Anniversary Week: Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are all about celebrating the love you share with your spouse.  Unfortunately, for some of you, there are situations that don’t allow you to be WITH the one you love.  The Divas wanted to be able to find ideas for those of you that are apart during your anniversary.  We found some AMAZING, fun, and creative ways to be able to celebrate WITH your spouse, even if you aren’t PHYSICALLY able to be together!

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Birthday Balloons

Now, don’t let the title throw you off…yes the original idea was used for a birthday, but that doesn’t have to be its only use!  She’s Crafty filled some latex balloons with money and sent them across the country to her nephew.  What’s great about this is the package was LIGHT, which means it’s CHEAP to ship!  Fantastic!  This idea is AWESOME because the ideas are endless.  She’s Crafty sent money, but don’t just stop there.  You can put SO many things in these balloons…your spouses favorite candy (or variety of candy), a love poem, a love note, small toys, snacks, etc.  Have fun with it and be creative!

Framed Keys

Young House Love came up with a FABULOUS idea.  She surprised her hubby with a shadow box filled with keys to all the places he had lived since they began dating.  Now, if you are like me, you might have to scramble to find some of those keys; but think how perfect it would be for a spouse that was away from home to be able to hang this on their wall and have a key to home, even if they aren’t there.

Match the Memory

Match the Memory came up with a fantastic idea – playing the kid game “Memory” using your own personalized pictures of you and your family.  This is absolutely PERFECT for a traveling/away spouse.  They get to play a game of “Memory” while looking at their loved ones they are away from.  What makes it an even better treat is that he/she can make one for you too so you both can enjoy seeing each other’s faces!

Sunshine in a Box

This is SUCH a cute idea.  KatherineMaries came up with an easy and cute way to send your Love some sunshine AND smiles!  I love that everything is yellow, bright, and cheery!  Sometimes when you are away from the one you love on your special day, you can get real gloomy.  If you received this in the mail, how could you not help but SMILE and have a wonderful day?!

Love Glove

What better way to say I LOVE YOU, then with an actual I love you symbol?  Inkablinka created a perfect and easy love symbol when she made this Love Glove.  She took a pair of gloves and sewed them into the Sign Language symbol I love you.  You can ‘dress’ this up by adding a cute embellishment of your name and a love note.  This is just too cute!

Tube of Burts Bees is 13 oz or Less

Giverslog has SO many amazing ways to mail cute items for loved ones.  In the picture below, it shows you how to wrap a lip balm in a hidden message and mail it off.  It’s adorable, thoughtful, easy and CHEAP!  What more can you ask for?!  Make sure you check out all the fun mail inspirations at the bottom of her post.  The site is a plethora of ideas!  Amazing!

Long Distance Hug

When you are away, don’t you sometimes just want a hug?  Me too!  Pure Joy found a perfect way to do just that!  This was made for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, but why not make it for your spouse for your anniversary?  It’s all made from paper, you write a love note, and give them a hug from the mail.  It’s cute and your spouse will just love it!

Google Envelopes

For those of us that express how we feel through letters, this idea is perfect for you.  This is your chance to let your spouse know how much you truly LOVE using your own words – on paper.  Crazy concept, right?  Writing a HAND written letter?  Nowadays who does such a thing? {Wink!}  Google created an awesome envelope that you can print out at home and put your letter in. It shows where BOTH of you are!  So fun!  Just one little ‘extra’ to make this gift amazing!

Map Envelope

MapEnvelope has created an awesome site to be able to enter in your location, write a customized message and then print out an envelope to mail your message.  You can fill the envelope with a letter, pictures, poems, etc.  It’s a great way to let your loved one know you are thinking about them and that you love them.

Aren’t all of these ideas AMAZING and PERFECT for any long distance anniversary?!  We think so, too!  We want ALL of our readers to feel included in this special celebration, even if you can’t physically be in the same place.  Anniversaries can/should be celebrated no matter how many miles apart you are!  We are excited that there are SO many ideas and sites dedicated to ‘bridging’ the gap for couples who have to be apart!

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20 Responses to Anniversary Week: Long Distance Ideas

  1. Oh my heck! These are adorable! I’m not apart from my spouse, but I tell ya, I’m going to use some of these just because they are so awesome! The sunshine in a box for a bad day or the balloons full of money just to make his day! lol.

    1. @Kari- wouldn’t it be awesome to send your hubby one of these in the mail so he would get a nice surprise as he got the mail. Perfect for Father’s Day too!

  2. I love this site, love your creative ideas, my bfs birthday is coming up and i am out of country in india, he is in new york, i was thinking of the balloon idea, but was wondering if balloons will flatten or burst in the process of shipping? Please let me know! Thank you <3 n keep posting!

    1. Barbie-I am sorry I am slow in response. I don’t know if balloons pop or not in the mail. Sorry I am not much help. Glad you found an awesome idea for him though :).

  3. These are great ideas for long distance relationships. I printed out the map envelope and it is a such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing ways to stay connected despite the distance.

  4. I never see any ideas for my particular situation, a husband who is far awway in prison. Prisons are so restrictive and I can’t visit or send photos printed off the computer. Got any ideas for us prison spouses?

    1. Liza- I’m sorry that you are having a hard time! If you click on the link that I have above, the link takes you to the site you need to make your envelope. They do the work for you. Good luck!

  5. Helloo..these r all great ideas?but can u help me..I’m a great fan of a kpop group and their anniversary is coming..we need some ideas to celebrate it..can u help me? Thank you