20+ Exciting and Fun Family Games for Indoors

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20+ Fun Indoor Activities for Adults and Kids

Sometimes going outside or going out with the family just isn’t something you have the time (or let’s be honest, the patience) for. That’s why we thought it would be perfect to bring together some indoor activities for families of all kinds! Everything from fun family games to play to just coloring with the kiddos.

We have rounded up some of the most amazing and fun indoor activities and fun family games out there! And the best part? They are all DIY! That’s right! You can whip all of these up on your own and get playing ASAP! This list is sure to keep your family happily busy this winter or just whenever you are in need of some wholesome indoor family fun!

This is the most epic list of fun family games! I love how all of them can be played indoors! #FamilyFun

While bringing together so many different fun indoor activities, we have kept in mind the needs that different families have! There is sure to be an idea on this list that would be perfect for your family! 🙂

DIY Indoor Activities for Families

Who doesn’t love playing games with their family!? It is a perfect time to bring everyone together and have some indoor family fun! This list of indoor family activities is full of fun family games to play! Whether it’s a rainy day, lazy Sunday, or you’re just trying to keep the kiddos sane, these DIY indoor family activities will make everyone happy and having a good time!

Fun Family Games both kids and adults will love!

  1. Skittle Vacuum Game- Looking for more family games to play!? LOOK NO FURTHER. Your family will get a kick out of this exciting game! AND it involves delicious Skittles. Who can say no to that?!
  2. Disney Pictionary- This Disney Pictionary is one of my FAVORITE fun family games to play! It’s time to draw up some fun with this DIY family game!
  3. Bingo- Bingo has been a favorite of my family’s for years! It’s such a classic, you just have to love Bingo! This is one of the best family games to play!
  4. DIY Family Go Fish- Always a favorite game, this DIY version is sure to please!
  5. Disney Movie Quotes- Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie!? Battle it out with some indoor family fun to see who really knows their Disney movies the best!
  6. Family Match Game- This Family Match Game is sure to be a favorite for years to come!
  7. Bunco- Out of all the fun indoor games, this game takes very few supplies and won’t disappoint!
  8. Bubble Gum Contest- I don’t know a kiddo who doesn’t love bubble gum! Who will be the bubble champion at your house?
  9. 20 Questions- How many questions will it take you to guess correctly? This is one of my favorite indoor family activities because it doesn’t require any work! And on top of it, you get to learn so much about your family!
  10. Disney Charades- Acting out your favorite Disney characters will get the whole family laughing!
  11. Flour Game- This hilarious game will be a hit for sure! This is one of the best fun indoor games! It may get a little messy, but kids love that!

Family-Friendly Don't Eat Pete Game

  1. Don’t Eat Pete- I grew up playing “Don’t Eat Pete!” It is still a favorite in our home!
  2. Family Yahtzee- This Yahtzee takes the game to a whole different level of indoor family fun!
  3. Fishy Races- The kids will go crazy for this family activity!
  4. Golf- My cousins introduced us to this game a few years ago! We love Golf! It doesn’t get any easier than playing with a classic deck of cards for some solid, fun, indoor entertainment!
  5. Kit Kat Game- Candy and games is always a great combination! I know anytime I bring out candy, everyone in my house goes crazy! 🙂
  6. Too Big, Too Small, Just Right- Who will be the winner of this numbers game at your house?
  7. Marble Roll- A quick and simple game that will make for HOURS of fun family games!
  8. Save the Kids- This game may look a little messy but the laughs that you will get in return are well worth it!
  9. Thimble Game- You may get just a tiny bit wet with one of our favorite fun indoor activities, the Thimble Game!
  10. Dinner Table Topics- Find out more about your kid’s day with these adorable table topics! There are no better indoor activity for families than getting to know each other at dinner time! {Use this beautiful glass jar to style yours as beautifully as Diva Sarina did!}
  11. Lego Game- Why not turn one of your kid’s favorite activities into a game for the whole family! This is one of the best of the best indoor activities for families. EVERYONE loves Legos!!
  12. DIY Spinning Top Games- Fun games that can be played with your own DIY tops!

And there you have it! With all of these ideas and fun family games we have collected, there is no doubt that you will be able to have so much fun INDOORS!

Be sure to check out our Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day, and our Activities for Kids Besides Watching TV. As you can tell, we always have plenty of ideas for you. 😉


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  1. I am unable to see the DIY charades game when I click on the link. Trying to come up with ideas to entertain 100 young adults from around the world!


  2. Great list of activities for the whole family! Croquet could also be a great game to play with family or friends.

  3. Wowsers! You guys really think outseide the box. So many great ideas! Thanks, this party shall not be dull!

  4. Disney pictionary sounds perfect for my family! We are obsessed with everything and anything Disney! My husband and I have been trying to think of some fun things we can do with a family and I think everyone would love this idea! Thanks for sharing this great list!

    1. It sounds like you found the PERFECT fit for you and your family!! Have So much fun and thanks for your sweet words, we always love hearing from our readers!!

  5. I love your site, write books and speak to parents about having a great relationship with their children. Am including your Summer Activities list in my July newsletter – it’s great!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! We had a lot of fun with this round up and are glad that your like it as well!! 🙂 – Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

  6. Wow – what an amazing list! Love seeing all the photos – it helps you really get a good idea of the activity. Thanks so much for sharing our Pom Pom Turn-Taking Game! Best, Sue from One Time Through

    1. Thank you for being a part of it!! This was such a fun list to put together and it was only possible because of fun ideas like yours! 🙂

  7. Awesome list, I don’t even know where to start! This only goes to prove that there are so many countless ways to have family fun without spending too much. 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for including our Pom Pom Turn-Taking Game – it’s a lot of fun for kids of all ages. You have an amazing resource here – glad to be a part of it! Best, Sue