gift Ideas for Your Man – Lots of gift ideas that you can make for your man right from your very own home! 

7. 65 Ways to Say “I’m Sorry!”– Every marriage has its rough spots and sometimes you need a way to break the ice and say “I’m Sorry”. This post has 65 different ways to do just that! 

8. The Ultimate Valentine Gift Guide –  No joke! This post has a GIANT collection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you spouse. There are so many ideas the hardest part will be CHOOSING one! 

Most Pinned Gift Ideas Collage9-12 FINAL

9. Exploding Love BoxNot wanting to just use a traditional store-bought card? Create your own exploding love box and fill the 24+ flaps with pictures and personalized messages for your sweetheart!

10. Car Treasure Hunt – Send your man on a treasure hunt through his car using clever, FREE printables! How fun is this for your guy’s birthday, an anniversary, or just to lead to a fun date night?

11. List His Best Qualities – Share with your spouse what you love MOST about them starting with the letter A all the way to Z. 26 reasons you love them! What a neat gift! 

12. 10 Long Distance Love Quotes – Being apart from your spouse can be tough. Send them a sweet printable letting them know you love them can help keep the fire burning while they are away! 

Most Pinned Gift Ideas Collage 13-16 FINAL

13. Seven Days of Love – Fill a weekly pill box with sweet treats and notes for your spouse! They can look forward each day to opening a new note from you! 

14. Open When Letters – Free printables to make your own ‘Open When’ Letters! The perfect romantic, meaningful {but still simple and inexpensive} gift idea.

15. 50 Reasons Why I Love You – Fill a jar with his favorite candies, and then write little notes on the back of why you love him. Every time he grabs a candy, he’ll be reminded of a why you love him.

16. 14 Days of Love – 14 days-worth of notes with a treat to match each reason you love your spouse! Super cute and easy! 

Most Pinned Gift Ideas Collage 17-20 FINAL

17. Clever Candy Sayings for {almost} Every Occasion! – This post was an instant hit! Who doesn’t love a good treat? And with the adorable printables, you have an instant gift for {almost} every occasion! 

18. Hooked On You – Such a cute idea! Fill a bucket with gummy worms and add the cute printable! Perfect for someone who loves fishing! 

19. I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk On – Ready for a SUPER easy & quick Valentine’s idea? Print off this adorable sign, grab some Hersey’s kisses, hugs, & some rose petals….and you are SET!

20. Quick Sweet Treats – More sweet notes to place with your spouse’s favorite treat and you have yourself a quick and easy gift! 

Top 10 Most Pinned Posts for the Entire Family

The Dating Divas post more than just ideas to strengthen marriage. We also try to post ideas that will strengthen the WHOLE FAMILY!  Here are our most popular ideas which it comes to the family: 

Most Pinned Posts for the entire family from the dating divas

Most Pinned Family Ideas Collage 1-3 FINAL

1. Road Trip Fun With Kids – Taking a road trip with children can be a nightmare, but we have LOADS of ideas to make the trip fun and enjoyable for all! 

2. 101 Best Family Vacations – From the coast of California to the Statue of Liberty we have searched for the best of the best vacation spots for your family! This post is organized by region and full of great locations! 

3. 101 Camping Tips & Ideas – Everything you need to plan your next family campout including activities, recipes, tips and more! 

Most pinned family ideas Collage 4-6 FINAL

4. Magnetic People – How fun are these? And they are super easy too! We show you how to make your very own family magnets! 

5. Babysitter in a Bag This is a fun way to keep kids entertained while Mom and Dad are out on a much needed date night.

6. Kid Date Night Envelope – Why should parents get all the fun on date night? This envelope has a special activity for the kids to do while mom and dad are away. With this envelope idea, your kids might be begging you to go on date night! 

Most pinned family idea collage 6-10 FINAL

7. 50 Creative Pregnancy Announcements – Pintereset is full of ideas for announcing a new addition to the family, but this post has the best ideas all in one place! 

8. Pregnancy Week: After the Baby A new addition to the family can mean big changes to a marriage. We share with you tips and advice for dealing with that fragile time in your marriage! 

9. 101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography – TONS of posing, location, and prop ideas and inspiration! Perfect for engagement and wedding pictures, an anniversary photo shoot, and more! 

10. 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas – Everything from choosing your props, poses, and clothes all the way to tips for looking good and getting your kids to cooperate.

Top 15 Most Pinned Posts For Special Occasions: Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries 

For those special days in your life you want something . . . well . . . SPECIAL! We have activities, traditions and ideas for you! These are our most popular ideas for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries to make that day special:

Most Pinned Holiday, birthday and anniversary ideas

Most Pinned Special Day Collage 1-3 FINAL

1. The Valentine DateThe Ultimate Date Idea for Valentines Day! This post includes a recipe for a delicious dinner and a scavenger hunt for your sweetheart! 

2. Man Approved Valentines Yep. These Valentines are all geared towards your man! Star Wars, Super Heroes and more! My hubby would totally get a kick out of this! 

3. Valentine’s Day Round-up: 140 Free Printables – 140 of the best love notes, crafts and activities for you and your spouse to celebrate that special day! 

Most Pinned Special Day Collage 4-7 FINAL

4. The Punch Poster: 12 Days of ChristmasThis is a fun twist on a traditional Christmas Countdown advent calendar. Detailed instructions included to create your own! 

5. 50 Hilarious & Creative White Elephant Gift IdeasThis post is HILARIOUS! It is FILLED with funny, quirky and downright silly gift ideas for your next white elephant gift exchange!

6. Spouse Christmas Countdown – Don’t leave the hubby out of the Christmas fun! Here is an advent calendar just for him! 

7. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – A fun new Christmas tradition. Don’t just see the Christmas lights, but experience them with this interactive scavenger hunt that the whole family will enjoy!

Most Pinned Special Day Collage 8-10 FINAL

8. Easter Egg Hubby Hunt – Send your hubby on a hunt for Easter basket with these adorable printables and clues! 

9. 55 Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables – Printables galore! These free printables include activities, cards, love notes and more!  

10. Free Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props – Have some fun next Thanksgiving with these adorable photo booth props! 

Most Pinned Special Day Collage 11-12 FINAL

11. Birthday Floats – If your loved one will be away on their birthday, send them a special message via balloon! A clever way to make their day special! 

12. Birthday Week: Gifts for Him – Again gifts are SO hard for men but we take all the work out of it! Here are LOTS of ideas for his next birthday! 

Most Pinned Special Day Collage 13-15 FINAL

13. Anniversary Week: Special Milestones – This post includes gift ideas for each of the different traditional milestone anniversaries.  

14. Anniversary Week: Intimate Moments – Ideas for making your anniversary night something neither of your will EVER forget! 

15. Anniversary Week: Gifts GaloreGifts, gifts and more gifts to celebrate your anniversary! Many personal, thoughtful gifts to show your unending love! 

Whew! And there you have it!


Our Pinterest boards are constantly growing and our readers are pinning more and more every day and now you know why! So – if you haven’t already…  get pinning YOUR favorites!


I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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